A reader tells us that KSHB in Kansas City is reporting that Chiefs tight end Tony Gonzalez has requested a trade, and that one of the teams in the running is the New York Gootball Fiants.  (It’s an inside joke that you’ll understand only if you check the site every day, multiple times per day.)
Though we haven’t confirmed that KSHB is reporting this information, we’ve learned separately that, indeed, an effort is afoot to move Gonzalez out of Kansas City.
The trade deadline is October 14 at 4:00 p.m. EDT.
Stay tuned.

51 responses to “GONZALEZ TO GIANTS?

  1. If the Giants really do want Gonzalez, is this a bigger reflection on the decision to trade Shockey or on Burress’ behavior?

  2. As a Chiefs fan I can only say GOOD for you Tony. You deserve better than this, after all your good years here and you never got to a superbowl. This is from a Kansas City native, I hope your wish comes true..

  3. You know, I’ve consistently heard the phrases “building for the future” and “youth movement” in regards to Kansas City since before Herm Edwards even took the reigns. Usually, “building for the future” means sucking for a season, showing some progress the next year, and actually fielding a competitive team in year three.
    This is year three with Edwards, and the team has consistently gotten worse every year. Now, they’re talking about spinning off the only good player they have (sorry, LJ)? What are they going to get in return? A second or third rounder?
    Seriously, I like Herm Edwards. As a person, at least. But his aversion to veteran players reeks of insecurity.

  4. I would love to have Gonzalez catching passes from Eli for the rest of the season. Granted he would do a lot more blocking but I’m sure Tippy Tom will get him involved in the passing game.

  5. dEV: I thought KC was in the playoffs 2 seasons ago. So the youth movement obviously didn’t start then. They really just need a QB, I can’t believe they did that well with Trent.
    But good for Gonzalez. It makes sense. Most good players want to go to a contender later in their career, once they realize time is running out, and if he has a career defining game in KC, they will still lose. His talent needs to help a serious team.

  6. Being a giants life long fan right now is like having a ludicrously hot girlfriend that as time goes by continuously reminds you of why you fell in love in the first place….. seriously it feels that good……

  7. speaking of trading deadline… what’s the over under for trades between now and then? I say 2… you just don’t see the plethore of deals going down at the deadline like you used to. It’s too early in the season. Too many teams still believe they can turn it around to make the playoffs. They should move it back to after Halloween. I mean the E.Dick trade took place on Oct 31st didn’t it?

  8. How bout sending tony to the Packers, they could use an athletic, solid blocking, great catching TE, bring it back to the days of Chewy!

  9. GMEN better get him. I already ordered the authentic jersey with only one number 8 until I find out what number he will be.

  10. desides says:
    October 11th, 2008 at 12:46 am
    If the Giants really do want Gonzalez, is this a bigger reflection on the decision to trade Shockey or on Burress’ behavior?
    Both. And I would be so stoked to see it. Gonzalez is a baller and would give the Giants the one thing they’ve lacked this season on offense. A receiving TE to help put them over the top.

  11. I guess asking for Lawerence Tynes for Tony G would help Herman Edwards install multiple kicker formations….

  12. Good for Tony, he deserves to at least smell a Super Bowl… The Chiefs will never make the AFC Championship again under Carl Peterson. Herm’s a decent coach, but Peterson is just disgusting sometimes with the moves or lack thereof.

  13. Gonzo is still the best TE in the game today because he does it all and he does it well, very well.
    On top of it all, he never complains and is a true leader and the ultimate team player.
    The team he goes to will instantly be much better.

  14. It was a typo once, so I guess it’s funny forever… or wasn’t even funny the first time.
    Stop Florio! Show some respect to the champs!
    I have mixed emotions about this possible trade. I guess I’d give the 2/5 we got for Shockey.

  15. Wasn’t one of the theorys of why they played better without Shockey, that they didn’t have to feed him the ball and they could keep the TE in to block. Wouldn’t this kill that theory? I know Tony wouldn’t be a squeaky wheel, but I’m sure he would like to catch some passes.
    I’m sure he wouldn’t mind leaving KC, but I don’t see the Fiants as a real fit.

  16. I consider myself a hardcore PFT’er and I have no idea what Gootball Fiants is …
    Florio, set us straight …

  17. I do not understand why many of you are saying that Tony deserves to go to a better team?! Honestly, he is getting paid MILLIONS to PLAY a SPORT that he loves. Should that not be enough?! No player even deserves to play in the sport that they are in; it is their performance that keeps them in. If the King, Herm, and everyone not with the last name of Hunt want to keep their job with the Chiefs, I would highly consider not trading Tony to anyone, unless it was for a first rounder, and then I would still not do it. His presence to the team is too valuable financially to trade him. The Chiefs are already nearing blackouts almost weekly, so whereas to trade Tony would give the Chiefs fans one less reason to watch the Chiefs, one less reason to think that the Chiefs will have a slim margin of victory before each game, one less reason to spend a weeks pay to support a no name team get their asses handed to them. That sounds like a deal that would cost the Chiefs money from lost revenue versus another no name prospect who we will be told has a lot of upside and is incredibly talented, and then plays like a rookie.
    The Chiefs made the playoffs two years ago on the remaining foundation that Dick Vermeil left after he retired. Sense then, Herm has brought the Chiefs from a respectable and fun to watch football team, to the most inefficient team I have ever seen. How does LJ run for 198 yards and the next week 2? Could he be the next Manny Ramirez in which he tries whenever he feels like it?! If so, there is a great example of Herm’s coaching abilities.
    The Chiefs cannot afford to trade Tony. I just do not see the fans taking this well. Myself included. Hopefully, the Chiefs have a VERY GOOD PR staff ready to explain why we traded Tony, if the Chiefs do trade him.

