Vikings coach Brad Childress, in an apparent attempt to send an unequivocal message to punter Chris Kluwe, worked out four punters after practice on Wednesday.

Kluwe is one of the better punters in the league, but he drew the ire of Childress for failing to kick the ball away from Gale Sayers Devin Hester Dante Hall Reggie Bush on Monday night, whose hype machine got a full tank of gas based on Monday night’s performance.
In the past, Kluwe has struggled with keeping the ball away from Devin Hester.  In the Vikings’ first 2007 game against the Bears, Kluwe put two into the end zone and three out of bounds.  But Hester returned four, taking one of them 89 yards for a score.
In the rematch, two Kluwe punts went out of bounds and four were returned by Hester.  He broke free on none of the returns.
Still, Kluwe doesn’t sound too worried about the possibility of losing his job.
It’s a heated game,” Kluwe said.  “It’s football.  It’s a game of emotions.  I’m pretty confident in what I can do.  I think I’ve shown I can hit the ball fairly well.  If he feels he needs someone else to come in, then he’s the head coach, that’s his job.”
On the bright side, getting cut would give Kluwe more time to work on his Guitar Hero skills.


  1. Come on! Seriously! Childress has got to go. I would love to wake up to the headline reading that this clown is on his way out the door. Please oh please dear god, make him go away.
    The punter? Thats our problem? We just lost our starting middle linebacker. We don’t have a QB for the future. Our receiving corp is mediocre at best. The Punter is the least of our problems.
    Maybe we ought to work out a few Head Coaches.

  2. Couldn’t agree more graunkem!! And I was a huge Childress supporter before this season. I bought into his “give it time” philosophy. He should be fired immediately and a good, PROVEN coach should be hired.

  3. Kluwe is a good punter who has made some mistakes this year. There was an earlier punt return TD this year on an extremely low kick where Kluwe was much more at fault. But the Vikes need to do a much better job covering the kicks. I think this is a low blow by Childress. He would be better off threatening Shiancoe and Berrian for their dropped passes and Griffin for his poor coverage. How about benching them for a quarter? All three have had much worse years than Kluwe.

  4. Well said ‘graunkem’. This isn’t a playground, its the NFL; the coach can’t waste his time by showing anger towards his punter through try-outs for the position. Grow up, and shut up Childress, you’re not signing anyone else.
    Kluwe 2k9.

  5. The bad news for Childress haters is that for this season at least, the NFC North will prolly be won by a team with a 9-7 record, who will then be trounced by some Wild Card team from the NFC East. The Vikings should be barely good enough to stay in the hunt until the last few weeks–after which it will be too late to can Chilly until after the season is over. But then the search for a real coach can begin.
    Bill Cowher

  6. Childress would be a good coach if he had a quarterback. You guys are morons for thinking otherwise. The mistake was drafting Jackson so high. And I loved when he took Kluwe to task in the public. If someone asks you why you kept punting to Bush, you say’d what? That we meant to? That’s insane. If he said no comment, it would have been a shot at Kluwe, anyway. Chilly is fine. Unfortunately Minnesota fans are too dumb. Bill Cowher won’t make Jackson a better quarterback. I hate Viking fans, even though I am one.

  7. Chilly is losing it fast. Kluwe could’ve been in the pro bowl last year. Chilly is going to lose the support of his players(if he still has any!) after this. Trying to send a message to the punter…what a moron. The Vikes, I love ’em, but they suck, and it is the coaching that is too blame more than anything else. The Vikes need a REAL head coach and a REAL O-coordinator.

  8. We’ll trade ya Kluwe for Derrick Frost. No ones ever gonna return one of his shanks for a TD!

  9. What would really make me start to feel better, is if the rest of the Natl Media would pick up on what a tool this dick head is. I would take great pleasure in hearing the experts on the CBS and Fox pregames having a discussion about this guy being completely out of his league. To hear coaches like Billick and Cowher and Johnson question Childress’ methods. Maybe then Zygi would get it.
    If only he would have got on that plane to Green Bay…….

