Dallas Cowboys cornerback Adam “Pacman” Jones has been suspended indefinitely for his latest violation of the NFL’s personal-conduct policy.
Jones will be suspended without pay and will miss at least four games. After that, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell will make a determination as to whether Jones deserves reinstatement.
The earliest Jones could play again is the Cowboys’ November 23 game against the San Francisco 49ers.
The NFL found that Jones was involved in an alcohol-related physical altercation and had therefore violated the terms of his reinstatement, ESPN’s Chris Mortensen reported.
The suspension is the latest piece of bad news in a terrible week for the Cowboys.
One piece of good news for Dallas: Ed Werder of ESPN reports that as a result of the suspension, the Cowboys will not have to send a sixth-round draft pick to the Tennessee Titans, and the Titans will have to send the Cowboys a fifth-round pick.


  1. Good! Dude should’ve never been reinstated. He gives no indication that he’s changed — Punk-Azz beeeatch! Oh, and good for the cowboys too. They deserve what they get for signing the thugs they do…

  2. See you later guy!!! As a Dallas fan I cannot be happier with this ruling. I mean the guy is an average corner and not worth all the headlines (and trouble)….

  3. HAHAHHAHHAHHAHHA. I love to see idiots like this fall flat on their face. Gives up millions of dollars all for the chance to go ‘clubbin.’ If I am that security guard, I am LMAO right now!

  4. Only in the NFL: Beat your wife, get a warning or nothing. Get in a fight with a guy who’s hired by your boss to babysit you and has a good chance of kicking the crap out of you, indefinite suspension.

  5. Queue the beginning of the end of the Cowboys…
    I feel bad for them, but as a Bengals fan I have dibs on the pity party…

  6. How does this affect the trade that sent the Titans the 4th rounder?
    I seem to remember the stipulation that if Pacman were suspended for the year or more, the Titans sent an ’09 4th rounder back, but I never heard how long this applied (ie. 2010 and on) or if it had any effect on short, indefinite suspensions.

  7. I think Jerry called Goodell on Sunday night and begged him to suspend Pacman after all. The guy is a problem and can’t play. Jerry is still pulling Goodell’s strings but can make it look to the players like he has their back as the owner.

  8. I am a huge Boys fan and he deserves this. He deserves indefinitely to mean forever. Stupid Pacman, Stupid.

  9. Just ban him already. And fine the cowgirls and/or Jerry Jones for their contribution to this.
    Hell, dock them a draft pick. Isn’t that what is supposed to happen from now on?

    go screw yourself commish! you let these ref get away with bad calls and no punishment for making them. and yet you suspend pacman for what his”babysitter” started?

  11. Good to see. Hopefully it ends up being a lifetime ban. Maybe they can take him in the CFL and our country’s crime rate will drop.

  12. Thank Goodness that turds get roster exemptions. Thank goodnes someone in his immediately family did not die. Otherwise with all of the injuries the boys have, they may need a 2-way player. Poor Matt Bryant.

  13. Roger Goodell is awesome. This kind of behavior is ruining sports and I was afraid Jerry Jones slight “retelling” of what had happened coupled with his influence might alter Goodell’s verdict.
    But Goodell did the right thing for the game, and that’s awesome. There’s no room for thugs like Pacman in the NFL.
    Roger Goodell for President of the USA!

  14. Couldn’t happen to a nicer team or ownership! TEAM ENIGMA!!! WatCH THESE DUMB ASSES LOSE THE NEXT THREE GAMES!!!

  15. I C light pounder says:
    October 14th, 2008 at 2:47 pm
    go screw yourself commish! you let these ref get away with bad calls and no punishment for making them. and yet you suspend pacman for what his”babysitter” started?
    we’re all laughing at you.

  16. Dallas will self destruce in 5 seconds. hahahahahahaha. What a wonderful Tuesday. Cant wait to hear what Vox has to say!

