Apparently, the Madden Cruiser won’t be making the cross-country trek from San Diego to Tampa this week.
Per the St. Petersburg Times, Madden won’t be participating in Sunday night’s coverage of the game between the Seahawks and the Buccaneers.  Madden worked Sunday night’s game between the Pats and Chargers in San Diego.  Last week, Madden’s custom bus carried him from Jacksonville to San Diego. 
But the Times also reports that an NBC official declined comment, and then commented by saying that Madden is still scheduled to attend the game in Tampa.
We’re not sure how the whole “paid leave” thing works when a guy is making multiple millions of dollars to work 20 or so days per year, but if Madden simply didn’t want to complete the Florida-California round trip, then shouldn’t he give back a chunk of his annual pay?
Cris Collinsworth is the most likely candidate to replace Madden, who teams up regularly with Al Michaels.
UPDATE:  We’ve confirmed that Madden indeed will miss this weekend’s game, and that the one-week break was offered to him by NBC back in April, after the schedule came out.  So it isn’t a case of Madden asking out of work.  The powers-that-be threw him a bone.  And he’ll spend the rest of the week gnawing on it.  Perhaps after repeatedly dipping it in that sauce that comes with a Bloomin’ Onion.


  1. Madden explained the situation to NBC, “I had the return trip all mapped out on my telestrator, when, Boom, somebody refreshed the screen…. turducken.”

  2. Lets call it what it is. Who’s a bigger NFL primma donna, Chad, TO, or Madden. For God Sakes get your fat ass on a plane and go tell us what we already know in the way that only you can. It’s good work if you can get it, I guess.

  3. Al mentioned it briefly last night during the game and said he’d get back to it later. He never did. Wonder if NBC put the kibosh on it?
    Since Madden doesn’t do the driving, what does he care? He’s always on the road anyway. Bet it’s not travel related, but something personal. Family, minor surgery, something like that…
    Please get Cris.

  4. He def said durring the telecast that he would be near the San Fran Bay while Al was on the gulf Coast. Not that any of this really matters to anyone…

  5. Uh-oh
    Wasn’t Madden on the cover of his own game this year?(anniversary edition)
    dun dun dunnnnnnn

  6. Madden’s trying to stop global warming by parking the bus for a week. John should expect a thank-you note from Al Gore this week.

  7. Madden has to take time off for his new job as the voice for TomTom navigators. “Take a right. BOOM you’re in a lake”

  8. Thank the lord he’s not making the trip. One week where we don’t have to listen to the hot airbag simply stating the obvious over and over. It’s time for John to join his old buddy Pat Summerall in that place where over the hill broadcasters go to live out their days. Let’s hope this is the first of many missed games.

  9. note to madden:
    get over it. have a drink or 10 and get your butt on a plane. 5 hours and BOOM! you’re there.

  10. Typical disrespect shown to the Bucs from the national media and also Madden is a lazy ass, regardless of whether or not NBC cleared him, when you only work 17 weeks out of the year and demand to travel by bus, suck it up you big ninny. Maddens always preaching about how tough guys are but can’t stomach the MNF travel, what a puss.

  11. “note to madden:
    get over it. have a drink or 10 and get your butt on a plane. 5 hours and BOOM! you’re there.”
    This is the BEST PFT post of the year!

  12. If this is only meant to not inconvenience Madden by “forcing” him to ride in a bus for a few days then this is total bull. A custom bus can drive from San Diego to Tampa in 3 days EASY! He could have pulled out after the game, slept on the bus overnight, enjoy the beautiful countryside of Southern New Mexico and West Texas during the day on Monday, stopped off for Beignets for breakfast at Cafe du Monde in New Orleans on Tuesday and been in Tampa on Wednesday afternoon EASY!
    Plenty of time for Golf on Thursday, Friday and Saturday before the game on Sunday.

  13. i agree, flying sucks. when i travel, even for work, i try to drive.
    but… it doesnt take a “week” to get from san dee to tee bee. 2450 miles, give or take.
    550 or less miles a day starting monday mawnin. tucson. fort stockton, tx (yes, in the middle of nowhere). houston. mobile, al. raymond james stadium.
    but a man with professional drivers at his disposal could be in tampa 40 hours after leaving qualcomm. with fuel, food/drink and pee stops. but with a madden cruiser, stops are only necessary for fuel.
    35 hours. maybe one percent of mileage not on a freeway / interstate.[400-499]+E+James+St:Tampa:FL:33603:US:27.97625:-82.45575:street:Hillsborough+County/m:::::0::/io:1:::::f:EN:M:/e

  14. Guess that bus can only make it over the continental divide so many times hauling his fat ass before BOOM, there goes the tranny.

  15. He could do the game from a studio in his back yard. There’s really no need for him to go any games. Think of the greenhouse gases that would be saved, people….

  16. Maybe the booth for the game will be Al Michaels, Cris Collinsworth and special guest commentator Shaun Alexander to discuss the problems of the Seahags.
    BTW: Olbermann was off due to strep throat, which I believe he was faking.

  17. I can’t believe it, the man takes a scheduled day off and every ignorant loser on this side of the planet craps on him.

  18. Joetoronto – I think what you meant to say was, “I can’t believe it, the man takes a scheduled day off and, BOOM every ignorant loser on this side of the planet craps on him.”

  19. John Madden is a living legend. Show some respect.
    You guys saying to “suck it up and get on a plane”… that’s like telling someone who is afraid of heights to skydive. I’m sure none of you have any phobias or fears, tho.
    Also, anyone who’d rather listen to Collingsworth ramble instead of Madden is in need of seriously professional help.

  20. Isn’t it obvious that he’s staying so he can take the cruiser over toe Oakland to watch Brett Favre?

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