When we asked for PFT Planet to chime in regarding the possible reasons for ESPN’s decision to avoid the story of Brett Favre’s coaching internship with the Lions, we never expected to hear from someone at ESPN.
But we did.
A source, who for reasons likely related to making the monthly mortgage payment has asked not to be identified, has forwarded to us a version of ESPN’s internal “Hot List,” which provides a detailed rundown of the current stories that might merit mention on the various ESPN properties.
It’s a lengthy collection of news and nuggets regarding all of the major sports (and golf).  At the bottom, there’s a description of one specific story that should be avoided.
Under the heading “DO NOT REPORT . . . DO NOT REPORT . . . . DO NOT REPORT . . . DO NOT REPORT” (um, we get the point) appears the following:
“Yesterday, FoxSports reported that Brett Favre spent 60 to 90 minutes before the Week Two game between the Lions and the Packers educating the Detroit coaching staff regarding the Packers’ offensive strategies.  WE HAVE BEEN TOLD BY RELIABLE SOURCES THIS REPORT IS NOT TRUE.  We did NOT report it yesterday.  Today, the NFL responded to the report, saying even if Favre did this he did not break any league rules.  We are NOT reporting it today, because that would mean airing the erroneous report.  DO NOT REPORT IT.”
We’ve got several problems with this explantion.
First, much like the rumors from several years back regarding Kordell Stewart’s sexuality, the story eventually becomes the story.  The mere fact that there’s an unresolved pissing match between Favre and Jay Glazer while a Lions head coach repeats “no comment” like Drew Rosenhaus barking “next question” is newsworthy, regardless of whether Glazer’s report is accurate.
Second, we know for a fact that folks in the building are privately saying that believe that Glazer’s report is true. 
Third, Glazer has a long history of being on the money.  Shouldn’t that be a factor in the question of whether the story at least merits a mention?  
Fourth, what’s the problem with reporting that the story isn’t accurate?  Doesn’t it make ESPN look good in comparison to a competitor?  (Then again, maybe ESPN only clears the air as to their own inaccurate stories.)
On Wednesday, Favre undoubtedly will be asked about the situation when he meets with the media for a weekly press conference.  Applying the logic reflected by the above quote, ESPN’s “do not report” mandate should also apply to any response Favre makes to Glazer’s report.  
After all, in ESPN’s estimation, the report is wrong.  Having Favre repeat his denial of the report won’t change that. 
Bottom line?  We think there’s still more to this one than meets the eye.  But at least we now know why Bristol’s rank and file aren’t talking about it. 
On the air, that is. 


  1. As a sports fan, I will no longer read ESPN’s web site. Not that there is a bunch to miss (especially that stupid sportscenter clip that automatically loads up and announces to the rest of the office that im surfing the net)
    I cannot respect that they would not report this story when it is obvious this is a story. An all time great going out of his way to stick it to his old team and teammates by calling a division rival to give them info is absolutely newsworthy.
    I agree that Glazer is usually pretty accurate. Worst comes to worst hes not, I am sure all you guys will announce that the story turned out to be false. Doesnt that happen alot anyway. ESPN probably just wants to be on good terms with Favre and to be thats not looking out for the best interests of us fans who the media is meant to report info to

  2. Wow, Florio’s inside sources now include an ESPN mole.
    Of course, it would be ridiculously easy for someone at ESPN’s IT Dept. to track any outgoing emails, so your source (despite not being named) will probably be begging you for a job soon enough.

  3. There was question of Kordell Stewarts Sexuality!!??
    You mean there’s a chance he’s straight?

  4. Talk about an elephant in the room! I download a bunch of sports podcasts to listen to work, including ESPN’s PTI and Football Today. I was curious to hear some more opinion on this. The fact that they are ignoring it is embarrasing. There is nothing wrong with commenting on even an “unconfirmed rumor”. This seems pretty much confirmed. Glazer explained on Jim Rome’s show yesterday that he stands by his sources 1000%. Thats good enough for me.

  5. ESPN is lame. If they think the story is not true and have a source that states that, then report it.
    Does that mean the two guys who talked about the story on ESPN Radio will get in trouble. Why is it okay for them to report it but no one else?