  17. The babysitter started???
    Babysitter: hey pacman I think you should leave now because being intoxicated is a parole violation and they could lock you up.
    Pacman: don’t you know who i am? I get paid $$$$$ more than you. (whack)
    Babysitter: I can kick the crap out of you rich boy. (whack)
    Pacman: I wish my mom was here to take the wrap again.

  18. Lets see the last 24-48 hours
    Romo Out
    Felix Jones Out
    Mcbriar Out
    Sam Hurd Out
    Spencer hurt
    Pacman Gone
    As a Dallas Fan its been pretty crappy, but the Hell with you Pacman, after 30 chances, good riddens

  19. GREAT point, ‘pounder. After all, Pac’s “babysitter” caused him to be placed on probation through court systems in two different states. His babysitter earned him a year-long suspension from the NFL last season. And his babysitter promised the commissioner, the Cowboys, and Jerruh Jones that Pacman would stay out of trouble for at least this season as a way to show that he was remorseful for his behavior and intended to clean his act up.
    On the bright side, Pac has a hefty contract and all kinds of free time on his hands. Maybe he can make it rain in strip clubs all across the country, and single-handedly jump start our economy…

  20. As Jones deserves, Jones gets. Jerry Sr. should get suspended for endorsing the Turdom he calls a team. I feel sorry for the Dallas players that DO have some class.

  21. It’s only tuesday and look what’s happened since sunday…..Deeper and deeper…Cowgirls are going in the tank.

  22. this is great. the Cowboys are probably one of the most talented teams in the league and they are going to fall apart because they are nothing but punks with giant egos. I hope Jerry Jones cries so much his plastic face falls off. The Cokeboys are just getting what they deserved.

  23. I guess Uncle DEION couldn’t give him enuff LUV and keep baby boy in line….and on top of that – did the dude even make 1 play so far this year? The dude was WAY OVER-RATED….Football was definitely not his top priority…and I bet there are a ton of 4-5-6 rounders who can play just as mediocre as him….

  24. “(T)he Titans will not have to send a sixth-round draft pick to the Tennessee Titans”? Well, we got that going for us.

  25. His “babysitter” had to step in after it was reported that Ol’ Pacman was yelling at this date in the men’s bathroom, according to another published report. So the “babysitter” did not start this. And why does a grown man need a babysitter anyways unless he is too dumb to keep himself out of trouble. I am glad they are trying to do something about the crap that goes on with some of these players. Now if we could just get Leonard Little into a prison for his Vehicular Manslaughter and run Travis Henry off for good.
    Next up, the NBA and MLB!

  26. One piece of good news: Ed Werder of ESPN reports that as a result of the suspension, the Titans will not have to send a sixth-round draft pick to the Tennessee Titans, and the Titans will have to send the Cowboys a fifth-round pick.
    What?? I don’t get your Emmitt babble. Also, I will not cry nor lose sleep over Pacrat being out of the league!!

  27. I am a prognosticator! I said Vox would get carpal tunnel to complete the curse on the Cowboys and be unable to type. Now we get the inevitable Pacman suspension and no Vox posts! Either I’m Kreskin or Vox is being a punk ass whining in his Mom’s basement…oh, wait – never mind.

  28. Do you think that Jerry Jones made this happen just so that we could get a draft pick back from Tenn???

  29. jus’a good ol’ boy,
    never meanin no harm,
    gets in more trouble than you saw,
    beating an off-duty man of law and
    since the day he joined the league….
    Makin his wayyyyyyyy, the only way he knows how.
    That’s just a little bit more than Goodell will allow.
    Jus’a good ol boy,
    Never meaning no harm,
    Rainin money in the club,
    having a bouncer shot by a thug,
    until Goodell stepped into the league…..
    Jus’a good ol boy, wouldn’t change if he could,
    He’ll get to figure it out, back in the hood…….

