There are indications out of Dallas that Cowboys defensive coordinator Brian Stewart is in danger of being stripped of his responsibilities in calling the defense, or fired outright.
Cowboys coach Wade Phillips said today that he’s going to take it upon himself to make changes on defense.
I am going to make some changes as far as what we do and how we do it,” Phillips said. “We are looking at personnel, but there are not a whole lot of personnel changes I think we need to make. I think it’s what we do with the personnel and how we are utilizing the players abilities and what they are doing.”
So if changes need to be made and they can’t be made in personnel, will they be made in coaching? Phillips wouldn’t get specific, but he did say of the defensive game plan, “That’s part of what we’re doing. That’s part of what we’re evaluating.”
Cowboys defensive tackle Tank Johnson said he thinks the Cowboys need to run fewer plays out of fewer formations.
“Bottom line is we are trying to do too many things,” Johnson said, per the team’s official web site.
Stewart was an assistant on the Chargers’ staff from 2004 to 2006, when Phillips was San Diego’s defensive coordinator, and Phillips brought him along when he took the Cowboys job in 2007. But giving up 34 points to the Rams might have been enough to make Phillips lose confidence in Stewart.


  1. Really? 34 points given up to a team like the Rams with players like Dallas in most movies would have him shot out into space.
    This is why the Boys losing games is so mind boggling, because it is hard to find their weak points on the roster. I could point out plenty of weak spots on the unbeaten Titans, but their coaching is so solid. Dallas needs a coaching overhaul, there is little else, other than Pacman Jones (which a good coach could overcome) that could make that team 4-3.

  2. They are not trying to do many things, they are doing everything in reaction. They need one chief to make decisive decisions instead of wasting time on dead ends. The Patriots cut some guy after he got arrested and they moved on. You know that Bill has them by the balls and even after being embarrassed by the Chargers you heard NOTHING from the media crucifying the Pats.
    Cowboys need to shut up and stop feeding the media lines, and get out there and execute instead of excuse.

  3. Dizzle – there is a big difference between the chargers and rams. Also, that other comment someone made about titans roster vs Dallas roster. There is a thing called hype! The team played really well together last year as team, like the titants are now. It’s a team sport and Dallas has too many individuals.

  4. sporkdevil the weakness on the cowboys is the coaching. There is no disipline. I am an all time cowboys fan but it is getting ridiculous. Jason Garrett is one of the only bright spots I see with the cowboys coaches. If phillips can make a big impact with the Defence I think it may be wise if Brian stewart is canned or atlast just made an assistant again, then give wade phillips the choice to move down and coach the Defence or just be out right fired, and then move Jason Garrett up as head coach.

  5. The only way for the Cowboys to ever be anything again is for somebody to fire Jerry Jones – and I don’t see that happening anytime soon…

  6. Which brings us to the question of why doesn’t Jerry Jones just hire himself as head coach and demote Wade Phillips to defensive coordinator? Wade has been a good coordinator before, right?

  7. “This is why the Boys losing games is so mind boggling, because it is hard to find their weak points on the roster.”
    I’ll address this in Emmitt Smith-like fashion:
    Two words: Secondary.

  8. Please, Wade, PLEASE dump Stewart!! And, while you’re at it, bring in a real special teams coach too.

  9. “Bottom line is we are trying to do too many things”
    This is defense we are talking about, they might start with tackling the guy with the ball and progress from there to covering receivers and after that, they might even get around to rushing the QB.
    Too many excuses, too little effort, that about sums up Sunday’s game.

  10. Far be it for me to suggest that this is scapegoating.
    Sacrificial lamb would be more like it.
    Look at it this way. Jason is the “chosen one”…and therefore beyond Jerry’s wrath.

  11. Ok, maybe I’m a dumb dumb and someone can help me out here, but isn’t Wade Phillips the coach that is in charge of the assistant coaches and the co-ordinaters? Do they come up with anything during the week like, oh I don’t know what you would call it, a game plan maybe? Has coach Wade been saying, “I don’t approve of your plan but let’s do it anyway”? I think he might also have some sort of advanced communication device during the game, I think the industry term is a headset, where, as “coach” he can overrule the guys under him. If he’s a head coach that specializes in defense and the defensive gameplan is poor, should he, as the head coach that approved the gameplan, be held accountable?

