We heard last night of a report out of Kansas City linking Chiefs tight end Tony Gonzalez to the Giants.  We investigated the matter, and confirmed that, indeed, something is up.
Along with the Giants, the Bills, Eagles, and Packers are interested in the veteran Pro Bowler, who recently set the career receiving yardage record at his position.
The Chiefs reportedly want a third-round pick for Gonzalez.  The Giants reportedly have offered a sixth-rounder.
Frankly, we’re shocked that King Carl has set his asking price so low.  It’s a sign, in our view, of a genuine desire to get the deal done before the trading period expires at 4:00 p.m. EDT on Tuesday.
The fairest approach would be to use a formula that determines the pick based on the performance of Gonzalez and/or of his new team in his new city.
Gonzalez’s base salary for 2008 is only $1 million.  In 2009, it spikes to $4 million.  In all, he’s signed through 2011.
It makes sense for the Chiefs to get whatever they can for Gonzalez, who at 32 likely won’t be a significant contributor to any resurgence that the Chiefs might ever enjoy.  Letting him chase a Super Bowl title with a contending team would also be a nice gesture of appreciation by a franchise for whom Gonzalez has done so much over the years.


  1. I would LOVE to see him come to Buffalo. Edwards needs a good receiving tight end. I’d gladly give up a 3rd rounder to get him.

  2. The Eagles are legitimately interested in Tony Gonzalez? Wouldn’t that be something?
    Well here’s to the rumor mill getting stirred up.
    Hmm I guess I’d rather have Tony Gonzalez for the 4th round draft pick we gave up for Lorenzo Booker in the draft day deal with Miami.

  3. you mean there is no team out there willing to offer a third rounder for a Hall of Fame Tight End whose only 32?

  4. The Bills’ website claims that a story ran on ESPN News saying that the Chiefs wanted “a first rounder and change”. There’s a huge different between that and a third rounder. If it’s really a third, I say the Bills jump on that as quickly as they can.

  5. Damn all they want is a 3rd rounder ? Wouldn’t surprise me to see the Pats get in on this Belichek loves tight ends and this is a hell of an opportunity to grab a player with a lot left in his tank.

  6. Gonzalez in his prime is worth a 1st rounder. Now he’s 32, I’d say a high second is about the maximum he could command right now.

  7. Guys, he’s a TE.
    It’s not your Madden09 game at home, a 3rd round pick does have value, serious value.
    I actually thought it was a high price for a TE who is only useful to a team that is in “win now” mode, not building, falling or god forbid rebuilding.

  8. I dont think the Eagles are truly interested. I think their involvement is merely an effort to drive up the price for the Giants. As for the Giants…
    Jerry Reese’s offer isnt “cheap”; Reese is a shrewd negotiator, as is Chiefs GM/President/Trainwreck Conductor Carl Peterson. The initial offer of a 6th rounder is just the opening salvo and a message to Peterson that Reese is interested, but not interested in being taken for a ride. If Peterson wants a 3rd and Reese offered a 6th, I think a conditional 4th would get it done (if it gets done at all).

  9. A third is insane, especially for a team that is thinking they are legit for a SB title, that’d be more like a early 4th. I’d think more along the lines of a 2nd and another player. How about the Giants 2nd and Boss.

  10. I really like this trade to the Bills. They’re fighting for the AFC East with the shaky Pats, darkhorse Dolphins and questionmark Jets. A blue chip player might just put them over the edge and allow them to go into the playoffs with some confidence.

  11. Draft picks are over-valued? Who are you, Dan Snyder? Any team worth its salt builds through the draft and supplements through trades or free agency, not the other way around.

  12. Eagles need a running back not an aging TE. He would help them but the NFC East is too strong and I don’t think they will get in the playoffs as the Giants, Skins and Cowboys look to take three spots.
    He would have been a good fit in Buffalo but we don’t know how Edwards is gonna look after that nasty hit. So to me, the Pack seem like the best choice as their strong WR corp will take off a lot of the pressure he has faced his whole career.

  13. 3rd round draft selection for a proven player. First ballot HOFer who still produces. Has has a stellar reputation, never been in trouble.
    How much better are you going to do with a 3rd round pick?
    Maybe because I am a Raider fan and I have seen Gonzalez come through in the clutch so many times. Unless your team has a prime TE already, this is a steal.

  14. “A third round pick? Wow, I thought it would be higher. Maybe my team should get involved.” is probably the exact reaction Carl is hoping for. If more teams get in the mix, he could try to coax a higher return out of it.

