Chris Mortensen of ESPN pointed out an interesting nugget during Monday Night Countdown on, um, Monday night.
Falcons owner Arthur Blank is apparently so intent on propping up the beleaguered officials of the National Football League that Blank is willing to help the effort — even if it hurts his own team.
At the tail end of Sunday’s stirring, franchise-transforming win over the Bears, rookie quarterback Matt Ryan to receiver Michael Jenkins the pass that put the Falcons in range to kick the game-winning field goal.  
But after Jenkins made the catch — getting both feet in bounds — Blank can be seen indicating with his arms that the pass was incomplete.
Fortunately for the Falcons, the official who was in position to make the call disagreed.
Here’s the video.  Go to 1:29, and look to the right of Jenkins.



  1. Hey Arthur, How about sitting your dumb ass in a chair in your freakin box and get the hell off the sidelines. idiot.

  2. What’s that y’say? a team owner is down on the sidelines? Who does that guy think he is?!?

  3. Obviously he just has no clue what the correct hand signals are… this is why owners should absolve themselves of any real football decisions. Surround yourselves with the proper football people and then sit up in the booth with your blackberry and your business cronies.

  4. No they had the Philles/Dodgers game on the big screen and he was saying the guy at home plate was safe.

  5. Or it could be that Blank was indicating that his progression was stopped out of bounds and to stop the clock.

  6. Maybe it’s like the movie ‘Major League Baseball’ and he wants them to do bad so they can move. I wonder if they have a standup of him that they take a piece off every time they win…

  7. “this is why owners should absolve themselves of any real football decisions. ”
    It’s not like every owner’s as clueless as Blank.

  8. Yeah Vox, next thing you know, the guy will have an extreme (and I mean EXTREME) makeover that pulls his face so tight he gets Barbara Bush eyes.
    Seriously, Aurthur just represents the Atlanta fans – dopes that don’t know sports.

  9. I think he was looking at the official signaling as if he was asking “is it incomplete?’ not saying he THOUGHT it was incomplete. Look at the tentativeness with which he does it.

  10. “Surround yourselves with the proper football people and then sit up in the booth with your blackberry and your business cronies.”
    You all have no clue when it comes to this guy. He just loves football. He owns the Arena League team in Gwinnett County and comes to every game and sits in the front row.
    Yeah, he made the wrong hand gesture in the heat of the moment. He wanted the clock stopped. I have seen officials do the same thing.
    Poking a little fun at him for it … I have no problem with. But assbum here is just a jealous idiot.
    Note: I am not a Falcons fan. Blank is just a good dude.

  11. I can all, but guarantee, that Blank was trying to indicate an incomplete pass. This is not news-worthy stuff. Lets hear more about Romo’s pinky, or the latest scoop on Dookie. What about Emmitt??? Any of that, is better than this!

  12. you are all stupid, blank is great, dude was so wrapped up in his team almost winning, he got caught up in the moment. you can see he doesnt fully make the call in one fluid motion. dudes got restraint. vick sucks, go ryan, go falcons.

  13. “Yeah Vox, next thing you know, the guy will have an extreme (and I mean EXTREME) makeover that pulls his face so tight he gets Barbara Bush eyes.”
    Maybe he will when he’s in his 60’s and loses a lot of weight. Andy Reid leads the league in excessive skin, but it’s drawn tight because he’s a morbidly obese fatass. He’ll never make it to 60 but he might make it to 400 pounds before he chokes on a deep-fried twinkie or something of that nature.

  14. the problem is that Blank usually has his greasy mitts on Vicks wheelchair. With that task unavailable he’s prone to stupid things like that. Be glad he didn’t signal for a timeout.

  15. I see about 6 plays per sunday (Have the ticket&DVR.) that are called wrong. This whole force out being eliminated is a joke. So many sideline catches are really incomplete. By the time the reciver gains POSSETION he only gets one foot down. Even after review they still get it wrong. It’s as if the officails are counting when the ball touches the finger tip of the reciver instead of possetion. I am not being bitter some of these calls are helping me in fantasy football. But boy o boy are the officials wrong a lot.