  6. “Third, Glazer has a long history of being on the money. Shouldn’t that be a factor in the question of whether the story at least merits a mention? ”
    Glazer was the guy who reported Favre used a Packer issued cell phone to talk to the vikings.
    Recently, when it involves Favre and Glazer, his histroy isn’t on the money.

  7. Funny, the Matt Walsh story was incorrect and that didn’t stop ESPN.
    ESPN = MTV with an occasional sporting event

  8. It’s funny: Not a word of this was mentioned on Pardon the Interruption yesterday. Yet PTI always at least mentions every random rumor.
    But Michael Wilbon DID mention it in his Washington Post chat:
    Norfolk, Va.: What are your thoughts/belief about Brett Favre supposedly leaking “insider info” to the Lions? Is it possible the “pride of Packerdom” is that vindictive?
    Michael Wilbon: I would be incredibly disappointed if Favre initiated a phone call to the Lions to dime out the Packers. That would be…just sad…And I’d be angry if I was a former teammate of his. Charles Woodson was very specific and very eloquent in his criticism of Favre…Now, there have been denials over this. But the Lions coaches had “no comment” which tells me there’s some smoke at the very least…It needs some more reporting before we slam Brett to the ground…It’ll come out. These things always do.

  9. Accuracy didn’t come into the picture when they decided to run with the Tomase/Matt Walsh story….but I guess that is just details.
    I have been thinking more and more that ESPN is an joke but last night before kickoff of the Pats-Broncos game they have a promo with the whole Monday Night studio crew walking out of a steel mill with the most serious looks on their face, like they are about to lineup to block Wilfork and Dick Seymour (you know, instead of bicker back and forth for 3 hours). Pretty comical.

  10. funny you mention Kordell Stewart…
    one of my college buddies dad was Stewarts lawyer when he got caught rolling up dudes in a public park in Philly…

  11. Wow, I can’t believe the so called media giant that BSPN proclaims to be would have the stance to completely ignore such a large story. As Florio said, even if they believe it’s not true why not report that? I agree with the assessment they’re probably doing this because they want Lord Favre to become a member of their ever growing cast of talking heads.
    Great job with the report Florio.
    And I’d take Glazer’s reports over Ed Werder’s anyday

  12. Exactly what I said in the previous entry, ESPN won’t report it because there is simply no credible source, only 2nd and 3rd hand information. Therefore a non story.
    btw, there have been literally hundreds of stories on this website that have not been reported on ESPN and there have been many stories that Glazer breaks that is never mentioned on ESPN either. So why are you singling this one?: At least this one they have a valid excuse, they have confirmed themselves that this story is not true.

  13. ESPN protects their “White Sports Stars” like no others. That place is pathetic. I never will go to their web site again

  14. I asked Kevin Seifert about the Favre situation during his NFC North chat…he has yet to answer my question.

  15. Razon says: “ESPN is lame. If they think the story is not true and have a source that states that, then report it.”
    So what are they supposed to report? “Story on other website is not true”
    lol, really? It is not their job to watchdog other sites.

  16. I completely agree that ESPN not reporting a story they view as inaccurate EVEN TO SAY its inaccurate is just bad journalism.
    However I don’t understand why it’s a big deal if Favre did tell what he knew about the Packers to the Lions. It happens all the time. Players get workouts from division rivals, only to be let go. You don’t think they get asked what’s going on?
    Hell, here is an article where a player admits discussing his former team:

  17. ESPN is a joke. They won’t give this any attention because Mort didn’t “break” this story, and they have a raging boner for Favre. Glazer was right in saying he didn’t call Favre to verify this because he knew if he did Favre would end up giving the exclusive to someone else, i.e. Mortensen or Nichols. Somebody explain to me how all of a sudden they’re now taking the stance of “it’s not accurate so we’re not reporting it” when they’ve devoted hours to other “inaccurate” stories in the past.
    Also explain to me how you don’t give this any mention, but run with the headline “Favre calls Romo, offers encouragement and advice” while some in Favre and Romo’s camp have reported that’s inaccurate.
    This network sucks

  18. nice post robrocker
    I especially like the last line “It needs some more reporting before we slam Brett to the ground.”
    Obviously BSPN doesn’t feel the same

  19. So Jim Rome can have Jay Glazer on his radio show, gloss on and on about it, but can’t mention it on “Rome Is Burning” in the afternoon on ESPN?
    In my best Rome impression: Hilarious

  20. ESPN’s “credible source” is Favre texting them to say it’s “total BS.” Of course we’ve seen how little credibility Favre’s text end up having.
    If Favre texts something, believe the opposite.

