Not only were the Packers serious players for Chiefs tight end Tony Gonzalez, but the Pack also thought they had a deal.
According to Jason Wilde of the Wisconsin State Journal, the Packers drew up the paperwork that would have sent a third-round pick to Kansas City for Gonzalez, only to have the Chiefs back out ten minutes before the 4:00 p.m. EDT trading deadline, and demand a second-round pick.
Per Wilde, the Packers and Eagles offered a third-round selection for Gonzalez, and the Giants tendered a fourth-rounder.
The Falcons and Bills were willing to do more, but Gonzalez wanted to play for neither team.
Currently, the Falcons and the Bills have better records than the Packers and the Eagles.  In either Atlanta or Buffalo, Gonzalez would have been greeted as a superhero, and we’re baffled by his reluctance to play for either team.
We’re even more baffled by the misguided decision by Carl Peterson to pull a last-second power play.  An unrestrained ego is a dangerous thing, and Peterson now must deal with a locker room full of players who realize that, if King Carl is willing to screw Gonzalez, any of them could get equal or lesser treatment.


  1. “In either Atlanta or Buffalo, Gonzalez would have been greeted as a superhero, and we’re baffled by his reluctance to play for either team.”
    It’s pretty simple: neither team will be in the Super Bowl this year. The Packers have the best chance of all the teams mentioned in the article.

  2. That’s cheap. If you want a second-rounder for Gonzalez, say so before 3:50 PM on trading day. Don’t have a counter-party draw up paperwork with a tentative agreement in place and then randomly change your mind ten minutes before the trading deadline. Dicking around with other owners makes it that much less likely that other teams will be inclined to negotiate with you for players in the future. Classless.

  3. This just makes me angry. I thought that TT was pretty stupid, but after hearing this, well, a whole new light to the entire situation. I wonder what King Carl was thinking. Shouldn’t you reward your players who have shown you loyalty? It wasn’t to a rival, but to a different team in a different conference. Doesn’t that sound familiar?

  4. It’s baffling how stupid Gonzalez is – preferring to stay with an obviously poor team in KC, rather than go to the Bills or Falcons who are enjoying very good seasons so far.
    He preferred to be traded retroactively to last years SuperBowl winning Giants.

  5. Once again, Florio’s brilliant analysis falls short.
    If all those teams were willing to give up 3rd round picks, what’s to stop Peterson from trading Gonzalez after the season? You know, when losing him abruptly won’t effect the team’s performance on the field?
    And if that happens, how will any player think Gonzalez got screwed over? Trading him when the timing is better is not the end of the world.

  6. So basically what your telling me is if Ron Wolf was still the GM the Packers we would have
    Randy Moss, Tony Gonzalez and Brett Favre on the roster

  7. Carl has some ‘splaining to do. Not only to the players also to the owners…
    What a piece of work!

  8. Carl’s arrogance is well known inside and outside of the locker room….the players understand Gonzalez’s desire while in the twilight of his career. There will not be any ill feelings towards him…..there WILL be hard feeling (and mental notes) made regarding Carl’s continued self serving methods and lack of reciprocity of loyalty.

  9. I too find it curious that Gonzo didn’t want to be a Bill, but was more than willing to play for Green Bay. They’re both small markets, they both have nasty winter weather (though Green Bay is more inclement than Buffalo), and they’re both competitive within their division. On the face of it it doesn’t make much sense, so perhaps there’s further information that hasn’t been disclosed.

  10. Why wouldn’t he want to play for the Falcons or the Bills? Um, how about because they’re the Falcons and the Bills?

  11. “The Falcons and Bills were willing to do more, but Gonzalez wanted to play for neither team”
    So apparently Gonzalez knows a poser when he sees it! Sorry I couldn’t resist.
    If he really wanted a ring those seem like better options than GB and Philly. He woulda been a beast in Buffalo.

  12. wait a minute. You’ve been doing this site for YEARS, and you are “baffled” that Carl Peterson has an out of control ego?
    Gimme a break. You’re getting worse by the day with your rhetoric. I could read this site for one month and KNOW that Carl Peterson has an out of control ego. I learned that much in five minutes of Hard Knocks, which you obviously forgot.

