Packers coach Mike McCarthy said during his Monday press conference that quarterback Aaron Rodgers has a sprained shoulder.
McCarthy also added that there’s no “major” structural damage to the shoulder.  (Which of course implies that there’s non-major structural damage.  Whatever in the hell that is.)
If it’s a “sprain,” it also might be a separation.  Two weeks ago, the Steelers and NBC were engaged in a pissing match regarding whether quarterback Ben Roethlisberger had a separated shoulder.  NBC reported that he did (because that’s what Roethlisberger, you know, told NBC), and coach Mike Tomlin insisted it was only a sprain of the AC joint, which by definition is a . . . separated shoulder.
McCarthy also said that Rodgers and Matt Flynn will split reps in practice. 
And so the consecutive start streak for Rodgers could end at, um, four.


  1. What, Rodgers got hurt? Wow, big surprise there!
    Meanwhile, Brett Favre throws for 6 td’s, only one pick and the streak continues…
    I do hope he’s ok, but if history is any indication, his durability is suspect.

  2. They will probably “make” Rodgers start on Sunday, since, if he doesn’t start, Thompson and McCarthy will look pretty stupid for choosing this guy over Favre AND failing to acquire a seasoned backup QB. My guess is, as long as Rodgers can remain upright, he’ll be on the field. Until he throws three picks, and then they’ll go to Flynn.

  3. Guess they dont be working on the extension as fast now, will they.
    BTW: Dont get used to reading this site, now that the bailout failed, the internet is going to shut down by 5 PM wednesday.

  4. Rodgers got hurt on a self-inflicted play. He was taking a shot, or getting drilled… he dove to the ground with his arm outstretched like an idiot. Rodgers, protect your freaking arm! Never dive on your money maker again you freaking moron, otherwise I have to watch the Packers go 5-11 the rest of my life.

  5. He will play. Kid has too much heart not to. The Packers have a lot more concerns than that tho. After looking solid the first two games they seemed to have fallen far and hard.

  6. He is going to play, the only way McCarthy and TT save face with the town is to have him play. Rodgers knows he needs to start because he knows that the “bus” he told everyone they needed to get aboard is about to run him over, back up and make sure the job is completed…

  7. Gosh, if only the Packers could have landed a QB who never gets injured they wouldn’t have been in this mess.

  8. Yes Favre had a great day and Rodgers didn’t. Its going to happen…….he’s still a young QB in only his 4th start. He was not helped at all by an O-line that can open a hole or keep him off his wallet.
    Favre really hasn’t looked all that good until yesterday. I live in Wisconsin and want to see both do a good job.
    Packer fan first.

  9. I hope “Mr Glass” starts next week otherwise our season is done. With Flynn as the started we will lose at home to the Falcons.

  10. Packers have beaten Lions and Vikings (barely). They will not beat a quality opponent this season and are likely an 8-8 team at best.

  11. Per, packers official website, McCarthy fully expects Rodgers to start against the Falcons. So… breathe easy folks, Rodgers “AMAZING”consecutive start streak will continue!

  12. Coach McCarthy has a system and it’s up to Aaron Rodgers or Matt Flynn or whoever to make this system works, because individuals do not win games, but teams do. And the loss yesterday just shows that Tampa Bay is slightly ahead of the Packers at this point of the season and. . . sorry, I can’t type this B.S. and yet Coach McCarthy says it will a straight face.
    It’s not about winning in Green Bay. Maybe if they get a new punter it will turn things around.
    Coach McCarthy has not won a big game as a coach for the Packers (maybe that Seattle playoff game could count). We had a window of opportunity to try and make the Super Bowl this year, but that window slammed shut when they took a gamble at QB. If Favre got hurt, we would be in great shape with Rodgers coming off the bench.
    Also, it’s almost 16 years to the day that Majkowski got hurt – That was on Sept 27th, 1992.

  13. bwhancock,
    that is a freaky stat…. kinda makes me shiver. RUN THE BALL AGAINST THE FALCONS MIKE, JUST KEEP RUNNING THE BALL!

  14. TT in all his wisdom tossed favre away like a used rubber and then did not sign a vet qb. All you idiots sticking up for him deserve each other! Go Jets!!

  15. This Favre guy everybody keeps talking about, is he the same guy who threw that duck up for grabs in the Philly 4th and 26st playoff lost in OT?, is he the same guy who threw an INT in the OT against the Giants last Jan? is he the same guy who threw 6 INT’s in a playoff game to the STL Rams?
    Now tell me why the Packers should have been in a big rush to bring back that chock artist? Geez, if his history is chocking in recent playoff games, its no wonder he wanted to play for the Vikings.

  16. You Favre nuthuggers can have Favre. Fact is he had a vendetta against the team. NO player can dictate to the GM who the head coach should be.
    And by the way, he was playing the CARDINALS. LOL.
    Rodgers will be fine.

  17. Simple economics. I don’t care how may TDs he throws, he ain’t worth $12 mil a season. Especially not to the Packers. There’s no deep-pockets owner and their bank account isn’t so big that they can squander $12 mil on a has-been just so they can be a vehicle for him to extend his consecutive starts streak. BertFarve didn’t want to play for the Packers! He knew that they had made the moves to go on without him and every move he made was calculated to get the Packers to release him. Unfortunately for him, he got traded instead, which was a very effective call on his sappy “I just wanna play” BS. If he just wanted to play, he’d be doing it for the league minimum. It’s no secret that I don’t like the Packers, but I have to commend them because they took the turd sandwich that BertFarve tried to shove down their throats and made him take a huuuuuge bite out of it and they saved a buttload of money in doing so.

  18. boy oh boy are you right JimmySmith….favre wuzz tha biggest CHOCKER uv awl tha HIZTERY in AWL tha WORAWLD….sorry man but you deserved that won…

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