  21. this is worse than espn coverage before favre went to the jets.. does this really matter beyond a post or 2… people complain about too much favre coverage then you guys throw out 10 different posts about the same story. wake me up when its no longer the National Favre League

  22. DePack, you are too funny, you got run out of the other thread because you got your facts so wrong, now you post on this one instead of defending yourself.
    Good luck.
    You want to claim anything else to prove your argument?

  23. I’m not a Favre fan, or a Packers fan. So im really on no ones side. This whole thing seems a lot more like a non-story, then an actual story. If the sources are actually credible, im sure we’ll see a report soon. If not, its just going to remain a rumor for the rumor mill…

  24. I’m kinda torn between whether this is a non-issue that I couldn’t care less about or whether this is the biggest story since Farve got traded.
    How bout a PFTV segment, that might get me off the fence.

  25. Okay, this is going to be a bit extreme, but try to follow me, in the end I think its a relevant point. To all of you saying ESPN *shouldn’t* be reporting it.
    If a news outlet, such as FOX or CNN gets whiff of a bomb threat story and reports it first, and then the other gets a ‘reliable’ tip that there is, in fact, no bomb, isn’t it still the seconds’ obligation to report the news, even if that means including ‘Though these reports are now believed to be inaccurate’?
    Now, Favre isn’t a bomb threat (though some of us might wish he was involved in one), and sports isn’t as important, but thats all ESPN is supposed to do – report on sports / sports related stories. We had wall to wall coverage of Favregate. They shove Favre and the Patriots (when it comes to football) down our collective throats, but now, when it might tarnish someone whose balls they’ve been washing for 10 years, they decide to keep it hush hush?
    Though this will come as no surpise to anyone that’s watched or read ‘stuff’ from ESPN lately, journalists are supposed to be unbiased. They are supposed to report stories, however flattering/unflattering to their cronies they may be, in detail. Thats THERE ONLY JOB. If ESPN believes the story is false, then they do what they have done 1,000,000 times in the past ‘Chris Mortensen was going to break the story that Favre was helping other teams beat the Pack, but then unnamed sources close to the situation have assured him its 100% false’. Etc…

  26. News is news, baby. In order for BSPN to be a credible news source for the ol’ footsball, they can’t be selective in what they report. Isn’t that what PR is for? This is supposed to be journalism, my friends!
    Florio, please continue your takeover of the football-related news world. Your next move should be to find hackers to post the real story on Wouldn’t it be nice if Aaron Rodgers just Lambeau-leaped all over Favre’s face?

  27. Ibod, if this involved the Patriots, there’d be video – which the league would now be destroying.
    Florio – the mole is Pastabelly, isn’t it?

  28. Under the heading “DO REPORT . . . DO REPORT . . . . DO REPORT . . . DO REPORT” (um, we get the point) appears the following:
    “Yesterday, it was reported that Matt Walsh has proof of Patriots coaching staff video taping the Rams walk through prior to the 2001 Super Bowl. WE HAVE BEEN TOLD BY RELIABLE SOURCES THIS REPORT IS NOT TRUE. Today, the NFL responded to the report, saying there is no evidence. We are going to continue reporting it today; because that would mean airing the erroneous report and we hate the Patriots. DO REPORT IT.”

  29. “is newsworthy, regardless of whether Glazer’s report is accurate.”
    Now PFT is getting very shrill.

