Nearly two years after Broncos cornerback Darrent Williams was shot and killed, a grand jury has indicted a suspect in connection with Williams’ murder.
Willie Clark faces a total of 39 counts, including first-degree murder and attempted murder.
A letter sent by Clark earlier this year implicated him in the killing of Williams.  The letter was meant to go to Brian Hicks, an alleged gang leader who as of July 2008 was represented by Denver lawyer Harvey Steinberg, who has also represented current and former Broncos such as Travis Henry, Todd Sauerbrun, Brandon Marshall, and Mike Shanahan.


  1. Is this the same Willie Clark that is on the San Diego Chargers. makes it look like he is.

  2. Yeah, ESPN has a link on the name Willie Clark to the former Charger … and, clearly, it’s not him. That’s a major-league libel lawsuit waiting to be filed …

  3. Wow, kingredd007 is right. actually links the name in the story to Willie Clark of the Chargers. Idiots.

  4. Willie Clark’s name is no longer linked in the article. But it doesn’t matter — they alreadly libeled the former football player.

  5. The Yahoo story mentions that a Brandon Flowers was in the limo and shot. They link to the profile of the Chiefs’ rookie cornerback Brandon Flowers, then in the next paragraph cite a Chiefs spokesman who says the Brandon Flowers in the limo is not the Brandon Flowers on the Chiefs. So why link to his profile? Yahoo goofed the same way ESPN did.
    Good to hear of an indictment. This is a more important story than the Pacman crap you’re running with, Florio.

  6. absolutely in agreement with swordsedge. people like willie clark (not the dude on the chargers, sorry for the mix up) have no purpose on this earth. he ruined a family (and probably more considering all the other wonderful ventures he’s made in society) and has used up more than his allotted time.

  7. Hey Mike, since you’re a lawyer, maybe you could start a new turd watch list involving lawyers and their clients. Seems like Mr. Steinberg would be a winner here with that laundry list.

  8. RIP Darrent Williams.
    hope they give this Willie guy some punishment worse than life in prison.

  9. myopinionisrighterthanyours
    Are you serious? This article is about justice in the case of the Darrent Williams tragedy not your smartass comments. Get off your high horse and take your trash talk elsewhere.

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