  15. Third Rounder!??? Didn’t they trade Trent freekin’ Green for a conditional fourth round pick? Come on Carl….

  16. Eagles are just driving up the price. They have too much invested in LJ. The Pack are legitimate as are the Giants. So far, the Giants are the only team to offer anything. With the deadline Tuesday, Carl is losing leverage. The Giants have 11 picks next year. Those 11 picks won’t make the team with so much young depth already on the roster. The Giants will be looking to move up in the draft next year for a blue goose LT. Give them a 4th and hold firm. We don’t need Gonzo as much as KC needs picks and Gonzo needs a ring. KC doesn’t want a 4th? Fine. We have the Bossman.

  17. raidermot says:
    “3rd round draft selection for a proven player. First ballot HOFer who still produces. Has has a stellar reputation, never been in trouble.
    How much better are you going to do with a 3rd round pick?
    Maybe because I am a Raider fan and I have seen Gonzalez come through in the clutch so many times. Unless your team has a prime TE already, this is a steal.”
    Right on, raidermot.
    A 3rd for Gonzo really is a steal, dude still has a lot of miles left in the tank, he’s become an excellent blocker too.

  18. The Eagles should give up a 1st and 2nd for Larry Johnson and Tony Gonzalez.
    Larry would be a great compliment to Westbrook – who is NOT an everydown, carry it 30 times, running back. He is an everydown player (maybe the best in the NFL) but he could use another guy (think Duece Reggie but much better).
    Eagles also need to go out and sign Marty Schottenheimer as a consultant to teach Andy Reid and company how to run the ball Marty ball style.
    Andy Reid needs to be fired – which will not happen anyime soon. He at least needs to be stripped of GM duties and playcalling. Maybe they should just script the entire game (not just 15 plays), its not like they make in game adjustments.

  19. Gonzalez for a third and Roy Williams for Lito Sheppard, and Philly would be hard to stop…

  20. Ted Thompson is absolutely obsessed with keeping the roster young and for that reason alone, he wouldn’t make the trade even if KC were asking for a 7th rounder.

  21. I disagree that the Eagles have too much invested in L.J. Smith. They have no long term investment in L.J., they really need someone who can work the middle of the field/ open things up for the wideouts/ Westbrook when he returns.

  22. I am a Chiefs fan and would miss Tony,but he deserves a chance at a ring. I wouldn’t take less than a 4th for him though. And a 3rd is fair in my opinion.

  23. I don’t see the Chiefs trading to any team in the AFC, kind of like Favre (to a lesser extent of course) the Chiefs don’t want to see Gonzalez potentially coming back to haunt them by helping an AFC team.
    Giants make sense, they are in need of a veteran TE and Gonzalez would like to go to a SB contender – like a couple of posters have already said, the Eagles’ interest is probably to drive up the trade value. The Eagles’ philosophy is usually to go younger.

  24. What good would a RB like LJ do the Eagles? He’d be deadly in that offense, lemme tell ya, standing around while they throw the ball 45 times a game. People are always saying the Eagles should draft a power back, predict they’ll draft a more traditional RB, etc etc etc, and they never do. Why is that? Perhaps because they dont value that type of player and dont want to?

  25. Eagles fans, he said he wanted to go to a contender. The Eagles are the 4th best team in their division – they’re not contenders.

  26. Honestly, I don’t like this at all. I think it makes no sense for either side. They haven’t picked a QB to stick with for the future, they haven’t had a solid RB this season, and there wide receivers are not doing much. Gonzo sold tickets and was a bright spot for their team. I understand his desire to win a championship, but this just seems like quitting on your team.

  27. I would be shocked if my Eagles picked up Gonzalez. I agree with the ‘too old’ perspective – it’s not befitting of recent Eagles’ history. Although McNabb and the Eagles’ offense truly does benefit from a great TE… L.J. is too fragile to count on anymore IMO so from THAT perspective it wouldn’t be surprising.
    I think the Giants stand to benefit the most.

  28. YES purple & gold I hope that happens. That would mean the Vikings would have another QB ready for retirement. And the Packers according to the agreement with The Jet’s would end up with 3 first round picks. Go for it!
    PurpleNGold says:
    October 11th, 2008 at 11:24 pm
    for a third round pick,
    Vikings could have Gonzales.
    and next year, Brett Favre.

  29. TT will not trade a draft pick for a TE. we have plenty of weapons in the passing game. maybe he can find somone who wants to trade a good lineman

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