  30. Bob McGinn of WJS originally reported the inaccurate cell-phone story, if you want to bang Glazer for repeating it… then clarify that you are banging him for repeating someone else’s story.
    Favre has reduced himself to the has-been loser category…

  31. The real question is ” Did Favre use a Packer cell phone for the conversation ?”
    Seriously though. I think Roy Williams would squeal like a pig if/when Detroit plays Dallas. Not that it matters because Detroit would lose anyways.
    It’s very common for ex-players of a team to air their laundry in many ways concerning their old team. I think it’s a consequence of a trade in general.

  32. I honestly don’t understand why you make such a big issue of it. If he’s done something wrong, it will be reported. While it is still up in the air and there is no *CREDIBLE SOURCE* I wouldn’t blame any outlet for hedging their bets for a day or two.

  33. Why do you guys even read this site if you have such a problem with the way it’s written/run?

  34. I just posted this to Seifert. We’ll see if he can answer this one:
    “Hypothetically speaking, if a major sportswriter reported that Jon Kitna, disgruntled after being placed on IR, had contacted members of the Houston Texans coaching staff and spilled offensive strategies of the Detroit Lions, what do you think the reaction would be around the league?”

  35. For the people bringing it up, Glazer didn’t break the story of Favre calling the Vikings with a Packers’ cell phone. He did report on the tampering charges situation, but that wasn’t the same thing.
    Bob McGinn of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel was the one who broke that “story” and was continually credited with it.

  36. Here is what I wrote to Kevin Siefert in his NFC North chat today:
    “Regardless of whether Jay Glazer’s story is accurate (which I believe it is), how can a media outlet intentionally sit on a newsworthy story without completely losing any journalistic credibility they have? Do you guys want Brett Favre to work as an analyst for ESPN that badly? ESPN is famous for scooping other media outlets’ news stories and not giving credit to the source/person who broke the story. This totally validates my opinion that ESPN does not care about journalism or journalistic ethics; they only care about their ratings. I hold nothing against you personally, Kevin, but this piece-of-shit network you work for is beneath you and beneath contempt. I advise a good analyst and writer such as yourself to disassociate yourself with these ratings whores.”

  37. This story is beyond ridiculous… which is probably why it’s not being reported on ESPN.
    Besides the fact that it’s rumor at this point… and not against any rules… what could Brett tell them that they couldn’t learn by watching tape?? Nothing! Not to mention the fact that their game plan has changed since putting Rodgers(a more mobile QB) in the line-up.
    This is the most pointless piece of blogging that I’ve seen all year! What’s next…stories on Favre telling opposing teams what type of cleats the Packers use or what flavor Gatorade is in their coolers?

  38. LOUD NOISES!!!!
    Seriously though, you Florio haters continue to crack me up. We’ll see you guys posting on the next favre story too!

  39. What an absolute joke that ESPN doesn’t report this. Hey, they reported that Favre had that “itch” and continued to do so even though Favre himself called it “all rumor.” Didn’t stop the speculation on SportsCenter, PTI, ATH and everywhere else despite “RELIABLE SOURCES” saying it’s not true.
    Hell, even the wire services are running with this. And while they all say it was Glazer’s scoop and lay it all on him for being true or false, there are other outlets saying that there are plenty of unnamed sources indicating that it is true.
    What galls me about this is that ESPN throws in the “well he didn’t break league rules” qualifier. Hey, TO’s shenanigans didn’t break league rules aside from excessive celebration. Chad Ocho-Whatevers “controversies” haven’t earned him anything but a fine for back-talking. And yet those things are covered like it was worse than the Black Sox scandal.
    As a huge Packer fan and a guy who borderline worshipped Favre as well until this year, even I could see the raging hard-on ESPN had for Brett when I was smitten. I thought it was a bit weird. What I don’t understand is why. Favre doesn’t give them great insider tips (ESPN wasn’t first on the unretirement bit) and he has nothing to offer long term. You’d think ESPN would want to report on this a ton to try and get better ratings. In the end, I think it would make the company look great if Jaworski, Hoge and company get out there and talk about how “crestfallen” they are if this is true because it would restablish a ton of cred among the casual watcher.

