After Tuesday’s press conference in which Raiders owner Al Davis proved that he still has a 100-mph fastball — and that he’s willing to throw it at the head of anyone whom he thinks deserves it — Davis talked off-camera with the members of the media who attending the session.
He made several interesting disclosures, some of which had only been rumored in the past.  Tim Kawakami of the San Jose Mercury News has many of the quotes.
Of former head coach Lane Kiffin, Davis said that he “conned me like he conned all you people.” 
Davis also made other disclosures that had only been rumored in the past.  For example, he said that Lane Kiffin, who didn’t want to select quarterback JaMarcus Russell with the first overall pick in the 2007 draft, at one point wanted to take Brady Quinn.  This meshes with our report that the Raiders were negotiating with Quinn’s agent prior to the draft — and proves that Quinn would have been in a much better situation than he is now if he’d merely instructed his agent to get a deal done.
As to receiver Randy Moss, Davis said that Kiffin and his staff didn’t want him.  Davis also said that Packers G.M. Ted Thompson “thought [Moss] couldn’t run any more.”  And Davis took a shot at his arch-rivals from the AFC West:  “Even Denver, where they’ll take anybody, turned [Moss] down.”
Davis also accused the Patriots of “tampering” with Moss:  “But what’s his name knew he could run, he’s a friend of Belichick’s.  Mike Lombardi.  Mike sold what’s his name, Belichick, on the idea that he could run.  They tampered with him.  I remember Bob Kraft saying that he had to look him in the eye and all that.  They went down and worked him out, he could run.  He’s their team, of course, with the quarterback.”
Regarding Lombardi, a former Raiders exec who sued the team after he was fired in order to get a buyout of a contract that he didn’t have and who is now teeing off on Davis whenever he can, Davis said publicly what many league insiders have told us privately.  “Mike Lombardi has been fired from every job he’s had,” Davis said.  “Every job.  He can’t get a job.  Last year he was fired from a job he was working for nothing.  He was fired from Denver.”
Davis also confirmed that Lombardi was the in-house mole who was bad-mouthing former coach Art Shell, which prompted Shell’s head to nearly explode at a press conference two years ago.  “[H]e was bad to Shell,” Davis said of Lombardi.  “Not necessary.  You can’t get that in an organization, somebody in the organization bad-mouthing the coach.”
Davis hinted that he has been talking to a “local” guy who might join the team in an executive role after the season.
As to former Raiders coach Mike Shanahan, whom Davis fired 19 years ago after four regular-season games, Davis was brutally candid:  “When Shanahan left me, he went to Denver.  He was there for about four or five years as an assistant and they fired him for insubordination.  Dan Reeves and he had a big battle.  He went to the 49ers and he learned their style of football and when Dan Reeves failed in Denver, the first guy they had was Wade Phillips, I think . . . then he brought Shanahan back.  And Shanahan had success.  But Shanahan has an asterisk next to those two Super Bowls, because they were caught cheating.”
As to former Raiders coach Norv Turner, Davis acknowledged that he possibly fired him too quickly.  “Norv Turner does a good job as a coordinator and he’s doing a good job as a head coach.  Now let’s see what he does.  He’s got a good team.  Let’s see what he does.  I might have been impetuous with him.  But he was a good guy.”
As to former Raiders coach Jon Gruden, Davis suggested that the 2001 playoff loss to the Patriots doomed the relationship.  “The Tuck Game was the undoing of a lot of things,” Davis said.
It was a remarkable post-script to what was a memorable day.  A man whom many believed had lost some of his faculties emerged to let us all know that he’s still got it, and that he’s still committed to making the Raiders competitive.
“You’re going to have to have me around for a while,” Davis said.  “My mother, you know, she lived a long time, 103.”


  1. News that Bob Kraft and the Patriots were not playing by the rules?, Geez, where did we hear that one before?

  2. Holy crap…. this reminds me of that really old relative in every family who starts spilling all the secrets after a drink. Many of the secrets that family member spills are fabricated, but they are all entertaining.
    Good luck with this, Raiders fans. This is F’ed up.

  3. He’s not a gibbering retard, no. But come on Florio, even you have to admit that looking back over the past several years, and particularly at these rants from yesterday, its not a sane mind running the Oakalnd Raiders these days. Everyone seems to be out to get him, to undermine him. All the mistakes are on Kiffin, on Lombardi, on Shanahan, but not on Davis, no!
    The only thing Davis proved is that he’s not senile. But he did prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that he’s just as incapable of rationally running his franchise as we’ve thought for years.

