Despite last week’s candid (and ill-advised) public rant from Browns executive adviser Jim Brown, who is identified on the team’s web site as a member of senior management, that he believes the “right decision” last week was to give Brady Quinn a chance to play quarterback, Browns G.M. Phil Savage said Monday that a switch was never contemplated.
”I’ve talked to people around the league, people who have been in this business for a long time, and you don’t go blowing things up after a couple games,” Savage said.  ”You’re not going to be successful in this league doing that.”  (Charlie Frye says he agrees with that approach completely.)

”It’s not been any thought of changing quarterbacks, changing the coach, or any of that,” Savage added.  “That’s not the thing to do at this juncture of the season.  You’ve got to give the people a chance to pull themselves out of the situation.  We all put ourselves in this spot and we’re the ones who have got to pull us out of it. . . .

”I never walked out of a meeting thinking that there was any serious consideration about making a switch.  Basically every backup in our building needs to be ready.  I don’t know how it was framed, but obviously it created a stir.  Derek is an easy target.  I think our issues went a little bit deeper than the quarterback position.”

Possible translation:  “Please don’t blame me for giving Anderson $13 million in guaranteed money on a three-year deal.”

But why would Brown say that there was a debate about making a change if there wasn’t?  And why would Crennel say that he was getting Quinn ready to play if he wasn’t?

Then again,FOX’s Jay Glazer reported on Sunday that Quinn literally received only two extra practice reps last week, which prompted us to think that Crennel was merely trying to persuade Brown not to pummel him.

If so, Savage is now in line for Brown’s wrath.  And as past coaches and execs in Cleveland have learned, it’s not wise to rile up former players who have the hearts and minds of the fans — and more importantly the ear ownership.


  1. RAC and DA are Savage men. They aren’t being replaced anytime soon.
    Unless Randy Lerner decides to come to Cleveland and watch the Giants game next Monday night. Maybe he’ll demand accountability. Or, he’ll demand Fox Soccer Channel in his owners suite to watch his beloved Aston Villa.

  2. anderson sucks…quinn is the future of that team and they are stupid if he does not become the starter by the end of this season…trade him if you arent going to play him

  3. Uhh…Jim Brown does not “have the hearts and minds of the fans”. Only ignorant Browns fans like this guy. Knowledgeable Browns fans can’t stand this woman beating blow hard.
    If it’s true that Phil isn’t contemplating changes then he’s got to be shown the door as well. I like Savage, but….come on. I am hoping that this is just the fake show of support that a coach gets just prior to his termination.

  4. What is “ear ownership?” Does that mean he owns his own two ears? And that Mike Tyson committed grand theft earlobe against Evander Holyfield?

  5. “I’ve talked to people around the league, people who have been in this business for a long time, and you don’t go blowing things up after a couple games,”
    Evidently he hasn’t had too much contact with the folks in Minnesota or St. Louis.
    I’ve always supported Phil and Romeo but I’m getting real sick of hearing the same BS week after week while the play on the field remains the same. I’m sick of of seeing this team getting beaten at the line of scrimmage time and time again; I’m sick of seeing balls passed ahead, behind, above or short o fthe receiver; I’m sick of seeing field goals being kicked in the fourth quarter when you’re down by more than a touchdown; but most of all I’m sick of seeing the lack of preparation and focus every G.D. week.

  6. Anderson was a flash in the pan. I’m really surprised that they haven’t switched to Quinn yet. That is unless they plan on Anderson being the future of the franchise… 🙂

  7. savage helped pick anderson in baltimore and quinn is a lerner pick. of course savage wants to see anderson succeed. that’d be another notch on savages draft history. probowl qb in the 6th round? check.
    who wants to be known for trading up to take an overrated qb in the 1st round? no one.
    anderson has more potential than quinn anyways.

  8. Because the Cleveland management would NEVER jump the gun and do something crazy like oh I don’t know….change QB’s one week into the season…?

  9. “NoWearMan says:
    September 30th, 2008 at 11:09 am
    Uhh…Jim Brown does not “have the hearts and minds of the fans”. Only ignorant Browns fans like this guy. Knowledgeable Browns fans can’t stand this woman beating blow hard.”
    Bullshit. We’re officially revoking your Browns fan card.

  10. I agree with NoWearMan. Jim Brown was IMO the greatest RB to ever play football. But, outside of that, he can STFU. He only has a position in the organization because of what he did in the past. I wouldn’t take advice from him on anything at all outside of what to do after you get the handoff from the QB.
    As much as I think of Phil Savage, I think he’s showing his inexperience as a GM. The part where you bring up Charlie Frye is a classic example of him talking out of both sides of his mouth. Sometimes it’s better just to say some variation of “Next question.”

  11. Be glad what you have in Anderson as a QB for now my friends! If your o-line can’t block better for Anderson, you get Brady soon enough! Don’t worry!!

