Peter King of NBC reported during Football Night In America that Jets quarterback Brett Favre categorically denied Jay Glazer’s report that Favre spent 60-to-90 minutes educating the Lions on the Packers’ offensive attack prior to the Week Two game between Green Bay and Detroit.  Lions COO Tom Lewand also denied the report to King.
But coach Rod Marinelli, who’d likely know more about the situation than a pencil-necked bean counter, would neither confirm nor deny the report after Sunday’s loss at Houston.
No comment,” Marinelli said, according to Greg Bedard of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel.
Bedard also reports that two unnamed sources told him the team had been aware of “whispers” that Favre had helped Packers’ opponents.
And Bedard harvested some interesting quotes.  Said defensive end Cullen Jenkins:   “I don’t know if he’s done it or not. It’s one of those things, personally and I don’t know the situation, but I just think it’s kind of messed up how he left here.  Hasn’t talked to Aaron [Rodgers], wished Aaron good luck or anything or like that but he’s called everybody else, called Tony Romo and stuff like that.  I don’t have nothing against Brett personally.  But I think in his position, he could at least show a little more class, a little more respect to Aaron in that regard.  If that was the case, if he did talk to the coaches, I could see if he told his coaches if they were going to play us.  That’s all right.  But if you go out of your way to talk to another team, nah, I don’t think that’s right.”
Said cornerback Charles Woodson:  “He contacted them?  I don’t respect that.  If they called him and he gives them information, that’s one thing.  But to seek a team out, because you know I guess you’re trying to sabotage this team, you know I don’t respect that.  I know he’s been the greatest player around here for a long time but there’s no honor in that.”
Coach Mike McCarthy also addressed the situation.  “I would say it’s disappointing.  I’m not really in tune with the whole report and so forth. . . .  I really have no comment on that stuff.” 
But perhaps center Scott Wells said it best:  “Obviously it didn’t work out too well for ’em.”
In our view, three other key figures need to be questioned:  Former CEO Matt Millen, quarterback Jon Kitna, and receiver Roy Williams.  Each are either gone or on their way out the door, and thus would be more likely to say something that, on the surface, might not reflect well on the Lions.


  1. Someone needs to call and give Brett some advice because he’s stuck it up the last two weeks.

  2. I agree with Woodson. If Brett sought them out and volunteered information, there’s absolutely no honor in that. It’s one thing if they asked him for his insights. Former players/coaches help their new teams against their former opponents all the time, so that’s nothing new. But voluntarily seeking out your former teams opponents is just classless. Hopefully it’s not true, but where there’s smoke there’s often fire so who knows.

  3. hopefully favre continues to screw over TT and the pack, they deserved it, hopefully he never attends a jersey retirement ceremoney as long as TT is employed. Also who can favre for helping the lions, they need all the help they can get, marinelli will be fired soon, they have the worst depth at QB in the league, their first round pick is a bust, and they had to cut a RB who stole luggage.
    We all know madden skipped the SNF game to chill with his
    homeboy favre.

  4. I’m not sure what you mean by “three other key figures need to be questioned”
    whats the *need*? does this fall under your tampering pet peeve?

  5. Commissioner Goodell should look into this. He’s all about having a fair playing environment for teams. Surely he wouldn’t like having players in HIS LEAGUE sharing secrets with teams to beat their old teams for spite. That doesn’t reflect well on the league overall.

  6. Everyone worships this guy for the warrior and NFL great he on the field. But in my opinion, not enough is made of the obvious selfish and classless guy he is behind the scenes. I understand he is not happy with how the Packers pretty much got fed up with the retirement dance. And i agree they didn’t exactly handle things gracefully either. But there is no excuse for him to be helping out another team game plan for the Packers. What about the other guys he used to be teammates with? why help another team play beat guys you used to be friends with in the locker room?
    I mean is it just me or is that not completely ridiculous? Grow up Favre seriously, all the TD passes in the world dont excuse you from treating your former team and teammates who adored you this way. show some class

  7. playmaker, one word to describe you. Idiot. Favre screwed himself over and that was after 4 years of getting 3+ months after the season to decide what he wanted to do. Then he retired, teased them about coming out of retirement a month later….only to stay retired. I’d be done with him too after being jacked around for so long. You would think when he finally decided to hang them up after giving him months to decide that his decision would be final, especially when you have a guy waiting in the wings that you need to decide if you want to commit to long term and that guy is doing everything right while playing second fiddle. Rodgers has been nothing short of proving that the decision was the right one. Less INT’s, exactly the same stats after 5 weeks, minus interceptions AND escaping a lot of pass rushes that Favre certainly would have been sacked on as well as rushing for plenty of 1st downs and TD’s at the goal line. Kudos for TT and MM for sticking to their convictions. Rodgers has proved them to be right for the long term good of the franchise. They can now sign Rodgers to a long term contract and feel confident in their decision before he had the opportunity to leave for greener pastures.

    I still think the league should investigate. Lord only knows what depths Favre is stooping to in his personal vendetta against Ted Thompson.
    As a lifelong Packers fan, Favre is dead to me.

  9. Why wouldn’t the Packers change their hand signals going into the season?
    How hard is it to get after someone has been cut or released?
    With that said, “if” Favre did call, then Woodson is right.
    But not sure how big of deal hand signals are and why they wouldn’t be changed from week to week when teams have game film on you?

  10. Favre won one SB and he got deified because he is fun to watch. That doesn’t mean he is without warts, and obviously he is a self-centered pArick who has pulled one over on most of America. It also doesn’t mean that he is all that great in the all time scheme of things.
    Favre has gotten about 200 miles to the gallon on his one SB victory. Plunkett won two and most people don’t know who he is.