  4. damn, talk about a sharp tongue! I know he has run the franchise into the ground, but he can sure talk smack with the best.
    BTW: UFC 98- Florio vs Lombardi…???

  5. I think it might be easier to write about the people that Davis did NOT take shots at in that piece.
    Yikes. The guy is losing it.

  6. “It was a remarkable post-script to what was a memorable day. A man whom many believed had lost some of his faculties emerged to let us all know that he’s still got it, and that he’s still committed to making the Raiders competitive.”
    Yeah, ummm… what’s his name Al Davis has all faculties alright. He makes Britney Spears look emotionally stable. Davis is more of a paranoid conspiracy theorist nut than many people on this board.
    If Davis has all of his faculties, why is so unable to control his staff. Both Lombardi and Kiffin were insubodinate. One of his senior executives nearly gets into a brawl with a reporter on camera.
    I see Davis as a man who has lost control of reality and his football team.

  7. Jeez…did Al Davis offer to start advertising here? Mike, he may appear razor sharp in responses, but that doesn’t mean his age hasn’t caused him to make irresponsible emotional decisions. In this very blog post, Al Davis admitted to:
    1. Possibly firing Norv Turner too soon, and
    2. Firing Gruden over the “Tuck Game”
    So, he terminated two head coaches over issues not related to job performance! As owner, it’s Davis’ job to undo the “undoing” he was talking about and making sure his front office and coaching staff is a finely tuned machine. Instead, he fires people in emotional lashings.
    I don’t believe the Al Davis from the 1970s and 1980s was like this. He may have always been tough, but coaches like John Madden, Tom Flores, and Art Shell kept their jobs for long periods of time and had degrees of success. However, whoever the new coach ends up being, if he wants to keep his job, will have to:
    1. Make sure he delicately handles Davis’ emotional state, and
    2. Run Davis’ archaic “vertical” offense and just-as-archaic bump-and-run man to man defense, whether the coach prefers those schemes or not.
    Now tell me, does that sound like the pro football front office environment of a team that is going to “win soon”?

  8. Did Davis threaten to have you whacked, Florio? I can’t believe how obsequious you’ve become toward him.
    For example, how could you not point out the absurd hypocrisy of the following statement?
    “[H]e was bad to Shell,” Davis said of Lombardi. “Not necessary. You can’t get that in an organization, somebody in the organization bad-mouthing the coach.”
    Al Davis said that, Florio. Davis is a man who has encouraged his organizational minions to subvert and undermine untold numbers of coaches over the years, all in an effort to maintain rigid control and to demonstrate who ultimately calls the shots in Oakland.
    You’d better restore some balance to your commentary on the Raiders, or we’ll be left to wonder whether you’ve lost whatever edge you possessed or whether the Raiders have digital photographs of you cavorting with barnyard animals.
    Most of what Davis says is patently untrue, and ought to be contested, but you seem to be buying everything he says with every counterfeit dollar at your disposal.

  9. “My mother, you know, she lived a long time, 103.” Unfortunately for the Raiders, it looks like the Crypt Keeper as already outlived her by 50 years and still going strong….minus his marbles of course! Clearly the lunatic is in charge of this assylum…

  10. to my recollection the Broncos were never caught cheating? does anyone know to what he is referring to??

  11. Al keep on drinking, its good for you! What a fool this guy is. Jerry Jones, Bob Kraft and the Rooney’s must sit in a room and laugh when Big Al walks in the rumor. My question is who is more coherent? Al Davis or Ralp Wilson? I truly feel for Raider Nation.

  12. Dude,
    I love your website and everything… but your “mancrush” on the Dark Lord Davis is about to make me hurl!
    Get back to reporting the important stuff, like all those good Teen Beat type stories on Favre the Bungles and TO… can’t get enough TO…

  13. Did I miss something in those Denver Super Bowl years? When were they caught cheating?

  14. yeah right – what a cantankerous miserable old FART!
    they need to put him on an IV drip of Geritol.

  15. As much as I want to hate the guy, I just can’t. He’s made some mistakes but he’s trying. I just don’t know what to think.

