The latest edition of FSN’s Pro Football Preview (featuring a weekly blink-and-you’ll-miss-it appearance from yours truly) delves into a variety of topics, including the ever-present Pacman situation.
As we understand it, the hosts (Jay Glazer, Eddie George, and Shawne Merriman) get into a spirited debate regarding Pacman, with Merriman taking up for the player and Glazer and George hammering him.
The show also contains discussion of the possible problems that could unfold with Brad Johnson under center in Dallas.  Per Glazer, Johnson has a reputation of freezing out receivers who piss and moan for the ball.
Popcorn?  Check.
Anyway, check your local listings and watch the show this week.  With our army of 1.15 million unique visitors in September, we should be able to generate some high ratings for the show.

16 responses to “PACMAN DEBATE ON PFP

  1. I just cant believe so much attention, debate, and waste of god time is being paid to a guy who is average at best as a pro football player. I mean come on…get over Pacman. He is a another kid who just doesnt know how to live life under civil restraints.
    His inablility to catch balls and his hand eye coordination has deteriorated due to his alcoholism. I hope he gets help and it sticks, but he is not even a top 150 player in the league. PLEASE stop. Between Pacman and Favre there seems to be no other goodf story to report.

  2. …hate to say i told you so – no wait, that’s someone else – i LOVE to say I TOLD YOU SO…

  3. If he was never called pacman no one would care what he does as long as he did not get arrested.
    I do not know exactly what his crimes are, but this is hardly a fair trial. Public defender Lights Out is going to have a hard time making a case for pacman, but how about this, Goddell is not the attourney general. He should not be working for the justice department. He is the front man for the owners. that is all. He is not a judge, jury and executioner, or at least he should not be.
    Why not leave legal matters to the law enforcement agencies and prosecutors? If a guy gets arrested, and can not practice or play, then you fine him for missing time. Why punish him more than the law saw fit to? No one thinks all NFL players are role models or perfect, but being an idiot or an A hole is not reason enough to be suspended from work. He did not get in a fight in the locker room. What gives them the right to stalk the guy 24 hours a day with a 4 man goon squad like he is some sort of all consuming monster who is constantly hounded by the demon ghosts of his victims. I’M Pacman biatch! Like Rick James on Chappelle show.

  4. Aren’t all the visitors to your fantabulous website unique?
    What did you do, send PFP a picture of your driver’s license photo? I watch that show every week and the picture they have of you up while you talk could be better. You could at least smile, it only hurts a little.

  5. Rain man has been involved in 13 episodes where the police were called since he was drafted and yet we can still find “FAN’s” who will defend him. There is no RIGHT to play in the NFL. Defending him just makes you spectacle, rebellion in your own right.

  6. “Mean D says:
    October 17th, 2008 at 5:23 pm
    Merriman is as big a turd as Pacboy.”
    Not by a long shot. Merriman never made it rain and he has not gotten into as much trouble as Pacman.

  7. “DM says:
    October 17th, 2008 at 4:57 pm
    Merriman standing up for a drug addict? That’s not possible…

    That is probably just the role he is playing on the show. They can’t have a debate if they agree on everything.

  8. For those defending Pac-Turd, here’s a touch of a reality check. While Pac is continuing to be involved in brouhahas through no fault of his own, the bouncer who was paralyzed after Pac started a melee at a club in Las Vegas is hosting charity events to benefit children who are confined to wheelchairs:
    Pacman is a selfish POS thug whose actions carry consequences for which he continues to show no remorse. Meanwhile, those left picking up the pieces in his wake are trying to make some good come of all his bs…

  9. Lawrence Phillips, Travis Henry, Bam Morris, people kept playing it soft with all of these players, only caring about getting one more game out them and people complained. Adam Jones is being dealt with harshly, and people complain. If I as a person ran a company, I would much rather err on the side of caution and try to get the person better, instead of my business. Hopefully Jones sake, he will go to rehab and grow up, like Cris Carter did when Buddy Ryan cut him.

  10. Punkman signed a contract and a binding agreement. Now he and his supporters dont want to go along with terms? surprise surprise…

  11. ummmm…
    1.15 million unique visitors in September
    that’s quite a number, congrats …..
    you need to spend more time selling advertising than writing. Ever
    Yikes the money you get for selling these email addys ought to keep you in green….
    great web site, you guys have done well….

  12. I think Johnson better Shut his yap and listen to whose wanting the ball. First off, hes over the hill and he throws rainbows like a spring shower. Third, He makes 1/8th of these guys so he better watch it or he’ll be begging to get a job after he is cut.

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