As the Packers struggle to field a defense that is as potent is their offense, the team could soon be getting back a couple of key players.
Cornerback Al Harris, who suffered a lacerated spleen several weeks ago, has participated in practice on a limited basis both on Wednesday and Thursday. 
And safety Atari Bigby, out since Week Two with a hamstring injury, finally has returned to practice.
But cornerback Charles Woodson has missed practice both days due to a toe injury that has bothered him for several weeks.  Still, on Sundays has been able to play.
The Packers host the Colts on Sunday.


  1. If they can get healthy this defense could start dominating after the bye. Bigby will be a huge help to the struggling run defense. The positive part of Harris being out was that Tramon Williams got to show that he is a great player, so they’ll have three quality CBs after the bye. Woodson has been playing as well as any corner in the league even with his broken toe.

  2. Plus Harrell maybe be able in some capacity soon.
    Tramon Williams has shown over the past couple of weeks that he can be a starting CB in this league. With Patrick Lee starting to steal some reps from Jarret Bush(THANK GOD!) in the Dime, I think there is a good transition plan in place for when Al and Charles decide to hang them up.

  3. I agree with ACDC84…
    …also, if we can get any snaps out of Harrell — in order to spell Jolly, Cole, & Pickett — that will help immensely.
    …in addition, if Montgomery and Hunter can get over ankle and hamstring injuries, that could add fresh pressure from the outside.
    This could definitely turn the tables on the time of possession, which would allow the offense a few more opportunities to find their groove

  4. Bigby might help with the run defense, but Barnett and Hawk have to step it up 2 notches because they have both sucked this year. Woodson is without a doubt the best corner in the league so far this season.

  5. Still need to get the D-line healthy (Ryan Pickett’s been playing hurt, and with Cullen Jenkins out for the year AND his backups Mike Montgomery and Jason Hunter both hurt, the Packers were forced to start KGB against the toothless Seahawks). If those guys (sans Jenkins, on IR) get healthy, and Justin Harrell is activated and able to play, then they might actually be able to a) stop the run, b) free up the LB’s to flow to the ball, and c) rush the passer.
    That’s the big difference why this team has struggled so far this year (dropping those three games in a row) – not the guy who is behind center…

  6. this is great news. i am not going to count too heavily on harris being back any time soon. williams has been outstanding thus far. i really hope bigby can get back like yesterday. he is a big part of that D. woodson is the freakin man. he is absolutely one of the best 5 CBs in the league and makes plays every week. i am really disappointed that aaron rouse has been hurt. he is a guy that i thought was going to make bigtime strides this year.i have been pretty satisfied with the play of the secondary other than the falcons game.
    i fully expect peyton manning to slap us around, unless we can figure out a way to get a pass rush. i am totally on board with MMs style of dealing with injuries(sit em untill helathy) and it would be awesome to have a healthy defense going into the home stretch. the packers will be in great shape to make the playoffs this year, i dont doubt that, and with a healthy defense we will once again be a force in the NFC!

  7. They will need the help with how banged up the D-line is. It really hurt to lose Cullen Jenkins, he was playing lights out. I don’t know if they can count on Harrell to come back and really make an impact right away. With a healthy secondary, they could keep the qb in the pocket a second longer and give the D-line a better chance to put some pressure on. Bigby will help greatly in run D. Rouse has filled in pretty well but he still takes some bad angles. Getting Hawk health will be huge also.

  8. The secondary isn’t a problem. Even Bigby and Harris being hurt doesn’t stop them. They’re still INT machines and the only defenses doing better is the Ravens and the Titans.
    The reason is just because of the Packers horrible DLine.

  9. With Harris out, players on other teams don’t get hit in the knees nearly as much. Good for the league.

  10. Rookie Jeremy Thompson is playing better at DE opposite kampman, too. Losing Jenkins could have been a back breaker, because he was REALLY playing well.

  11. Jenkins was playing at a very high level. But his torn pectoral muscles have put him on the shelf. The Packers D-Line has been bad and it is my belief that “The poor Defensive Line Play has put the linebackers in a tough spot” The linebackers always seem to have offensive linemen in their faces on running plays. The secondary has been good even though it has been missing one starting cornerback and the safety’s have been MIA. Got to get the D-Line going somehow someway. I hope Ryan Pickett can go this coming week without causing himself any further injuries.

  12. The back ups have been fine. The Packers need a couple of DT’s and they would be back to 13-3 form of a year ago. Add a good RB and they would be better than last year.

  13. Mike Rodriguez: You’re right, the Colts’ havent’ faced near the murderer’s row of QBs that the Packers have:
    Charlie Frye, Matt Ryan (he’s still a rookie, eh), Brian Griese, Tavaris Jackson… The only one out of the bunch that you played that’s any good (and he’s sorely overrated) is Romo. And, if I’m not mistaken, Griese’s and Ryan’s teams beat yours. I love Rodgers, I think the pack was smart for putting him in this year, but the only reason he’ll be wearing a yellow jacket any time soon is because yellow is one of the Packers’ primary colours. 😮

  14. The Colts are 0-2 against top 10 teams, but so are the Packers. DL work needed to get to Manning.

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