On the same day that one former “U” tight end isn’t happy with the Saints, another one is miffed at the Browns.
Tight end Kellen Winslow isn’t happy about the infection that recently landed him in the Cleveland Clinic.  Winslow says it was a staph infection, the second one he has suffered during his time in Cleveland.
Per Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Winslow claims that it was the team, not Winslow, that wanted to keep the reason for the hospitalization quiet. 
“There’s obviously a problem and we have to fix it,” Winslow said.  “Just look at the history around here.”
In Winslow’s case, the rumor in the locker room that his balls were severely swollen coupled with our report that Winslow had an infection prompted all sorts of speculation that was unflattering to Winslow.  Deadspin mentioned a rumor that Winslow had taken an overdose of erection-enhancing medication, along with a rumor that he was suffering from an STD.
If Winslow’s version of the facts is accurate, the disclosure that Winslow had a garden-variety (for the Browns) staph infection might have negated some of that speculation.
Winslow also isn’t happy that he didn’t hear from G.M. Phil Savage during Winslow’s three-night hospital stay.
“A big reason I’m upset right now has to do with [the staph infection],” said Winslow. “I heard from Romeo Crennel and I heard from my position coach [Alfredo Roberts] when I was in the Clinic.  I never heard from the man upstairs — Phil Savage — and that really disappoints me.
“I feel I’ve done a lot for this team, played through a lot of pain and given it my all.  I just thought I deserved a little better than that.”
Winslow said that he thought about asking for a trade, but didn’t.  Still, he’s not happy.
“I give my heart and soul to this team,” he said. “I just wish there had been a little more concern over this situation.”


  1. Anytime someone is hurt in Cleveland, you automatically think “staph infection”. At this point, you really have to wonder whether any quality free agents would want to sign with the Browns.

  2. With all the staph infections of Cleveland players you have to wonder if the field isn’t the problem.

  3. Winslow is such a baby! How about how Cleveland stuck by him when he went head over heels on a motorcycle and didn’t take back all the bonus money they could have? Wah Wah Wah!!!! Yeah he’s a soldier alright!

  4. Did they say if his “balls” were ovaries or not?
    I’m a diehard Browns fan and will be til I die but this is just sad. Winslow whining about not getting a call from a GM to check on his balls? It’s an infection, not an amputation. How can he blame the Browns for the Cleveland Clinic being a Staph Farm?

  5. The Browns don’t have a staph problem. They have a cancer problem.
    How could Phil trade him? He’d get no value out of it. Who wants to trade for a non-blocking, who-knows-how-long-his-knee-will-hold-up, me first TE who wants a new contract?

  6. “My balls grew so big cause im a mutha F-in solider!!!”
    On a serious note, I can’t argue with him because he has a good point. Whats with all the Browns players getting staph infections? I could swear I remember seeing a special on HBO about this and watching them spray that locker room down with all kinds of bacteria killing chemicals. Really scary stuff. Savage should have called to check in on Winslow, he is one of their best players.

  7. Christ this team has a bunch of PITA receivers. At least Winslow produces a little more consistently than that other one.

  8. Man – I have a staph infection in my toe and that hurts quite a bit. I can’t imagine what a staph infection in the nuts must feel like.

  9. the cleveland clinic is a joke, its another good excuse
    for LeBron James to leave Cleveland and never come back.
    Brady Quinn should bolt too, Cleveland is a joke city and will
    never win a pro sports title.

  10. It’s the curse of Modell: a sad team with a stupid coach and an arrogant GM who work for a bored owner who is just waiting for the NFL to go international so he can move his team to England and be the proud owner of the British Browns. And it’s not “staph” infection which is the problem; it’s “staff” infection, the whole coaching staff which has Winslow’s balls in an uproar and Quinn’s ass on the bench.

  11. “I’m a diehard Browns fan and will be til I die but this is just sad. Winslow whining about not getting a call from a GM to check on his balls? It’s an infection, not an amputation. How can he blame the Browns for the Cleveland Clinic being a Staph Farm?”
    First, staph isn’t “just an infection”. Thanks to overprescription of antibiotics, a lot of these staph bacteria are extremely aggressive and drug resistant. Left untreated for very long, they actually can require an amputation or become life threatening.
    Second, the general assumption is that the staph infections are happening in the locker room. They end up in the Clinic for *treatment* of the infections.
    Of course, maybe they just went swimming in lovely Lake Erie.

  12. Do the Browns continue to use the same clinic and doctors? If so what are they waiting for? Could this be the convenient excuse of the day in Cleveland? It does not look like Winslow is earning the huge money he is being paid.

  13. The Browns have to do a full infection control program like a hospital with the same problem. Test every player, coach, training staff etc. Staph infection generally means MRSA (methicillon-resistent staph. A.) which is a really nasty bug. Amputations and worse. ANyway, one can carry this bug on their bodies and have no symptoms. You have to test everyone and get everyone on anti-biotics to get rid of this thing. Plus testing the physical plant, institute hand washing procedures and lots of other things that a football team just does not do. (BTW, the antibiotics generally used to treat this bug is pretty nasty and could cause you to have the shits for a month, not so good to maintain strength enough to play professional freaking football.

  14. Junior is grest for us Steeler fans! He waits until after the trade deadline to pop off and demand a trade. This on top of the soldier rant and motorcycle stunt. He’s scuttling the Browns this year. They should cut him free and let him try to get a decent contract anywhere.

  15. In the hospital for three days because of staph??
    i dunno, i thought staph was a bit more serious than a three day stint in the hospital.
    my take? winslow is LYING.

  16. C’mon, guys! Real soldiers don’t cry when their sergeant doesn’t visit them in the M*A*S*H unit. This is more likely about the contract the Browns wouldn’t renegotiate with him this year… This situation looks like it has his agent’s fingerprints all over it. Go back and look at how well the Browns treated this guy when he played a total of about two games (both preseason) his first two seasons and was a miserable failure as a parking lot Evel Knievel. He should zip it (although not as hard as he did before he ended up in the hospital) and go play football…

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