In the first game after the first print interview of his NFL career hit newsstands, Broncos quarterback Jay Cutler had a less-than-stellar outing in his team’s game against the Jaguars.
Cutler completed 21 of 37 passes for only 192 yards in a 24-17 loss to the Jaguars.  He threw two touchdown passes and one interception.
Coupled with San Diego’s win over the Patriots, the Broncos now lead the AFC West by only one game. 
And so look for Cutler to re-assume his “say as little as possible” posture.  Especially since his interview with Steve Greenberg of Sporting News projected anything but humility.
I have a stronger arm than John [Elway], hands down,” Cutler said.  “I’ll bet on it against anybody’s in the league.  Brett Favre’s got a cannon.  But on game days, there’s nobody in the league who’s going to throw it harder than I am at all.”
Yikes.  It sounds like T.O. isn’t the only guy in the league who loves him some him.
(Then again, Cutler isn’t the only guy on the Broncos’ offense who has a high opinion of himself.  Asked by Greenberg to list the five best receivers in the game, Broncos receiver Brandon Marshall first said “me.”  And then he paused before saying “me, me, me, and me.”)
Cutler also said that there isn’t a team in the AFC with a better chance of making it to the Super Bowl than the Broncos, and that he would be “[v]ery surprised” if the Broncos don’t win the AFC West. 
Cutler previously had been viewed as a likeable and sympathetic figure in league circles, given that he didn’t miss a beat last season as 35 pounds melted from his frame due to undiagnosed Type I diabetes.  “My mouth was always dry,” Cutler said in the full magazine version of the interview.  “I didn’t really want to play football.  I didn’t really want to go out there.  I was tired before the game and exhausted after the game.  I’d sleep all the time.”
Though we previously threw stones at the Broncos’ doctors for not thinking to give Cutler a blood test, Cutler admits that he dragged his feet to get attention.  He blew off a couple of appointments with doctors, and went to Atlanta to train with Marshall and tight end Tony Scheffler.  “I felt a little better, but still wasn’t gaining a lot of weight,” Cutler said, “still was going to the bathroom a lot.  But I didn’t go to a doctor.  Why?  I don’t know.”
Yeah, we liked better Cutler a lot better before he decided to talk. 


  1. It shouldn’t be long before he admits that he started
    the Trashtalk between himself and Rivers. I thought
    cutler was a nice guy. He’s just a D-bag with sack breath.

  2. All the Chargers fans said that the Rivers-Cutler jaw jacking incident was a two-way street, but everybody HAD to keep hating on Rivers. Well now everyone knows Cutler is just as big, if not a bigger ass than Rivers. So can we just drop this tired story line already?

  3. I think we’d all benefit from Cutler not giving any future interviews.
    Does Cutler know how stupid his hair looks?

  4. At least he doen’t run his mouth as much as ???? who is that expressive faced tall guy that is the QB for the chargers? You can always tell how he feels by looking at him during the game, chargers doing good he is all smiles, chargers not doing well he looks like he just lost something important to him.
    Both good QBs who will get better. How would rivers do with only one quality receiver? About the same.

  5. dude does have a rocket arm, no doubt. i guess i can see how people could be displeased at the fact that he compared himself to Elway, but the kid certainly looks like he could develop into one of the NFL’s top QB’s.

  6. All you little haters got your dream quotes congrats. Nothing wrong with him stating the FACT that he has a stronger arm then elway. Doesn’t mean he’s anywhere near the same leader. Life will teach the kid humility your smugg ass know it all comments wont.

  7. I think Brodie Croyle actually could give Cutler a run for his money in this department if you’re talking pure cannon (and nothing else). Favre in his prime though… there’s just no comparison.

  8. He somehow developed that rocket arm between the end of his college season and the combine. If you rember, he shot up in the rankings based on great workouts.
    On a completely unrelated note; there is a direct link between HGH use and the development of type II diabeties in a otherwise healthy person. Just saying . . .

  9. Oh yeah, the Bronco’s are lock for the Super Bowl, you know unless they have to play the Chiefs again.

  10. zilla1126 – Is there is link between Type 1 diabetes and HGH? Just saying check your facts…

  11. Eric Allen of ESPN clearly stated last year that Jay Cutler started the whole jawing incident by grabbing his crotch and yelling expletives at the Chargers. But of course, the camera only caught the Chargers reacting to Cutler and the story was blown up to be the Chargers “taunting Cutler”.
    Give me Philip Rivers any day of the week over crybaby emo haircut Jake, I mean Jay Cutler.
    Just like last season, the Chargers are starting to hit their stride and Denver is beginning what is becoming their annual slide. The Patriots are going to be pissed off after getting their asses handed to them by the Chargers and Matt Cassel will look like a Pro Bowl QB against that Denver defense and Miami’s Wildcat will confuse the hell out of it as well.
    Look for the Chargers to take over 1st place for good in the AFC west by week 10.
    Oh by the way, Cutler has a losing record as a Broncos starter (13-14)

  12. Yeah. Heaven forbid a QB have confidence.
    I’m sure that every QB would say the same thing about their prowess on the field.
    Give me a break. QBs are supposed to have this attitude.

  13. I still remember seeing the video of Jerry Glandville betting another coach that his 3rd string QB (Brett Farve) that he could throw the ball up into the nosebleed section at the stadium. Of course he did it.

  14. Listening to Cutler talk is like biting into tin foil. We went through this crap with Lossman who unlike Cutler had no talent. Young QB’s sometimes say stupid things but not necessarily so, we have a guy now in Edwards who is smart with both his arm and mouth.

  15. How did the guy the chargers traded for rivers do with his team?
    Oh yeah, he won a Super Bowl.
    Saying the chargers are hitting their annual stride includes playoff losses doesn’t it?

