The Dallas Cowboys had no comment about the fight involving cornerback Pacman Jones because the team had no information about the incident.  Well, if the team doesn’t have information about the situation, it simply hasn’t bothered to ask for it.
Per a league source, the “bodyguard” with whom Jones fought in the bathroom of a Dallas hotel was an off-duty police officer who has been hired by Cowboys owner Jerry Jones to babysit Pacman.
The source says that the problem started because the babysitter popped off to Jones’ female companion.  Jones, who had been drinking, then started up with the guy, and it culminated in a scuffle.
Jones, we’re told, had marks on his face at practice on Wednesday.
It remains to be seen whether the Cowboys or the league will take any action about the situation.


  1. I’m sure Goodell will just turn his head on this one like nothing ever happened.

  2. Although this is not a suprise, and it is just another log on the fire, what is suppose to be done to him? If he was aiding his piece after being belittled by another guy, what is the discipline for that? I might not fight with someone over it, but I was not brought up a POS thug like most NFLers. So probably fighting the guy is just a given response. I am not sure that this reflects on the Cowboys in any way.

  3. Does Pacman realize that when he is banned from the NFL his “appointed babysitter” will be the on-duty police of any jurisdiction he is in?
    And they have guns too…and they make it rain with pepper spray.
    When you are given a 19th chance and you still can’t behave less than a month into the NFL season, you need to be BANNED FOR LIFE.

  4. If they don’t suspend Turdman again after this then Goodell will lose all credibility as far as his discipline program is concerned. Doesn’t matter what the guy said about the girl, he should have just walked away and being drunk is no excuse.

  5. Wow, assaulting a police officer, if charges filed and convicted considering his past charges might carry a sentence of 3-6. Wonder if he can transfer to VA and play catch in the yard with Vick.

  6. No way Cowboys do anything about this. This bodyguard is there to be the one to fight Rainman; to make sure no one else has to. The Cowboys aren’t trailing Rainman to catch him getting in trouble.

  7. The kid can’t control himself, so someone else has too. How pathetic. Take a long hard look in the mirror Adam, your worst enemy wants to laugh in your face…

  8. It obviously wasn’t Adam’s fault. The cop “popped off”. I’m sure that Jerruh will tell us that means Adam is still a good little boy.
    On the other side of things, the Cowboys might be better off on the field without Pacman since I have yet to see him do anything other than get burned and make costly penalties. Jerruh might hang him out to dry for those offenses.

  9. how is a team issued bodyguard not a violation of the salary cap? if a team buys farve a cellphone, it is, but not a personal team of people to follow you around to make sure you dont get in trouble isnt?

  10. Sounds like he got his arse kicked. I think he needs another beatdown. I give him another month until he really screws the pooch…it’ll probably be Jones pooch too.

  11. Well, at least it sounds like he was sticking up for a “lady”.
    …that’s a joke…sorta.

  12. “the babysitter popped off to Jones’ female companion”
    Florio please stop talking like this LOL
    you know you are just pissing people off on purpose.

  13. “The source says that the problem started because the babysitter popped off to Jones’ female companion.”
    So after the fight, who gave her a ride back to the trailer park?

  14. Jones was just being rebellion. Besides, he’ll let his boys shoot up the babysitters house while he grabs a bite to eat at the “script club”.

  15. Pacman proved on Hard Knocks that he can catch 6 punts at one time. He is now trying to find out if he can catch six felony charges at once.

  16. You all need to take it easy on Mr. Jones.
    He grew up a disadvantaged youth, with no father. He has seven brothers, all named Adam (his mama calls them by their last name to get their attention), so he is obviously a family man.
    None of this matters as football is just a hobby for Mr Jones. His true calling is being one-half of the rap/crooning duo, the Posterboyz. And a finer combo, you will not find.

  17. Never mind the checkered table cloths and boots…Cowboys = class.
    Jerry Jones = Parole Officer with a fat wallet
    2008 Cowboys = BUST

  18. What the hell should there be any action takin against adam jones. he didnt do anything wrong.He gets into a fight with his bodyguard and the league should take action? For what? What in the world did he do wrong? I bet alot of NFL players get into fights. Just cause Pacman gets into a fight he should be discplined. Florio slow down. Be a little bit more unbias. Your way to quick to take action for something minor as a dispute with pacman and his bodyguard. If the cop is off-duty and pacman assults him, would pacman be charged with hitting a cop?

  19. In breaking news, it’s been reported that Wade Phillips really is a Jim Henson-created muppet controlled by Jerry Jones. Hard Knocks meets Fraggle Rock. (I’m old school, baby)

  20. Is this not the guy who recently said he would be a “mentor” to Chris Henry??? ROFL!!!

  21. Is this when Jerry Jones says: “Pacman, get off the babysitter!” However, sounds like the babysitter may have been the sitter and Pacman the sittee.

  22. TNewman is going to be out for a while, Jerry will sweep this under the rug. If the Cowboys lose both starting corners, you can flush this season down the toilet.

  23. As much as Pacman’s behavior disgusts me I also have a fundamental problem with the Cowgirls trying to control him.
    If he’s gonna F up then he’s going to F up. No babysitter will control a man’s behavior (what babysitters control childrens’ behavior effectively?).
    At any rate it was laughable the Cowgirls were upset that he went to a Hooters. Hooters?! Because that’s a half-step away from a strip club?! Come on… both sides are acting like morons.

