If Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger has enough time to set up and throw the ball on Sunday night in Jacksonville, he might have his way with the Jags’ secondary.
Two of the three starters haven’t practiced yet this week, and a third has been limited due to injury.
Safety Reggie Nelson (knee) and cornerback Drayton Florence (groin) might not play on Sunday after missing practice for a second straight day on Thursday.  Both missed most of the Jags’ Week Four game against the Texans, and Jacksonville gave up more than 300 yards through the air to Houston.
Cornerback Rashean Mathis was limited in practice on Thursday with a bruised shin that he sustained against the Texans.
If Nelson and Florence can’t go, Pierson Prioleau and Will James will get the nod.


  1. This is the part where Gregg Williams should be making the pitch to trade picks for some of the spare tires in the NFC East … Philly’s Lito Sheppard and Washington’s Reed Doughty.

  2. The Jags’ secondary has four – not three – starters. While Florence has missed practice this week, he played in the Houston game. Rashean Mathis missed most of the game with a shin injury.
    And I am pretty sure that Gerald Sensabaugh would get the start in place of Nelson.

  3. I like the idea of getting bringing our native son down from Philly. But Andy will want a 1 and that is too high a price, plus he needs a contract; the one we just gave to Florence, so that is probably not going to happen.
    Sliding Brian Williams to free side might be something to toss Jack’s way, but Gerald will probably get the nod. He’s Jack’s blue collar boy.
    I am hopeful that Harvey gets his Groves on and the secondary can just hang back and play catch.

  4. Drayton Florence got his groin injury when, because he’d been burned so many times by Texans’ receivers, the rest of the defense kicked him in the ‘nads!

  5. The jags barely won both their games thanks 2 a kicker. garrard is garbage. their fan base is a bunch of band wagon jumpers who didn’t even know there was a team in jacksonville till they made the post last yr. Sunday, jacksonburgh Steelers murder kittys!

  6. Shaun
    I can’te ven remember the last time the Steelers beat the Jags. So have fun Sunday!

  7. Big talk from Steeler Nation, considering we’ve owned you for 4 straight games, including twice last year in your own stadium!

  8. samh, none of what you said changes the fact garrad is garbage or your teams fans are fair weather or bandwagon. You see because even if we don’t beat you, WE win superbowls YOU games… sometime. we never have blackout. And you? till last yr MOST

  9. Shaun,
    That’s funny, I seem to remember Garrard beating you twice last year and shredding NFL defenses on 3rd down. He’s been missing a bunch of receivers this season and the Jags interior line has been ravaged with injury… they were OUT OF GUARDS during the Tennessee game for example. None left. I think we’ve seen time and time again that QBs in that situation do not perform well (Tom Brady, Peyton Manning).
    The Jags sold enough tickets last year to fill the majority of NFL stadiums. The stadium is too big – and we have never had “most” games blacked out. Your 10-year-old intellect isn’t going to help your team this week, but it should make it more fun for you to watch other teams in playoffs.

  10. The article still says that Florence missed most of the Texans game, but this is just not true. He got beat a lot, so he must have been playing.

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