Saints receiver Marques Colston, who has missed several weeks after tearing a ligament in his thumb, will play on Sunday, a league source tells us.
Per the source, Colston will play in the three- and four-receiver formations for the Saints.
The 2-3 Saints are in last place in the NFC South, trailing the 4-1 Panthers and the 3-2 Bucs and Falcons. 
The Saints host the Raiders on Sunday.

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  1. So does that mean I should start him on my FF team? Any advice people.
    Colston, Jericho Cotchery, Antwaan Randle El, Roddy White, Eddie Royal, Devery Henderson. Start any three. I’m really not very good at this.

  2. Stanford Routt is way better than DeAngelo Hall, but Hall got the big money, so he’s starting.
    Routt is bigger, stronger, at least as fast as hall, and has the balls to press, unlike Hall who plays soft.
    One day, Routt will be starting and Hall will play nickel, the way it should be now.

  3. Even if everything else you said was true ‘joetoronto’, theres no way Hall would get $80m to play in nickel packages.

  4. Gosox, I’d start Henderson, Cotchery, and White. Colston could have a big game, but they said he’d be limited to 3wr and 4wr sets, also Royal is banged up. My 2cents.

  5. Great, now we can reunite Colston with our NON FRANCHISE QB and our GLORIFIED 3RD DOWN BACK. I am begging you to say something bad about Colston, Florio, so he’ll come back playing lights out just like Drew and Reggie.

  6. Gosox:
    Important to know if this is PPR format or not, but assuming it is,
    Cotchery, Royal, White. Randle El has a nice matcup, but won’t need to get many looks vs a weak defense. Colston is going to be on the field quite a bit, but you can’t trust him his first week back – especially when even before he left he was dropping balls. Henderson drops passes too, and it’ll be hard to predict what he does against Oakland’s pass defense. While Royal and White are dinged up, they will be the second options in their respective offenses this week – thus better than your other choices.

  7. WOW!! I love it. Just three short years ago, who would be talking
    about the “SAINTS”. I love it.
    And by the way, who says DeAngelo Hall is a shut-down corner besides
    DeAngelo Hall? He should be selling AD space on his back because
    that is all you see on HILITES or should I say his LOLITES.

  8. It’ll be Colston against Nnamdi not Hall so much…
    You might not be able to say his name but I’ll take that
    one on one anyday… Either way it’ll be good football.

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