  16. BS MIke…the guy is nutso…to think you believe he still has it, makes me wonder about..you know…You!

  17. Davis seems pretty lucid, however:
    he basically said that Kiffin had everything he needed to succeed. and full authority as head coach
    then he said, Kiffin didn’t want Russel, didn’t want Ryan didn’t want Moss….. Davis gave a list of things Kiffin didn’t want, and yet was forced to deal with: Did he really have full authority? Was he really given everything he needed to win?
    “Davis claims that Lane Kiffin wanted to fire defensive coordinator Rob Ryan after the 2007 season. “I can’t win with this guy,” Kiffin supposedly told Davis.
    Davis said that Kiffin didn’t want to draft quarterback JaMarcus Russell, because Kiffin thought he’d be the “overweight guy” and the “uninterested guy.”
    Said Kiffin after the 2007 season (per Davis), “We can’t win with this.” ”
    to me it sounds like Kiffin was right, everything Davis tried to pin on Kiffin being a ‘liar’, Kiffin was actually right.
    They’ve lost two games that they were winning at the start of the 4th quarter because of the defensive coordinator
    Russell was over 300 pounds last year and didn’t want to train during rehab.
    Moss barely tried in Oakland.
    Kiffin was right, they can’t win with that. He lost the locker room because every decision he made was actually made for him. Why would any coach want this job? If you make a decision, ownership will over-ride you and then blame you when they were wrong…..

  18. Still has his faculties? Regarding the letter he said I sent it to him (Lane Kiffin), I handed it to him actually, then he goes on to talk about what was in it and then said it was Fed Exed to him.
    Which was it? Should be pretty easy for a Journalist to find out and settle once and for all which one is the liar.

  19. I’m suprised Florio, the man has the ability to speak, and then you completely change your stance on him?
    He is still crazy. He is still the one who fired 6 head coaches in 7 years. That’s crazy.

  20. Long Live Al!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Hell’s comin’!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    And we’re comin’ with it!!!!!!!!!!!
    You stinkin’ bastards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Al Davis is a f*cking moron. That team will not make it to the playoffs with his as the owner.

  22. What Al seems to have left in the tank is the ability to turn Florio completely around with some smoke and mirrors.
    Are the players and organization in Oakland a complete mess?
    Are there lots of untalented players? Are talented players wasted? Have players left Oakland to better success? Can a coach expect to last more than a season? Can they have more success in other cities?
    Does Al create a difficult atmosphere where there is no real structure? That breeds backstabbing, rumor mongering, and failure?
    Besides owning a great and marketable brand, what was the last good decision made by Al Davis that anyone can point to?

  23. He looked very believable & sounded convicted in his comments regarding Kiffin. Not sure what the media meant by strange, there were numerous lies that Kiffin spit out that appear to be shown from his actions on the field.

  24. RE: Broncos Cheating
    Denver was caught cheating the Salary Cap in those years. Their punishment from the NFL was to lose a draft pick, I think a 3rd Rd’er.

  25. Much respect to Davis for being one of the best owners over a very long period. But, seriously, this is some grade school crap. If he ever wanted to be able to get a quality coach, staff and players he needed to just fire Kiffin and keep his mouth shut.
    He is never, ever going to be able to get this team out of the bottom now. There isn’t a quality coach that is going to work for Davis now. Expecially with his extreme effort to not honor contracts.

  26. Davis has about as much of his faculties left as a mentally deficient chipmunk. Yesterday he showed how far gone he really is and that the NFL must actively try and remove him as an owner.

  27. “A man whom many believed had lost some of his faculties emerged to let us all know that he’s still got it, and that he’s still committed to making the Raiders competitive.”
    Um, which part convinced you of that? The rambling incoherence, the lack of impulse control, the delusions, or the total paranoia?

  28. As I said before, Florio hates the wrong people. Compare his JFK conspiracy level scrutiny of anything Bill Polian MAY have done with his complete pass on this erratic asshole who has run his team into the ground.
    To those on the hate Polian bandwagon- look at who it is that feeds you all of your ammo. See what a difference having an ax to grind makes?

  29. @ jdbaker01 :
    They broke the salary cap rules and went over. They were punished a 4th round pick or something. But unlike most people here I am not going to cry like a baby and say that is the reason they won those super bowls.