  40. My money says next summer Thompson and McCarthy give ole #4 to an undrafted free agent punter.

  41. “How to destroy a great website” by Mike Florio
    Jay Glazer is that guy in an office that sits on the pot in the bathroom just to listen to people fake stories about getting it on with someone new or talk about a promotion that they think they deserve. At the end of the day he walks out and starts spreading rumors. Yeah, maybe once in a great while he is right about something, but he usually looks like a d-bag. The only reason you defend him is because you are on that lame show that he is featured on. And yes, that show really sucks.
    Personally I could care less if Favre helped the Lions. I could also care less if ESPN doesn’t talk about it because there is nothing to report. You just keep trying to throw this crap out there and it’s really disappointing.

  42. “Why do you guys even read this site if you have such a problem with the way it’s written/run? ”
    1) The site is often quick when it comes to reporting breaking news
    2) The day you stop being able to put an opinion on here because it differs with that of the site’s author, you’ll know you’re reading a regurgitated ESPN.
    Make no mistake: Florio is a good guy, and his background serves him well, but sometimes he will take a cheap shot at the big outlets for attention.

  43. Just to set the record straight, Glazer did not report favre used a packer issued cell phone to call the vikings. That was bob mcginn from the milwaukee journal newspaper.
    Glazer reported Favre wanted to unretire and then changed his mind.

  44. “bcmcknight77 says:
    October 21st, 2008 at 3:37 pm
    ESPN: The Fox News of Sports News
    Sweet new slogan, eh? ”
    Ha… more like Foxsports: The Fox News of Sports News

  45. Exactly, Picasso, exactly. Whether one believes this story should or should not be reported, several other outlets have reported that Matt Millen called Favre, supposedly about his interest in taking Favre hunting. So why do we keep reading comments about Favre initiating the contact? If we are going to lend credence to the reports, then how about that one? Does it matter to everyone if Favre talked only after being called and asked questions by someone from the other team?
    Dave1977, there is one problem with your scenario. Kitna is still under contract with the Lions, Favre is no longer property of the Packers. It’s apples and oranges, but kudos for trying to call ESPN writers out a little bit.

  46. Funny, they have no problem reporting every rumor that was related to Spygate, Michael Vick, Pacman, etc. Now they have a problem with reporting this? Why? My guess is that they cannot take credit for the story without opening themselves up to a lawsuit. If they cannot portray the story as “ESPN has learned…” why bother?
    People trash Fox News for their bias reporting, but there is no more bias news source than ESPN. None that is even close.

  47. Shaun Lowrie,
    We continue to read this site because it has been good. Stories like this one are shameless and pathetic. He could’ve cost someone their job, which if you send something here and you know you shouldn’t I hope you get your a– canned, but this is a flat out bad rumor. This is not news, this is not even worth mentioning. In fact, this is trying to call out a company because you work for a competitor. This is completely biased because Florio works for PFP and with Glazer. If he didn’t, would he blast Glazer to? I would hope so.

  48. Jay Glazer has been extremely reliable since I’ve started following sports and sports journalism. If he stands by his story 100%, then I believe it.
    This comes down to simple, basic lessons about trustworthiness that you learn since childhood. Brett Favre has a history of being dishonest about his actions and intentions; Jay Glazer doesn’t have that reputation. Ipso facto, I’ll take Glazer’s word before I’ll take Favre’s. Not even a question.

  49. True or not, Brett simply can stomach the fact that he was replaced by the better QB in Green Bay. Rodgers has done a great job of protecting the ball and has more than held his own stat-wise with the other NFL QB’s. If the defense wasn’t so banged-up, they could easily be looking at 5-2 or better. Favre would have come out against Manning last week and tossed 3 INT’s trying to out-gun the Colts. He’s basically become a joke who’s simply padding his stats this year. Sad end to what was an unbelievable career.

  50. This is a few facts (maybe) being spun into to something to make it a juicy story. Again, what could a guy give up that wasn’t in training camp? The Lions lost the game and there you have it. Now, if the Lions had won the game and Favre had been in Packers training camp, there would be some merit to him being able to provide information to Detroit. Favre should just respond by saying he told Millen that MM scratches his balls when he is gonna pass on 1st and 10.

