It’s amazing what beating a bad Bengals team without its starting quarterback can do for the confidence of a preseason hype magnet that started the season with three straight losses.
The Browns are preparing to face the Giants on Monday night.  The Giants are 4-0, and the Browns are 1-3.
And Browns defensive lineman Corey Williams is chirping.
There ain’t nothing physical about them,” Williams said of the Giants’ offensive line.  And Williams presumably would know, because he played for the Packers last season, who faced the Giants twice. 
Williams also is looking forward to getting a crack at Giants running back Brandon Jacobs.  “I’m going to try to knock his head off,” Williams said.  “Once you go to putting that wood on him, go to really hitting him, not letting him run wild like he wants to do, he’s a totally different running back.  He’ll start tiptoeing, shutting it down.”
The Giants were generally restrained in response.  “Not too intelligent,” Jacobs said.
“We’re just going to go out and play our game,” guard Chris Snee said.  “This is a team that stays away from talking.  If someone thinks we’re not physical, there’s nothing we can do except go out there on Monday night and try to change that.”
And really, why would Williams step up and pop off when getting ready to face the defending Super Bowl champs who are coming off their biggest margin of victory since 1972?
Though Dolphins linebacker Joey Porter showed us a few weeks back that big talking isn’t always a bad thing (as did the Giants in February), Porter’s fundamental message was accurate — Matt Cassel isn’t Tom Brady.  Williams, however, just sounds reckless.
His decision to stir up a team that possibly would have taken the Browns lightly has guaranteed that the fans at the Dawg Pound will see the best that the Giants have to offer.  And the Giants at their best are currently far better than the Browns at their best.


  1. Regarding the Giants defense: “There ain’t nothing physical about them”
    Regarding Brandon Jacobs: “I’m going to try to knock his head off,”
    “Once you go to putting that wood on him, go to really hitting him, not letting him run wild like he wants to do, he’s a totally different running back. He’ll start tiptoeing, shutting it down.”
    Oh boy, I can’t place a bet on the Giants fast enough.
    What a tool.

  2. Who cares ? The Browns are Doomed as long as Romeo is in charge. Savage should have given a contract extension to Winslow instead of Romeo. Kellen is one of the few Browns that give a crap.

  3. C’mon Florio…do you really believe that this was directed at the Giants? The love affair that the mass sports media has with the success of the Super bowl Giants is palpable.
    All Williams has done is put his team on notice to be ready to hit hard as they will be getting the same…regardless of locker room babble.

  4. ha ha ha ha you dumb cleveland fans must be really high on something if you think you are going to beat the G-Men. yea right, have fun picking out the grass from you helmets after getting knocked around by Brandon Jacobs.
    you suck give it up brownies!!

  5. Snee mustve been in a coma during the week leading up to the superbowl. Does he really think the giants aren’t a smalk talking team?

  6. Ya know. The Giants could have slept on this game… not anymore!
    Cleveland gets destroyed – Write it down.

  7. Too much is made of players comments about other teams. Each week Team A thinks it will beat Team B and vice versa. If Team A thinks it’ll lose to Team B, then Team B has already won.
    I expect nothing less.

  8. I can’t believe that people are still so naive to believe that smack talking really makes the other team play better…it is so illogical.
    These players are out there going full go trying to win every week…if some guy on the other team saying that they O-line is not that physical…and the opposing O-line plays better than it normally would…then they shouldn’t be out there in the first place…its an absurd notion and has no basis on fact that this kind of stuff ever even makes the other team play any differently.
    Its something the fans/media have conjured up…there is literally nothing to it.

  9. ahhhhhhh, man.. Funny thing is, At least Williams finally made the news, from his mouth and not his playing.. We are the 3rd worse team, and throwing gas into the fire is just stupid..
    YEAHHHHHHH, Go Anderson, he’s our man, if he cant do it now one can!!!!
    Pssssss, unreal..
    Jacobs is going to be on the ” ass whippin express” Monday.. It’s going to get Ugly in Cleveland, just a hunch..
    “QUINN WILL WIN” ——- you like that, ha brfn4life, I see you..

