Giants quarterback Eli Manning suffered a chest injury during the Giants’ Monday night loss to the Cleveland Browns.
Coach Tom Coughlin said he’s not sure whether the injury, which occurred when Browns defensive tackle Shaun Rogers plowed Manning to the ground, will force Manning to miss any practice or playing time.
“He got hit and when he was driven into the ground … his chest was bothering him after the game,” Coughlin said. “He was in some pain there. But I don’t have any information other than that today. He was in the training room and we’ll see. … I don’t know anything yet. They’re going to do all of the tests and those types of things.”
Rogers was not flagged on the play, but judging by the way the NFL has been dishing out fines recently, it’s likely that Rogers will have his paycheck docked.


  1. These fines are getting out of hand. If a defensive player cant drive a quarterback down, when they get a good clean shot, this game is losing its luster.

  2. Said Giants RB Brandon Jacobs after the game, “I don’t think they hit very hard”

  3. Whats up with all of these fines, I thought this was football? Some fines for some late hits or something ok, but oh Mr. NFL sob sob he tackled me really hard sob sob come on!!!

  4. How many fines? The play where the manmountain drives Eli into the ground after Eli throws the ball? or the other play in which Eli was nearly Tom Brady’d?

  5. Said Giants RB Brandon Jacobs after the game, “I don’t think they hit very hard”
    Said Ellie Manning, “wutch you talkin bout willis?”

  6. Rogers took two full steps after the ball was released then drove Manning into the ground. He should have been penalized for that and will get fined. A few plays later he dove at Manning’s knees and nearly broken them. This is the same guy who said earlier in the year that his team needed to take some QB’s out of the game and not worry about paying the fines… He also put a late hit on Roethlisberger earlier this year by slamming his helmet into Ben;s injured shoulder.
    The league needs to suspend this clown before his fat ass injures a premier QB in the league for the season. Hopefully an O-linemen grabs his balls and chop blocks Rogers knees out before he can do any more damage.

  7. “But if there wasn’t a flag, how can you fine him afterwards using the benefit of replay and slow-motion to catch all the illegal stuff that the refs missed at full speed. Waaaah!”
    Hines Ward

  8. Uh Jpeezy, take it easy on the drama…
    and correction; Rogers did not take “2 full steps after the ball was released”, unless that makes you feel better to say that. He was hit as he was completing his throwing motion. And a few plays later the only reason he was near Manning’s knees was because not 1, but 2 giants lineman were tackling him to the ground (uh holding) as he bull rushed threw both of them.
    Why your even bringing drama queen Ben into this, I have no idea. If you “watched” that game as well, you would have seen it was a harmless nudge, that was blown out of proportion (go figure) by Big Ben’s drama school acting skills.

  9. Funny…calling a guy out for what you think are cheap hits then calling for one in retaliation. hypocrisy at it’s finest.

  10. JPeezy says:
    October 14th, 2008 at 4:49 pm
    Hopefully an O-linemen grabs his balls and chop blocks Rogers knees out before he can do any more damage.
    Now that’s maturity. Anyone that hopes and prays for an injury (to anyone) under any circumstances is a complete retard. Go back to licking your window.

  11. Eli won a ring with a Super Bowl comeback against an 18-0 team.
    Certainly seems like the man has heart.

  12. It can’t hurt as much getting hit in the boobs as it does taking one in the Kellens, can it?
    Do Eli’s boobies look like his brother’s – that is to say, an eight year olds?

  13. I could give a rats ass if Manning has a boo boo,same goes to Romo. Can’t these guys man up?
    Hate to say it but Rivers played with a torn ACL last year against NE in the AFC championship and played his ass out against them, while LT sat out with a bruised foot.
    The only injury Eli has is to his ego. He’s faking it.

  14. Rogers is playing some good football. He’s a load in the middle. I can’t imagine college linemen trying to block him and Casey Hampton at the same time.

  15. “No big deal, since shEli has no heart.”
    But he does have a 10 table ring, and was the Super Bowl MVP. At least, Jessica will enjoy Romo’s stiff pinkie.

  16. Vox – Once again, you’re talking out your ass. Manning separated his THROWING shoulder last year. Did not miss ONE game. Went on to win the Super Bowl and be the Super Bowl MVP. Tony Gomer Pyle Homo breaks his pinkie and is gone for 4 to 5 weeks and lost both of playoff games he’s been in. Looks likes it’s Romo that needs to man up. No wonder Jessica likes him. She gets to be the man and the brains in the relationship.

  17. Vox Veritas says:
    October 14th, 2008 at 5:12 pm
    No big deal, since shEli has no heart.
    But still has more rings than Romo. And 1 more pinkie as of this week.

  18. Vox
    Eli has not heart what are you nuts
    He has more heart then the all the cowgirls
    He will play sunday while Tony Homo is doing the dishes and cleaning the house
    And while Brad I need my walker is getting his butt handed to him since your O line can not cover a garbage can
    Romo is not hurt he just does not want the Donvan treatment when the girls come to the Meadowlands
    Do you know why the Giants are building and new home because they could not get McScabs blood off the carpet
    The girls are done finished over give it up your team is done 3 starters out hurt and one on his way back to AA
    And TO will be doing situps in the parking lot any day now
    May years ago I got the biggest treat of my life I was in a cab going by the home of south americas team I got the guy to pull in to the lot and I got out and took a nice long piss on the wall

  19. dustin_chandler says:
    October 14th, 2008 at 4:02 pm
    HAHAHA! Welcome to the club.
    Go Cowboys. ”
    Unlike Romo, Eli plays through pain. He’ll be fine this week. It’s going to be nice to see the Rams knock off two NFC East teams. 🙂

  20. @sock puppet
    “jessica will enjoy romo’s stiff pinkie”
    what’s this…sex texas style???

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