In a development that will do nothing to stop speculation that Bengals quarterback Carson Palmer might need Tommy John surgery, Palmer reportedly will be examined by the doctor who routinely examines members of the New York Mets.
Dr. David Altchek will be looking at Palmer’s elbow this week.  Palmer decided to visit with Altchek after being told that the injury is common to baseball pitchers.
And Tommy John was a baseball pitcher.
The quasi-official story on Palmer is that he has inflammation and no structural damage, but that the inflammation could lead to structural damage.  Generally, folks around Palmer are being tight lipped.
After missing the game against the Browns on September 28, Palmer played the following week at Dallas.  He then missed Sunday’s game against the Jets.
The 0-6 Bengals host the 4-1 Steelers.  The Bengals were supposed to then have a bye, but the rescheduling of the Ravens-Texans game from Week Two moved Cincy’s trip to Houston from November 9 to October 26.


  1. The Mets start sucking with 16 games left in the season, and so do the Bengals. A perfect match!

  2. I seem to recall that Elway had this surgery and then came back throwing the ball harder. So I say, cut his arm now! Not like the season was in jeopardy to begin with.

  3. Jake Delhomme had the surgery last season and is playing (in games other than Week 6) better than he has in three years.

  4. They should have done this 3 weeks ago. At this point they’re cutting into next season’s potential.

  5. The Bengals are going to show the 2007 Dolphins how its done!!! 0-16 Baby! Mike Brown will then have accomplished something truly remarkable in the NFL.

  6. Fitting Palmer would go to see the Mets doctors, supposedly the finest throat specialists around.
    Cough, gag, wheeze!

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