  18. “Herm’s a decent coach””
    ROFL Herm Edwards ? He will continue being proud of how his players play in losing efforts until he retires. And since almost every game is a loss…… I have rarely seen anyone who can un-motivate a team like Edwards can.

  19. Jim Beam says:
    October 11th, 2008 at 6:45 am
    Benjamin, please stop talking.
    >>>>>Exactly what I was thinking.
    SoDev says:
    October 11th, 2008 at 7:01 am
    It was a typo once, so I guess it’s funny forever… or wasn’t even funny the first time.
    Nope it was never funny.

  20. Hey Sporkdevil, they need more than a QB. They need Oline help(OT,C, OG) two LBs, Dline help, WR and yes a QB..They are a ways away from being competitive. And of course they need to ship Carl Peterson (GM) Herm Edwards(HC) and Gunther Cunningham DC/ LBs coach out the door ASAP…

  21. “Being a giants life long fan right now is like having a ludicrously hot girlfriend that as time goes by continuously reminds you of why you fell in love in the first place….. seriously it feels that good…… ”
    So what did it feel like between 1991 and 2006?

  22. “bring it back to the days of Chewy! ”
    All you’re missing is a teenage chick in her underwear and a whole bunch of Vicodin!

  23. Gonzo, best all-around TE in the game? Dream on. If he goes to the Giants he MIGHT be good enough to be the second best TE in the division but I think Cooley would give him a run for his money.

  24. He would be nice to have but really not needed
    I have never been a KC fan but have liked TG it would be nice for him to retire on a good team and guess what

  25. This would just send yet another of my “deep sleeper” BOSS FF picks down the crapper. Just great!

  26. The Eagles desperately need him. He could be the other every down threat they need to take pressure off of Westbrook. The Eagles also need something to restore the city’s confidence in him. The Eagles have officaly taken a back seat to the Phillies now.

  27. Guess everybody on here thinks this is 2003-04 or something and are forgetting how old Gonzalez is….

  28. As a NYG fan I dont see any need for him,am more than happy with the chemistry the team has and the development of Boss.

  29. How bout sending tony to the Packers, they could use an athletic, solid blocking, great catching TE, bring it back to the days of Chewy!”
    Does that mean Gonzalez will begin forcing himself on 15 year old baby-sitters?

  30. If kshb really did report this, it’s still a bunch of b.s. The guy who does the sports for that channel also reported that Al Saunders was going to be the head coach after Vermeil and that Peterson was going to be fired at the end of the week, which was three weeks ago. He is a senile old man that doesn’t know piss from shit.

  31. I would say Tony is at least one of the top 2 TE’s. The guy is never hurt like a lot of the other good tightends and look at the QB’s the Chefs have had throwing to Tony through the years. Other than Green for a few years it’s been a rotation of journeyman QB’s. You also have to consider all the terrible receivers that defenses never respected. Lets be honest, until Bowe the Chefs hadn’t had a legit 1# receiver since Rison.

  32. The eagles should try and get him since l.j is always hurt. Id give up l.j and a third round for him. Smith in his last year of contract and just cant seem to stay healthy so the chiefs could do as they wish. + Gonzo would do wonders for the eagles red zone offense and chiefs in rebuilding could use all the high picks they can get

  33. The Gootball Fiants isnt even funny. Seriously, get a life Florio. Stick to football facts. I dont come to the sight to read your horrible attempts at humor.

  34. The New York Gootball Fiants is hillarious – love it. Blueballs is just mad cause he has, well, blue balls.

  35. Vox says:
    “So what did it feel like between 1991 and 2006? ”
    I’d say kinda like you’ve felt since 1996, but then that wouldn’t really be true since we went to the Super Bowl twice, won it last season and won in the postseason plenty between 91 and 06. Shouldn’t you be helping to keep PacMan out of trouble along with the rest of Cowgirl Nation? I hear it’s a full time job.

  36. jarred allen, tony G(?) and granmama(?). geez. thats a hell of a rebuilding process to go through.

  37. AP is reporting that “Two people involved in the situation said there had been discussion with the New York Giants, but that talks had not been productive.” So, basically, the Giants low balled them and they didn’t bite. Guess he’s NOT going to NY.

  38. “I’d say kinda like you’ve felt since 1996”
    Dude, don’t even imply that you’ve been feeling me. Congrats on the Giants Super Bowl win, but they’re still a couple behind the real beast of the NFC East.

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