While trying to figure out when former Raiders coach Lane Kiffin would be holding a promised press conference on Wednesday, we learned that the press conference has actually been canceled.
Apparently, Kiffin’s agent and lawyer decided it wouldn’t be wise to respond in detail to the allegations made on Tuesday by owner Al Davis.
And they’re right.  Eventually, there’s going to be a grievance hearing.  (For more on how it will all unfold, check out our latest item on  By laying out his version in excruciating detail now, Kiffin would have been giving Davis and his lawyers a blueprint (or, as the case may be, a “bootprint”) for attacking Kiffin’s case later.
Of course, the same theory applies to Davis, and from the standpoint of pure legal strategy it was unwise for him to put his cards on the table at a time when he wasn’t required to do so.  But, sometimes, folks who passionately believe in their positions don’t care about possibly having their words twisted around later, because they believe that what they’re saying is the truth.
As to Davis, we think he was telling the truth.  Even though it’s possible that Davis was factually incorrect on one or more points, he believed what he was saying.
As to Kiffin, he has given an interview to ESPN, and he carefully avoided responding specifically to anything that Davis said.  This tactic helps his coming case against the team, but it does nothing to help those of us who want to hear what he has to say, and then to compare his words and demeanor to Davis.
And so it’s likely that we won’t hear much of substance from Kiffin until the hearing is held, and until the transcripts are made public or someone leaks the information.  It’s a sound legal strategy for the former Raiders coach, but it’s a bad way to repair the P.R. hit that Kiffin took on Tuesday.


  1. I think Kiffen has had good PR by being above the fray and avoiding being pulled in by Davis. Davis came across as a crotchedy, crazy old man. You would have to be blind or on his payroll not to see that. Good job, Kiffen.

  2. I’m a criminal defense attorney.
    I have several crazy clients who actually believe their nonsensical version of events.
    Believing the words coming out of your mouth doesn’t make them so.

  3. I wonder if Shannahan and Belichick will be helping Kiffin out? I’d say Kiff can find lots of support throughout the league.

  4. ” Even though it’s possible that Davis was factually incorrect on one or more points, he believed what he was saying.”
    that phrase made me laugh.
    While it might be true that Davis wrote that letter, it might be ‘factually incorrect’ that Davis gave the letter to Kiffin. …But I believe Davis.

  5. I know this: There hasn’t been one coach in the last ten years who has had a nice tenure in Oakland. Even Gruden was thrown away. Norv Turner won’t even talk about how much he hated Oakland.
    Al Davis came across as senile in his interview with local television yesterday. I’m sure some of it is true, but turning the whole thing into a Us Weekly fiasco is a bit ridiculous for an owner to do.
    Lane Kiffin wasn’t ready. He didn’t win. Obviously that will frustrate anyone. But the situation has become ridiculous. None of this happened with Linehan and his situation didn’t seem much different.

  6. Kiffin was damned if he did and damned if he didn’t speak out so what is the guy to do? Personally I would keep my mouth shut and hope for the 3.5m pay day…. Plenty of coaches have survived a PR hit from Al Davis, including Jon Gruden & Mike Shanahan, so I just consider Lane to be in good company now

  7. The first rule of Al Davis:
    Don’t mess with Al Davis
    The second rule of Al Davis:
    Just Win Bab… DON’T MESS WITH AL DAVIS!!!!!

  8. “Even though it’s possible that Davis was factually incorrect on one or more points, he believed what he was saying.”
    Hi, I’m Florio and I believed Nick Saban wasn’t going to Alabama.

  9. Coach Kiffin doesnt have to respond to the rantings of a madman.
    it only gives credability where none is due.
    he will bust Al’s ass legally and im willing to wager he actually HAS TO pay this coach his contract unlike some predecessors whom Al ‘the professional con man” went back on his written legal word.
    Al Davis is a flaming POS.

  10. While up to the press conference yesterday I was completely behind Kiffin. However with millions of dollars on the line Al Davis decided money wasn’t enough to keep him from telling what he believed as true.
    I feel like by cancelling the conference Kiffin has lent some credence to Davis’s statements. By playing the lawyer game and not presenting to the public his side, I believe Kiffin has actually bolstered Al Davis’s side. To me it said that the money is Kiffin’s ultimate goal. And that was what Al said all along.
    I liked Kiffin, but if Kiffin is a great young mind he will make that money up as he coaches down the line. By cancelling his conference he has put money over principles, and that’s what Al Davis was saying about him all along yesterday.

