If Cowboys cornerback Adam “Pacman” Jones is going to be fined or suspended for his alleged altercation with a bodyguard, the discipline will apparently have to come from the league.
Chris Mortensen of ESPN is reporting that the Cowboys will not discipline Jones.
Citing an unnamed “high-ranking team official,” Mortensen reports that the Cowboys conducted an internal investigation and concluded that Jones did not violate his contract or his agreement with Cowboys owner Jerry Jones about how he’ll conduct himself. Mortensen also reports that Jerry Jones thinks the incident has been overblown.
That would seem to contradict what ESPN’s Ed Werder said on ESPN Radio this morning; Werder described Jerry Jones as “furious.” It would also seem to be an awfully quick internal investigation.
Mortensen does report, however, that the team’s investigation concluded that Jones did get into a “brief scuffle” with the bodyguard, who is an off-duty police officer assigned to Jones by the team. So apparently there’s nothing in Pacman’s agreement with Jerry that says he’s not allowed to have “brief scuffles” with cops.
None of this means that the NFL won’t discipline Pacman, who is on thin ice with Commissioner Roger Goodell. But as far as the Cowboys are concerned, there’s nothing to see here.


  1. Newman is out for at least a month. Why would this surpise anyone? If they disciplined Pacman, who would play right corner?

  2. Ok, so his contract only states if he “pops a cap” into someone? I guess all the other alledged incidents where “overblown” also!!Scuffles are ok as long as someone doesn’t get shot!

  3. I hate to speak in support of Pac-man,but if an offduty cop isn’t reporting the incident,maybe Pacman isn’t the one who instigated the incident.

  4. Simple facts are as follows:
    1) Pacman starts at CB
    2) Newman is out several weeks with sports hernia
    3) #1 pick Mike Jenkins can’t play worth a lick yet
    4) Anthony Henry is an average CB
    Add ’em up and you can see why he won’t be suspended by the team…

  5. I will be shocked if the league does anything. Now if Jones still played for the Titans, perhaps I would have a different answer.
    I don’t like this commissioner at all, not one bit, and I don’t trust him either.

  6. He’s a Cowboy. OF COURSE he won’t be suspended. If he was still a Titan, he would’ve been suspended the minute news broke.

  7. Pac Man isn’t even that good. He gets the media attention because he has a ridiculous nickname.

  8. What a damn joke. It’s a shame that a piece of trash like this is allowed to keep playing. The Cowboys are playing enablers to this freak too. Jerry Jones is full of shit and he is losing what miniscule amount of respect many people had for him I’m sure.
    I can’t get over how many chances this guy gets. It really make take him killing somebody before anything is done.
    On a lighter note, with Pacman starting I may have to put some money down on the Cards because he hasn’t been able to cover anybody all year. Breaston and Fitzgerald might both have Santana Moss like games against the NFL’s ultimate criminal.

  9. All players that get into any “scuffle” with any teammate, fellow employee, or immediate family member should be banned from the NFL and any other lawful activity. In fact, under the “it takes two to scuffle” category, the bodyguard did a very poor job of guarding Pacman’s body (Kevin Kostner?) and he should be suspended or otherwise disciplined.
    Who cares what Pacman does on Wednesday night — I only care about the football game not the greater good of society. A lot of sanctimonoius bull in the Pacman threads.

  10. Again, coming from a Cowboys fan…
    I think it would have been much more in the long term interest of the team–and Jones himself (Adam/Pacman, that is)–if the team had held him to a higher standard. In other words, just because he may have somehow avoided violating the LETTER of the law (so to speak) in terms of his contract, he certainly violated the spirit of it.
    It’s too bad Newman’s hurt. It’s too bad they’ve got a couple of injured safeties. It just means Jones should have been extra careful in where he spends his off hours and what he does during that time. He showed a disregard for the teammates who’ve come to rely on him.
    Weak. Short-sighted. And disappointing to say the least.

  11. Yeah that sounds about right, since pacman didn’t get arrested, which will never happen since he has cops with him that have ensured Jerry Jones that pacman will never get arrested.

  12. The NFL must take action and ban Adam Jones. A man is already in a wheel chair for the rest of his life because of the actions of this thug. Playing in the NFL is not a right its a privilige, he has continually abused the privilige. Are they going to wait until someone is killed by him or because of him to finally say enough is enough? In these economic times the NFL cannot afford to sit back and allow this street thug to tarnish its image even further. What happened to the get tough commisioner, are his words hollow? Time will tell and he should know that people are watching how he handles this recent issue. A get tough message must be sent to all the would be thugs present and future, NOT IN THIS LEAGUE.

  13. What some people fail to realize with their conspiracy theories, is maybe Adam Jones is not in the wrong here. Maybe his body guard started the scuffle and maybe that’s why Adam Jones had marks on his face in practice. Maybe that’s also why the Cowboys are not laying down the law along with the NFL and maybe that’s why the NFL has no comment because none is needed.

  14. Wow, what a shock. I think we all figured out what would happen with this.
    The shame is, most of the fans don’t want this guy in the NFL. So you would think Goodell would have no problem tossing him out.
    I’d talk more but I just saw an off-duty officer I’m going to go smack around.

  15. I would like to see a broadcaster on Sunday say “On that play Pacman took a beatin like an off duty cop.” That would be priceless.

