They say bad things come in threes.  The Cowboys are currently hoping that it’s not actually fours or fives.
Their deflating loss to the Cardinals and the broken pinkie suffered by quarterback Tony Romo has been compounded by the expected absence of rookie running back Felix Jones.
Jones is expected to miss at least two weeks with a strained hamstring.
The injury occurred during a 14-yard run as part of a drive that gave the Cowboys a 14-7 lead.  Jones left the game and didn’t return.
And so with the offense likely to focus on the running game given the elevation of the immobile Brad Johnson to the starting lineup, the Cowboys will have to get it done in the short term without their first-round rookie from Arkansas.


  1. From TO’s perspective this is clearly an opportunity for him to get more involved in the offense and play quarterback, wr, and running back. Of course I kid….
    Can’t wait to hear terrell’s reaction to this news….

  2. Ole JJ’s week will be complete only after Rogo hammers the PacA$$ with yet another suspension.

  3. This is going to be a nice MNF pre game today. No glorious Cowboy highlights to clog up the news from AROUND the league. Although even in their losses, they show highlights of all their scores but only one or two of their opponents scores.
    The beer is going to be a little colder today here in AZ.

  4. There is no need to worry. Terrell Owens’ Ego has signed up to play QB and 55 out of 60 plays a game will go in TO’s direction, even if he’s quadruple covered. He’ll win the game people, cuz that’s what happens when you put the ball in TO’s hands.

  5. …somewhere’s out there T.O. is crying in his popcorn over his precious quarterback…..boohoohoo….

  6. As much as I hate the Cowboys I hate the injury bug even more. Here’s to hoping that Romo, McBriar and Jones are all back soon. Hopefully by then TO will have had the tantrum which ends in his head exploding, PacMan will be in prison where he belongs and the NFC East can get back to business.

  7. “The beer is going to be a little colder today here in AZ. ”
    Congrats on the Super Bowl win.

  8. “Will TO play 100% without his QB out, and now the starting RB??? ”
    Who do you think he is? Randy Moss? Felix Jones isn’t the starting RB.

  9. Good luck to the Cowboys and Brad Johnson. Johnson is smart enough to play..but any pass over 20 yards he has to aim to the moon first.

  10. The Beer is a little colder Here!!!
    BAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Love ya’ Dallas, come back again real soon.
    WE STOMPED YA!!! …no luck involved, no acts of random…YOU GOT STOMPED!
    Woo Hoo!!!
    Won the game, ko’d Romo for 4, ko’d felix jones for 2 and ko’d your punter…o’ya tell Pac not to shoot up the place….NFL suspend his rear!
    Bahahahahahahahahahaha!!! We love it! We love it!!! We Love IT!!!

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