  11. Al Davis in nuttier than Chinese Chicken Salad. I believe 100% that Al believed what he was saying. I also believe that 0% of what Al Davis said was true. The guy in gone mentally. Win 2 more Super Bowls?!?!?! ROTFL!!!! The Raiders won’t win a playoff game the rest of Davis’ life.
    I truly feel sorry for Lane Kiffin. He is a standup guy and it sounds like all the players and a good portion of the fans support him.
    Terrell Davis put it well on NFL Total Access last night. No legitimate coach will take the Raiders job. All Al Davis really wants is a “yes man” and you can’t fix the problems in the Raider organization by saying yes to everything Al want because what he wants is not going to fix anything.
    A.J. Smith or Scott Pioli could fix the Raiders within 2 years.

  12. Kiffin’s PR hit? Your defense of Davis’s antics must be self serving because you are blind to the reality that’s been exposed. Sure glad I’m not a Raider fan because the old man has just lost it. Lane is the sure winner in this pathetic scenario that stains the integrity of the entire league.

  13. Kiffin has more security
    at stake than Davis. $3.5M is a lot of money to Kiffin, and it’s a small economic amount to Davis. Lane can’t afford to run his mouth like Davis can.
    Both parties have a lot at stake here. For Lane, it’s $3.5M. For Davis, it’s his ego; he hates to lose. Only Davis can risk anything in this match. Lane can’t afford to risk his potential $3.5M.
    That’s why Davis gets the platform, while Kiffin gets his lawyers.
    Advantage? We’ll see.

  14. I guess it’s good for the other 3 teams in the AFC West…. As long as Al “Crazy Old Man” Davis is around, the Raiders won’t be a threat to anybody.

  15. Kiffin is obviously in receipt of much more sound legal advice tha Uncle Al. If you have any doubt as to who’s telling the truth, listen to Nnamdi Asomugha’s interview on NFL Network last night. The team was solidly behind Kiffin without any division in the locker room. As for you Florio, I hear John Herrera is looking for a few good(yes)men out in Oakland. Please apply asap. You might have found your true calling.

  16. Florio…..Do you really believe Al Davis????
    Al Davis’ comments sounded like those of a man who wholehartedly believed what he was saying, but that doesn’t really make them true.
    Personally, I think that the moment Kiffen tried to impose one ounce of authority or decision making when it came to personnel and his assistants that Davis went nuts. I don’t think that there is a chance in hell that Davis was going to let some 30 something year old coach run the show.
    So then why hire him??
    …..EXACTLY. Why doesn’t Al just coach the team himself. He seems to think he knows more about it then any of the other coaches he’s ever hired.
    The bottom line…..Al Davis doesn’t like Lane Kiffin and doesn’t want to pay him. The letter he sent to Kiffin was an attempt to document insubordination so that he could prevail in his attempt to not pay the coach that he didn’t want to coach the team anyways.
    Also, when Davis metioned that he would have gladly let Kiffin leave for Arkansas after the season, why would he even bring a guy like that back for this year???

  17. Florio, I don’t know what PR hit you think Kiffin took, but I didn’t see it. He’s absolutely right to cancel the interview until after the law suit. After he collects his money, he can tell it like it really was.
    Al Davis has lost what little credibility he had.

  18. You think Al Davis was telling the truth? Florio, you weren’t there. You don’t know exactly what went on. So, I suggest you to hush up.

  19. Al can believe whatever his lackeys tell him to believe. No doubt he is passionate about the Raiders. However, the control freak does not trust anyone outside his own chosen circle. In a lot of ways this is beginning to sound more and more like Howard Hughes in the later stages of his long and tortured mental life.
    The facts will come out in the League offices and eventually might make it to the public – watch Al find a way to release it and then blame it on Mortenson and Kiffin.

  20. Gee, you fraud.
    I wonder how much Davis has given you in kickbacks in order for you to inexplicably take his side, when he clearly came across as completely senile yesterday, and causing you to completely reverse your feelings on the situation in just 1 circus press conference. Could it be any more obvious that you are getting something out of all of this?
    I’m sure you won’t post this comment much as you refuse many of my others, because you are a fraud.

  21. I think that Al Davis is Florio’s Picture of Dorian Gray come to life.
    Man I am hot today….

  22. I guess a crappy 1-3 team needs something to cheer for, even that old undead transvestite Davis

  23. How did the Raiders and Al Davis go from a joke, a circus, a fiasco to highly credible and believable in one horribly predictable press conference? Al Davis has had this ’cause’ for months, now, in his version of events. If he wanted to fire him ‘with cause’ and ‘without pay’, why pay him 4 weeks into the year?
    Seriously, Florio, I’m a nice, sweet person that’s just down on his luck, but I have some beautiful ocean front property in Kansas that I’d love to sell you, hit me back on my celly, dude.