  16. “In these economic times the NFL cannot afford to sit back and allow this street thug to tarnish its image even further.”
    Economic times? Save that mess for the Wall Street Journal. The economic crisis in our country has stayed far away from the NFL, and it will continue to be that way, no matter how high ticket prices get. With that being said, 4th and goal, I agree with just about everything else you wrote.

  17. Of course they will not discipline him. Their secondary is banged up.
    Goodell will have to drop the hammer on him. And I wish he would; I would love to see this team begin to really implode.

  18. You guys hold such high standards for these professional football players. Average people get into scuffles, criminals who are not athletes get more then 2nd chances. Stop your whining just because EVERYONE doesn’t get away with stuff. Don’t confuse it with “They get to act outside the law and get away with it because they are famous” when in all actually it’s “They get to act outside the law and get away with it like some average people.(who don’t get as much media coverage and are not as wealthy so I don’t care about the average people)”.

  19. If he were a Titan he 1) definitely wouldn’t have ever gotten reinstated and 2) this would have been the last straw and he could have gotten a lifetime ban.
    I liked Goodell when he first started because he seemed like he really was going to clean up the league but in the end he’s proven to be quite a pushover. There seems to be a double standard that players are held to. Marquee players get away with more, players that play for the big market teams get away with more. In the end Goodell is no better than Tags when it comes to taking out the trash.

  20. Good job Jerry Jones, that will teach him! Nice job taking a stand, like his past coaches have not, by simply brushing off these minor incidents, until he feels free enough to do something dumb as hell.

  21. That’s smart Dallas. Don’t punish him for doing wrong. He just learned, AGAIN, that he can get away with what he wants because he’s got a lot of talent. Typical Cowboys letting the “shitheads” getting away with whatever they want.
    Maybe next time, when he kills a hooker, and is caught with a pound of cocaine in his trunk, they’ll suspend him for 2 quarters and fine him $10,000.

  22. I am a Cowboy fan and this kind of sucks. I would have cut his ass. We don’t need this crap. Heck if the Patriots lose a cornerback, they just go to next on the depth chart. I guess you can do that though when you have a 54th man on your roster. (Cameraman)

  23. oigetit:
    Butt-Head said it best when he said, “You can’t polish a turd, Beavis.”

  24. >>>>>>>>>>>>>
    Pac Man isn’t even that good. He gets the media attention because he has a ridiculous nickname.
    Exactly. This is the stat line from his best year in the NFL:
    51 solo tackles
    12 assists
    1 sack
    4 INTs
    1 TD via INT
    12 passes defensed
    This guy is a run-of-the-mill CB who’s best skill is as a kick returner.

  25. Of course the cops didn’t charge Pacman. As long a Jerry keeps those big checks for the policemen’s ball then the ‘boys will keep getting off.
    Even if the Cowboys punished Pacman it would be something like, report the Michael Irvin’s whitehouse to be spanked by a ho. (You can spank her when she’s done, too.)

  26. Let Pacman play! I already took the Cards and the points. Did I hear somewhere that when Jerry Jones grows up he wants to be Al Davis?

  27. So what’s the big deal here? It’s not like something like this was never going to happen. He fights with his keepers. The whole situation is a joke. The fact that he needs keepers in the first place is a riot. Jerry Jones will not endanger his chance for a Super Bowl title so when gets what he wants out of Pacman then he’ll be cut.

  28. This is the big reason so many people have a problem with the Dallas Cowboys. The bring on turds and refuse to punish them. All Jerry Jones cares about is his huge stadium, huge ego and trying to win a superbowl. I hope the team implodes, will serve that egomanic right. And Goddell needs to get the hell out of JJ’s pocket and do something about this loser. He’ll fine everyone up and down for critizing an official but lets Jerry Jones and his gang of criminals get away with anything. Unbelievable!

  29. Fine a Cowboy?? Never happen. The best line I heard today was from Jason Whitlock(who I do not care of). The Jerry Jones reality show. They do what they want. Does PacMan have to KILL someone in front of 3 witnesses prior to any action being taken against him.It is just unbelievable.

  30. I hate media hype. Every story is always overblown and includes too much opinion and speculation. Can we at least get some FACTS before making a judgment?

  31. “If he were a Titan he 1) definitely wouldn’t have ever gotten reinstated and 2) this would have been the last straw and he could have gotten a lifetime ban.”
    But that’s only because Bud Adams is an anchor to the league and the fact that the Titans grow these kinds of dumbasses like weeds.
    “Marquee players get away with more, players that play for the big market teams get away with more.”
    The only guy I’ve ever actually seen get away with attempted murder is a Tennessee Titan.

  32. “Where is Vox and his normal 3 step process?
    Copy, paste, criticize? ”
    Can’t get enough of the Voxster, eh?

  33. Aha, seems there was a police report generated and they say it was a “verbal argument disturbance” and that both parties agreed to leave the premises. There was no “unpaid bill”.
    Don’t you all feel really stupid now?

  34. “This is the big reason so many people have a problem with the Dallas Cowboys. The bring on turds and refuse to punish them.”
    Yeah that must be it. LOL

  35. Jerry Jones is a joke, just like Pacman… and if Goodell isnt careful he gonna join them too!!!!

  36. Of course the Cokeboys won’t discipline him – then they’d be admitting he did something wrong and maybe even suggest that he should be held accountable for his actions.
    Man up, Goodell! Ban his stupid ass for good. How many chances does a proven turd deserve?

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