Though he wasn’t quite as blunt as ESPN’s Merril Hoge, who recently called Titans quarterback Vince Young a “soft baby,” Colts G.M. Bill Polian has kinda/sorta thrown Uncle Rico under the van while assessing the quality of Young’s team.
Polian also doesn’t think much of the various NFL pregame shows.
Speaking regarding some of his observations from the bye week, which gave him a chance to watch football on television, Polian had this to say:  “Don’t forget I said earlier that they were the team that no one was talking about but that everybody would be soon.  It’s amazing how little tape and how little preparation the people that speak on the pre-game shows really do.  That’s shocking when you hear some of the statements that are made, particularly from ex-players.  You don’t get an accurate picture in virtually any situation.  Those that know football know Tennessee had a very good team last year.  They were hamstrung by inefficiency at the quarterback position.  Jeff [Fisher] would probably be the first to tell you that.  In fact, he as much as said that recently. . . . 
“Kerry Collins stepped in and does what Kerry Collins does,” Polian said.  “He wins football games and makes accurate throws and makes the right decisions and leads the team with his toughness and his grittiness.  They are not a mirage.  They are a very good team.  They are the best team in this division right now, because they are healthier by a lot than we are.”
Polian’s assessment serves only to confirm our belief that the Titans have a huge decision to make after the season.


  1. Jeff Fisher,
    Vince Young is the most amazing athlete to ever grace the NFL. He needs to be reinstated as the Titan’s QB ASAP. Please, for the love of everything holy, put Young back in as the starting QB!!!!!!
    Colts fans everywhere

  2. Wow, you made it through an entire post about Polian without taking any swipes at him. I know that must have been difficult. You didn’t hurt yourself did you?

  3. They’ve got Chris Simms. Let Young go to wherever, sign Collins & Simms on for another year while letting Collins start, then hand it to Simms.

  4. Vince Young is a bust and shouldn’t be made a starter again. He can be an okay backup. Pollian is right about NFL analysts, it’s astounding the things they say just so that they will have something “meaningful” to say. It’s mostly rubbish (though not all of it).

  5. They are the best team in this division right now, because they are healthier by a lot than we are.”
    No, actually, Mr. Polian, it is because Harrison is an overrated junkmobile on cinderblocks and your crap defense was hidden by an offense that could keep up with people.

  6. This could also be because Bill drafted Kerry Collins first overall in Carolina, has always liked Kerry as a quarterback and is probably glad to see him playing well.

  7. Maybe Vince young can grow from this season. He will likely be on another team next season, and that fresh start might be just what he needs. He has talent; he could become a premier NFL QB. As far as his mental illness issues they are equally overlookable with the right help and possibly some medications. There are far nuttier guys in the NFL, I can think of an owner in northern California that sets the bar in the crazy department.
    Bottom line is almost any of us would love to be a QB in the NFL, aside from not having the talent or the physical ability to do the job, the pressure to be great must be tremendous to win and at very least not fail. An interception, boo’s from the crowd would do more than rattle most men no matter how tough we think we are. The QB position is the toughest in any sport. But in the NFL it is unbelievably difficult. Just like learning anything in the NFL it takes time and a lot of trail by fire. He could be great, but I am sure it will be somewhere else. Tennessee will be on the hunt for a new franchise guy soon. Collins will carry the job for a few years and likely do great things. How many great QB coming out of collage have been started too soon in the NFL and they were ruined because of the rush to start the money now. A different place at a different time is what will be best for him…………………

  8. When I was at the Titans-Bucs game last year, I remember quite vividly being more worried about the Titans when Vince Young got hurt and Kerry Collins came in.
    It seems that in today’s NFL, a lot of coaches aren’t automatically starting the best QB on the roster. If Uncle Rico never got hurt, he’d still be starting even though you just know Coach Fisher knows Collins is a better fit. We have Jon Gruden starting Brian Griese for God-knows-what reason even though he has a Pro Bowl QB on the bench in Jeff Garcia. The Pack technically had Brett Favre on their roster this summer, and insisted on Aaron Rodgers.
    I remember when I was growing up in the 80s, salary or other public relations crap weren’t a consideration in determining the starting job. You had to simply be the best QB. You had to earn that starting job on the field.
    The way it is nowadays, not only is the team getting cheated, the fans are as well.

