To the extent that any doubt remained regarding the status of the relationship between the Packers and former quarterback Brett Favre, it’s now completely gone.
Per Jay Glazer of FOX, Favre spent 60-to-90 minutes before the Week Two game between the Lions and the Packers educating the Detroit coaching staff regarding the Packers’ offensive strategies.
Did we say wow?
Glazer says that Favre initially called former CEO Matt Millen, who then put Favre in touch with the coaches.
In our view, Brett’s legacy with the Packers has officially been forever stained, if not completely destroyed — unless Favre immediately denies the report, and unless people believe it.
The next question is whether and to what extent Favre shared similar information with the Vikings (where his former position coach is the offensive coordinator) before Week One, or with the Seahawks (where his former head coach is the head coach) before Week Six.
If so, Brett’s advice didn’t work.  The Packers won all three games.


  1. Favre needs to let it go and move on. The Packers have, and so have a good chunk of their fanbase. The remaining fans will quickly move on after reading reports like this.

  2. Terrible. Cmon Brett…as a Packer fan…you were the best. I’ve definitely lost some respect now.

  3. Yup, Favre’s legacy is stained. Now the only question remaining is, “who is the bigger duece-bag; Ted Thompson or Brett Fave”?
    (maybe a spelling issue on the d-bag comment – it is not a product I have used before. but I am sure someone who used it will correct me).

  4. Favre showing us that despite all the fanfavre and hype and media love for this guy (too much for a guy who won ONE SB), he is a self loving moron, and not about anyone but himself and saving his media created face. The guy won one SB, and he gets the Montana treatment. Plunkett just called and said WTF?

  5. why is this a “wow” fest exactly? We all know what went down between Favre and Coach Mangino….i mean McCarthy. They dont like each other clearly so Favre passed along some information. I guess he is the first player ever huh? Yawn.

  6. This is just as bad as Spygate. If this is true, which sounds like something Favre would do, he should be penalized heavily by the league. So should the Jets. Why would you ruin everything that you had accomplished in Green Bay? He was looked at as a God there. I guess revenge was more important though.

  7. if true, the bloom sure is off the rose. i bet this kind of stuff happens all the time, but this is taking it to extremes.
    and since the pack won those games by 5, 23 and 10… if bf did that… maybe he didnt give the best objective advice…

  8. The only reason Mr. Favre may have helped those teams was to give them some innaccurate information…why else do you think the packers won?

  9. Advice only counts for so much (maybe one Wow, not five). The players still have to recognize and execute.

  10. So if the Pack won all three how do we know Brett didn’t lie to the Lions, Vikings and Seahawks? Oh my.

  11. Sharing information like that with the Lions is like telling a retard the combo to a bank vault. Just because they know the information doesn’t mean they posses the facilities to utilize it.

  12. If this turns out to be true, then it’s probably time for the Brett apologists (and, by proxy, TT haters) to take a big bite of Shut The Hell Up.
    But I’ll reserve judgment until I see what Favre has to say on the matter.

  13. I understand being pissed at the organization, but why do that and risk your relationship with their fans?

  14. Let’s hope he spoke to Peyton Manning this week! BTW it could be a new NFL curse. Note that he spoke to Romo… and he is not starting.

  15. haha the Packers paid him like $12 mil a season to get treated like this. Talk about “overpaid”…

  16. Good grief. Does anyone realize how preposterous this is.
    During Week 2 Favre and the Jets were getting ready for the New England Patriots. Not to mention he was still learning the offense, still learning his new players, and preparing for his first home game at the Meadowlands. Where, exactly, would he get this free 60 to 90 minutes of time for this ??? Favre even admitted his head was buried in the playbook every available minute he had (even at home at night), when he wasn’t at practice.
    Never under estimate the ability of someone in the media to try and shi- on a legend. Maybe this story was “planted” by Ted Thompson like the ones he did back in June and July about saying he’d come back, and then reneging 2 days later. Someone in Green Bay just can’t accept the fact that getting rid of Favre was a bad decision, and the only one in GB that can’t ever admit a mistake, is Ted Thompson.
    If it’s proven this story was planted by Ted Thompson as some sort of pathetic attempt to repair his own image in the Brett Favre trade debacle, then I think he should be fired immediately.