  12. maybe just maybe savage is ALSO over his head. this is not the 0s and 70s where it takes years to rebuild. these two clowns are on year 4 and have NOTHING to show for it. perhaps john collins was right in his assessment a couple of years back when he lost the power struggle to savage, cause like some of others i am beyond sick and tired of the same old bs this stinking franchise has put on the field. as far as ownership goes, lerner is totally clueless. if he isn’t tinterested in running an nfl team SALE the damn team to someone who is and go watch soccer. all 3 of these stooges couldn’t run a pop warner team. and there is no doubt in my mind when donutman aka clueless coach and “boy wonder” gm leave, NEITHER will get another chance at gm or head coach again. that tells me everything i need to know about their competency! what a freakin joke.

  13. Anderson was a bad ass last year but has not shown consistency at all this year & Quinn should be able to help, but Savage will just continue to lose against the big teams!!! what does he have to lose, realistically???

  14. “I’ve talked to people around the league, people who have been in this business for a long time, and you don’t go blowing things up after a couple games,”
    Hey A-hole, it’s your job to make the best decision for YOUR team, and DA is certainly not it. When your quarterback is playing against an anemic Bengals team, and he barely gets out of town with a win…you’ve got a QB problem.
    Stallworth may help, but he’s not going to force DA to get the ball to the receivers sooner, to stop overthrowing and underthrowing routes, to make better decisions with the football, and to have a better touch on the ball in general.
    Anderson’s problems run deeper than his receivers. For all I know Quinn could suck even more than DA, but at this point, the season is in the balance.

  15. It really is amazing how fast things change in the eyes of the NFL fan… What have you done for me lately? I think it was right about this time last year, how most everyone was amazed that Savage was able to swoop in and steal Anderson from the Ravens. A 10-5 record, a pro bowl, and a couple bad games later, everyone sucks, and needs to be run out of town, right?
    It drives me freakin nutz to hear fans throw up the proverbial deck of cards and declare the season over after 3 games… and the first knee jerk reaction “fire the coach, bring in the back up QB”
    Everyone wants to win, and it doesnt matter who is on the field getting it done. BUT the real world does not equate to madden 09, where you can just fire guys, drop guys, pick up guys, bench/start guys, with no repercussions. Savage’s implication that he is staying the course is the right move. After the year Anderson had, he deserves a shot to turn it around (hopefully with a healthy roster after the bye).
    There has to be a plan in place, and you have to stick with it, especially when your struggling, or you end up flaring out in 10 different directions and eventually start over.
    Its a long season, and 8-8 or maybe 9-7 will still win this division. Nothing is close to being over for anyone… well maybe Cinci.

  16. its easy for a non-browns fan to make claims of “knee jerk reactions”. however, if you actually paid attention to the last half dozen games last year and listened to any browns fans, you’d know that the FIRE RAC AND DA chants are far from “knee jerk”. If anything, your comment was more knee-jerking than anyone calling for RAC/DA’s heads.
    There is light though, since bill cowher just bought a house in cleveland.

  17. @NoWearMan
    Let me ask you a question… what happens if you get your wish? As any “browns fan” would know what happens, once you replace a head coach… you start over… new offense, new defense, and new personnel. Is that what your pushing for? Another 3-5 year excuse filled rebuild process? The Browns have one of the youngest teams in the league, coming off a 10 win season. After 3 loses, your ready to make that commitment to another 3-5 years?
    Let me ask you another question… what happen if once Quinn gets in, hes just not that good? Hopefully hes all that his sponsors think he is, but if hes not, you now have a QB on the bench with shattered confidence (Anderson), and first round under achiever. Then what? Not to mention, 0 in trade value for Anderson. Are you ready to take that gamble?
    Have you thought that through, or are you just “chanting”?
    Also, the Browns were 5-2 the last 7 games of the 07 season, I dont care what the stats say, they won 5 of their last 7 games. I believe that was the best int he AFC north.

  18. You make a good point, stick with the shitty head coach and crappy quarterback. Yeah…good idea.

  19. thunderlipps,
    no one believed that team was any good last year! they had a chance to go to the playoffs and CHOKED against the ben-gals. only the media plays up crennel as some kind of genius. this guy is a clueless lifetime unimaginative assistant coach-NO OTHER TEAM even interviewed him for head coach. lerner is an owner who isn’t interested in the nfl, the league forced crennel on the team. i guess if you are driving in the wrong direction you keep going cause you are still moving right? NO you stop! this team and organization is going NOWHERE and hasn’t gone anywhere in 10 years. if you can’t see that crennel is a clueless idiot then you deserve this pathetic product they keep putting out there, YEAR AFTER YEAR!

  20. Just in case no one has noticed, I dont think RAC considers himself part of the team. If you listen to all the press conferences, he never says “us” or “we”. He always refers to “them” or ” the team”. I think he has put himself on a pedestal in Cleveland, or Savage is pulling his strings like Al Davis.
    On the Anderson, Quinn situation, If you take all the acrobatic catches that Winslow, Edwards, and JJ made, Anderson completes 20% last year. Not to mention the Browns played nobody last year.

  21. You know savage is lying when his lips are moving. Honestly Phil; I’m a season ticket holder and your loyalty to a guy who is nothing more than a one-trick pony has turned your entire fan base against you and Romeo “short leash” Crennel.

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