Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones continued to talk about the newest controversy regarding his highest-profile acquisition of the 2008 offseason.
And we get the feeling that Jerry Jones is displaying all the objectivity of the mother of a hardened criminal.
Tim McMahon of the Dallas Morning News has quotes from Jones’ weekly radio appearance.
“It’s ridiculous to be having a conversation about a suspension over this matter,” the owner said regarding the question of whether the NFL will suspend Pacman Jones for his fight with a team-issued bodyguard.  “This was a nothing.”
But it wasn’t “a nothing.”  It was “a something.”  The question is whether it was enough of “a something” to run afoul of the terms of Pacman’s reinstatement, or to constitute a fresh violation of the Personal Conduct Policy.
From the team’s perspective, it’s no big deal.  From the league’s perspective, it might be a different issue.
On a brighter note, Jerry Jones admits that he’s sort of an enabler.  But not in the way that the rest of us would think.
“I almost feel like it’s an enabler,” Jones said, “because it’s the very people that I have with him that created this.  Had we not had that security with him, this wouldn’t have happened.  Really.  Had we not had the security with him, it wouldn’t have happened.”
Ho.  Lee.  Crap.
Let’s see if we understand this logic.  Jerry Jones enabled Pacman Jones not by offering up flimsy excuses in the wake of further antisocial behavior, but by creating the scenario that allowed Jones to behave in an antisocial manner.
Under that theory, we should just empty out a prison whenever one of the inmates stabs a guard.  Because we as a society enabled the misconduct by putting the inmate in a position where he might be agitated by his confinement.
Here’s the reality — if Pacman Jones can’t behave even when he is provided with ’round-the-clock security personnel aimed at keeping him out of trouble, he should not be playing in the NFL.
The problem is that Jerry Jones put his ego and reputation on the line when he made a play for Pacman Jones.  And so if Pacman Jones acting like an idiot will in turn make Jerry Jones look foolish, then Jerry Jones’ smartest move is to act as if Pacman Jones didn’t do anything wrong.
And so the responsibility in this case falls to the NFL.  We initially thought that the league office had opted to take its time on this one in the hopes that the tension between the Cowboys and Pacman has reached a critical mass, and that Pacman would do something to prompt the team to dump him before the NFL would have to intervene.
But with Jerry Jones digging in deep in his defense of Pacman, we now think that nothing Pacman does will get him fired by the team.  Thus, it’s the obligation of the league to send a message to all players and teams that playing in the NFL truly is a privilege — especially for a guy who previously squandered it.


  1. Everyone’s talking about Jerry Jones “legacy” but once some of the stories I hear from Boys Will Be Boys make mainstream circulation, I don’t think anyone is gonna be surprised by Jerrah’s actions.
    Don’t get me wrong, I think some of the stories are hilarious, but it really shines a negative light on that organization. Or maybe I am just too young to realize everyone already knows how ridiculous the Cowboys were back then.

  2. I don’t like tuPacman (thanks Whitlock) or the Cowboys for that matter. But to suspend an active player, for a minor incident, regardless of his past is a horrible precedent. Football players are in the spotlight, and are often targeted. Big brother Goddell will be overstepping if he acts.
    Maybe the bodyguard was a Dig-Dug fan?

  3. Yeah, putting security on him caused him to act badly. Because he behaved so well when he didn’t have a bodyguard to keep him out of trouble.

  4. he got into a fight with his “babysitter” after he had some drinks…. i’ve done that i didnt even hear a complaint the next day just some pointing and laughing….. pacman does it he should be banished….. some logic. if he shoots someone ban him. if he starts a riot ban him. he fights a fan ban him. he get’s into a spat with his babysitter….. yawn.
    jerry wanted this attention and eveyrone’s giving it to him

  5. Is Pac Rat even worth all this hype. There are plenty of other CB’s in this league and there are plenty of other return men in this league that are Free Agents. This guy, along with Tank (who thought it was no big deal too!!), need to go away. Go find Chris Henry, Mick Vick, Travis Henry and the rest of the thugs that wanna be douche bags and play football for the Mean Machine! We, the fans, don’t want you in the NFL!!

  6. Does anyone doubt this relationship is going to end in disaster? If Pacman cannot stay out of trouble with freakin’ bodyguards and designated babysitters keeping an eye on him, how can the Cowboys keep him around? Is he really worth the effort? What a joke.
    This ass clown wouldn’t even have been reinstated if he were picked up by a lower profile team. But what Jerruh wants Jerruh gets.

