As a process that began three weeks ago (per Jay Glazer to Jason Whitlock on Jim Rome) races to a conclusion in less than seven hours, Chiefs tight end Tony Gonzalez has made clear his desire to play for another team. 
A contender. 
Preferably, the Giants.
But even after losing their first game on the road since . . . since . . . hell, we can’t remember and we’re too lazy to look it up, the Giants seem to be sticking to their “we don’t need no stinkin’ players” attitude toward guys on the roster, and guys not on the roster.
Besides, with Chiefs G.M. Carl Peterson known for driving a harder-than-advisable bargain (see Green, Trent), there’s no way that Peterson will put his ego behind his affection for Gonzalez.
That could be a real problem for the Chiefs over the balance of the year.  Gonzalez, who was upset that the Chiefs didn’t allow him to break the all-time tight end receiving yardage record during last month’s home win over the Broncos, will be livid if the Chiefs don’t let him go. 
And don’t think that Gonzalez will shut his mouth and continue to be a good solider on a God-awful team.  Our guess is that he’ll lobby for his outright release, over and over again, until he gets his way.
The problem with that strategy, however, is that, after the trade deadline, any vested veteran who is released must pass through waivers.  So before Gonzalez could get to a contender, he’d have to hope that a team like the Raiders or the Bengals or the Lions or any other franchise with little or no hope in 2008 refrains from making a claim for his contract.
Though Gonzalez’s base salaries go up dramatically in 2009, paying a prorated $1 million base salary for a short-term rental of one of the best tight ends in the game might be a good deal.  Then, after the year, his new team can trade him for a low-round pick.
So if Gonzalez doesn’t get traded by 4:00 p.m. EDT on Tuesday, his best bet might be to keep his head low and his mouth shut and hope that the Chiefs trade him after the season.
It’s a prudent strategy, but we have a feeling that Gonzalez will have a hard time keeping quiet if he doesn’t get his way in the next six hours or so.  

31 responses to “WILL GONZALEZ GET HIS WISH?

  1. Paying that contract for Gonzalez isn’t just a maybe-good deal, it’s a fantastic deal! The Eagles are paying TE L.J. “butterfingers-target-me-more” Smith 4.5 mil just for this year.

  2. “a good solider”?
    Kevin Boss did very well last night even though the Giants lost. I think the Bills need to pony up for him.

  3. Does he realize that the Giants just got their asses kicked by a bad team? What have we been hearing? Oh yeah… championship teams don’t lose like that.
    That was a pretty short dynasty hahaha

  4. Dude, Lito’s not even good enough to start on what looks like a pretty mediocre pass D. Only two teams have given up more big pass plays than the Eagles. What makes you think he’s great trade bait?

  5. The Buffalo Bills are the perfect team for Gonzalez, and he is perfect for them. He may offer the one last ingredient that can make that offense totally dangerous on any field in the NFL. Edwards has shown in less than one season that he can read his checkdowns accurately, something most starting QBs cant’t do consistantly. He would certainly get a lot of touches on a team ready to break out for another ride.

  6. “Championship teams don’t lose like that.”
    What… like losing to the Redskins and the Cardinals? Why dont you tell us about how championship teams do. But do it without bringing up SB wins from over a decade ago because that’s pathetic.

    We desperately need someone who won’t let Jake Delhomme’s passes hit them in the hands before bouncing into a defender’s.
    It’d be nice to have a TE who doesn’t rack up 2 or 3 false starts per game too.

  8. Vox,
    “That was a pretty short dynasty”
    Ya I guess losing one game means the season is over. If I were you buddy I would start worrying more about your fragile cowboys than the Giants. You have two options: A) You actually win and play better with Brad Johnson and everyone begins to wonder if Tony can lead, and should be the starter again or B) You suck worse than you already do, and fall farther behind in the EAST
    Win a playoff game before you talk, and you won’t as long as Wade is running the show

  9. “What… like losing to the Redskins and the Cardinals? Why dont you tell us about how championship teams do.”
    Apparently you haven’t been following along with the comments. I know that fanbois like yourself like to pretend that the Cowboys exist in a vacuum and what applies to them does not apply to every other team, but that’s not how it is.