  30. Florio – are you serious? You seem to be the only journalist duped by this nonsense. Everyone inside the league knows Al Davis is an undermining sh!*head who will throw anyone under the bus to preserve his haughty, egomanical a$$. Let me guess… in exchange for posting this, Al sent you a spiffy new Raiders track suit? Oh wait, maybe he hand delivered it. Whatever the case may be, the Arena League was tampering with Todd Marinovich all along.

  31. Per another ‘site;
    September 30th, 2008 at 7:13 pm
    Monte Kiffin says:
    “Thank you for posting this. It’s an absolutely terrific read.
    My wife, who only knows about Al Davis from my being a lifelong fan and as such has to listen to my angry silver-and-black rants, watched the press conference with me on NFL Network. Right about the time they took that break before introducing Tom Cable, she turned to me and said:
    “I don’t know. He seems pretty lucid to me. He just seems old. Exactly why does everyone say those nasty things about him?”
    We chatted a bit, watched the Tom Cable introduction, and then watched:
    * Mike Lombardi, NFL Network analyst, say a bunch of bad things about Al Davis
    * Terrell Davis, NFL Network analyst and former Bronco, say that nobody in his right mind would want to work for Al Davis
    * Marshall Faulk, NFL Network analyst, continue the insults directed at Al Davis
    Not once did any of the three of them mention that maybe, just maybe, Lane Kiffin has some fault in this. That maybe Lane was telling a few lies. That maybe he has a big problem with, you know, the truth.
    Think about it. For all these years, we hear this pabulum about how Al Davis won’t leave coaches alone. And suddenly we’re supposed to believe that Al Davis hasn’t said a thing to Lane Kiffin between Sept. 8 and Sunday night? Doesn’t that go against everything we’ve always heard about that crazy, meddlesome Al Davis?
    I, for one, am glad he’s gone. Let him go run off to Southwest McNeese A&M or wherever. He can be someone else’s problem now.”

  32. Why are you sucking up to Al Davis in all the post-conference articles you have been writing about him? Are you joking around with us? It sounds like you’re his PR guy or something.

  33. Regarding the Broncos cheating:
    They paid out to players a little bit more than the salary cap allowed.

  34. Anyone realize the hypocrisy in some of those statements?
    1.) Regarding Lombardi, “You can’t get that in an organization, somebody in the organization bad-mouthing the coach.”
    –Except when that coach is Lane Kiffin??
    2.) ““Even Denver, where they’ll take anybody, turned [Moss] down.”

  35. Broncos were found of manipulating the salary cap for the last few years Elway was there.

  36. Al Davis is a true legend. The man is dynamite. If only he came out and spoke more often, among his many gifts, is a gift of the gab.
    I think Florio is starting to come on over to the Nation!
    There is only one Al Davis, long live Al!

  37. The reference to Denver was they did something outside of the cap. I don’t remember exactly what it was but they were fined for it.
    As owner of the Raiders its up to AL DAvis to make sure all the pieces of the puzzle fit. Complaining about all the people that have come through the orginization in the last 20 years that were direct hires of Al Davis proves to me that he has lost his eye for evaluating talent. Could this possibly be the same reason why the Raiders can;t seem to win a football game anymore? Probably. Al Davis needs to remember that Denver has owned the Raiders in the last 12 years.

  38. You classless people who are taking shots at Davis for being a senior citizen make me sick.
    The point from Florio is that Al hasn’t changed, which is a lot of the problem with the Raiders, but don’t make him into something he’s not like all the shitty jokes that aren’t funny to start with about Alzheimer’s and dimensia.
    people with these conditions don’t remember shit from 5 minutes ago, much less 20 years ago.
    Davis’ problem is that he’s like the old school owners in a sea of corporate faces for the league today, which will naturally make him the oddball,, so he needs to freshen his approach.

  39. It’s nice to see someone just report what they see like Florio has done without projecting their personal feelings toward the man from private dealings.
    The media lost credibility with me on the Kiffin saga because they slammed him as the coach all the way up until it was apparent he and Davis had problems, which lets me see that there is an agenda there.

  40. Florio seems to gbe auditioning for a job.
    Now, the problem is is that Al probably has no clue what the internet is.

  41. I think that Al will hang on to life until the team has absolutely no fans and support, get the League to issue a rule stating the the ‘Raiders’ name has been retired and that no one else can use it. Then Al will die and have the Raiders buried with him.
    Raiders motto: ‘The beatings will continue until morale improves.’