  10. Why didn’t Chilly bring in 4 QBs to work out after we started out 0-2? Why didn’t he publicly throw TJack under the bus? If we had an offense, except for praying AP can break a couple of 80 yd runs every game, we wouldn’t have to worry that our punter would lose the game for us.Our kick coverage has sucked all year – that’s not just the kicker’s fault.I swear, if it wasn’t for Winfield, we’d be 0-5.

  11. Klink makes Jerry Burns look like George Patton!
    He won’t even letter his 15 year veteran QB change his dogcrap calls at the line of scrimmage.
    Ahhhh serenity now!!!!

  12. Brad Childress has a new phone number 1-800 pass the buck. Should be fun to watch the vikes tank the rest of the year, because i don’t know many punters that can throw the ball.

  13. Doesn’t Childress have a history of throwing his players under the bus? Didn’t he run Pullpecker out of town for questioning his authority? (when he should have been questioning his intelligence, or lack thereof)
    Given the lackluster division they play in, one could only hope that the Vikings keep it close till the end of the year and then Ziggy will keep him for another year.
    Childress is the Peter Principle in action, he coached McNabb in Philadelphia and managed to take all the credit even though Andy Reid called all the plays. Somehow, he convinced the Vikings he knew what he was talking about and all you need to do is look at T Jack Off, a player that the Vikings traded up in the draft to get, stick three years of development into and then throw him under the bus by the 3rd game of the season. Mr. Personality himself, what a douche.

  14. Revacard,
    Seriously? “Childress would be a good coach if he had a quarterback. You guys are morons for thinking otherwise.” I hope you were joking with that comment. Of course any coach would be awesome with a great quarterback, but how does a quarterback become great? Coaching! Childress has proven with numerous quarterbacks that he doesn’t have it. Actually, this is quite possibly the dumbest comment I have read on here. Do you what also would make Childress a good coach? A star running back…Wait we have that. A great defense…Wait we got that as well. Wide Receivers? Yeah, we got some. A kicker? Got it. A Punter? Kluwe is a great punter…ST should’ve stopped him. So what else does Childress need to make a team win? I am getting sick of all this defending Childress because T-Jax hasn’t developed. Billy C had a few QBs who didn’t succeed anywhere else. How does that happen? Childress needs to go.
    The Vikings are stupid for looking at different punters. Kluwe is a great punter. The Punt Return team needs to figure out how to make a tackle. It was sad watching Bush make them look like fools. Childress should’ve stood up for Kluwe if he didn’t listen (I doubt anything was said about punting away from Bush, See Hester last year). But Childress threw Kluwe under the bus. A coach shouldn’t never blame a player. Praise in Public, Punish in Private. That was pathetic on Chilly’s part. This was the last-straw for me jumping on the Fire Childress bandwagon.

  15. Kluwe is good but he screwed up and did not take responsibility. His “stuff happens” attitude should be challenged. Frerotte took a beating–ask him if four punters is too much.

  16. Chris Kluwe is one of the best punters in the NFL at pinning teams inside the 10, though I think that has more to do with Vikings drives stalling at midfield. Nonetheless, he is a very good punter and there is no one they will bring in that will be any better as far as distance.
    But after the Vikings punt coverage couldn’t tackle Reggie Bush on the first return for a TD Kluwe was told to punt out of bounds. He was interviewed today and I was curious if he acknowledged that was told to punt out of bounds.
    His response: “Sometimes it doesn’t go out of bounds. Hopefully, it’s something I will work on and get better at.”
    Come on! A professional punter can’t punt out of bounds? I don’t blame Childress for being pissed at him for lack of execution of such a basic task and seeing if there is anybody else that can just to send the message to Kluwe to try a little harder.

  17. Amen pjm… And I may be off base, but I have to say something about Kluwe’s punts to and around Devin Hester in the 2007 game. If my math is right — and I used both hands to count — Kluwe had to punt at least nine times in that game? Sorry, but I think nine punts goes to show there is a problem bigger than the punter…

  18. How do we know that Childress wants to replace Kluwe? He may want a 2nd or maybe even 3rd punter on the roster. He’s just that ingenious.

