Spring games are a staple of the college football off-season, with some schools filling their stadiums with fans willing to pay to watch a glorified scrimmage.
And that has a few NFL owners wondering whether the same idea could work in pro football.
NFL owners completed their meetings today, and one of the issues up for discussion was the possibility of adding spring games. No action was taken, but the idea was batted around, both in terms of having an intrasquad spring game and in possibly having two teams play spring games against each other.
It was raised by a few clubs,” NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said. “More in the context of what the colleges do.”
The idea was part of the overall discussion of expanding the season. The league does not expect to make any changes in the schedule for 2009.


  1. Yeah, like we need MORE preseason games…
    Sure, having it at an off time will really make it more exciting. How about they cut down the preseason and add a real game to the schedule like all the fans want?

  2. Terrible idea. They don’t wear PADS in the spring! What will we watch? Touch football?
    Regular fans would not fill up a stadium for this. The only way it’ll work is if they hold these glorified scrimmages in football-starved sh1tholes at least two hours away from the home market.
    Plus, I can almost feel every NFL player’s eyes roll over the idea of thirty-two old white guys in a room thinking up more ways they can make money on the bodies of the young multi-ethnic players. If I was an NFL player, I would NOT want to train in pads for a week or two to play one meaningless game during what is supposed to be my vacation time.

  3. Maybe, they could play a series of flag football games, or throwing, running, kicking contests, oh wait, they call that the Pro-Bowl!

  4. How bout each team have two entire rosters, then they can play two seasons!
    Why not Goodell! For the sake of the game!

  5. …..and the owners would stick it to the season tickets holders again, buy making us buy the Spring games as part of our overall ticket package.

  6. Anyone point out to the owners that colleges don’t usually charge admission for their spring games and they have a significantly larger roster that allows them to hold out many of their starters?

  7. Last tiem I checked, college teams do NOT play spring practice ‘games’ against each other, do they? They play offense vs defense, same team.
    Why on earth would owners want to risk injuries to players in a meaningless ‘spring’ game. I thought that’s what pre-season games were anyways.
    LOL stupid idea of the week.

  8. how about we fix the current OT set up of the NFL?!! I know that is really more of a component to the competition committee but still…I’d like to see both teams at least have a chance of at getting one possession.

  9. There’s really only one way for the NFL to expand and get serious money. They’re going to have to go after some of the NCAA football marketshare. That’s not going to be easy to do, but that’s where the money is. The alternative ways of increasing revenue are either impractical or won’t give much of an increase.

  10. Terrible idea. All this would be is an opportunity for players to get injured in a game that might be more meaningless than preseason if that”s possible. There’s a whole world out there and they need to keep working on the international market if they want to increase revenues.

  11. This is a joke, right? With the economy in shambles the billionaire owners want to collect more money from the fans? On top of that I though the goal was to reduce preseason games, not add them. Preseason games as they stand are a slap in the fans face. This is just ridiculous.

  12. The great thing about college spring games is that they are free and it gives students a reason to get drunk and tailgate.
    Knowing NFL owners they will want to charge $ or make season ticket holders buy tickets to these games. This will take all of the fun out of it and it will be a big joke.

  13. Better idea – If you’re actually going to do this, create a legitimate farm system. Works for baseball and hockey.

  14. “Soon there will be no offseason, I feel for the families.”
    Yeah, god forbid these guys have work year-round like the rest of us saps.

  15. Jacksonville does it for free now, other teams hold a camp closing scrimmage as well. Who wants to see them play football when there is NO CONTACT allowed.

  16. The Green Bay Packers already do this, it is called Family Night, and they charge 8 bucks to get in.

  17. Colleges have, like 80 guys on the team. Besides, when would you have the game? March? no – guys are still recovering from injury. Right after the draft – no, because the rookies won’t be signed. Early June? Too close to minicamps.
    Maybe they should just restart the XFL.

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