Dolphins running back Ricky Williams admits that he was tempted to smoke marijuana during the team’s bye week.
“[T]here was definitely an urge,” Williams said.  “But I just thought about what I have to lose and it was easy.  The urge didn’t last very long.”
Williams said that the temptation arose from the team’s time off.
“It’s greater because, like, Thursday, coach told us we had Friday off, so automatically your mind, which is so constrained since training camp began — every day is a grind, it’s a grind, it’s a grind — and then Coach says ‘you’re free.’  And the mind says, ‘I’m free, what can I do?'”
Williams explained that, instead of smoking pot, he meditated.  “I realize that I really enjoy meditating and when I can go home and sit in my room and meditate, I can get the same feeling,” Williams said. 
(In an unrelated note, Randy Moss has just taken up meditating.)
Williams should have all the incentive he needs to avoid smoking, given the number of times that he is tested as a six-years-and-counting member of the league’s substance-abuse program.  If he smokes, and if he doesn’t own a Whizzinator, he’ll undoubtedly be caught, and his NFL career undoubtedly will end.
And when his NFL career ends, it sounds like Ricky will replace meditation with inhalation.
“I’d be lying if I said I’m never going to do it again after I’m done,” he said.


  1. Hey Ricky you’re so fine you blow my mind hey Ricky! I love his honesty. While pot is illegal, it still is less harmful then alcohol, so I see no reason why he shouldn’t speak his mind about enjoying. GO RICKY!

  2. @inmymind – I see a reason why he shouldn’t speak his mind…. ummm… he’s getting paid a lot of money and he’s on his very last strike.

  3. @ RobJH
    True but at least he has more power to refrain from it than before. At least his life doesn’t revolve around it…… much.

  4. Can someone please ask Randy to stop meditating during games!
    … then can we get someone to hypnotize him into thinking it’s a contract year!

  5. Being tempted to do something and actually doing it are too very different things.
    Mike, I’m sure a lot of jets and patriot fans have been tempted to bitch-slap you, but it hasn’t happened yet, has it? If it did I want pics!!!

  6. it would be hard to find somebody who isn’t addicted to something. I can look over my shoulder right now and count more caffeine addicts than i have digits. I’d rather be addicted to weed (which i am, but i control it as well) than caffeine, or sugar. A lot of people are addicted to destructive lifestyles, unfulfilling relationships, abuse, and they don’t realize it. I wouldn’t wish that on anybody, but it’s common.
    Most people let their addictions go unnoticed because they are socially acceptable, or legal (for arbitrary or political reasons).
    RobJH- It sounds like Ricky has totally come to terms with who he is. That’s a wonderful and rare thing. I understand you probably don’t share his particular addiction, but try to be happy he doesn’t judge himself for it.
    Ricky is in control, happy, and a positive influence on those around him. Don’t be sad.

  7. I admire and respect the revamped Ricky. He certainly has a much better attitude than in the past and seems as fresh as ever on the field.
    But he has to be some kind of moron to talk openly — to the sensationalizing Armando Salguero, of all reporters — about STILL wanting to smoke marijuana. Certainly the NFL rep who collects Ricky’s urine sample nine times a month will be doing so now at even odder hours and much more closely together. He might be staying clean, but even if he still harbors thoughts of lighting up, why would he want to draw a bigger target on himself by sharing that information?
    What’s next, Jared Allen saying he’s going to spend time during the bye week and off-season by tending bar?

  8. one guy gets really drunk, beats his wife, and vomits all over the place
    another guy gets really stoned and sits on his couch all night.
    legalize it. I think a majority of NFL players would agree.

  9. I can see how it is a tough decision for Ricky: Food and clothing money for his kids vs. smoking a fattie.
    An good NFL player’s career is about 10 years long, and then you retire in your 30’s. All you have to do is stay in shape, don’t do drugs and stay out of trouble for 10 years, and then you can go to Vegas, smoke crack, bang strippers for the rest of your life.

  10. Yeah, wow, good for Ricky. After being given multiple chances at redemption you finally get it. I am so proud of you Ricky because in the real world most people who suddenly quit their jobs without warning, failed drug tests and exuded the same odd behavior that you have would not have been so fortunate.
    I would also like to sing the praises of Chris Henry who has managed to stay off of a police blotter for six full months……yay!!!!

  11. You are a role model, Ricky, for the youth that look up to you and aspire to be like you, whether you like it or not. You could be am model for kids who are trying to turn their lives around after getting messed up by drugs, gangs etc.
    What you do from here on out will impact millions of kids around the world.
    Keep it up!

  12. Way to go Ricky! i’ll take a peaceful, meditating, HONEST, pot smoking, athlete any day over one of the ‘dime-a-dozen’ alcohol fueled, domestic violence riddled, neandertals, that seem to get less flack from Joe Public just because that drug of their choice is ‘accepted’.
    p.s. for those who are still confused about how alcohol could possibly be worse than cannabis (please note the thick sarcasm), please see and then, please do shut up your face.
    ! HOOK ‘EM !

  13. i don’t understand why the NFL cares… marijuana is clearly NOT a performance “enhancer.” Many people do it privately in their own homes… as someone else said, it’s not like he’s drunk at a bar beating someone or in the streets arguing with some chick….
    I don’t buy the “NFL image/representative” argument either… When most people smoke, they do it privately in their homes. Ricky wasn’t in a club or bar smoking and causing trouble. Again, its a really unnecessary enforcement IMO.