  24. So, I guess Rob Ryan should be fired too, since they gave up 4th quarter leads the last 2 weeks!?!

  25. “As to Davis, we think he was telling the truth. Even though it’s possible that Davis was factually incorrect on one or more points, he believed what he was saying.”
    John McCain is factually incorrect on many things, but he believes in what he’s saying. I guess that means that he’s telling the truth too?

  26. Chiefs should fire Herm Edwards and hire Kiffin. That way all the other AFC West teams will have ex-Raiders coaches and they can all stick it to Crazy Al twice a year.

  27. I felt bad for Kiffin as soon as he took that job. To be honest, he lasted longer than I expected. Which is really sad. But hey, if there’s hope for the Lions, then the Raiders can’t be too far behind.

  28. I was a Raider fan for 34 years until yesterday. Raider fans deserve better than this. But let’s say that it was all Kiffin’s fault. Then please explain what happened with Shell, Turner,Callahan, Chucky, Bugel, White, Shell the first time and Shannahan. If nothing else can we at least say Al is a crappy judge of character and picks crappy coaches?

  29. Anyone notice how Kiffin kept looking down and left during the interview?
    That is what people do when they are lying, nervous or have something to hide!

  30. “As to Davis, we think he was telling the truth. Even though it’s possible that Davis was factually incorrect on one or more points, he believed what he was saying.”
    That’s the beauty of being insane, you totally believe what you are saying all of the time. Make no mistake, Count Chocula is completely insane.

  31. “It’s a sound legal strategy for the former Raiders coach, but it’s a bad way to repair the P.R. hit that Kiffin took on Tuesday.” … I do not agree that Kiffin took a PR hit. Davis sounds like Looney Toon, so until some actual facts come out, I disagree with that.

  32. Most people believe that Al Davis is to old to run the
    Franchise that he owns. He seemed very capable during
    his press conference to undertake matters. Weather he
    is capable or not is irrelevant. Al Davis is the owner
    of the Raiders and as such writes the checks. Lane Kiffin
    has just learned employee rule 101. Do not mess with the
    guy who writes the checks. You may be right but you will
    end up not getting paid or having to fight for every cent
    that is owed. Good luck Lane Kiffin! Life gets lonely when
    you are unemployed and are vilified by your former boss in
    a nationally televised press conference, even if he is said
    to be crazy. Then the only person you can turn to is your
    high priced attorney who can not wait for the billable hours
    to add up.

  33. Watch the whole Al Davis press conference, he looked believable & truthful as Florio said, he laid out his cards on the table which surprised me for a legal matter like this. On the Trye Wingo interview, Kiffin appeared deceitful in response to Davis comments. All he could say it was all lies, which is a poor response after the verbal blitz Davis laid out.

  34. Kiffin had to of been aware of what he was getting into. I have no sympathy for the man in this situation. Crazy or not Al Davis has little to lose by speaking out as the Raiders aren’t a very respected football team and the fact Davis can easily afford to give Kiffin 3.5 mil without a blink if it came down to it. The more I think about it I believe both parties had their own faults in it. With the way Kiffin has acted coming into this season in press conferences post games I really don’t he was ready for this job and should stick with college football. Maybe Carroll will take him back.

  35. I hope Kiffen takes the old geezer for more than the 3.5 million he is owned. he should also get extra for pain and suffering too. Anyone who had to work for this senile old fossil should get extra just for putting up with his crap and lies. Al Davis is pure scum….. PERIOD !!

  36. Most divorces end where both parties have to shut up and
    settle. In most divorces no one really knows who is telling
    the truth…and so it goes. This high profile pro football
    management divorce will not be any different. They will shut
    up and settle…soon I hope!

  37. Stop leaving out my comments you fraud. Take the verbal backlash that you have earned from your morally reprehensible backing of a madman.
    Your pockets are clearly being stuffed.

  38. Davis was on his game yesterday. He spelled out everything very clearly. Anyone who is a fan or knows of the Raiders knows that you don’t dishonor the Raiders. Al felt like Lane had done many things that hurt the image of the Raiders. It matters none if any of it were true, you don’t do it or you will pay with your job. I look forward to being able to move forward. I wish the best for Coach Cable. GO RAIDERS!!
    BTW…The Raiders were good with Gruden but he wanted more control. Al wouldn’t give in so he traded him to or rather raped the Bucs. I believe he got 4 picks from the Bucs for a guy who wasn’t going to re-sign with the team in a year anyway.

  39. I’m confused.
    Does Florio like Davis or not? I think another post might be needed to clear things up.

  40. Raiderfan420:
    Didn’t you watch negotiator? People look to the left when they are telling the TRUTH! The left side of your brain has the memory. They look to the right when they are full of s#*@ because that’s where your creative faculties are. Nice try defending decrepid Al, though.