  19. actually running that fumbling defense-reading-illiterate pullpecker out of minnehaha was childress’s best move. bringing in pullpecker junior to be the new qb was his worst.

  20. maybe he should bring in a couple of recievers who can CONSISTANTLY catch the ball….and not worry about who is kicking the ball on the “we can’t tackle a soul” punt unit.

  21. So Revacard, you’re happy with the playcalling? I’m not going to resort to degrading you with insults like you seem to do. Educated adults don’t do that. But, this team is built to succeed and be a contender. They’re completely underachieving. They’re not playing to their potential. That’s up to the coach to get these players ready. To get a gameplan and adjust that gameplan accordingly. Childress doesn’t do that. He has one gameplan and uses it game after game and never adjusts. If that gameplan works and they win, great. If it doesn’t, try it again next week. Tice had his team closer to the playoffs with arguably less talented players, fewer coaches and smaller budget than this hack. Cowher took a team lead by a similar style QB in Kordell Stewart to the AFC Championship. A good coach can win.

  22. Remember when Childress decided to go for a 50+ yard punt versus the Chargers with a few seconds of the half? It went right to Antonio Cromartie who ran it back 109.75 yards.

  23. Here’s an idea…sign some guys who can make a friggin’ tackle on coverage units, and you won’t have to ask your punter to punt out of bounds all the time. It’s not Klewe’s fault Childress hasn’t given any thought to special teams when constructing his roster.

  24. Shoot me now – I actually agree with JimmySmith (except for his nicknames; and of course, his hope that Childress will keep his job.) Jimmy is right – with the toughest part of the schedule over with, Childress may eek out 9 or 10 wins, and save his job for one more year.
    Revacard – you may be a Vikings fan, but you are seriously a moron. No explanation needed – just go back and read your comment out loud to yourself.
    JuicyMelon – Marty Ball? Are you kidding? The game has passed him by. Did you happen to notice the failed Joe Gibbs experiment? Marty should stay retired and keep his bible in his lap.

  25. Scout- Minny’s Special teams took a hit this year with the loss of Farwell and some other guy. That’s what the media keeps telling us.

  26. @vegas42
    I was thinking the exact same thing.
    If you have punter problems, then you have offensive problems.

  27. “How do we know that Childress wants to replace Kluwe? He may want a 2nd or maybe even 3rd punter on the roster. He’s just that ingenious.”
    You mean like the Packers did for two years with the great and powerful B.J. Sander?
    Then again, I guess when you’re dumb enough to TRADE UP TO DRAFT A PUNTER in the first place, you should expect that kind of behavior.

  28. You are right Gonz, it is stupid to trade up to draft a punter. Even dumber to trade up in the second round (where draft picks are more valuable and there is less margin for error)for a QB from a Division 2 school who can barely speak English and scores a fat 18 on the Wonderlic and passes with the accuracy of Stevie Wonder playing darts.
    Here’s the difference, the Packers were smart enought to fire the GM responsible for that bone headed move, meanwhile, we can only hope Col Klink will stick around to coach for many more years.

  29. I am so glad I read all these comments. My frustrations are easing now. Are we bonding?
    I was rooting for the next coach on Monday Night. I think the punt return team was playing for the next coach too.

  30. Posting late on this one so probably no one will read it. If Childress, who nobody likes, fires Kluwe, then I’m done with the Vikes. I won’t support an organization that supports an idiot like Childress. I’ll just watch the other games.
    I’m sick of this idiot. He’s terrible. I would have been removed from my position years ago if I produced at his level. Forget about the fact that he has alienated the press and general public with his “I’m just like Bill Belichick” fantasy. His game planning has made the team a joke. The Vikes offense is a joke right now. The national media is starting to jump on the ‘wow, this offense is really bad’ for how much talent is there.
    This has gotten old. Ziggy, this is entertainment and it is not entertaining any more. If Kluwe goes, you’ve lost my house until Childress is gone.

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