Thanks to a reader who bothered to actually look at the calendar in response to the news that, if/when the NFL adds two regular-season games the extra weeks will be tacked onto the end of the current calendar, we’ve realized that the extra games will create a de facto Super Bowl holiday.
The third Monday in February is Presidents’ Day.  For many students and workers, it’s a three-day weekend.
And this means that folks can extend their Super Bowl viewing and celebrations deep into Sunday night without having to worry about getting up early the next day. 
For years, we’ve heard arguments about moving the Super Bowl to Saturday for this very reason.  As it now stands, we could be getting a Super Bowl holiday.
And that’s perhaps the best reason we’ve heard for adding two games to the regular season.
UPDATE:  A reader points out that they typically stage a little something called the “Daytona 500” on the third Sunday in February.  Our suggested response to NASCAR?  “Get out the way.”


  1. I can see it now….and to tie in with “Presidents Day” the President will be the coin tosser for every Superbowl from here on out….great marketing, NFL….

  2. Better yet, why not have it on Friday night so the winning city could have the parade on Sunday and that doesn’t interfere with the work week either!

  3. July through most of February is far too long of a season. Aren’t there enough player injuries already? Also, unless there will be league mandated venues (indoor), we’ll be seeing colder playing conditions than the GB vs. NYG championship game last year… not exactly conditions for teams to look forward to or excel in.
    IF this is intended to happen, the preseason should be shortened to 2 meaningful games, and start the season in mid August. Very bad idea to extend the season into mid February.

  4. I thought if they added two games to the season they where going to take away two pre-season games thus keeping the current calender.

  5. Day off after the SB YAY… wait I work all holidays in the Network Security field, Dammit.

  6. “Thanks to a reader who bothered to actually look at the calendar ”
    Up yours Florio, that takes effort and thinking and both those things SUCK!!!!

  7. I’d like to know who in the hell gets presidents day off. I’ve been living that day like any other Monday (bloodshot eyes, slightly hungover, reeking of bourbon) since middle school!

  8. Doesnt matter to me, I live in Philadelphia. The next Superbowl parade we see will be the first. So unless we put Obama as the commsioner of the NFL, the Eagles won’t sniff the superbowl.

  9. almelo95 says:
    October 20th, 2008 at 12:08 pm
    Better yet, why not have it on Friday night so the winning city could have the parade on Sunday and that doesn’t interfere with the work week either!
    Jeez… You are such a Brad Childress.

  10. Work for the gov’t, get all fed holidays off, of course the local team has not given us anything to celebrate in close to two decades. although; throughout history every year after the Giants win the Super Bowl, the Redskins win it. Go Skins! Horny for Zorny

  11. “Our suggested response to NASCAR? “Get out the way.”
    Yeah right, good f’ing luck with that.

  12. No matter what they do, they should move the SB to Saturday. That should give most people at least a day if not two to sober up.
    Also, can someone explain to me why NASCAR has the Dayton 500 (what amounts to their Super Bowl) at the beginning of the season?

  13. I agree with Pkrjones. The NFL absolutley does not care about the physical effect of playing 18 to 22 collision packed Football games every year on the players who actually play the game. The former players whose bodies have broken down at 45 should voice a cautionary tale before this madness gains too much steam. Look at the Peter King (BTW, I hate referencing that self promoting tool, but he makes a point) article about the players who’ve been out a significant amount of time already this season.
    How will they compensate the future former players, whose bodies will pay the price for their avarice? Maybe they can just levy heavy “fines” on unpenalized players for phantom infractions committed days before… oh wait they already do that.

  14. the NFL can’t play any games on friday nights as part of the anti-trust laws since that would put it in direct conflict with high school football. the saturday thing is actually a good idea

  15. “the saturday thing is actually a good idea ”
    Yea, so I can be forced to decide between NFL and NCAA.
    FAIL. No thanks. I’ll stick to my Sundays.

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