  30. Get that pic back up that Taco Bill made with the Pacman screen shot saying “Game Over”.

  31. ok soo lets see, so he has made a few bad choices. but really what did pacman really do? He did not pull the trigger on the guy and he did not know the guy. He did not starts fights just people in his group did.
    Thats fine if the commish wants to make and example out of him, we get it. now it seems you are personally out to get him. Lynch drove drunk hit a girl and ran from the scene, where the suspension commish? brandon marshall has mare charges of assult agaist him, where the suspension at commish??? LJ has assult charges pending against him, where is the suspension?
    at least be fair with the suspensions jack@ss…o i mean commish

  32. I don’t know why you guys think this hurts the cowboys that bad. They just picked up 2 extra draft picks next year because of this. check this out.
    (1)1st, (1)2nd, (2) 3rds, (2) 4ths, (2) 5ths, (2) 6ths, and (1)7th!
    thanks pacman!

  33. I think this is bad news for the rest of the NFC East. Pacman was awful on the field. The defense is bound to improve with him out of the lineup and not committing crimes…oops, I mean penalties…every crucial situation.
    I would think that a lot of the Cowboys are secretly happy about this, besides Tank.

  34. “Only in the NFL: Beat your wife, get a warning or nothing. Get in a fight with a guy who’s hired by your boss to babysit you and has a good chance of kicking the crap out of you, indefinite suspension. ”
    Name a job where you can beat up a coworker and not get disciplined. It doesn’t matter if you beat up an accountant, a lawyer, or a janitor.
    Your boss can give a shit that you beat your wife….it’s not in his office.

  35. “yet you suspend pacman for what his”babysitter” started?”
    why would you want a player that’s so big a baby, that he needs a babysitter?
    you’re drinking iron city anyway, be a fan of a real team.

  36. I am a HUGE cowboys fan. Adam had a second chance and blew it. lol…christ he made it back into the NFL after a long suspension and had to know he was on a VERY short rope and still couldn’t keep himself out of trouble. This is a good example of someone who maybe didn’t deserve a second chance and got one anyway while there are tons of people out there who would love a second chance and would do right by it but will never get it. What a douchebag.

  37. One more reason Jerry called Goodell Sunday night.
    daddymateo says:
    October 14th, 2008 at 3:08 pm
    Do you think that Jerry Jones made this happen just so that we could get a draft pick back from Tenn???

  38. Pacman now has plenty of time to read Jeff Perlman’s “Boys Will Be Boys” which is a how-to guide for starting up 2008’s version of the White House, handling a pair of barber’s scissors when in an altercation with a team employee/teammate, starting a drug operation for after his playing days are over, etc.

  39. Enter, Eagles stage left! With a big weekend of NFC East upsets and a different Cowboy getting hurt or suspended every few days the Eagles might actually have a shot at this! E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES!

  40. I have seen it said here that “He just got goodell’d”. With all due respect….NO he got what he deserved. Packman is a idiot. What part of DONT MESS UP does this moron not understand. He’s actually luck that I am not running the league, I would have banned him for life, for making me look like a mockery, which is what he did to Goodell.

  41. You know he’s going to tout something stupid like – “That’s fine I was planning on starting the WWFL anyways. “Fans that come to WFFL games will be rained upon with Silver Dollars from the trusses.”

  42. Is it REALLY a surprise that PACMAN could keep himself from these situations??? Once a punk-ass thug, always a punk-ass thug. I hope he saved his money this time.
    What I am surprised about is softy Goodell actually suspending him, it should not be indefinite…it should be permanent.

  43. He’s suspended indefinately, but come on, Goodell is a pussy, he’s going to let him back in after the 4 games are up…he’s done it many times before, he’ll do it again.

  44. Goodell had no choice, there is no reason in the world he should have been reinstated in the first place. The punk belongs in prison being Bubba’s bitch.
    Pacman was always just being himself so that what happened was not surprising to anyone other than Jerry Jones who thinks that putting on a Cowgirl’s uniform is redemption in and of itself. I don’t know what makes me happier, that Jerry Jone’s enabling behavior and excuses were crushed by Goodell or the fact that we wouldn’t have to listen to Vox for the rest of the season becuase the cowgirls are done, stick a fork in it done.

