Dolphins managing partner Wayne Huizenga will finalize his sale of the team to co-owner Stephen Ross by the end of the year, Chris Mortensen of ESPN reports.
Huizenga sold part of the team to Ross early this year, and they’ve agreed that Ross will buy out Huizenga in the future. NFL owners voted unanimously on Tuesday to allow Huizenga to sell Ross up to 45 percent of the Dolphins at any date the two agree on.
Per Mortensen, that date will be December 30. The reason? Huizenga wants to set the date of the sale before the end of 2008 because he believes Barack Obama will be elected president and will implement tax policies that are less favorable to billionaires who sell their businesses.
Ross, meanwhile, is apparently selling part of the team himself. But he is expected to be the majority owner going forward.


  1. didn’t wayne promise parcells this was a few years away? I thought parcell’s picked the dolphins cause of his relationship with the owner, with ross coming in does anyone know what parcells will do? nope…….. so this could get interesting on a lot of levels…..

  2. FinFanMan13 says:
    October 19th, 2008 at 11:29 am
    What does this mean for Bill Parcells honoring his 4-year contract?

    I believe Parcells response to that question would be the same as before hearing this news….
    “Contract? HAHAHAHA!”

  3. Vox, do you get a paycheck every time you hype yourself?
    FinFanMan, Parcells stated after Ross bought his chunk that he was aware of the talks when he signed his contract.

  4. This is an owner who has overseen the lowest era in the history of the Miami Dolphins. This is an owner who has dragged a proud franchise into the mediocrity of uncompetitive NFL teams. This is an owner who made the once proud Dolphins the laughing stock of the league last year.
    I hope Obama does win. It will be a win for this country, a return to prosperity. If old baldie sells the team because his highness billionaire doesn’t believe he should pay his fair share in taxes then all the better. America needs change… and the Dolphins sure as hell need change after his disastrous era of ownership. Good riddance you worthless sack.

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