With just hours to go before the NFL trade deadline, the long-discussed trade of Lions receiver Roy Williams is still being discussed.
Adam Schefter of NFL Network reports that the folks in the Detroit front office were working the phones this morning to find out whether other teams would be interested in acquiring Williams.
Schefter also reports that the Cowboys have made an offer, but so far they haven’t offered enough to make the Lions pull the trigger. The Lions have apparently said they want more than a first-round draft pick.
Detroit is also talking about trading other veteran players, but the best player on the block is Williams.
The NFL’s trade deadline is 4 p.m. Eastern today.


  1. More than a first-round pick? They’ve gotta be crazy. Then again, it did take Millen four first round picks to find 2 guys…

  2. The Lions would be fools to turn down a first-round pick for Williams straight up if that was offered by any team.

  3. It has never been adequately explained to me why a team cannot keep (and pay) two high profile wide receivers. It’s not like a tailback or quarterback; there are consistently at least two WRs on the field at the same time! Why would you not want to have two of the best?
    The Lions are idiots. If they don’t pull off this trade, they will have made Williams have such a bad taste in his mouth, there’s no way he’ll re-sign with them.

  4. They want more then a first round pick? What do they think they’re going to get for him? He’s a WR…, and not even one of the elite WR’s.

  5. HAHAHA. Roy Williams isn’t worth a first round pick at any point, let alone the trade deadline when he’s set to be a FA.
    Good luck with that one guys…

  6. Chris Mortensen on ESPN Radio is reporting that Detroit is in line to acquire a 1st-round pick from either Dallas or Philadelphia and that Miami was in play as well.

  7. *echoes bwnyc*
    MORE than a 1st round pick? I might give you a 2nd, or a 3rd that escalates based on playing time/playoffs etc, but why on earth would anyone give you a 1st for a player in the last year of a contract that has made it obvious he won’t resign with Detroit next season and wants to ‘come home to Texas’?
    Sadly for the Lions Mike Lynn isn’t in the NFL anymore. 🙁
    ROFL, the Lions should take what they can get, now.

  8. God, please let this trade happen. Dan Orlovsky is killing any chance I had at winning my fantasy league this season. I knew I should have avoided any/all Lions on Draft Day. This is what happens when you drink and draft…

  9. Thank goodness they don’t have Millen. Roy can be part of a rebuilding of that team and a franchise tag at the end of the year will garner 2 picks. A first and a fourth rounder. Could you imagine TO and RW lined up and Crayton in the slot. Wow!

  10. More than a 1st for a guy with 10 games left on his contract? A guy with injury concerns? Why don’t they trade Calvin Johnson instead. He’s actually worth more than a first, and then they can always get Crabtree this year with the number one pick.

  11. Randy Moss goes for a 4th round pick and the Lions want a 1st round pick for a guy who still needs a HUGE contract. Hilarious.

  12. Matt Millen gave his entire career (and all of the Lions future) trying to get good WR’s. Isn’t it funny that as soon as he is gone this one of the first things to go. HILARIOUS!!!

  13. The entire Lions franchise should fold and allow all of their players to become free agents. Other than the pay, what hell it must be to get drafted by them.

  14. Williams to the Cowboys LMAO. T.O. and Williams with Brad (can’t throw it over 10 yards) Johnson leading them for the next month equals 2 pissed off WRs and a losing record.

  15. Oh, please! The Eagles win and the rest of the East loses, the Phillies are thisclose to a World Series, the Cowboys are disintegrating and Vox hasn’t made a post all afternoon. Finish off the best weekend in Philadelphia sports in years by giving us Roy!

  16. Good Luck to the NFC EAST if this trade happens.
    Cowboys will be whoopin’ dat you know what come decemeber and deep into the playoffs.
    Go Cowboys!
    Make it happen Jerry!

  17. Roy is only worth a first to the Lions.
    Why would Ford even allow trades, when there is no GM in place?
    The new GM should be the one to make these decisions, not interim people.

  18. Roy Williams with Desean Jackson and Kevin Curtis / Reggie Brown bringing up the rear. Hmmmm… I like the sound of that. Now back to reality… the Eagles front office will NOT trade a first round pick for Roy. They’re too cheap. Afterall, they would still have to sign him to a contract.

  19. The Eagles will take him, although apparently we have “too many playmakers”, whatever that means.

  20. The Ravens sure could use a #1 WR, but not for #1 draft pick!! How about a #3 and Corey Ivy? 😉

  21. 15 mins left pull the trigger bring williams to philly. our offense is already good a little inconsistant but still good, after the bye week we are gonna be healthy and having either tony g or williams we will be unstoppable

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