  11. Does this mean that Favre has spoken with Romo twice this season? Once about his little finger and once before they played that Packers?

  12. A Packers player should call every Jets opponent before they play the Jets and give them the inside scoop on Favre. Something like, “He likes to throw interceptions.”

  13. Things ended badly. But for a long, long time Favre was very well paid and well cared for by his former employers and the fans of Green Bay. If the Jets were playing Green Bay – then, sure, talk away. But other teams – that’s classless and shows contempt for a city that treated the man like he was a god. He’s acting like a psycho that’s been dumped by his girl. What’s next? Slashing TT’s tires and calling his house at 3AM? Grow a pair and move on Brett. Green Bay has.

  14. Gee, I wonder if this story ends up being another lie about Favre – like the one perpetuated by Ted Thompson on Favre unretiring in late March, and then re-retiring again two days later was, if the media will report THAT with as much zeal? My guess is no.

  15. Brett, we understand. Many people are now being pushed out of their jobs after 15 to 20 years and going into part time consulting. You’re getting a head start. Way to be proactive! It’s tough out there these days. 12 million a year just doesn’t go as far as it once did.
    Seriously, Favre was still learning his playbook in week 2. I doubt he had time to call the Lions.

  16. “Gee, I wonder if this story ends up being another lie about Favre – like the one perpetuated by Ted Thompson on Favre unretiring in late March, and then re-retiring again two days later was, if the media will report THAT with as much zeal? My guess is no.”
    NERD: Yo, dummy. Favre admit that part’s true. What he “disputes” is whether they had chartered a plane just to come to Hattiesburg, or whether they already had the plane and were going to stop by on their way back from league meetings.
    Not that nuthuggers like you give a 5h!7 about reality.
    It’s also true that Favre thinks he should be able to dictate to the GM what coach to hire, what roster moves to make, what the offensive philosophy should be and what plays should be called.
    He’s practically Elton John when it comes to being a diva.

  17. nerdamn, Favre admitted he had 2nd thoughts like he always had, but he never contacted MM or TT about it. TT made a bigger deal out of that end of March situation then what it really was. As far as dictating to GMs, Favre gave his opinions just like all great players of the past have (You think Elway or Payton don’t have a voice?). The only reason it was an issue with TT is because TT’s ego is so big he couldn’t handle it.
    But hey, this must be true right? I wonder if Favre called the Lions on that Packer issued cell phone? oops, forgot about that lie from Packer management too didn’t ya?

  18. You really think Rodgers escapes sacks that Favre wouldn’t have? You’ve obviously never watched either one play. Favre wasn’t a runner, but he was elusive. Rodgers gets sacked on tons of plays where Favre would have thrown the ball away or made a play. Rodgers has fewer interceptions because he holds the ball forever. He’ll have a good QB rating, but if the Packers need him to make plays to come back from a late game deficit, they’re screwed.

  19. I would find it more believable if the team mentioned were the Vikings. We already know that Brett has Childress’s cell phone number, we already know that Brett gets a hard on thinking about wearing a purple uniform, and we already know that the Packers won those first two games against the Vikings and Lions so in the end, its much ado about nothing.
    Sort of like the Viking’s and Lion’s season so far.

  20. Favre didn’t get his way with the Packers organization who basically gave him his way for the most part of his tenue in Green Bay. I agree with the rest of you, he did some classless crap here by tipping off the Lions(why the Lions,lol?) with plays from the playbook. Dude just needs to move on like the rest of us and concentrate on playing football. His team isn’t exactly a dynasty, he needs to work on carrying another team,lol. Rodgers will be fine, give him time to find his own.

  21. If I was a Jets fan, I’d be equally pissed about this. That was an extra 60-90 minutes Favre could have been spending preparing for the team he was playing that week. I know a lot of people are arguing that Favre was sooooo busy doing this, he couldn’t have possibly helped the Lions. But Favre has a history of hating to study film and playbooks. Mangini left him alone too long and he got bored.
    I hope this is false, but deep inside, I’m pretty sure this report is accurate.

  22. This is the dumbest rumor I have heard this season. This didn’t happen and you don’t need proof of that. Nothing will help the Lions. Did you see the Vikes Lions yawner. Greenbay could have put half of it’s players on the field and it would not have mattered.
    Again, this is a dumb rumor and not worth repeating.

  23. Advice from #4 what a joke he lost to the Raiders
    He is done finished after every game he looks like he went 15 rounds with Ali
    Hang it up go back to your plow

  24. If this rumor is true, great plan to get back at your former team by giving info to the worse team in the division.

  25. Fave is strickly for Fave. He is a nothing but a cry baby. First he cries when he “retires”, then he wants to come back on HIS terms which is playing for the Vikings. Fave should premanently retire on his farm.

  26. You mean Peter King actually made an appearance on Football Night in America. They say he works for NBC, it’s news to me. All I see is that clown Collingsworth getting more airtime than any analyst in the history of the NFL.

  27. Next he’ll be calling California cows on how to give better milk to make better cheese.
    Favre has never acknowledged that without Reggie White’s then SB record 3 QB sacks, the Packers would have never won that SB. And people frequently forget that, despite the fact a winning SB QB usually gets the maximum consideration for the SB MVP award, the MVP of the Packers’ SB win was Desmond Howard, NOT Brett Favre.
    Reggie, Desmond, Dorsey, and Antonio won that SB game; Favre was merely a player along for the ride.

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