  13. I wish Napolean Harris the best in MN, KCwouldnt let him on the field, for fear that he might play better than “Pat Thomas.”

  14. This was horrible. Gonzo has played his a$$ off for this team and they dont even live up to their part of the deal. A third rounder would have been great to get for Gonzo. He is better than Shockey but doesnt have much left in the tank most likely. Very classy Carl!

  15. I thought that Tony wanted to go to play off team. Why would he bother with the Packers or the Eagles either?
    The Giants have plenty of receivers and they seem to be doing fine without a big time tight end.

  16. KC Star: “A league source said Wednesday that the Packers’ offer included conditions the Chiefs weren’t willing to take on, such as sending future Kansas City draft picks to Green Bay if Gonzalez didn’t play out his contract or meet pre-established playing-time expectations.”

  17. If anyone deserves respect it’s Tony Gonzalez! Solid citizen for so many years, given everything he’s had to the Chiefs. He deserves a chance to win. I’m a Cowboys fan, but i would’ve loved to see Tony on the Giants. I don’t understand how someone like T.O. can get traded 3 times (he was a member of the Ravens for a day), and Tony can’t get one chance to go to a contender. Chiefs organization should be ashamed of themselves

  18. I hear Brett is telling people that he will go into the HOF as a JET,
    I thought you no longer picked your team

  19. I heard Brett is telling people he
    will go in to the hall of fame as a
    Jet. I thought you no longer picked a team

  20. The Packers are not making it to the playoffs, let alone a Super Bowl. Gonzales should have went to Buffalo or Atlanta. Come in as a superstar ready to push a young team over the top. Instead, he’ll rot in KC.

  21. Disgusting. The Bills and the Falcons are very good teams in need of a good pass catching TE. I hope he is happy, because he sealed his own fate, trying to get on the Packers (whom the Falcons did in fact beat) and a struggling Philly.
    Good luck to him, but I don’t feel sorry for a guy who wouldn’t go to teams either tied or winning their respective divisions. At least he can enjoy loosing the rest of his left.

  22. TT was just trying to save his job with the Packers season about to go down the toilet. Everyone knows he doesn’t want any “old” players on his roster. It’s just too bad for TT, Gonzales and Carl Peterson that Peterson is a bigger idiot than TT.

  23. Jason Wilde has been nothing but a mouth piece for Ted Thomson since he (TT) arrived in GB. Of course he (TT) is going to leak him (JW) a story favorable to his position – just as he (TT) leaked all the negative stuff about Favre through Wilde.
    Gonzalez clearly wanted to go to a West Coast offense, making his trade demands more about padding his own stats than earning a ring.
    Once Peterson realized this, obviously he wasn’t going to accept less compensation for a player than his value. If Gonzalez wanted a shot at the Superbowl he would be in Buffalo or Atlanta right now; don’t blame Carl Peterson for Ted Thomson not wanting to pay market value and Gonzalez not willing to go to a team that was willing to pay.

  24. To all the Atlanta and Buffalo lovers, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. It is only week 7. If either team makes the playoffs I’ll be shocked.

  25. I can’t blame Gonzo for not wanting to go to Buffalo or Atlanta.
    Hell, I wouldn’t go either, not for all the money in the world.

  26. I hope Tony rots, and never smells the playoffs again.
    To whine like a little girl to be traded, and then in the next sentence, spurn a team ready to go for a ride like Buffalo..
    Karma will get him….
    Blame yourself Tony, not Peterson…

  27. Yo Joe … not cool from Canadian cousin!
    You need not be so threatened by Mr. Rogers importing the Bills for a few games.
    If anything this distracts the attention away from the Argos tapping into the NFL turd pool.
    Toronto is a great city … Canada’s a great place … we across the lakes in WNY enjoy our proximity to you, but we’re also proud of who we are

  28. Keep in mind, he’s under contract for more than this year. Sure Buffalo is doing well this year, and have a decent chance of holding on in a fairly competetive division with the NE Pats and NJ Bretts and such. But I think he also realizes that next year, Brady will be back and the Bills will be left looking for scraps under the table again.
    And the Falcons, well, they’re the Falcons.

  29. If Gonzalez wanted to get to the Super Bowl, he would have gladly gone to Buffalo. Without him the Bills will make the playoffs this year and their continued improvement will take them deep into the playoffs during each of the next several years. Conversely, he would not want to go to Green Bay, a team that could not beat Buffalo’s reserves.