  16. TCLARK…
    Are you insinuating that Jenkins didn’t get both feet down? I know the officials have been awful, seemingly on a weekly (per game, even?) basis but there’s no way that was an incomplete pass.
    And for everyone dissing Blank, every team would be lucky to have an owner like him. He absolutely loves the game and as a few sane people have said already, he was simply caught up in the moment. You guys don’t have sideline audio so all you can base your assumptions on is an owner on the sideline in the heat of an extremely exciting moment, waving his arms 1.5 times, albeit in a coincidentally “incomplete” fashion. Maybe he was signaling them to stop the clock.

  17. On NFL network, during the highlights, through the second angle of Jenkins’ catch, you can see Arthur Blank, clapping his hands after the catch. So…?

  18. KurtisMantronik
    No not really. I just thought this would be a good forum to talk about the issue.

  19. yet again PFT looks stupid posting something from espn…i could understand postin this if you were mocking espn but if you really think he was signalling incomplete your retarted and must not know anythin about arthur blank i watched it once and it was obvious he was signalling them to cut the clock with a second left

  20. My take is that Mr. Blank is trying to indicate that the clock should be stopped, but him signaling the baseball “safe” sign was humorous to see.

  21. Who cares? I want more Farve stories. I haven’t had a Farve fix in over two days! Come on! Compare Romo’s pinky to Farve’s Broken throwing arm in ’01 and he STILL played!

  22. Regardless of anyone’s interpretation of Blank’s arm movements, the Falcons WON THE FRIGGIN’ GAME WITH 11 SECONDS LEFT!!!!
    Hell yeah!! Go Falcons. They’re going 8-8, Matt Ryan will be rookie of the year, and Mike Smith will be in the running for Coach of the Year (although, he won’t win unless the Falcons make the playoffs).
    Blank has definately redeemed himself with the hiring of Dimitroff and Mike Smith. This is a group of gritty rookies, no-name’s, and practice squad players and they are winning.
    I’ll be happy when the Falcons get credit for what they’re doing.

  23. Never pass up an opportunity to poke fun at the Atlanta team, do you, Florio? Maybe some of your time would be better spent trying to find an editor for this rag blog. . .hard to know what the hell you’re talking about half the time. I used to really enjoy checking your site out during the day, but this entry will mark my last visit. I have better things to do. .just heard that the “paint drying channel” has put up a blog.

  24. I actually had seen this on the first reply of the catch and was wondering what he was gesturing about…then thought he has baseball on his mind and signaled safe.
    Great game nonetheless.

  25. Amazing thing is, that if your take a stop watch and time the play, it takes over six seconds to run that play. Also, if you watch the clock, it doesn’t start on the snap of the ball.
    The Atlanta clock operator helped more than the officials did.

  26. mabey cincy’s owner should come down to the sidelines and mabey he’ll realize that his team is complete junk

  27. I hate the foulcons as much as the next guy, but you guys are wrong.
    Blank has his arms crossed while watching the play… after the play, he uncrosses his arms to clap. That’s not an incomplete signal.

  28. Florio are you this F’kin bored that you now are resorting to making up stories? Give it a rest. If you look closer at Blank, he is looking at the clock when he is waiving his arms. He was attempting to signal that the clock should be stopped. You are a fool and you are going to lose visitors to your glorified tabloid site.

  29. To me the explanation of Blank’s comments is simple: By helping to “prop up” the officials, it will (hopefully) restore the public’s confidence in the officials (to the extent that it was damaged) and therefore maintain the integrity of the game.
    As a result, the NFL shouldn’t lose any viewership (all things equal) and, consequently, shouldn’t suffer any value deterioration (not that this is expectec; at least not in the near term, anyway), which would ultimately cause the value of Blank’s investment in the Falcons to decline.
    So, Blank’s comments and intentions = an effort to maximize the value of his investment.
    Of course, in the instance that this effort has a negative impact on the Falcons’ ability to win games (ie, missed call on Jenkins catch), it may come back to haunt him. The reality, however, is that a franchise shouldn’t lose much value, if any, due to a loss here or there unless it continually loses games. (SEE OAKLAND RAIDERS)

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