Now we know why the Chiefs are having so much trouble trading running back Larry Johnson.
When we heard about L.J.’s supposed baggage, we assumed that folks were simply referring to his reputation for being a pain in the butt.  As it turns out, Johnson is dealing with an off-field allegation of assault.
Per the Kansas City Star, a woman has filed charges against Johnson arising from a February 24 incident in which he allegedly pushed the left side of her head with an open hand at a night club.
Though the procedure is a bit vague, it seems that this is something more than a situation in which anyone can file papers accusing anyone else of anything; the Star mentions that the pursuit of charges was delayed by six months because police were dealing with more pressing matters.  This suggests that a certain amount of investigation occurred before the legal process formally ignited.
The woman reportedly spoke with police within 11 hours after the incident, and a friend corroborated the account.  The woman then picked Johnson out of a photo lineup on June 6.  (We trust that the cops used something other than football cards.)
A court date has been set for December.  It’s unclear whether Johnson will face at that time a trial or some type of pre-trial hearing. 
This is the third time that Johnson has faced legal troubles.  In 2003, a former girlfriend’s accusation that Johnson brandished a gun resulted in aggravated assault and misdemeanor domestic battery charges.  The charges were dropped after he agreed to enter a diversionary program.  In 2005, a woman accused Johnson of pulling her to a night club exit and pushing her to the floor.  She later changed her story and did not appear in court to testify.
The outcome of the latest incident remains to be seen.  For now, the Chiefs pick up three points in Turd Watch and, given that the charges were successfully concealed by Johnson and the team for more than a week, the “Days Without An Arrest” counter re-sets to zero. 

14 responses to “TROUBLE FOR L.J.

  1. I wonder if the girl is just a hood rat looking for a hand out or if the story has any real backing?

  2. This story sounds like BS to me. The cops didn’t even put any credence to it because they were “dealing with more pressing matters”. He pushed her face? I am going to go around my office and push faces and see if anyone cares. To add to this nonsense they actually mention that she was able to pick LJ out of a lineup. That must have been difficult. What a joke. Florio, you had better plan on apologizing to LJ for the 3 points on the turd watch and then add three points to the gold digging bitch watch.

  3. two accusationis turned out to be false, who is to say this third one isn’t just a case of a gal wanting a handout.

  4. “The charges were dropped after he agreed to enter a diversionary program.”
    The Cowboys “diversionary program” consists of a monthly payment to the Dallas PD Benevolent Fund.

  5. I wouldn’t assume that the 1st 2 charges were false, matt.
    Just because somebody gets off with something, dosen’t mean they were innocent.
    Big difference in the two, just ask O.J.
    As for L.J., he must look pretty tough to himself, pushing women around so easily, allegedly of course.

  6. >>Vox Veritas says:
    October 14th, 2008 at 9:46 am
    The Packers could use a good RB.<<
    Nah. We’ll leave the turd signings to Dallas and Cincy.

  7. I’m sorry but 11 hours after being pushed on the side of her head she decides to go to the cops? And then they actually book Johnson instead of laughing her out of the room?!? That’s ludicrous. There isn’t a more obvious handout plea out there.
    Still, the real problem isn’t whether LJ pushed a woman in the side of the head or the two alleged prior incidents, it’s the women LJ is hanging around with.

  8. The Chiefs could have traded LJ to the Packers before the 2007 season for a 1st-round pick, but Carl “The Village Idiot” Peterson wouldn’t pull the trigger because he didn’t want the fans to think the Chiefs were “rebuilding”. The only problem was that they WERE rebuilding.
    Peterson has been GM of the Chiefs for the last 15 years. The Chiefs have not won a playoff game in the last 15 years. You do the math…

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