  12. Just one time I’d like a player from a losing team to stand up and say,
    “You know, our schemes are just too simplistic”
    “We’ve become too CONVENTIONAL in our systems”
    “We need greater DIVERSITY in our playcalling”

  13. “If he’s a head coach that specializes in defense and the defensive gameplan is poor, should he, as the head coach that approved the gameplan, be held accountable? ”
    Of course. But it’s up to the defensive coordinator to make sure that the defense is the best position to execute the gameplan. You’ve got to let your coaches coach and if they’re not doing a very good job of it, you’ve got to find somebody else to do it or do it yourself. Of course a head coach can overrule a subordinate coach at any time but ideally the coordinators are calling plays that they’ve had the defense working on all week.
    Bottom line is if the players don’t buy into what the coaches are trying to do or don’t execute the plays as drawn up then it doesn’t really matter who calls what. You’re not gonna have much success.

  14. ““paging Vox Veritas…Mr Veritas” ”
    Jeez, give it a break. I’m here win or lose and when I’m not here, I’m doing something else, m’kay?

  15. “Where the hell is Vox???????????????????? ”
    Damn man how sad is your life that you’re worrying so much about me? You could step off this mortal coil tomorrow and nobody would miss you haha but you’d sure miss meeeeee

  16. After hearing it from the defensive mastermind known as Tank Johnson, it’s clear Brian Stewart is a horrible coach.
    Or the Cowboys defense is overrated, aging and in some cases retarded (outside of DeMarcus Ware, Spears & Canty).

  17. If Jerry Jones is looking for someone to blame for the Cowboys’ current predicament he should start in the mirror.

  18. The problem with Dallas is the owner. Those asking why Mr. Jones doesn’t name himself coach…(other than him not being qualified), the answer is obvious…as owner he can always blame a coordinator or coach, but if he were the official head coach, there would be nobody else to point a finger at. For those of us that detest the Cowboys under Jones…this is WONderful drama and the plotline…even tho repeated…is a delight to watch. He brings in a no-nonsense guy when order needs to be restored (JJ and Tuna)…and once they are loaded, he convinces himself HE is the reason and sends the real architect and engineer on their way (the most telling line EVER: “after all, Jimmy…there are hundreds of coaches that could run this team”). He then hires a series of yes men who will accept the role of servant and allow Mr. Jones to get in front of every camera powered on to do a story about the Cowboys. The ‘success’ lasts a year or so…until the vapors and influence from a JJ/Tuna dissipate…and then the team goes into a long and steep decline while Mr. Jones blames everyone except for himself (denial in his case is very entertaining to witness). We are now seeing the beginning of Long, Steep Decline II. I have MY popcorn and I couldn’t be happier.

  19. Vox, you can take all the glory when the sun is shining in Dallas, but as soon as the heat gets turned up on you, you think its a shame that the same folks you try to piss on start pulling down their pants in yur direction….get a clue and take it like a man!!!! nh. LOL

  20. Get over yourself, Lee. Go ahead and try to pants me, but pls try to do it in a way that makes sense. Nobody looks at “paging Vox” and thinks “yeah, that guy’s never here after a loss!” because like I said, I’m here win or lose and everybody knows it. Who the hell are YOU to call ME out anyway? You could have posted here 2 times or 2,000 times and nobody would know the difference because you have absolutely nothing to say that hasn’t been said by somebody smarter than you before. Try a little creativity sometime, if you’re capable. You can’t really pants me by implying something that the majority of people that frequent this site know to be false.
    I’ve already given you more attention than you deserve so I’m gonna return you to your regularly scheduled obscure existence.

  21. I used to think they scary Jerry was the Barnum N Bailey of the NFL…You know……sucker born every minute……But suck on these figures cowgirl fans….
    Ken Hamlin…..39 million
    Roy wiliams….45 million
    Tony Romo….67 million
    Marion Barber…45million…
    Terrance Newman…50 million
    Flozelle Adams….43million…
    Leonard Davis….49million…
    Terrell Owens…..34million….
    Granted, i did little research, but eight starters with a total of 372 million in contracts for a 4-3team?….Is this scary jerry’s bait and switch? And to think Ware…..will be a free agent soon….what….70 mil?…..All this for a medicore team….No wonder PSL’s cost 150,000 g’s………SUCKERS

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