  10. So, you’re suggesting that Tony will go the Jason Taylor route? I guess it’s too late to go Dancing with the Stars…

  11. “Ya I guess losing one game means the season is over. If I were you buddy I would start worrying more about your fragile cowboys than the Giants.”
    You ain’t me, so stop wishing. Wannabe.
    I’m not worried about the Giants. It took them everything they had to beat the Bungles and they got stomped like a narc at a biker rally by the Clowns. The rest of their schedule:
    @ Steelers
    @ Eagles
    @ Cardinals
    @ Redskins
    @ Cowboys
    They’re going to need a lot of luck to win more than 4 of those games.

  12. Ahh..Cowboys in a vacuum. Struggling for air, TO’s eyes popping while Romo chokes one last time. Thanks, Vox…I didn’t think anything could make me happier after the Phillies win, but that brightened my day.

  13. If he gets traded it wil probably be to Tampa. They need another receiving threat, and they are looking like one of the strongest teams in the NFC right now.

  14. I’m a Dallas fan, so this is the last thing I want to see happening, but if the Giants have a chance at Gonzalez for a reasonable price, they’re idiots to pass him up.

  15. So Vox, after the 2 wins they will get by beating the Cowboys, what other 2 games do you think they will win?
    Cowboys lose Romo for 4-5 weeks with a broken pinkie? – well at least they have a 40 year old QB to replace him… Felix jones with a torn hammy, Pacman for 2 games because of his deviant tendencies, etc..
    Wow – Just think how happy TO will be when Brad Johnson doesn’t have the arm strength to throw the ball to him….
    Perhaps you should be worried more about your team. Remember, in order to win a playoff game, you first need to qualify for the playoffs.

  16. Well, don’t trade him to the Vikings. We’ve clearly proven that talent is not going to help us.
    BRIAN BILLICK in ’09!

  17. How bout them Cowboys, Vox? They better focus now with the UPSET Rams next week. That bye week can’t come fast enough, can it? Phillies World Series bound, with a big Eagles win coupled with losses by Redskins, Giants, and Cowgirls. Pretty good weekend here in Philly!!! Go Birds!!!!

  18. @ Kevin from Philly…
    Dude, you’re from Philly. You know all there is to know about choking already. Philadelphia sports teams have taken choking to a whole ‘nother level and you know this is true. Anybody from Philly that talks about someone else choking is as dumb as anyone in Dallas that talks about how some other city is unsafe for presidential visits.

  19. “So Vox, after the 2 wins they will get by beating the Cowboys”
    Still penciling in the wins, eh? Figured you’d have learned your lesson last night. I gave you too much credit.

  20. They’re the UPSET Rams because they cornholed the Redskins. They’re still the Rams. Not surprised that you’re finally feeling your oats again after seeing the juggernaut Eagirls team beat one of the other worst teams from that division. You guys should be wary of the next team the Eagirls face… they did something that the Eagirls could not… they beat the FREAKING BEARS.

  21. Gonzo is a good man. He won’t pull a TO if he’s not traded. He’ll be a professional and do his job, and do it well.

  22. Vox – You’re especially bitter today. I know things look grim in Dallas, but, as much as I hate to admit it, I think Johnson will do really well for you guys. He’s old, but he’s smart and he plays a nice, safe, conservative game. If he gets any help from your D, he’ll do fine. Relax a little there Voxy. The REAL games aren’t until January and February. Oh, wait! I forgot. Dallas never wins those.

  23. The Chiefs have accepted being “competitive” without winning in the post season because they sold out and had a season ticket waiting list. Currently they are struggling to sell out and the waiting list is gone. Pretty soon they will be giving away tickets coupons on pizza boxes (Royals did several years ago).
    Gonzalez is the one player they can still come to see (provided Nascar isn’t on)….Who is going to the game to see Cruddy Broyle (oops..Brodie Croyle), D.Bowe and a cast of unknowns??
    Carl has to keep someone in order to keep pimping the fan base out of their money!
    “Noel Devine cannot carry Joe McKnight’s spit bucket”

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