  30. Actually T.O was never traded anywhere..and he was never actually a member of the Ravens. The Niners did agree to a trade with Baltimore but the league said Owens was allready a free agent, and Owens signed with Philly…and the Eagles sure as hell didn’t trade T.O to Dallas. He was cut and then signed..

  31. Florio – Curious – do you think this kind of thing could be avoided if they moved the trade deadline to week 10, when really bad teams can’t pretend that there is a chance that they will salvage their season or do you feel this crap would still go on, just at a later date?

  32. Tony Gonzalez turns 33 this off-season. He’s slated to make (as per the following base salaries:
    2009: $4 million, 2010: $4.5 million, 2011: $5.75 million
    If the Chiefs can land more than a third rounder for him this off-season, then good for them. But without the impetus of a playoff push helping to make a deal happen, and with escalating paydays for a player who is getting older, I’d think that Kansas City will find it much tougher to unload Gonzalez.

  33. Huge mistake by the Chiefs. Maybe Im wrong, maybe they can get more in the offseason but I find it highly unlikely.

  34. It just kills me that the Vikings didn’t make an offer for Gonzo. They certainly are in desperate need of a pass-catching TE. But I know the reason why. It’s cuz Clueless would then have to admit that his appraisal of Shiancoe’s “talents” was utterly wrong and the big bucks the Vikings threw at Shiancoe is cash flushed down the toilet. FIRE CHILDRESS NOW!

  35. I call shenanigans. Not only is Thompson not one to deal draft picks, the Packers aren’t a team that’s going to take on big salary players at this point. Especially older ones. Really easy to say “we tried really hard” after the fact when your fanbase is criticizing you for doing nothing about anything.

  36. “I hear Brett is telling people that he will go into the HOF as a JET,
    I thought you no longer picked your team”
    Officially, you don’t. Unofficially, general perception is that you go in as a member of the last team you had a contract with. That’s why you often see guys sign symbolic one-day contracts with teams that they formerly played for.

  37. tamiller:
    TT and Wilde are not good buddies, by any stretch. Not sure where you pulled that from (I have a guess though), but…Wilde is the same guy who has bashed TT for being arrogant, and also asked him if he knew what he was doing so; swing and a miss.

  38. “Actually T.O was never traded anywhere..and he was never actually a member of the Ravens. The Niners did agree to a trade with Baltimore but the league said Owens was allready a free agent, and Owens signed with Philly”
    TO was traded to the Ravens for a 2nd round pick and of course that pissed him off because he felt that he should be a free agent so he filed a grievance. The case went to an arbitrator and it looked like TO was gonna be declared a free agent so everybody huddled up and made a deal. Not only did the Ravens get the 2nd rounder they traded for Owens back, they also got a 5th from the Eagles. The 49ers got the scrubulicious Brandon Whiting from the Eagles. TO was never declared a free agent because the case never progressed that far, but he got to play for the team he wanted to play for so there was no need to pursue it further.

  39. Azinine says:
    October 16th, 2008 at 12:06 am
    “I can’t believe he changed the terms 10 minutes before the deadline. Seriously?”
    I don’t see why there is so much outrage over this. Ever heard of a bidding war? Obviously, Carl knew which of the teams who made offers Tony wanted to play for, and was trying to get a better deal. Blame the Eagles and Packers for not upping the ante.

  40. Beggars can’t be choosers. If he wanted out of KC he should have been willing to go to any team that looks like they have a chance to go to the playoffs. If the bills or falcons accually get to the playoffs they have as much chance as anybody to go to the Super Bowl.

  41. Something just doesn’t seem right here. The man who stockpiles draft picks was willing to give up a 3rd for Gonzo? Sounds like a man blowing smoke to make it look like he’s trying to improve an underachieving team. The Pack is alot worse than their record shows. Let’s not forget that their 3 wins came against teams with a combined 3 wins on the year. This “attempted” move just stinks of desperation.

  42. I was wondering why noone had mentioned the Falcons before. He would’ve been a BIG acquisition for them. It sucks that he didn’t want to play there. We’re struggling somewhat at the TE position. We definately could’ve used him.

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