Dolphins receiver Derek Hagan and cornerback Will Allen had an interesting day at practice on Thursday.  Per David Neal of the Miami Herald, the two had a few of verbal altercations, one of which culminated in a practice official getting knocked down.
In all, there were three incidents between the two men.
In our view, Hagan would be wise to tread lightly.  Or, at a minimum, to never go shopping at the local Bed Bath & Beyond stores.  Earlier this year, Allen was under investigation for allegedly pulling a gun on a man in the parking lot there.
Then again, maybe Hagan shouldn’t worry.  Based on his inability to consistently catch footballs, he also might not be able to catch a bullet.


  1. Wow, Florio. Real Newsworthy….NOT!
    I guess these Dolphins players should act as all NFL players do at practice, like lifeless robots with no enthusiasm, no heart, NO COMPETITIVENESS!
    It worked for the Cam Cameron regime, right?

  2. Attempt at humor noted, but, comment about Hagan being able to “catch bullets” is not funny. The situation with the Jags’ Collier is not a laughing matter is it, and didn’t that involve something like 14 bullets?

  3. Florio you can be such a little weasel sometimes with your snide comments. At least be consistent with when you choose to label something as being morally outrageous and when it’s okay to make cheap attempts at humour over a serious matter.
    I’d love to see you have the balls to say these things to the player’s faces.

  4. Agree with CallMeGreen. There is a fine line with humor on this website, and I agree that the line ‘not able to catch a bullet’ clearly crosses it.

  5. Florio, you’re an idiot little feller. Someone should hit you upside the head with a frying pan.

  6. That attempt at humor definitely crossed the line.
    But back on the subject of football, and being a Dolphins fan i dont know if i’m more impressed that Hagan caught 2 TD’s or depressed Will Allen couldn’t cover Derek freakin Hagan?

  7. “clearly” crossed the line is debatable.
    but bullets are a sensitive issue, and discretion could have been employed in the interest of sensitivity.
    however, on the flip side of the coin, anybody who watches a lot of comedy knows that sensitivity isn’t the goal, and for every gem of a joke there are at least 10 duds bordering on tasteless.
    here are examples jokes flirting between hilarious and tasteless from some of comedies finest:
    South Park- cripple fight. Christopher Reeves sucking stem cells out of fetuses.
    Family Guy- TONS of wife beating humour.
    Kids in the Hall- Cancer Boy
    Team America- Everyone has Aids!
    Tropic Thunder- “never go full retard”
    Everybody realized Florio made a joke, even if they didn’t think it was funny. That’s all a comedian has to do. Maybe Florio isn’t a good comedian in your opinion, but you can’t blame him for trying.
    The difference is things like where Michael Richards went on his tirade during his routine. You could tell he wasn’t joking so it was offensive.
    In my opinion it doesn’t make sense to take offense to jokes when you can tell they are jokes. Otherwise we’re going to spend way more time being upset than laughing. If you can understand the severity of cancer, aids, or gun violence and still laugh in the face of such ugliness then you’re at an advantage in life.
    i hope my opinion doesn’t offend anybody.

  8. Obscenery, your opinion did not offend me. I love humor and Mr. Florio and his sidekicks generally do pretty well at it.
    In this particular case I just thought he shouldn’t have “gone there” with the gun violence comparison. As a Redskins fan, I’m still have fresh memories of Sean Taylor’s murder, still less than a year behind us.
    Violence is all over our society and its easy to argue that football is a violent sport. But inviting thoughts of a potential practice shootout probably just didn’t seem like the best way to make the “joke”.

  9. listen up all you whiners that said florio crossed the line with that joke. He made no reference to Collier in the article so shut up. Florio has his first amendment rights too so cram that up your cram hole.

  10. Time to grow up and act like men!
    One altercation shows competitivness and passion which is fine …
    Three shows immaturity and they both look like a couple of “gangsters” …
    Why would Allen even need a gun? – he needs to give his head a shake!

  11. You girls are getting goofy again. Florio reported on an altercation between two men, one of whom has a prior history of a gun incident. Ergo, the bullet joke was a logical connection.
    So, is he supposed to censor out anything that has ever led to an NFL player’s death? That’ll turn this site into a snoozefest for sure – no sex, no drugs, no violence, no cars, no planes, and oh yeah, no football.
    Did I miss something?

  12. the opinion that he “shouldn’t have gone there” is irrelevant since it comes after the fact. He did go there, and now it’s up to you whether that brings you down, makes you laugh, or makes you groan and roll your eyes.
    If you want an extreme example of how the inability to find humour in jokes leads to further negativity look back at the Prophet Mohammed political cartoon riots. Look at how they wanted to hang a school for allowing the students to name the class teddy bear Mohammed.
    I’m not suggesting anybody here is going to those extremes. But the alternative to taking offense to a joke is to understand it’s harmless. The extreme example i gave should help illustrate that. Decide amongst yourselves which decision you believe is more desirable.
    I should also point out that i’m not implying that jokes of a slanderous nature, made with a clear intent to cause damage, shouldn’t be challenged. By that joint they aren’t jokes anymore, they are slander. That wasn’t the case with what Florio wrote.

  13. yeah i’m a dolphins fan and that comment by florio actually made me laugh out loud. to all you sensitive whiny types, this article wasn’t even about Sean Taylor or Collier or any of those guys. This article is about Will Allen and Butterfingers Hagan.
    i thought it was hilarious Florio, good call. 😉
    as far as the altercation, Allen probably got mad at Hagan b/c he can’t catch for crap.

  14. I LOVE the fins too.
    And i laughed at that jab too. In past years Hagan killed many a drive with his case of the dropsies.
    But this year he finally has more catches than drops! (3 catches, 2 imcomplete passes). The coaches say he’s improved a lot, but is 60% isn’t exactly “sure handed”.
    i’m pulling for Hagan, and not with a trigger.

  15. Sheesh, with all these 1 ratings for people who thought Florio went too far and 5 ratings for people who didn’t think so.. Makes me wonder if Florio is putting in the ratings himself through the admin control……….

  16. Then again, maybe Hagan shouldn’t worry. Based on his inability to consistently catch footballs, he also might not be able to catch a bullet.
    You sir, are an idiot.

  17. Mike, I typically appreciate your humor/sarcasm…..I understand your right to “comedic license”….but would a joke about explosives/buildings been in good taste in the wake of 9/11?
    May I suggest the following “lithmus test”?
    If the topic targeted for humor would be funny if it occured with you or your loved ones……proceed. If not, err on the side of caution and decline.
    Perhaps I am a tad sensitive today in that a fellow bearing an assault weapon, broke into a friends place of business today and killed one while injuring another.
    Personally, bullets tend to never be funny.

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