  42. I don’t agree with everything he does, but I love his commitment to do things his way and the way he’s giving everybody the finger.
    “Besides owning a great and marketable brand, what was the last good decision made by Al Davis that anyone can point to?”
    Yesterday’s press conference was genius.

  43. Al reminds me of my father in a way, because at 87 he (my dad) is just a shell of himself physically but mentally he is very much aware. Still, Al needs to step aside and let someone else call the shots. As a Certified Raider Hater, I would hope is business as usual as my Bolts continue to beat the Raiders yearly.

  44. I don’t think Davis is out of it or crazy, I think his ego is too big for his own good. He buys into the fact that he is an NFL legend, which he is. He just doesn’t seem to take responsibility for the current state of this franchise when he has been the only constant the past 5 years or so. I just saw a man feeling sorry for himself and pointing the finger at everyone but himself. He may be lucid, but he’s also bitter and petty.

  45. October 1st, 2008 at 9:05 am
    ParkerFly says;
    “Corey O, Monte Kiffin really said he’s glad his own son if gone? I doubt it.”
    Hey knucklehead….. Did you not see the quotations? I realize that several of you bloggers here fabricate “ish.”
    Who said that it was actually “the” Monte Kiffen?
    The quote was from another ‘site (as I mentioned).
    Google is pretty good with its search engine. By all means, google a phrase or two from the quote and it will probably navigate you to the orginal source. Jeesh!

  46. I find it amusing that people thin Al has lost his mind – he was very lucid and spoke in specifics.
    Before yesterday’s press conference, I thought it was Al that was at fault. After yesterday, I think there is a lot more to the story. For one thing, Kiffin had said that he and Al hadn’t spoke at all since before week 1. Davis refuted that and said that they spoke after the Buffalo game, week 3, at the airport. Al even described the conversation and the topics they discussed. Last night I saw an interview with Kiffin in which he was asked about that conversation in Buffalo – he deflected the question and gave an answer that had nothing to do with the question asked. Of course the ESPN guy doing the interview didn’t call him on it and just moved on. When a guy is accused of being a liar and is asked a direct question about a specific topic and then gives a run around answer, well that tells me something.

  47. What an absolute rambling joke that press conference was. Well the good that come from it will be endless hours of psychological class training that will come from it when it is used by the medical schools.

  48. Al Davis sounds just like an old boss that I used to have. He was a business owner who yes, like Al, had a passion for his business and was committed to building a winner. However, like Al, he also was blinded by paranoia in thinking that everyone was either out to get him, or that anyone not sharing 100% of his viewpoints were wrong and lying with intent on bringing his fine organization down. Just like Al he would fire employees and management right and left because they were not loyal enough (meaning they didn’t agree with him all the time) and always blamed everyone else on the disfunctionality of the organization. It’s almost like I’ve actually work for Al Davis.
    However I also believe that ‘lil Kiffin is equally at fault. He realized he would never succeed as the Raiders coach unless he was willing to become Al’s Yes Man. Since he obviously was not willing to do that, he took the immature route and decided to be a big baby about it. Once he realized that his firing was imminent he then decided to make a mockery of the entire organization.
    Al is a classic micromanager. He wants to be in control of every little decision, but doesn’t want to get his hands dirty. He needs to hire experienced people he believes in, give them the ability to draft, build, hire, and coach then make them accountable for their successes or failures. Since that will never happen, the Raiders will never go deep into the playoffs as long as he is in control of the team.

  49. October 1st, 2008 at 9:19 am
    dajaba75 says;
    “I think that Al will hang on to life until the team has absolutely no fans and support.”
    It’ll never happen ‘Jaba.
    See, what you morons can’t seem to grasp, fathom, and or track with; Raider fans define the word – LOYALTY.
    The odds of you guys to actually dampening this never-dying devotion are worse than anyone on this or any other planet actually locating the Holy Grail.
    Believe that………..
    Long Live Al…. Go Raiders…… Befuddle the mother-effin’-haters…

  50. Hey Mike,
    Glad to see you’ve decided to change the name of your site to proraiderstalk.com.
    Just remember we have a commitment to excellence baby.
    Also remember lanes’s the devil!
    Your paymnet for the positive talk is on the way, and i also sent out your spiffy bathrobe and raider jacket combo like i wore yesterday baby.
    Al Davis

  51. Al is a genius in my view. The US goverment should put him to work on the current financial crisis.

  52. “A man whom many believed had lost some of his faculties emerged to let us all know that he’s still got it…”
    Isn’t this what we said about Reagan when he began to decline?