  17. Concur with FoF here. Until I hear conclusive proof of this, I am going to chalk this one up to Ari Fleischer spin tactics or BSSRISSFU
    (BS Reporter in Search of Story F’s Up). Just does not JIVE with the way Brett operates. I can see Brett perhaps cluing the Jets in on some stuff if at some point they played the Pack, as that is the team who has earned his loyalty, but c’mon… the LIONS? Try again, Glazer, cause IMO this smells fishier than Long John Silvers’ day old grease…

  18. I’ve seen plenty of times where a team will pick up a player from a rival team to pick their brain before games. Favre probably told those teams how to throw INTs.

  19. Brett’s legacy was penned during his Fox interview with Greta.
    How f*cking presumptuous to tell your boss to:
    sign an over-the-hill guard, with bad knees
    sign a semi-talented, but too-expensive guard
    sign a talented-but-lazy, locker-room-cancer wide receiver
    hire a let-me-get-away-with-anything head coach, who has a man-crush on me…
    and then get indignant when it doesn’t happen.
    What a jerk!

  20. Amazing to read that some folks will just naturally assume everything they read or hear is true. Guilty, before proven innocent.

  21. I say keep the information coming, Brett. I’m praying he chatted up Pey-Pey this week. This is just a sampling of the douchebaggery that this moron is capable of.

  22. PackFaninPackLand, you are a moron if you believe the drivel you posted. Do you really think Thompson would spend the energy planting a story like that? Give me a break! Favre was just a whiney crybaby who as a Packer fan I admired, but the way he has acted, I’ve certainly lost a lot of respect for him.

  23. Since the source is Jay Glazer, who’s generally dead-on in his scoops (especially his Packer-related ones), I tend to believe it until I see evidence to the contrary. A statement from Favre would be helpful– he’s not a very good liar, so if he did this, I would expect him to not be able to hide the smirk while he denies.
    And blueballs– wtf? Why would the Jets be punished for something Brett Favre did independently as a former Packers player? If any team should get punished, it would be the Lions for acting anticompetitively in conjunction with Favre.

  24. Oops, no editing feature here, I guess. My post should read “BS Sports Reporter in Search of Story F’s Up.” Not that there are not OTHER reporters who do the same, of course…
    Calling out Glazer and Florio here: if this story ends up being BS, you must correct yourselves at least as prominently as you featured this story. Remember, some people persist in thinking that Brett called the Vikes on a team-issued cell phone…

  25. I wouldn’t actually call it a wow. Follow any sports wire and you will see teams pick up recently cut guys from opponents all the time, bring them in for a week or two and then re-cut them. It’s totally for brain picking. Really, NBD.

  26. This is EXACTLY how Favre operates. The story about coming back then reneging in March IS accurate. The only thing Favre disputes is whether they were going to charter a plane specifically for that or whether they were going to stop by on their flight back from league meetings.
    Favre is psycho and has a vendetta against TT, because TT wouldn’t let Favre name the head coach, roster, offensive philosophy, playcalling, etc.
    Biggest cancer in league history. Isn’t there some rule about tampering vis a vis giving teams playbooks and stuff like that? He should be SUSPENDED by the league. It’s like he was assisting gamblers or something. That’s not legit.

  27. Willie Anderson reportedly stood next to the defensive coach during the Bengals-Ravens game in week one and actively pointed out each Bengals formation and likely play call in real time. Helped Ravens pound the Bengals.

  28. Biggest cancer in league history??? You’re kidding, right? Ever hear of Ryan Leaf? Lawrence Phillips? TO in San Fran and Philly?
    And if it is true, who gives a damn? What could he have possibly told anyone that doesn’t show up on scouting reports and hours of game tape?

  29. nerdmann, biggest cancer in league history? Come on, you know better than that! While I think what Favre did was BS, especially when he was supposedly spending every waking moment trying to absorb the playbook at that time, but he’s certainly never been a cancer. He’s just the opposite of a cancer when on the field, but off the field he’s shown that he is a big baby.
    Are you sure you’re just not a Vikings fan who got tired of watching him with envy?

  30. As a Packer fan, I truly hope this story is, as Favre would put things, only rumors. If not, he has to be one of the biggest idiot in the world. I’ve always said from day one of this soap opera that Favre handled this situation with the Packers like a baby. He quickly came from the Legendary QB to “What about me” Brett Favre. If this story is in fact true, retiring his jersey should be strongly reconsidered. This is despicable no only to the team but to the whole Packers fan base.
    But somehow, it wouldn’t surprise me at all.

