With no teams interested in giving the Lions whatever they wanted in exchange for the rights to quarterback Jon Kitna, the Lions reportedly have decided to place the veteran quarterback on injured reserve.
Dave Birkett of the Oakland Press reports that the decision has been made, and that it will be implemented later in the day.
But Kitna could be released from IR, once the team concludes that his back injury is healed.  At that point, Kitna could sign with another team (after passing through waivers), or he could file a grievance aimed at recovering the balance of his $2.95 million base salary for 2008.
On Monday, Kitna said that he expects his back to be healed within a couple of weeks.

19 responses to “REPORT: KITNA TO IR

  1. Maybe he can contact Kurt Warner’s wife to do the voodoo dance that miraculously heals him up.

  2. I’m surprised they didn’t trade him to the Vikings. Because, as we already learned from the Thomas Tapeh post, they are comfortable with signing players who are injured and can’t play. Probably would have even given him a raise.

  3. Why does he have to pass through waivers? I thought he was a vested veteran? Is it because he was placed on IR?

  4. I think the vikes could still use a QB, I know the cerebral assassin is always lookin for new talent to throw under the bus.

  5. “I thought IR meant he was done for the season. ”
    In this case it means that he’s done for the season as far as the Lions are concerned. If they cut him while he’s on IR and he can pass a team physical, he can go to any team that will have him and play.

  6. pittaluminwv says:
    October 14th, 2008 at 12:12 pm
    “What is up with all the Christian-haters around here?”
    Christian who? Dior? Slater?

  7. I thought he was going to the Cowboys for a bevy of Pro Bowlers and 1st round draft picks. Nice.

  8. The most perplexing thing to me is that if he is truly injured and needs to go to IR then why were they shopping him? If not, then why allow them to put him on IR?

  9. The funniest thing about all this is the idea that the Lions could benefit from extra draft picks. Same for my Bengals. I am scared we will end up with a high draft pick, which we would subsequently use to get overpriced, underperforming players to match the set we currently have.

  10. but now who will throw our fourth quarter interceptions?
    enter: drew henson from the practice squad.

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