  24. Southernboi, you sir, are a complete idiot. I mean you really said Florio is being biased AGAINST the Cowboys and that NFL players get into fights with their team appointed off duty COP/BABYSITTER all the time why should Pacman be treated differently?? Hmm lets think about that for just a sec. Pacman has been into trouble with the law HOW MANY TIMES in his “career” of a few years and is RESPONSIBLE for a human life being paralyzed. Why should he be treated differently? Gee I dunno. Thats REAL biased huh? And how many players in the NFL have team issued babysitters who also happen to be cops? Wow, no wonder everyone who doesnt live in Dallas (and who isnt a tool bandwagoneer when the Cowboys are playing well) hate Cowboys fan. Your comment pretty much sums up why. Have fun watching your season crumble in front of your eyes, and all your “brilliant” moves of signing thugs and convicts blow up in your face BIG TIME. GETCHA POPCORN READY!! Or in T.O.’s case, get your KLEENEX ready!!!! LMAO @ dallas!!!

  25. yankeemofo says:
    I bet he supports Obama…
    Doesn’t all Thugs? Only Thugs and people who are blinded by the change he speaks to all the fraud he has displayed. Nevermind the Fannie and Freddi fiasco has completely screwed the world markets while the democrats were getting there kickbacks from them and shielding all talk of regulation on them. But no one brings that up do they?

  26. jared360, you, sir are the complete idiot here. First, this isn’t a case involving the law and he is NOT been shown to be responsible for anyone’s paralysis. And, I don’t know, you tell me how many players have bodyguards, off-duty, cops or not? You seem to know everything…oh wait, you just ACT like you know everything. And, I have never lived in Dallas, much less Texas and have been a Cowboy fan all of my life, so please talk more about all people outside of Dallas hating the team. Like them and not, and it’s obvious where you fall, they are the most popular team in all of sports. AND, please tell me what team has never taken a chance on or never had a player that has been in trouble with the law?
    You’re entire comment is fueled by your dislike of the Cowboys, which is fine, but don’t act like it’s coming from a place of knowledge. Call it what it is… you sir, are a HATER.

  27. How is a team issued body guard not a violation of the salary cap? I mean can the team provide a car, a cell phone, a dog walker, etc. Where does the team provided services end and the salary cap violation begin?

  28. I don’t understand what a team can and cannot provide to a player before you have a salary cap violation.
    What about a team car, a cell phone, etc. Both are violations — so how is a personal security detail provided by the team not a violation of the cap rules?

  29. to jared360.
    Im a bucs fan. i do find the cowboys entertaining to watch. People need to stop taking this sport and its players so seriously. Just cause they make lots of money they should be held to a higher standard than regular citizens? Players get paid lots of money to entertain us citizens. Its all entertainment. I like sports and it entetains me. I judge a player by his production on the field not whatever he does off the field. I could care less what pacnman does off the field who he gets inot fights with. As long as he is on the field entertaining me and producing for his team, i could care less about the person.

  30. Southernboi and Malpine,
    How often do idiots who keep getting in trouble get multiple chances to live millions of people’s dream? I’ve said this a million times and it sounds cliche but, IT’S A PRIVILEGE TO PLAY FOOTBALL FOR MILLIONS OF DOLLARS, NOT A RIGHT. He has had many chances to keep his head on straight and Goodell has been more than fair with him. Why can’t the schmuck just sit home and call a stripper service and make it rain in his living room. Or call up some buddies and just drink with some bitches. This guy will never learn and he needs to be kicked out of the league.
    I was rooting for him to turn his life around because I like hearing stories about people coming from the bottom and reaching the top. This douche just can’t get out of the basement though.

  31. Roger will do NOTHING. He is in Jerry Jones pocket. I hope this team that Jerry Jones put together blows up in his face. His ego is bigger than the new stadium…Yeah, and who is paying for these 24 hr “babysitters”? Is this a hit against their salary cap???? Better be.

  32. Nah, they were fighting in the mens room because Tony Romo was in the next stall and he has a “wide stance” if you catch my drift.

  33. Patscantcheatkharmabitches says:
    October 9th, 2008 at 12:03 am
    yankeemofo says:
    I bet he supports Obama…
    Doesn’t all Thugs? Only Thugs and people who are blinded by the change he speaks to all the fraud he has displayed. Nevermind the Fannie and Freddi fiasco has completely screwed the world markets while the democrats were getting there kickbacks from them and shielding all talk of regulation on them. But no one brings that up do they?
    Wow. I love stupidity as much as the next, but kudos to you, sir. You have outdone yourself. (My apologies if that was sarcasm, in which case it’s brilliant.)

  34. @ChiJintsFan – I’m not a Cowboys fan, but I don’t think the one loss Cowboys are a bust this year. That’s pretty dumb to say. Sure, this guy is a giant turd, but at the same point, it’s not like the gave up much to get him, so who really cares, cut him if they have to. I am suprised however how so many in this league/forum are giant Cowboy haters. I couldn’t really care less, but there’s been such a big deal made about how the Bengals almost beat this team. Everyone, of course, is disregarding the fact that the “greatest team to ever lace them up” Giants went into overtime with the Bengals. ugh, I guess I’m just so sick of the entire league being about the NFC east. Even when they suck its all you hear about. It’s like the Yankees and Red Sox in baseball.

  35. Free the Pacman.He might be a thug but can he can play.He hit his own bodyguard. I see nothing wrong with that. You see how Whitney treated Kevin Costner when he was her bodyguard.

  36. Oooohhhh… The critical term “haters”.
    The people who throw that code word around are actually the biggest “haters”.
    Only a real hater would support excrement like punkman and keep trying to defend him and foist him upon the rest of us.

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