  41. I was going to pile on a man I respect a lot, but I see the rest of you have taken care of it for me. Florio, your posisition on this issue confuses the heck out of me.

  42. Apparently only a few of us are seeing what Florio is. I agree with you Mike. I think that Davis came off fine in the news conference. People who expected him to be old and senial saw and old man and associated everything they saw with senilaty.
    People (me) who were hoping for something of some substance to come out of the press conference actually saw the forest through the trees and saw that Al was making the move because Kiffin was being a tool.
    I’m a Raider fan, so I know I have blinders on, but I seriously thought Al did fine, he did even better after the interview (having read Kawakami’s article). I guess its a Raider thing.
    Actually, its a “Dumb and Dumber” moment:
    ‘Just when I think you can’t get any dumber, you go and do something like this. AND COMPLETELY REDEEM YOURSELF!!’
    /Go Silver and Black
    //I, for one, welcome our new alien leaders!

  43. I see a turnstile in the Raiders headcoaching position over the past years. Al Davis is either learning what to look for in a headcoach and how to hire a good one or he simply has a hard time getting along with the other kids. I think it’s the latter.

  44. Shouldn’t somebody (i.e. Fed Ex) be able to accruately say whether a letter was every actually delivered to Lane from Big Al on the date indicated. Somebody in KC with Raiders should have to sign for that letter when delivered by Fed Ex.
    Who else is ready Art Shell’s 3rd run with Raiders???

  45. Florio,
    You’re one of the few fools that believes everything out of Davis’s mouth. A good liar actually believe what they are spewing, but that doesn’t make it so.

  46. And if you have any balls, please do an informal survey based on comments left by readers. What percentage actually agree with your ridiculous position? Is it even more than 10 percent?

  47. “but it’s a bad way to repair the P.R. hit that Kiffin took on Tuesday.”
    I currently live in South Carolina and there are people calling in to the sports talk show already mentioning Kiffin as a replacement for T. Bowden at Clemson.
    No PR hit here.
    Is this site a shill for big Al ? He looks like the cryptkeeper. He is the one who has no credibility remaining.

  48. I think it says alot that Florio tries to bolster his preposterous position by saying “we believe him”.
    Who is we exactly?

  49. slvrnblck77 says:
    “BTW…The Raiders were good with Gruden but he wanted more control. Al wouldn’t give in so he traded him to or rather raped the Bucs. I believe he got 4 picks from the Bucs for a guy who wasn’t going to re-sign with the team in a year anyway.”
    You might have gotten 4 picks, but the Bucs won the superbowl….I think they will take that over draft picks anyday.

  50. kiffin damaged the raiders? he cant match the damage al has done.
    i will say kiffin was likely looking down and left cause there was someone down there.
    the overwhelming reaction is that al is trying to sling shit at everyone he can to deflect attention from his stupidity and illegality.

  51. Did Al Davis threaten to sue PFT? We all know litigation is his biggest hobby. I can think of no other reason for the massive Davis stroke job going on for the last 24 hours.

  52. So first you criticize Kiffin for planning to hold a press conference, and then you criticize him for not holding a press conference?

  53. “Bravo, Florio, bravo.
    *slow clap*
    It was brilliant to take Kiffin’s side up until he got fired. Then agree with Al Davis once he had the Press Conference got PFT Nation up in arms.
    Bravo sir! Now, if you can come up with enough ‘I agree with Al Davis’ stories for October, you can set a new PFT record for most hits in a month.
    And you thought Spygate and Farve Watch were gold mines. Wait ’til we show the advertisers the new hit numbers. I told you I’d get you through this Market tormoil.”
    PFT Advertising Director

  54. I have no dog in this fight (thanks Vick), but I think both Al and Lane are both telling the truth. And both are NOT telling the truth. I don’t think Kiffin got the amount of control over the team he was promised, and I don’t think Kiffin was as honost as he should have been.
    But here’s the two thing that bothers me:
    1) A 76 yard fieldgoal?
    If you have a kicker has hit a 70 yard fieldgoal,
    then, MAYBE.
    Some have said the FBI should look into this as throwing the game. Can’t say I can argue with that.
    But this second one bothers me more.
    2) If Al Davis suppected Kiffin of being unsubordanant since last year,
    why did he not start documenting it then, ten months earlier, during the playoffs (which they where not in), through trainging camp, Summer camp and preseason, and through the regular season.
    The only so called “legal document” appears two weeks before Al Davis fires Kiffin.
    As if he is just looking for a way not to payout his contract.
    Just saying.
    Again, I think the truth lies somewhere in the middle.

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