As if there wasn’t already a strong enough belief that Jerry Jones wanted to become the George Steinbrenner of the NFL, Jones is now working with the long-time Yankees owner.
According to Daniel Kaplan and Don Muret of SportsBusiness Journal, the Cowboys and Yankees have jointly launched a concessions company.  The venture, named Legends Hospitality Management, borrowed $100 million several weeks ago.
The Cowboys and Yankees each own a third of the company; Goldman Sach has most of the remainder.
“Legends” will manage all concessions, suite catering, and team stores at the new Yankees and Cowboys stadiums, both of which open next year.
The company also will pursue contracts with other major-league sports, college sports, and sporting events in other countries.
Goldman Sachs managing director Gerry Cardinale saw Jones and Steinbrenner as similar, given their entrepreneurial approach to their teams.
For the casual fan who doesn’t care much about these business niceties, the mere fact that Jones is working with Steinbrenner is certain to fuel the perception that Jones would like to do away with the salary cap, and attempt to buy the best possible team each and every year.
Then again, Jones has spent a bunch of money on his current team.  And he’s not getting much of a return on his investment.


  1. Go ahead Jerry become the next Yankees and the rest of the league will pound you with a lower payroll of hungrier players just like the Rays…

  2. Aside from the obvious negative reaction of the rich getting richer, more owners should be making partnerships like this. Anything to add to new revenue streams, which will be very important considering the economic downturn may fuel a DECREASE (did I just say that?) in ticket prices leaguewide.

  3. “Then again, Jones has spent a bunch of money on his current team. And he’s not getting much of a return on his investment.”
    Just like the Yankees.

  4. “Jones has spent a bunch of money on his current team. And he’s not getting much of a return on his investment.”
    wow, yeah, sounds just like the Yankees

  5. Only appropriate that the two most evil empires in all of sports join forces. I was wondering who the villian would be in the new Justice League movie…

  6. Not a smart move by the Yanks. A large part of their fan base are also NY Giants fans. I go to a lot of Yankees games and I can gaurentee you I won’t be spending a dime in the new stadium. Just the thought of Jerry Jones getting some of that profit is enough to make me bag a lunch and forego the $9.oo beer

  7. What we need is Vox here to tell us how getting embarrassed by the Rams is no big deal, you know, just like last week losing to Arizona.

  8. THis is very hard for a Cowboys fan to handle…especially a Cowboys fan from Texas…so Jones hooks up with a Yankee?….get a rope.

  9. I hate them both but this is a good business move. They’re hoping to recoup some of the money they lose every year to revenue sharing.

  10. The Cowboys are all about the glitz and glamor. That’s why they hooked up with a team from the Bronx.

  11. I’m getting really sick of Jerry Jones. I know it’s not going to happen, but jeez do I wish he would sell the team. He’s not quite the douche bag Snyder is, but he’s definitely a royal pain the ass, and even I’m beginning to think his ego is far too big for him to ultimately be successful at winning a superbowl again.

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