  16. I’ll take him as MY QB any day, all day long. He’s right, he does have the strongest arm in the NFL, maybe ever! It is confident. I like my QBs confident and not afraid to throw the ball.

  17. If TO had said those things, Florio and Esssspen, would be all over him for his operatic “Me, me, me!!!” yapping.

  18. this is another reason rivers is better than cutler
    rivers doesn’t say anything close to this in his off field interviews
    yes rivers acts like a LB on the field (at least in 06 and 07 he did) but in his media interviews he says ALL the right things

  19. Umm, I’m nothing close to a Broncos fan, but I don’t disagree with him at all. The guy does throw the hardest ball in the league. Him or Mcnabb actually. Aside the fact that Greg Lewis blows, I have seen plays where he has gotten up after catching the ball and kinda shook his hands cause they were hurt trying to catch it, that’s how hard Mcnabb throws, and I don’t think Cutler’s ball is thrown any softer. It might be even harder…

  20. couldn’t this asshead waited until he at least one something? i mean even before elway won a superbowl he had them in the superbowl. what a jackass.

  21. wow this has to be the dumbest/ most pointless article Ive ever read on this site.
    Florio shows his hatrid towards the Denver Broncos once again.
    dont know how you could criticize somebody all because they are showing off their confidence…. you act like hes played bad this season…. STUPIDITY!

  22. I’m not sure how he meant this, but to play devil’s advocate, he may actually have a stronger arm then Elway, but what he lacks at this point are the intangibles that make a quarterback like John Elway great. A lot of quarterbacks come in and out of the league with great arm strength, but that alone will not make you a good QB. Very poor choice of words Jay.

  23. The arm strength comment was only one of THREE main points of the article people. He also was idiot enough to spout off that the Broncos had the best chance in the AFC to go to the Superbowl when they’ve had next to no defense all year and their vaunted offense has been pretty pedestrian and turn-over prone the last two games. And he was also enough of moron to put off going to a doctor after losing 35 lbs, being on the verge of collapse and having to sleep most of the time. Gee ya think something MIGHT be wrong there Jay?
    Florio does not hate on certain teams. He points out when players or anyone else associated with various teams say and do stupid things. In this article Jay came accross as a stoopid idiot and Florio rightly pointed it out. You apologists need to just quite whining and get over it.

  24. Actually allseeingeye, he did not exactly say the Broncos have the best chance to represent the AFC in the Super Bowl. He said there are 4 or 5 teams with a chance, so why can’t Denver be one of them. However, he also said he would be “very surprised” if Denver does not win the West. I am a Broncos fanatic, but that was a pretty silly thing to say this early in the season. Why give the Dolts bulletin board material when (1) you lost in KC, (2) you still have to go to SD this year???
    Also, great for him that he is confident in his arm, but that’s where a lot of his boneheaded int’s are coming from. At times, he overly shows confidence in it (thanks Jerry Jones!), and tries to muscle throws in that probably should not be thrown. And I really don’t understand why he would invoke Elway’s name if someone else is not bringing it up first. Why even take the lid off that can of worms? I think Griese and to a lesser extent, Plummer, will tell you that’s a battle you will not win in Denver…

  25. I guess Jay is going to just win the MVP this year. Ryan Torian coming back is gonna do wonders….
    Rivers is surrounded with talent, and a good O-line.
    Cutler has a guy who gets hurt all the time(scheffler), a rookie, an aging vet, and a STUD WR. Pittman isn’t the long term answer at RB neither.
    give Jay some LT and he will be a starting probowl QB, When everyone gets healthy we will start rackin up the points again.
    btw our defense really puts a strain on the offense as funny as that sounds…

  26. Rivers started the smacktalk in the X-mas eve game.
    Why would Cutler, after failing to convert on 4th down, start jawing? It was obviously Rivers who started taunting and laughing after the play.

  27. “Yikes. It sounds like T.O. isn’t the only guy in the league who loves him some him.”
    ^^ LOL Good one Mike F. The best of the day!

  28. Maybe Cutler should wait until he actually wins a playoff game before he compares himself to anybody much less Favre or Elway.
    Does he realize how stupid he sounds? For all the money that guy makes, you would think he could afford to get his hair cut somewhere other than SuperCuts. He just looks dumb and now this interview shows its not just in the looks category.

  29. Mbehavin2:
    HGH causes type II Diabetes. Jay Cutler CLAIMS to have Type I. There is no external difference between the two; both are treated with insulin.
    He can *say* anything he wants. Maybe he did not take HGH and this is all a coincidence. But someone explain to me how his arm strength went up logarithmicly between his last game in college and the NFL combine.

  30. “I didn’t really want to play football. I didn’t really want to go out there…”
    So your saying that Uncle Rico needs to get tested for Type I Diabetes immediately?

  31. Before I even read this story, I was watching Sportscenter with the interview with Cutler after the game and he said something about the loss like “There’s no need to panic, we’ve got New England and then a bye week coming up so we’ll be alright and can rest up”. This may not look so bad reading it but if you saw the interview he had the tone of “New England is nothing and an easy win so don’t panic” and never realized he was a cocky d-bag til I saw that, then saw this story and it clearly makes sense. Anyone else see that interview and get that same impression of the N.E comment? granted the Pats are way down this year but I don’t think you make arrogant comments like that as a young QB. I used to think Philip Rivers was a clown for the “bye-bye” wave to Cutler. Now I hope every other opposing QB does it til he gets his ego in check.

  32. Welcome to hater nation.God forbid if your team is good and the QB is top notch, they will hate on you as democrat hates on a republican.Take it all in as a positive because they’re either Raider, Dolphins, Rams,or Raven fans.They’re all equally bad.

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