  31. I’ve been a Packers fan all my life and grew up a mile from the Frozen Tundra. Favre is a bigger cancer than T.O. Randy Moss and Pacman all put together. None of them have credibility.
    Favre is crazed with a personal vendetta and he’s been trying to destroy the team for a long time.
    Hell, I even suspect him of throwing the NFCC game against the Giants. Remember that photo? He threw to the ONE guy who was covered. He has a history of this type of thing, too. Remember when he gave Strahan the sack record?
    Biggest cancer in league history.

  32. i think its safe to say two things about this if its true….
    1. favre just cost himself a huge licensing agreement to pad his retirement
    2. espn needs to create a new category for favre to win this year at the espy’s…biggest douche lifetime achievement award

  33. Some of the postings I have just read must have come from Farve fans who happen to be mentally challenged mill-rats.
    Thompson may be many things to many people but I believe he would not stoop to the level of any disgruntled(#4)ex-employee and spread untruths.

  34. Favre should be banned from the NFL for life.
    Yeah, players get signed to teams to give intel about their former teams. But this is nothing like that at all. What Favre has been doing is giving the entire playbook to every team we play. That’s not just one team. If you think Favre just gave the info to the Lions, I got some swampland in Florida to sell you. You think Favre was indifferent about how Rodgers would look in week one?
    Not only that, but the report said that Favre talked to them for like an hour and a half. So they probably knew all our formations, OUR SIGNALS, tendancies, situational plays, etc.
    To every one of our opponents.
    We wondered why the offense seemed so out of kilter this year. Now we know.
    There are rules in place for this sort of thing. Gamblers are always trying to get players to throw games, or give EXACTLY THIS TYPE OF AN EDGE to teams. Who knows, maybe that’s the REAL reason Favre is doing this, and the vendetta is just the cover story.
    What Paul Hornung and Alex Karras did pales in comparison to what Favre has done, and they got suspended for a YEAR. Hell, I now suspect Favre of throwing the NFCC game against the Giants last year. Remember that photo? He threw to the ONE GUY who was covered. For all I know, maybe that’s why TT wanted to get rid of him. Maybe he was shaving points with all those “dumb interceptions.” I don’t know. Remember when he gave Strahan the sack record? You don’t think there were bookies in Vegas offering a line on that sack record?
    Remember that game where Bill Walsh accidentally left the 49ers’ first 15 prescripted plays at a restaurant in Green Bay before the game? Fans nabbed it and tried to get it to Holmgren. Holmgren refused to take it. Why? Because it’s not good sportsmanship. AND BECAUSE THERE ARE RULES AGAINST THAT SORT OF THING. It creates, at minimum, the APPEARANCE of impropriety.
    Remember how the Lions (and the Queens for that matter) came back in the second half and almost won the game? We lost to two teams we expected to beat. Maybe HAVING OUR PLAYBOOK, OUR SIGNALS, FORMATIONS AND OFFENSIVE SITUATIONAL TENDENCIES helped those teams out a tad mf’ing bit. What Pete Rose did was BET ON BASEBALL. What he did NOT do was SHAVE POINTS OR GIVE SIGNALS TO OTHER TEAMS OR TRY TO ALTER THE OUTCOME OF GAMES. What Favre has done is far, far worse.
    Favre thinks he is bigger than the NFL. He thinks he is bigger than the Packers. He thinks he should have the right to dictate to the GM who the head coach should be. He thinks he should be able to dictate the roster, the offensive philosophy and the playcalling. Well, Ted Thompson didn’t go along with that. So now we see Favre’s personal vendetta.
    Favre needs to be banned from the NFL for life and made ineligible for the Hall of Fame. He is the biggest cancer in league history and his actions are WORSE than the infamous “black sox” scandal in baseball. If Goodell doesn’t investigate or if he sweeps this under the rug, he has no credibility whatsoever.