  10. How is Williams supposed to respond when asked if “you think you can stop them?” uh, no… our season is over, were gonna lay down cuz the big bad giants are coming in from big bad New York…
    Why even play the game? the Browns cant play with an unstopable force like the Giants that barely beat… ummm the Bengals, uhh the Rams, a Redskins team who was not playing like they are now (in week 1), and Seattle. Awful lot of trash talk for doing what your supposed to do… champs.
    I mean the Browns are such a fluke that they even lost to teams like… the Cowboys in week 1, and… the Steelers (who they should’ve beat) in week 2. With a softy schedule like that, to not be undefeated is a joke in itself.
    It doesnt even matter that, for the first time this year, the Browns are finally getting some key guys healthy, their coming off a bye, and they have everything to prove to the whole nation.
    why even play the game?? Especially like when a team like, I dont know, the Giants were in the exact same position last year, at this very time.

  11. I would love to see Cleveland win. I’m not a fan or anything but I love it win a team is written off, a few players call out the favored team, underdog team pulls off the upset, justifies the trash talk. For 2 good examples look at Pats v Dolphins and Pats v Giants.
    Go Browns!

  12. I usually do not underestimate ANY opponent…..however, this is too tempting: write down another beatdown by the G-Men.

  13. the giants arent physical? didnt it take that one-hit-wonder quarterback of theirs one hit to wonder where he was in that preseason beat down?

  14. Spoken like a true Brown turd. You can polish Williams all you want and he still is Brown. Just a turd w/ a shine then.

  15. once the browns got everyone to respect the and focus on them as a threat, they started doing badly.
    EXCEPT… they lost to the cowboys and ravens and the steelers (all strong teams) and are coming off a bye.
    And y r all the gina fans saying how they “only beat the bengals”? Didnt u only beat the bengals, rams, the redskins (when they werent doin so hot) and seattle who had like 10 starters injured? So u big talkers (gina fans) need to shut up.

  16. mamosa1993 – Remind us again when the last time the Browns won the Lombardi? Oh, NEVER! How about the last time they won a playoff game? Try 1994. Yep. That’s quite a football powerhouse you got up there.

  17. There are a lot of teams to never win the “lombardi”. It’s easy to be a bandwagon fan, from what i can see. east96 is most likely a flavor of the month kind of fan.
    I fully expect the browns to lose monday, but if they happen to win, god help all you browns haters out there because we WILL be out in full force talking out of our asses (that’s what we do, and we do it well…in most cases anyway. (lose the caps, mamosa))
    Hopefully we can get Quinn in there soon. the fans in CBS will be brutal if DA plays like shit, it should be damn entertaining at the very least.

  18. Joe Toronto,
    Agreed – I hate to bet on a team I REALLY want to see lose, but thsi should be as easy as finding money on the street.

  19. WhoDey WhoDey WhoDey gonna be 0-6? WhoDey08 knows. Don’t you WhoDey08? You can start talkin’ trash when your team aint lookin’ up at the Rams ass.

  20. So the Clowns players talk as much as the Clowns fans. Big surprise. Hope you all didn’t book your plane fare for the SB.

  21. NoWearMan – As for your “flavor of the month” comment, I have been a Giants fan since my dad took me to my first game when I was five years old back in 1969. I sat thru the “Norm Snead” years (look it up – you’ll laugh) when the Giants couldn’t beat a top rated college team and George Allen of the Redskins would take delight in leaving his starters in all game to run the score up on the then hapless Giants. I was at Super Bowl XXV when Norwood’s kick sailed wide. Let me know when you’re going on your fourth decade of being a Brown’s fan. You were right about one thing – you DO talk out your ass.

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