  45. “Titans will have to send the Cowboys a fifth-round pick”
    so titans had to pay the cowboys for “loaning” the cowboys pacman?

  46. My next prediction – I see…I see… a Taco Bill Photoshop with Pacman in a dumpster!

  47. ICButtpounder, what part of ZERO TOLERANCE reinstatement do you not understand . it sounds like alot of cowboy fans don’t even want him on thier team why are you concerned? maybe he can get another chance (#43) and go to the steelers , good luck with that

  48. HOW SWEET IT IS!! HEY jethro, is it still a “ridiculous” notion to talk about pacturd getting suspended????

  49. Am I the only one who saw him take a swing at a guy when he was tackled on Sunday? The announcers didn’t say anything, but I swear it happened.

  50. lets keep it real the ‘boys are a mess. Botox Jerra Jones and his collection of misfits is destroying the franchise, even in the Mike Irvin “white house” days were the ‘boys this dillusional. This mess started right after Garrett was promoted to Assistant Head Coach and paid more than bum phillips jr. Garrett should have been promoted to head coach right away and more discipline should have been enforced within the team. Jerra needs to relinquish the GM duties and back off the sidelines and stay in his prvate box drinking patron.
    -Keep Greg Ellis at defensive end in a rotation with Spears.
    -Move roy Williams to OLB, because he is useless at safety and cant even cover a senior citizen in pass coverage.
    -fire wade
    -sign a reliable vet like culppeper
    -stop signing bums like bollinger
    -stop hyping up the new stadium the luxury suites, and all that junk and focus on getting more reliable, drama-free personnel.
    -no more reality shows, documentaries, tv interviews.
    -Ban matt mosely, ed werder, and any ESPN drama-provoker from Vally ranch.
    -no more gambles on problem-child players.
    -create a code of conduct for player/coaches/staff
    -use felix jones in a wildcat formation with isiah stanback, t.o., and crayton.

  51. Credit to Florio for how he handled this one…professionaly…no lame the sky is falling ban him for life…maybe MF is learning…ironic initials…

  52. Whoa… I really don’t mean to rain on your party, but this isn’t karma. If it was karma, the cowboys wouldn’t get an extra draft pick.

  53. good job, commish. If the last commissioner had any b*lls, there wouldn’t be these problems now.

  54. Addition by subtraction, Jones is a crappy CB anyway, and it sounds like the CowTurds get to keep a draft pick?
    Meh, they still are overrated

  55. To me, the most interesting thing is how well Jerruh covered his Dal-ass with the trade terms. The fact that they not only get to keep the 6th, but also get a fifth back means that this whole experiment only cost them a drop from the fourth to the fifth.
    (Oh, and it cost them any semblance of respect people might have had for them as an organization, but that’s beside the point)

  56. I C light pounder I bet you still think Mike Vick was “set up” by the Fed for dog fighting too. I wonder how long it took you to build the fantasyland you live in ?
    TurdMan got drunk knowingly in violation of his reinstatement agreement. Attempting to blame this on his “babysitter” is nothing more than Jerry Jones trying to cover his own glaring mistake in signing this moronic turd. Its pretty clear the bodyguard was trying to stop Pac from crossing the very line he did, the one that would get him booted from the league again after all the Cowboys had done for him. The line that he was being paid to prevent this idiot from crossing.
    Its apologists and enablers like you going back probably to his high school coach that allowed him to continue the behavior that has alienated him from an entire country at this point. Adam Jones is a criminal and a thug. If you or I had done half the things he has we would be in jail, plain and simple.

  57. On a positive note, it looks like the Cowboys are imploding right before our eyes BEFORE the playoffs. It should save a lot of pain for the fans and the heartache their team causes them when they always choke in the playoffs.