  35. Personally, I’d have to question the “Insider Trading” going on between Mr. Glazer, the author of this article, and Mr. Ted Thompson, Packer General Manager.
    Others may recall it was also Mr. Glazer who was the very first reporter to report several incidents during the entire Brett Favre fiasco, including his eventual trade to the New York Jets which Mr. Glazer “broke”.
    We also have to recollect the previous “tampering” story involving Favre, that one involving the Minnesota Vikings, was another false but planted story involving a supposed “Packer Cell Phone”, which turned out not only be false, but against league rules for such devices to even exist.
    This time, one must wonder what the Ari Fleischer-driven spin machine in Green Bay will come up with next? Anthing to distract from the Jets having a better record than the Packers this year, I suppose.

  36. Jay Glazer is one of the best in the media when it comes to breaking stories. If there is any credence of truth to this report, I sincerely hope that the Packers will never have the ceremony at Lambeau retiring his jersey. The very thought of Favre being such a petty, shallow, vindictive prick makes me physically ill.

  37. As a stockholder and a diehard fan, I no longer want any part of Brett Favre associated with the Green Bay Packers. While this isn’t exactly cheating, it isn’t exactly gambling, it’s clearly unethical and shows an absolute lack of character and integrity.

  38. Why does this surprise anybody? The Packers plucked an obscure, overweight ham-n-egger from the depths of Failcon hell and molded him into… well, whatever you think his career has been, and paid him millions upon millions of dollars in the process. Canonized him, even deified him. In return, he’s doing the best he can to sink the franchise. BertFarve’s not a cancer. He’s more like the HIV virus. Packers didn’t even know they were sick for a long time and now, years after the fact he’s trying to become full-blown AIDS. The worst of his betrayals is his betrayal of Packer fans. I could give a damn about the highly-paid executives and players because at the end of the day… they’re millionaires that would be just as happy to be making that money somewhere else. I’m talking about the people that work their asses off shoveling snow out of Lambeau Field and the kids that let players ride their bikes instead of watching them walk to the practice field. I’m talking about the scores of hardcore Packer fans can’t afford to go to a game but can hear the cheers emanating from Lambeau Field from their front porches. I’m talking about guys like JimmySmith that live and breathe the Green Bay Packers so deeply that they base their own self-worth on how the Packers do on Sunday. It ain’t right, it ain’t fair, and they deserve better.
    P.S. Tell Debbie I said hi, Nerdmann.

  39. Wow. Why stop there? We know Favre talks to Romo, and they beat the Pack! We know Jon Gruden used to be his WB coach, and they beat the Pack! We know Grady Jackson played with Favre with the Pack, and they beat the Pack! And I bet Favre knows Peyton or Dungy!
    Seriously people, let it go! I highly doubt anything in the suddenly non-existant Glazer article is anything that’s never been done before, if it even actually happened.
    But since there’s no facts, continue to make up stories to fill the time until the Cowboys say something worth misconstruing.

  40. Wow, check out all the high horses in here. All these “fans” now want everything Favre related excised from Packers’ history. So all the records, the one Super Bowl, all the playoff appearances, gone? I’m not saying what he did was right. I’m saying the guy is human, and it’s understandable he might have hard feelings if he felt like he was treated unfairly after 16 years with the organization. These calls to have him banned, to have his tenure in Green Bay “erased”, and calling him the “biggest cancer in league history”… I think those are the things that deserve a hearty

  41. I don’t get the “wow.” Comparing to spygate — really? This is a crappy action by a jerk. The jsts should not allow him to give up info to other teams in the league but it now their business. (I am a Packer fan in GB by the way). If true, the packers players should be pissed especially DD and Mike McCarthy and Ted Thompson to a lesser degree. But if the Jets want to let this prima donna do it, I think it is theur business

  42. Savage, you’ve got to get the line right if you’re going to use it:
    “Lighten up, Francis”

  43. I don’t know if its true or not, I suspect Favre gave information to the Vikings in Week 1 so if it is true, it isn’t working.
    I don’t get to pumped up about it though, look at the Jets season heading down hill. Maybe Lord Favre should worry more about his INT’s that he is still throwing and less about the Packers.

  44. Whether the Lions were able to use the information successfully is irrelevant. It was still an asshole move, and, if true, which I doubt, Favre should be penalized and the Lions should lose a draft pick.

  45. Don’t forget, Thompson has made up crap about Favre before, like saying the Vikings were tampering and that Favre said he wanted to come back and then decided against it. Until there’s some evidence for this story, I’m sticking with Favre.

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