Only days after former Jaguars tackle Richard Collier was released from the hospital after suffering 14 bullet wounds in a September 2 shotting, authorities have made an arrest.
Police have charged Tyrone Romaro Hartsfield, 32, with attempted murder.
Hartsfield got into a fight in April with Collier at the Soho night club in Jacksonville.  A police report was filed at the time, but apparently no charges were pursued.
Hartsfield saw Collier at the Square One night club in Jacksonville on the evening of September 1.  Police believe that Hartsfield followed Collier, and shot him as revenge for the earlier incident.
Just a week ago, Hartsfield denied that he was involved in the incident.  “I wouldn’t dare go after no one,” Hartsfield said.  “Everyone gets in fights.”
Per prior reports, Collier told one of the women with whom he left the club that he had seen “that dude I laid out” in the club.


  1. that piece of shit should have his leg amputated and his spinal cord severed just like he did to collier just because he got laid the f$&k out…

  2. i wish i could say justice is served, but even if this guy rots in jail justice wont be served. he took away a bright future for a much loved guy. all you have to do is hear any of the jaguar players talk about ‘big rich’ and you realize how popular a guy he was with his teammates despite being just an average talent. i wish, hope and pray for the best for this guy and hope in some way he can continue on to find happiness and success in his life. i am glad this p.o.s. is off the street though and even though hes not getting exactly what he deserves hes gonna be put away for a long time and wont be able to ruin anyone elses life.

  3. ….so their game of “I’m Bigger/Badder Than You!!!” results in one confined to a wheelchair,and the other potentially spending a large portion of his life in a cage….what a shame……

  4. To the people who posted above me: How about you wait until you see if the guy is found guilty or not before saying he deserves to have his spine snapped and his leg cut off?
    Remember that whole innocent until proven guilty thing…

  5. Thank you, paper_bag for your comment. Jacksonville has a history and reputation of old-boy police work, and just from this story the evidence seems entirely circumstantial.

  6. Why do I get the feeling this is a case of large NFL player pushing around smaller guy publicly, then smaller guy goes home and outs him his “People To Kill List”. The lesson is, it don’t matter how big or tough you are there’s always someone badder. Just ask Kimbo Slice….

  7. It helps explain why Collier got shot 14 times and the guy sitting next to him in the car (Pettway) walked away with a scratch. That should tell you it wasn’t a random shooting.

  8. Where’s your tasteless comments Florio? This is an odd posting….informative with no opinion. You should give it a try more often.

  9. oneGIANTloss: I just have one question regarding your plan. If the goal is to eliminate the practice of settling our differences with violence then how does the system of authority carry out your plan (of amputating his leg, and severing his spinal cord) in such a way that people who’ve gotten beat up in nightclubs don’t take the example given by said system of authority, thereby using crippling/life ending violence to take care of a situation whereby he feels he was wronged and the justice system isn’t doing enough?
    okay, i have a second question too:
    When is this circular pattern of an eye for eye (followed by more eyes), or using violence to deter violence going to end if we as individuals don’t stand up against it with rational, goal oriented thought processes leading to? You think you’re against the guy who shot Collier??? You’re perpetuating the same violent rational, or street justice, that cost Collier his former life, and leg.
    This perp felt wronged by Collier so he made him suffer. You feel wronged by this perp (through sympathy for Collier, or a citizen of the culture Collier is a part of which was hurt along with Collier) so you desire to make him suffer.
    Is the goal not to educate in order to eliminate the violence as much as possible??? Please, let it be.
    Please consider this deeply, because one by one attitudes are going to have to change if the desired result of your plan (deterrence of violence by a justice system setting an example to the public) is going to work.
    Your “plan” would only perpetuate a vindictive culture.

  10. Florio’s comments tasteless? I don’t think Florio posted that, i think emmitt smith kidnapped him and i have evidence “in a September 2 shotting”. wtf is a shotting, thats gotta be emmitt, if its not emmitt then its the west virginian coming out of Florio again. But Florio stays cracking me up with the ‘thats what she saids’ and the ‘not that theres anything wrong with thats’
    You cant tell me this Florio quote isnt pure comedic genius:
    “In 2009, the Bucs will unveil a Ring of Honor, and will wear at least one time the uniform with the pastel colors and the not-that-there’s-anything-wrong-with-that pirate logo.”
    I choked on my Budweiser when i read that.

  11. I’m sick and tired of the thug mentality we have in this country. It’s time to get tougher on crimes commited with guns. Sure, no matter what is done, there will always be gun related crimes, but if the ultimate price is payed, it just may reduce them by a large margine.
    I believe in the death penalty being emposed on everyone who uses a gun to commit a crime. Even if a shot isn’t fired, they should face the ultimate punishment. It’s obvious our pansy idea of criminal punishment is not doing enough to deter these idiots.

  12. “Is the goal not to educate in order to eliminate the violence as much as possible?”
    I think that is something that needs to be done. Educate our youth and do everything we can to steer them away from a bad lifestyle. Still, there also must a real deterrent, to at the very least, make people think twice before commiting such acts. This “give people a second chance” bullshit just isn’t working anymore. Examples must be made, and they must be made in a swift mannor. We need to stop the long drawn out appeals process. When a piece of shit is put on death row, they shouldn’t be allowed to be there for very long. The price must be paid while the crime is still fresh in everyones mind.

  13. Raiders757- That’s your opinion. To others it’s obvious that killing to stop killing isn’t a goal-oriented solution, but rather an expression of frustration used by those too weak to focus on their goals through their emotions.
    What’s obvious to me that since so many Americans believe as you do, that crime has to be fought with crime (taking the life of somebody is a crime, except in a small few locations in the world), and the use of violence justifies further violence.
    You REALLY want to deter “these idiots”. Please stop thinking like they do. It’ll take generations for our culture to change and incorporate a belief that violence is the enemy of education, and education is the salvation of the world. Why don’t you lead by example?
    The death penalty is just a band-aid to an infected wound which requires loving medical treatment. It justifies taking the lives of others in order to accomplish goals. THAT is the thug mentality, my friend.

  14. “Educate our youth”
    Youth is a relative term. I’ve known 12 years who could blow your mind with amazingly well thought out concepts. I knew a 6 year old who could square or cube any integer you could give him.
    I know people in their 40s who blame their misfortune in life on everybody but themselves.
    I would argue those people are “young”, maybe not in age but in mind. They need to be educated. I would also argue that anybody who uses violence to combat violence is “young” and they need to be educated.
    Think about this analogy: Fire IS used to limit the spread of a fire. But in order to do that you are destroying all the resources a fire needs to spread by killing everything before the spreading fire gets a chance to. The resources crime and violence needs are victims. So what? Scorch the earth of victims and then crime and violence burns itself out like a fire surrounded by ash on all sides???

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