  9. He’s right. These analysts make their living off a finely crafted image with no substance. The image assumes that the average couch potato will see somebody on TV and automatically equate that with some sort of unique knowledge of the game. Not so in many cases. Case in point: both Ron Jawarski and Peter King said this week that losing Kendoll Simmons was a huge blow because he “is the Steelers best O-lineman”. It’s obvious these guys don’t actually watch the film they say they do because every Steelers fans knows Simmons has been a total underachiever. The line actually played better once he went out.

  10. I’m not a Titans fun but my initial thought is perhaps Ole’ Bill might have an agenda other than offering his candid opinion of the QB situation facing another team? I suppose he offered his opinion out of the goodness of his heart? It certainly wouldn’t hurt Polian if he did whatever he could to mess with the confidence of a highly-paid, cap-eating young QB on a division rival, would it?
    Hey, Polian, shut your piehole and worry about your own damned team. I sincerely hope that someone on the Titans organisation tell Bill Polian what he can do with his opinion.

  11. “Polian’s assessment serves only to confirm our belief that the Titans have a huge decision to make after the season.”
    Newsflash, Florio. EVERY team has lots of huge decisions to make after each season. That’s what makes it the NFL. You love some easy predictions, don’t you?
    Here’s a prediction on par with yours: The Raiders need to hire a qualified coach and give him time to turn the sinking ship around. Look how I took something that everyone knows and wrote it out!!

  12. @ onanygivensunday: Jealous about what? Jealous that he’s stuck with Peyton Manning over Vince? Vince has/had TONS of “upside”. More often than not “upside” gets coaching staffs pushed out on their “backsides”.
    Just remember…a decade ago, there was a debate over who would be the better pro QB, Peyton Manning or Ryan Leaf.
    “Leaf has tremendous upside”.

  13. Remember now that Polian was at the Panthers when Kerry Collins was there! Does that clear it up for you now? Polian is just patting himself on the back again.

  14. lol people like mcdropkick are funny. The ONE year the Colts are not playing up to standards, he talks as if the Titans are the rulers of the gd universe. Try making the playoffs for 8 straight yrs or whatever it is, win a superbowl, do something, do anything, hell, try beating the Colts for one time in their life. Get a qb that either isnt an average veteran like Collins or some mental midget in Young. Until you do anything in this world, beyond coming up one yard short in the superbowl ten yrs ago then my best advice is to know your place.

  15. Wow, first you’re shilling for Al Davis, now Bill Polian? Well, it IS getting close to Christmas – never too early to get on the “nice” list.

  16. collins did outplay young last season. still doing it, but even moreso now.
    griese seems to be doing ok, and the last i saw, the pack and the jets had the same record.

  17. Finally someone high-up called these buffoons out. I’ve been saying this for years. It’s frustrating to the intelligent and knowledgeable football fans that are out there.
    Think about it; if you were being paid a large sum of money to talk as an expert on a certain subject and you didn’t have your facts straight, OR were just flat-out wrong–you would be fired. Yet it happens repeatedly time and again on television and radio.
    There are exceptions; Charley Casserly, Troy Aikman, Pat Kirwan and Tim Ryan, but the idiots outnumber the buffoons at an alarming rate AND the chuckleheads are usually in higher visibility spots.

  18. Since Vince Young is the #2 rated QB from the 2006 draft, are we to assume that it was simply a horrendous year for QB’s?
    Or…here’s a crazy thought: maybe it takes more than 2-3 years to develop a QB?
    Anybody waving the “Vince Young sucks” flag needs to go back and look at the first two years of guys like Steve Young, Troy Aikman, Randall Cunningham, Warren Moon, etc. There passing numbers were as bad or worse than Vince Young’s….and it seems like they turned out okay.

  19. I still can’t believe he was a top 3 pick. I guess Rose Bowl hype really over shadows mechanics, decision making, awareness, pocket presence, various intangibles . . .

  20. I love how Polian throws in that the Titans are the best team in the division because they are healthier…
    C’mon Polian, no excuses. The Pats have a injury much larger than any of yours, but you won’t hear them bitch about it or even hint that is there reason for any failures this year.
    Other than that you have to agree with him, Young is a bust who prayed on slow linebackers in college, but is learning the hard way they are a bit faster in this league.

  21. It is all about you Bill, and how brilliant you are. No one else in football can understand football like you, especially the fan. You love to denagrate people.

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