  53. Either Florio is nipping from the bottle stashed in the drawer or he has a plan to nail his third straight month of record hits. Look at the volume of posts on his Al Davis article!
    Expect one more “Al Davis is a genius” post and then a great big April Fools!
    Al Davis was NOT lucid.

  54. Yeah, ok Al.
    You traded one if the best players in NFL history for a 4th Round pick! Therfore, the Pats tampered!?!? Talk about sour grapes.
    WHAT A JOKE! You are an embarrassment to the NFL!

  55. another lovin post from “michael renfield florio”…
    al threw out all criticisms of the raiders, their acquisitions and their performance and blamed them on kiffin.
    is kiffin pure as the driven snow? no.
    is al out of it? yes. if al is such a great guy, why the ryan interview and why the distribution of fawning articles in the locker room.
    kiffin was appointed as a figurehead only. al makes all decisions. good people avoid working for bosses like that.
    so al has to stoop to hiring the cable guy to be hc.

  56. It’s not often Mr Davis decides to talk but in this age of political correctness, when he does, it’s friggin gold.
    His body is old and broken down but his mind is still amazing, the man IS football.
    Haters, like it or not, we are the team of the decades.
    We’ve gone through tough times in the past but we always come back with a vengeance and we ARE on the way back now.
    Even the Donkey lovers know it.
    Long live Al Davis and long live the Raiders, I’m in for life.

  57. joetoronto says:
    October 1st, 2008 at 10:43 am
    “It’s not often Mr Davis decides to talk but in this age of political correctness, when he does, it’s friggin gold.
    His body is old and broken down but his mind is still amazing, the man IS football.
    Haters, like it or not, we are the team of the decades.
    We’ve gone through tough times in the past but we always come back with a vengeance and we ARE on the way back now.
    Even the Donkey lovers know it.
    Long live Al Davis and long live the Raiders, I’m in for life.”
    Ditto! ‘Nice to meet you man. ‘Glad to see that we have a few faithful here, amongst all this hater riffraff.
    Yaaaiiiiiidddaaaahhhsss (Chris Berman)

  58. Yea , what happened Al Davis make a donation to this site? Al Davis’s comments are just like T.O.’s , throwing people under the bus, does that make TO “sharp” as well.
    Dont TRY to be different by stating you think Davis is still committed to winning. You dont chase Gruden out, hire bums like Shell, Mike White, Bill “Jaw Jerk” Callahan if your committed to winning. Your ass kising of him reminds me of Herrera at the Davis Presser the other day where in between every segment he was running up there to see if Al was “ok”..i thought i was going to see Herrera pull out the “knee pads”..he was acting like a fluffer.
    Al just needs to “go away” and we all know what that means,

  59. N o one will ever do business with the Raiders again. He just started throwing every player, GM and coach under the bus. You think Ted Thompson makes a trade with the Raiders? Heck no. He tells him to shove it up his A$$.

  60. This senile man is losing it. Time to put him in a nursing home. Image all the gossip and trouble he would cause! Reality show just waiting to happen.

  61. Florio sounds like he was invited to a real news conference as a real reporter for the first time. But was he really there? I doubt it. He uses another source for quotes from the Davis news conference.

  62. haters? what a loser peecee term.
    the real haters use the term “haters”. because they cant take any criticism of their golden calves.
    for the record, i dont hate al. i sure dont like him, but i dont hate him.
    get a hobby, peecee fluffmind.

  63. everybody in the football world is laughing at Al Davis except Mike Florio… are you serious?? you cant be… You’re not actually backing that old brain-dead leper???

  64. Geez Florio’s got a little old man stiffy for Davis now.
    Give me a break, the skeleton manages to dust himself off and string a couple coherent sentances together and we’re supposed to suddenly believe that Al Davis isn’t the reason that team is a disgrace and laughing stock of the league? We’re suddenly supposed to believe that infact Kiffin is the problem and the reason the Raiders suck this year?
    Seriously, Mike you are one easy heart to win over.

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