  7. Oh, Ya, Jerry Jones. You held a team of misfits that got to win 3 Superbowls in the 90’s. Don’t expet it will happen again with this group of misfits you assembled!!

  8. 10 to 1 that nothing happens to Pacman. The Cowboys bring too much $$$ into the league and Goodell won’t risk pissing off Jerry and the Golden Goose.

  9. Looks like Jerry Jones has entered the Al Davis twilight years a lot sooner than I would have expected.

  10. Jerry Jones. The same guy who calls out refs whenever these people make mistakes. Now one of “his” guys screw up (again) but Jerry of course thinks it’s no big deal. What a hypocrite. I hope the NFL bans Pacman once and for all, and the Cowboys need to be punished as well, either steal one of their draft picks or fine Jerry Jones for making the NFL look bad by signing this little turd who can’t act like a human being.

  11. I’ll be shocked if a player who is being protected by one of the league’s most influential owners gets in any trouble…especially when the owner is saying it was nothing. Goodell is too scared of Jerry Jones to do anything.

  12. Man this site is filled with Cowboy haters, its so annoying. Were any of u commenting when Little from the Rams got into trouble, I dint see any comments on Matt Jones the coke head.

  13. Jerrah just can’t stay away from cameras. LOL. Damn. He’s gonna keep Pacman rather than stay in the NFL. They’ll end up in pro wrestling together, Jerrah with a megaphone outside the ring.

  14. Spot on Florio! I’m digging your rational thought and analysis.
    Jerry Jones……………..hmmmmmm………. where to begin?
    This guy is a joke. I cannot wait to see that sick look on his face on the sidelines at the end of another playoff loss this year. There are few things in life that give me greater pleasure than watching that facelifted, egomaniacal geezer who still thinks he’s all that get his comeuppance as the Cowboys blow another playoff game. Nice move defending PacRat.

  15. I think…Jerry…Jones…is right. Wow, that was difficult. Unless, there’s a lawsuit or police investigation, or unless the NFL finds out something we don’t already know. I see no reason for a suspension or a fine.

  16. For all the crap Jerry Jones is taking for this… still 0 points in the turd watch. How ’bout them Cowboys!!!

  17. HarrisonHits, you stole my line. JJ is rivaling Al on the senility charts, but Al still wins for ‘Melted Misshapen Face’!
    Come on Jerry, what’s next? Girls in short skirts are asking to be raped? Wives who nag are just asking for a belt?
    Could we just tell it like it is? Pac’s a thug and JJ will do anything for a SB ring.

  18. “I almost feel like it’s an enabler,” Jones said, “because it’s the very people that I have with him that created this. Had we not had that security with him, this wouldn’t have happened. Really. Had we not had the security with him, it wouldn’t have happened.”
    Does this mean Jones will get rid of the babysitters? I doubt it, they know what a turd pacman is. By the end of their bye week he will screw up again.

  19. OK so the guy’s at Luda’s party sitting at the hotel with his uncle, his ho and a babysitter and the next babysitter comes on shift and all of a sudden there’s a problem that Pacman’s at this hotel. Seems to me that the next babysitter brought the problem with him.

  20. “Looks like the consensus is that Jerry Jones owns Roger Goodell. ”
    haha, Jerry Jones drops more influence in the toilet every morning than any other owner will ever have.

  21. “The same guy who calls out refs whenever these people make mistakes.”
    oh yeah, all the time! ROFL

  22. Look at it from Jerry Jones’ point of view. He is used to his current and former players getting arrested naked on a highway at 4 in the morning, slicing each other’s neck’s with scissors, things of that nature. I can see why a tiny fight in a hotel bathroom is “a nothing” to him.

  23. nice try with the “so he got in a fight with his babysitter it’s no big deal, if I did that no one would care.” You’re an idiot if you think pacman should be treated like any other athlete or an average citizen.

  24. the botox has invaded his brain. cut him from the nfl too. quite a bit of malarkey coming from valley ranch or southfork or whatever they call it. sounds like a call to taco bill to see what he can do…

  25. Come on now give Pacman a second …errr….a third …errr…a fourth ….errr a fifth ….errrr a sixth ….errrr I mean a seventh chance

  26. Guys,
    You just don’t understand. I already booked Pacman’s flight and room along with the whole team for this year’s Super Bowl. I can’t get my deposit back if he is suspended.
    Your friend,
    Jerry Jones
    ps. Al where can I get me a Cowboys Member’s Only jacket?

