Officially, we’re not doing Monday night Live Blogs this year.
Unofficially, we’ve done three in the last four weeks.
Tonight, it’s the 1-3 Vikings at the 2-2 Saints.  Submit your comments, enjoy the game.

26 responses to “VIKES-SAINTS LIVE BLOG

  1. please for the love of all that is holy let someone remove kornheisers tounge. not since my 2 year old counting to three have I ever seen someone so impressed with their own simple ramblings.

  2. Will hochuli’s excuse about the non-call be “What are you getting on me for? I didn’t even make the call!”? No kidding Ed, since the call wasn’t made.

  3. Childress is working hard at throwing the game away. Striving for a field goal when he should have been going for a TD. The offense has been inept in a genius sort of way.
    This defense has been so strong all season but once they are on the field for more the 30 minutes – it wears down.
    If the Vikes lose tonight – look for the coach to change his last name.

  4. who stole the show? REGGIE BUSH…you’re glorified 3rd down back who plays more than 3rd down. losers.

  5. Hey Saints fans…I’ll tell you the same thing everyone tells us when we get jobbed by the officials every week. “Good teams can beat the bad calls!”
    Go bawl somewhere else. Your team sucks. Stop blaming the officials.

  6. Childress has proved nothing. His offensive scheme still sucks at best. He could have put this game away at the end of the half. He could have kicked away from Bush. Kluwe is a great directional punter. Wilf, hear me out bro…. You need to get on the horn with Cowher, and hand the reigns to Frazier in the mean time.

  7. Fab5Philly,
    That’s an insult to grandmothers.
    I keep thinking ESPN will pull the plug. This is worse than Dennis Miller, which I used to not think was possible.

  8. “This is as good a win as it gets”
    Brad Childress, ladies and gentlemen. I don’t care if the Vikes got the W – it’s time to fire this god damn idiot.

  9. what does abc/espn see in tirico and kornheiser doing these MNF football games that absolutely ALL FANS AND VIEWERS ARE DISGUSTED WITH ESPN COVERAGE OF?

  10. graunkem, I’m the one who always says good teams find a way to win to over come bad calls. It’s true. I agree with everything you said.
    The offense was choppy and never hit a rhythm. There was a repeat of the same plays that get smelled out every week and they didn’t fool anyone this week. Ferrotte was good and could have been great if the playbook wasn’t so predictable.
    The D looks good every week but last night they were amazing and won the game for the Vikes. This game would have been a fun game to watch if you weren’t a Vikes fan or Saints fan. It was easily one the hardest hitting games this year. Nobody held back and I bet there’s a few secondary concussions on both benches.
    Ok – here’s the rumor. It has surfaced in several blogs and 2 AM radio shows. That doesn’t make it true but it’s still like a Santa sighting for a 5 year old.
    Bill Cowher was spotted in the Twin Cities on last Tuesday. Maybe he was shopping at the Mall of America. If he had lunch with Z.W. and somebody seen it – that would be different.
    Anyway – it’s a rumor

  11. as a giants fan — saints badly need to trade a draft pick of next year to the giants to get kicker lawrence tynes before the october 14, 2008 trade deadline. giants in no way will get rid of carney who not only has been perfect so far but leads the nfl in fg kicking.

  12. grammatic cost the saints 13 points
    10 point swing on his missed fg turned into a minn td
    3 points on missed fg
    saints lost by just 3 points

  13. It’s painful to watch the Vikings play, even when they win. Clueless’s play-calling is so predictable and unimaginative. Even against the Saints’ lousy, injury-riddled defense, he can’t devise plays to open up some space for the greatest running back on the planet. What did Peterson gain tonight, 30 yards? Incredible! I just hope to God that, even if the Vikings make the playoffs, Ziggy realizes that Childress is a millstone around the Vikings’ neck and fires him.

  14. What I don’t understand is why Sean Payton isn’t taking any heat for that completely boneheaded move to onside kick after Gramatica’s first FG???? That decision let to Longwell’s 53-yarder that tied the game at 10-all. Without that, they might’ve forced overtime at 27-all.

  15. payton is a reckless play caller. and has been for years. thats why fassel in new york in effect fired him years ago with the giants. his game calling cost them the broncos game too.

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