  14. Our relationship with the universe, with God, is obscured by our own perspective. Our busy thoughts and running mind keep us from seeing the bigger picture of life as we are overwhelmed with our trivial daily crap. For many of us marijuana clears away the clatter. Duh…. short term memory is the desired effect. Not every smoker has the same relationship with the experience, but this is obviously the case with Ricky. It is my lazy-man’s meditation.. you really do get very similar effects. Peace of mind! How frustrating to have someone tell you, a free being in this universe, that you can’t do somthing that you know is good for you? Any good American would rail against the very idea! Money.. football verses principles… I don’t blame Ricky for quiting toking(I would), but I also admire his trying to stand up for what he believes.

  15. ALL sports writers hate weed. I know a few and I am pretty sure it because they don’t know how to party. Maybe that stick in their butt is the last joint they tried to smoke.

  16. “And the mind says, ‘I’m free, what can I do?’”
    Uh, mow the lawn, go to the beach, read a book, sleep, wash the car, get a haircu…

  17. Ricky, you’re awesome.
    I love your honesty, and I hope to blaze it huge with you after you retire.
    And good job staying clean in the face of the “ain’t got shit to do” syndrome. I’m sure many of your teammates were out blazing some phatty blunts.

  18. Did you know?
    -The once thriving Hemp industy in this country colapsed due to the Marijuna Law’s?
    -That a patent was pending for a machine that would automate the hemp stripping process opening up industrial uses for the product?
    -That paper would be much cheaper to make with hemp?
    -That the Herst media giant which owned many of the largest newspapers also owned paper plants that had to manufacture all thier paper from wood pulp?
    -That the Herst Media giant put (usually very obsurd, like a black man smoked, wen’t crazy and raped a white girl) anti-marijuana stories in all their papers… often running the same story again a couple months later.
    -The DuPont company was making most of it’s money at the time on pulp paper making chemicals.
    -The Mellon bank founder, tied to the DuPont like Firestone to Ford, had a son inlaw named Harry Aslinger. He was in politics and became the driving force in Washington behind anti-marijuana legislation.
    -Another example of smoke and mirror politics in Washington.

  19. I definitely think it should be legalized. But that is probably still twenty years away (after all the old conservatives finally die off). I simply don’t understand why the NFL tests for it. Why? It is definitely NOT performance enhancing! Who cares if a guy decides to do that with his free time? What if a player decided to do a different drug they don’t have a test for? Do they test for meth too? Heroin? Shrooms? Hash?

  20. “Addicted to weed? Hahahahahahaha”
    Actually, marijuana is physically addictive, at least for habitual users. You don’t go through withdrawal because the THC accumulates in the fatty tissues and leaves the body very slowly. However, there is a new class of drugs called cannabinol blockers, that block the effects of THC. Give a guy who smokes daily a shot of this stuff and watch him climb the walls.
    That being said, I think the NFL policy on MJ is stupid. When you get stoned, you sit around the house and probably wind up going to sleep. As long as it doesn’t affect your ability to do your job, and you’re discreet about it, it shouldn’t be a big deal.

  21. texasPHINSfan says:
    September 30th, 2008 at 11:36 am
    “i don’t understand why the NFL cares… marijuana is clearly NOT a performance “enhancer.” Many people do it privately in their own homes… as someone else said, it’s not like he’s drunk at a bar beating someone or in the streets arguing with some chick….”
    Okay, what about a guy who beats his wife within the sanctity of his own bedroom? What about a guy who neglects his children within his own home?
    Point is they are illegal, regardless of your personal philosophies as to whether weed should be legal or not, and as such, these actions cannot be tolerated by any employer, such as the NFL and its respective teams.

  22. This is funny, the NFL’s two most vocal players on potsmoking are either bi-polar or shows definite signs of depression (Williams and Moss). These two examples do little to suggest the studies linking potsmoking to depression aren’t legit.

  23. God, I’ve been over this a million times. I’m not arguing legality here, because currently, it is illegal. Everyone else argues how it’s not addictive, fine then. It shouldn’t be too difficult to lay off of, yet despite that, Williams has been in trouble half a billion times over it. Don’t turn him into a saint (no pun intended) because he’s been able to shake the non-addictive “addiction”. I just think he’s a dumbass personally, not like someone held him down the other 13 times he got in trouble.

  24. The cannabis hysterics attack for Ricky for honestly, if you are part of that vicious selfish cruelty that puts over a million people in chains to serve your self righteous hatred and willful ignorance you deserve to burn in hell.

  25. CameraMan says:
    September 30th, 2008 at 12:26 pm
    “Okay, what about a guy who beats his wife within the sanctity of his own bedroom? What about a guy who neglects his children within his own home?
    Point is they are illegal, regardless of your personal philosophies as to whether weed should be legal or not, and as such, these actions cannot be tolerated by any employer, such as the NFL and its respective teams.”
    i don’t understand how you can equate smoking weed to beating a wife in the privacy of your own home. beating a wife and neglecting children are horrible offenses that cause harm & danger to another person. smoking in the privacy of your own home does not create danger to others. the fact that you even remotely compare the two is a crime to your argument. If you want to argue the legality of weed, that’s one thing – but you’re ridiculous comparisons just make your argument that much more unreasonable.

  26. Ricky,
    You’ve gotta come back. Make a run for the border and leave the crazy Dolphin and NFL behind.
    Our fields are wide open and covered in green grass. Who needs this fascistic narko drug testing regimes? They’re just going to wear you down and spit you out at the first opportunity.
    Make a run for the border

  27. I wonder what kind of pot he smokes? Could it be Chronic? According to Monena and Nat David Chronic is the shiznick

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