  27. At least Dallas didn’t draft double felons out of U of Hawaii.
    $100 says this post doesn’t make it to the board, since Florio is a Redskin lover.

  28. Really what is Godell supposed to do? Pacman got into an arguement tht led to an altercation. Oh, lets just kick him out of the league cause he got into a fight that resulted in no criminal charges. No aint gonna happen. Jerry Jones is right, it was no big deal. GO BUCS!

  29. nothing should happen here…the police didnt make much of it…so any overzealous requests for suspensions or “campaigning” for a suspension is the just typical herd mentality….i am white but i feel most people are going after him because he is black…suspend him for a real incident, not for what amounts to Wally and beaver wrestling on the bed….silly group here

  30. This coming from a guy who in Jeff Pearlman’s book “Boys Will Be Boys” has the morals of a jackal!!! Jones put on a nice, concerned front when talking about the “PacMan”. He reminds me of GWBush when talking about how we should all not worry about the economt. Jones is a idiot.

  31. Hopefully, the next person Pac-thug takes a swing at will be Jerry Jones. Seems that’s the only way the Cowboys will EVER discipline this piece of crap.

  32. i don’t think any action should necessarily come of *this* incident, but honestly, this guy is a turd… he’s even getting in fights with his bodyguards, who are there to protect him from himself?? maybe the NFL should make a rule, something along the lines of:
    “If you need a bodyguard to protect you from yourself, you’re not fit for the NFL.”
    period. done. end of story!

  33. “Ray Lewis
    Matt Jones
    Leonard Little
    I guess these guys are “perfect” citizens.”
    You’re retarded. Who said they’re perfect citizens? People have been basing them for decades. Besides, Ray Lewis has BEEN a perfect citizen the past 8 years. Little is a turd, he’ll always be a turd. Those guys took a lot of sh*t from the media the past 10 years. You act like the media treated them well.
    And Matt Jones? What does he have to do with anything? Just because they arrested him now for the first time in his life you’ll put him up there with this Pacman thug? I don’t see him shooting anybody. I don’t see him threaten people. I don’t see him starting brawls and getting people killed/end up in a wheel chair. Matt Jones might have a drug problem but he’s not a turd so stop with the stupid comparison. You’re just a lame Cowboys Fanatic who will defend his team and it’s players no matter what.

  34. I agree the commissioner will not take on JJ. JJ, Kraft, Bowlen and Irsay run the league. What they say goes for the most part. The fine of JJ for criticizing officials is a facade to blow smoke over this point. Whats $25k to that mofo….not even chicken feed….it’s chicken shiat!
    Big Bad Goodell fines Jerry Jone 25k..oohh…Better Watch what you do and say JJ. My Arse!
    I also agree that the lack of arrests is the Dallas Po-Lice giving the players a free pass.

  35. Is having a “life counselor” that follows you around 24/7 much different than a mentally challenged person having a care giver following them around 24/7?

  36. Pacman has an alcohol problem. Until that is addressed expect more of these incidents in the future. All the players care about is if he shows up and plays hard on Sunday. That he does.

  37. It’s just that Pacman has a different view of assisted living than Jerry Jones thought they agreed to. Pacman wants the ‘boys to assist him in living they way he wants to live (rain suits and all). Where as the JJ view is staying at home and calling in room service or take out assisted living (stay out of the public venues and enjoy it all at home).
    Is there any truth to the rumor that JJ is having pole and black lights installed in Pacman’s crib to further help him adjust to home entertainment?

  38. “Let’s see if we understand this logic.”
    I don’t think you understand the logic, Mike. As I said, there apparently was no problem until this guy showed up. The guy caused the problem by allowing the “discussion” to escalate. I don’t fault him because again, like I said before, i’m hearing that Pacman and this guy are pretty close, almost like father and son, and dealing with those you care about might get a little emotional now and then. The guy should probably be replaced, you don’t need anybody that’s gonna get emotionally involved like that, get guys that do it by the book. You don’t argue with your charge!
    Jerry Jones enabled Pacman Jones not by offering up flimsy excuses in the wake of further antisocial behavior, but by creating the scenario that allowed Jones to behave in an antisocial manner.
    Under that theory, we should just empty out a prison whenever one of the inmates stabs a guard. Because we as a society enabled the misconduct by putting the inmate in a position where he might be agitated by his confinement.

  39. He should be suspended for the remainder of the year. He shouldn’t have been able to play in the 1st place.

  40. We all knew that Jerry “The Joker” Jones would throw the baby guard/bodysitter under the bus, not Pac The Almighty.

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