Tampa Bay Buccaneers linebacker Matt McCoy was arrested this morning on a misdemeanor charge of driving under the influence, the Tampa Tribune is reporting.
Per the report, McCoy was arrested at 4:11 a.m. less than 500 feet from his home. Police say McCoy swayed while standing, had glazed eyes and smelled of alcohol.
McCoy reportedly refused to take field sobriety tests and refused a breath test.
McCoy signed with the Buccaneers in March and has played three games this season. He has previously played for the Saints and Eagles.
We will reset our days without an arrest meter to zero, after it reached a whopping total of four.
UPDATE: McCoy’s charge report and mug shot are available here.


  1. lol I love it when fans get on their soapbox and act like theyve never done anything. As a GUY dont tell me you never had a night out of clubbing, trying to get some ass, had a few drinks and got in your car. Everyones done, it, this guy just got caught. Does it make it right. Of course not. But its the people who dont learn from their mistakes and habitually get in trouble are the ones who are turds.
    And Mgbuda, name me ONE NFL team that does not have atleast one player that hasnt been arrested. Check your own house before you go talking about other teams

  2. “swayed while standing, had glazed eyes”
    He wasn’t drunk!!! He swayed with glazed eyes when he played too. That’s his normal state.

  3. Got his address off the booking sheet and checked out his pad on Google Earth. Man, his neighbor to the right lives in a dump. Pour a cement driveway dude!!!

  4. well what do ya expect from an ex-SDSU Aztec that attended one of the big party skools?
    he’s going to go through life fat, drunk and stupid (thanks Dean Wormer).

  5. Well Mr Hunt pls take a look at the story the seattle times did on Stevens and you might think differently about your precious Bucs. Gruden does not even have character on the list of things to look at. I agree we’ve all been there done that but not w/ his salary and means if I could afford a limo I would get a ride to and from every time.

  6. fangie63
    We all know the story on Stevens, God knows we aren’t allowed to put it in the past the way it gets dragged up even month.
    The points wasn’t that Stevens and the Bucs are perfectly clean but the people who keep on tearing him and the Bucs down need to look at themselves and the rosters of the teams they follow, I can’t think of a single team without it’s elements of scum on the roster. Think different name your team.

  7. look at themselves?? He is a rapist. read the article rather than minimize the truth. Gruden does not care.. it was not his family. Because other teams have criminals its okay?? you are an apologist because you “love the Bucs”. open your eyes …I guess Gruden is a genius too?? whats his offensive ranking average??

  8. I’m not an apologist, the guy is a turd but this is OLD news.
    It doesn’t need dragging up every month, we get it, he’s done some stuff in his past and has ALLEGEDLY done other stuff. He’s been punished for the stuff he was found guilty of.
    You don’t have Lewis/Little killing a person dragged up every month do you, they are allowed to move on with their lives despite actually ending another persons. To be honest I wouldn’t be bothered about people ripping Stevens if they weren’t so hypocritical about it, don’t just focus on him. There is a league full of chumps to bash.
    For all the people who like to hate on Stevens answer these simple questions…
    If he was so guilty of the rape how come he was never convicted and why did it take 3 years for the “victim” to decide to sue him, it had nothing to do with him signing an NFL contract did it, it was all about justice
    I used the “s due to the fact it was an alleged crime so she might not be a victim.

  9. It’s things like this that I’m glad I’m not famous. Now 2 million people know my address. Not for long though…

  10. Did his mother mate with an Ostrich? Thats one long neck right there… Like the one he was drinking out of…

  11. Gotta love the “STATUS – *RELEASED*” that appears in his charge report. I’m sure the Tampa PD would tell us “no pun intended”.

  12. so lewis IS a murderer and stevens allegedly raped a woman.. wow great logic there. You live in a nice world. stay there… so sorry to bring up a woman raped by a STAR athlete, wow how could they not prosecute huh!! never seen that before. Hey OJ wake up they let him go.. can you say big boosters… For those of you PROUD of the Bucs for cutting Mcoy remember another OLD story whose name is Boston.. when Allen “reviewed” the situation he kept him.. you are all in a fog!!! ENJOY !!

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