We’ve tracked down Steve Pickett of CBS 11 in Dallas/Ft. Worth, who has been working the story of the Tuesday night fight involving Cowboys cornerback Pacman Jones, and we’ve got some more details.
The incident occurred at a hotel that was hosting a party after the local premiere of the new Max Payne movie.  Jones was not an overnight guest at the hotel. 
Pacman was perceived to be “clearly agitated” (and intoxicated) while outside the hotel.  At one point, Jones pulled off his shirt (he had a T-shirt under it) and then went back into the building.
Hotel security broke up the bathroom fight between Jones and the bodyguard.  A police officer spoke with Jones outside the hotel, but no charges were filed and no report was generated.
The Cowboys claim that they have no information about the situation, and thus the team had no comment.
The open question is whether the bodyguard was someone whom Jones had hired, or whether the bodyguard was retained by the team to shadow and/or babysit Jones.  If it’s the latter, Jones might have committed an automatic violation of the Personal Conduct Policy since, technically, the bodyguard is a co-worker.
We’ve recently heard that tension has arisen between Jones and the team regarding efforts to keep him out of settings in which trouble could arise.  It’s unknown whether Jones attended Tuesday night’s function with the blessing of the team, or against its wishes.  Not long ago, the team reportedly barred Pacman from participating in a celebrity beach volleyball tournament.


  1. maybe the guard is a redskins fan and started the fight or maybe its pac man being pac man

  2. Some lucky prison team in the Texas Penal System is going to be getting a ringer sometime soon.

  3. Max Payner flicker show, eh? I done told them young ‘uns that’d just anger up the blood.
    Consarn’ it!

  4. in all practicality, the bodyguard will get all the blame and get fired. and this will drop from the news.
    “jerry’s in love”

  5. I just hope this doesn’t make TO cry.
    That’s my cornerback . . . (weep weep) That’s my cornerback . . .

  6. Hey, yo, what y’all complainin’ ’bout?
    I mean, this is how we get down. Ya know what I’m sayin’?
    This is how we keep it real. Ya know what I’m sayin’?
    Don’t believe me? Just aks my Houston homey, Ron Artest. He from da ghetto too!
    P.S. Tell Stewie Scott I said, “Boo-yah”!
    Oh, and one more thing: Word to your mother.

  7. owens is whining and crying again, pacman about to get himself booted from the league for good, tony’s proven to be nothing but a choker in big games…
    I smell an implosion, tick… tick… tick….

  8. wvunumba1 says:
    October 8th, 2008 at 8:35 pm
    im sure Adam has a reasonable explanation for this…
    I am not sure if this a direct quote from vox, or Jerry Jones.

  9. Well it shows he hasn’t learned his lesson about avoiding trouble. Regardless what he says about how he changed his ways, it is just a matter of time until he is involved in a bigger fiasco. If it wasn’t for the talent he has to play footbal he would be in prison…

  10. I’m sure Jerry Jones will vouch for him even after this, keeping the league from making a big deal out of this.

  11. yawn – my prediction is still that he won’t last 6 months – despite jerry’s attention to those details…in fact, probably in spite of that attention…enjoy the ride ‘boys…

  12. Given the level of maturity that T.O. and Pacman have been displaying lately, it’s time to start calling the Cowboys “Jerry’s Kids”.
    The Bengals are the only thing keeping the Cowboys from being the biggest turd bucket in the NFL.

  13. If this is true, I hope Jerry DUMPS THIS PR!CK… Seriously. What an ungrateful a$$hole. Jones obviously cares about nothing in life but getting it on with floozies, and living that rock star life.
    As a Cowboy fan, I would rather boycott this team than abide this turd and his disrespect for the Cowboys, the NFL, and football in general. F*ck you Pac-Hole, looks like everyone was right about you.

  14. Actually, some of the stuff on here is pretty funny… especially liked the prison ringer line. Hey, IF he did something wrong, he should be fairly judged and punished. I don’t think any true fan of the NFL or the Cowboys should feel differently.
    And it’s not like the Cowboys didn’t know it wasn’t a possibility. I believe there was some stipulation that if he got into any trouble this year, the Titans would return something, either switching a round of a draft pick or even returning it. I can’t remember which.
    Even if Goodell does something to him, Dallas still beats every other team in Florio’s own turd watch.
    So continue to hate all you want, jag-off’s, but even by Florio’s standards, Dallas is still better than all the rest!

  15. EXPEL HIM! He just doesn’t get it. He hasn’t been reinstated two months and he’s already mixed up in something.

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