The Minnesota Vikings apparently have severed ties with fullback Thomas Tapeh.  According to the Minneapolis Star Tribune, Tapeh’s locker is empty and his name plate is gone.
Tapeh, a former Eagle who signed with the Vikings early in 2008 free agency, became the subject of significant scrutiny after coach Brad Childress disclosed on Monday that Tapeh failed to tell the team that he had knee surgery only weeks before signing a multi-year deal, which included $1.2 million in guaranteed money.
More recently, there were reports of a possible settlement between Tapeh and the team, which presumably would entail a partial refund of the signing bonus he received.
If/when Tapeh is released, he’ll first be subject to the waiver system.  If unclaimed, he’ll become a free agent.

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  1. Does anyone really care about this story? Honestly he’s a mediocre fullback that was cut from a mediocre team. Hardly warrants 3 or 4 entries.

  2. I feel for the guy. He probably didnt mention the surgery to sign with his hometown team. He grew up here, played college ball here, and was really excited to return and play for the Vikings. Oh Childress…I cant wait till u and your ‘stache is gone

  3. I am not a Childress fan either. But, I am not altogether certain that this is a Childress throwing someone under the bus. I mean, how much of an impact could a FB really have on the outcome of the game. He hasn’t played enough to have had an impact on anything. It could have been an attempt to distract, albeit momentarily, from what has been, to this point, a dissapointing season for the purple and gold.
    I find myself wondering though, at what point will these overpaid atheletes understand that there will be consequences for their actions, be it beating a body guard, or lying to the organization about your health, and past health issues.
    I do think however, that the team doctors, and Rick Speilman need to be questioned furhter about their evaluation process. If I were Mr. Wilf, I’d wanna know about the process they use for evaluating prespective employees.

  4. It sounds to me like Childress is just pissed that Tapeh didn’t tell him about the surgery, so he’s gonna ship him off – healed or not. Such a prick. Tapeh on one leg is better than Tahi.

  5. Baloney on the childress blame game (I don’t like him either). Didn’t Tapeh have an OBLIGATION to inform his new employer of a health issue like this? Didn’t he have to pass a physical before he signed his contract? Sounds to me like the Vikes fell asleep at the wheel with this guy. Or were they so enamored with the hometown boy, former gopher who helped shape Maroney and Barber’s college careers that they were willing to overlook this small issue? And I do agree Tapeh on leg is better than Tahi. But Tony Richardson with no legs is better than the both of them. They should have paid Tony what he was worth on the market and not spoiled the running game’s chemistry by letting him get away.

  6. Sounds like a big blow to COL Klink’s kick ass offense. I sure with all his brain power, Klink will find a way around it.
    He can join T Jack and Kluwe under the bus. The season is still young but is there a limit to the number of players you can throw under the bus and still keep your job?
    Whatever that number is, the rest of the NFC North is hoping that Klink will reamin under it and keep his job. We look forward to the two gifts per year we get with Col Klink leading the team.

  7. jbruder02 says:
    October 16th, 2008 at 2:19 pm
    Does anyone really care about this story? Honestly he’s a mediocre fullback that was cut from a mediocre team.
    Obviously a cowgirls fan…last playoff win was a century ago.

  8. Only Viking fans would rip a first place team. You truly are the worst fans out there. The glass is always half empty.0-6 1-5 maybe cut the coach. You guys are the dumbest fans in the league.

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