  58. omegalh, do you have to try to say something that stupid, or does it just come naturally? Pac: Some turd who is on probation in two different states and has been embroiled in numerous problems with the law at least since entering the NFL being held accountable to the terms of his reinstatement. Did you really just compare that to millions of people suffering horrible torture and deaths because of their religious beliefs or the way they look? Way to keep some perspective.
    And ‘pounder, why don’t you ask the two judges what pac has really done wrong? After all, if he has really “done nothing wrong,” why is he on probation??? If you actually believe he didn’t know the guy who did the shooting in Vegas, I have a bridge in Arizona I want to sell you. That POS was with Pac, and by pretty much all accounts, Pac started the melee in the club.

  59. omegal, do you have rules at your work place you know like dont sneeze on the burgers or not to much salt on the french fries.
    He is or was maling alot of money playing a game and there is a responsibility that comes with that , the reason the rules were so tight on him is that he was on his last straw. o.k. DO YOU UNDERSTAND ???

  60. As an Eagles fan I enjoy bad things happening to the Cowboys, but Goodell is really reaching for this one, no arrests, no official complaints, no injured body guard, no blood alchohol tests done. If Pacman gets a good lawyer he can probably get his money for these 4 weeks he is suspended and probably more.

  61. League sources have just reported that Pacman has already been spotted in an Atlanta strip club.

  62. Pacturd gon’ make it RAIIIIIIN……..tears down his hoodlum cheeks!
    Die in a drive-by you hapless waste of a zygote.

  63. “omegalh says:
    October 14th, 2008 at 3:36 pm
    Why does Pacman have to live like he is in Nazi Germany?”
    That is an insane comment. Pacman knew the conditions for his return and he made the decision to not abide by those conditions. The fact that the ‘boys attempted to cover it up does not help. There were too many witnesses for anyone to hush up. Pacman did this to himself.

  64. Well, someone here said exactly what I have always thought about the Cowgirls: a bunch of punks who run their mouths about how great they are (same with the Chargers) but can’t back it up. Well, this could not happen to a nicer team.

  65. Guess Goodell didn’t buy Deion’s version last week on nfl network that “no alcohol was involved”… so much for the cowboy’s vaunted “support system” that allows them to reform the turds….can’t wait for t.o.’s next cry for attention which should occur during romo’s absence…

  66. “omegalh says: Why does Pacman have to live like he is in Nazi Germany?”
    You win the stupid comment of the day award. If this was Nazi Germany Pac would be considered untermenschen (not sure if I spelled it right) and be slave labor in a concentration camp.
    In this country when you are a criminal you have restrictions placed on you. Pac is a criminal period. And he’s damn lucky those restrictions included a huge paycheck and the freedoms he did retain when he should have been in a 6 x 9 cell eating food labeled Grade D but edible.

  67. Now if we just get Godell to suspend Mikey (I suck Best) Brown for stealing from the fans of Cincinnati we can make more progress.

  68. Most ridiculous statement of the day:
    Why does Pacman have to live like he is in Nazi Germany?
    Not to mention how stupid that comment is, which it is, Pacman made it rain and the bouncer was paralyzed and then he got arrested or questioned by police 11 other times in the past two years. He’s lucky he is a free man let alone playing football.

  69. omegalh says:
    October 14th, 2008 at 3:36 pm
    Why does Pacman have to live like he is in Nazi Germany?
    That’s honestly one of the stupidest things I’ve read in a while.

  70. “-sign a reliable vet like culppeper”
    Be careful what you wish for. Culpepper is a vet, reliable he is not.

  71. The only thing Goodell did wrong here is take the draft pick away from the Titans. They did everything right and the Cowboys did everything wrong and aren’t punished at all here.

  72. “Only in the NFL: Beat your wife, get a warning or nothing. Get in a fight with a guy who’s hired by your boss to babysit you and has a good chance of kicking the crap out of you, indefinite suspension. ”
    Yeah, it seems beating women and killing people don’t affect this commissioner that much.

  73. myopinionisrighterthanyours says:
    October 14th, 2008 at 5:00 pm
    Wow, I expected to see Vox Apologitis all over this board.
    The PFT Village Idiot was last seen crying in his mommy’s basement.

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