  51. ESPN apparently has a reliable source claiming the Favre story is not true. I majored in journalism – not gossip, like Florio – and their refusal to report the story until they can sort out whether or not it is true is simply the responsible thing to do. And you know it, Florio.
    1. There is no evidence to prove the story, at least not so far. Anyone could have made this up, and there is more than one person who have reason to want to make Favre look bad.
    2. Glazer is known to be Ted Thompson’s go-to guy. And back in July Glazer reported, incorrectly as it turned out, that Thompson and McCarthy had chartered a plane back in March to go to Mississippi and “unretire” Brett, who (again, incorrectly reported) supposedly blew them off. Thompson fed him that story. Thompson also fed him the “Favre-to-Jets” story so he could scoop it first. There’s a history b/w those two.
    3. If it is true, as Thompson and McCarthy have claimed, that they changed their offense for Aaron Rodgers, then Favre wouldn’t know anything about what they’re doing.
    4. Even if the Packers didn’t change their offense, and Thompson lied about that, then, realistically, what could Favre tell the Lions that they couldn’t learn from watching film?
    5. Why is it that so many Packers seem to know about this? Were they in on the phone conversation, too? Or did Thompson spoon-feed them, the way he does Glazer?

  52. Agendas. Everyone has one. It starts with the people who leaked this to Glazer, who is probably getting a pretty big head about now because everyone’s spoon-feeding him stuff that ESPN-types like Mortenson usually get first crack at. That doesn’t make him a credible reporter, but one who is lucky. Why are more people going to him and away from ESPN? There are motives for these rumors. We don’t know who the sources are and have to take him at his word that they are not biased.
    It has to be known how this item was uncovered and how these mysterious informants are aware of what went on between Favre, Millen and Lions coaches. It’s not even specific enough to say what was discussed or how much of an affect it had on the outcome of the game, albeit unsuccessful, if it were true.
    The Packers waged a campaign to discredit Favre when he attempted to unretire. He was not the publicity machine backed by Ari Fleischer to cause doubt to sway public opinion in the team’s decision to make him take a walk, sending him away to play somewhere else.
    Both sides are guilty of dirty play and you cannot rule out that the Packers had a hand in how this information got into Glazer’s hands, since you are clearly in the business of speculation. And fine journalism it is when I read stories that turn on phrases “Our guess is…” Yeah, ‘were going to take a stab at this’ or ‘we’ve got a hunch’ or ‘we’re betting our lunch money’ pretty much all apply. That’s not journalism. You don’t even stand behind your own reporting, but someone elses, airing second hand information from unnamed sources. Did you consider Glazer could be somebody’s stooge?
    Favre generates a lot of traffic on this site. You’re no better than a gossip rag dishing up dirt on Britney. Show some journalist integrity like ESPN and check it out and find your own sources before you pass along this crap as fact. Like you guys have never been wrong about a rumor before. Of course, you always find a way to skew it so it looks like some other mitigating factor(s) changed the course of your rumor’s history so you don’t catch it for false reporting.
    It’s too bad Favre doesn’t sue. The wake up call when you have to pony up attorney fees to defend yourself in court might be enough to make you think twice before running with a story that you cannot prove with a credible source.
    Glazer might believe his story is 1000% true, but to run with it based on what he’s saying without doing your own homework tells me that your thirst for sensational journalism at all costs is motivated by your desire to take down Favre or an organization like ESPN out of pure spite or envy. You pathetic little man. Find your soul and your integrity and see if you can make amends with your horrible character assassination ploys.
    You’re on my turd watch now.

  53. Sterling,
    Problem with your story. The Packers did not want this leaked. They want the Favre talk out of their locker room. McCarthy stated this. We know this because the reports have said that McCarthy knew about these calls weeks ago but he didn’t want to come out with it. Glazer did and this had nothing to do with the Packers themselves.

  54. Favre:TheBlog,
    This is the headline in your blog:
    Brett The Jet Favre’s Amazing ’08 Season
    Yea…..talking about agendas.
    And what the hell is a credible source? If Glazer identified his sources, his sources in the NFL would dry up and he’d lose his job and reputation. There are reasons why he cannot identify them.

  55. Haters! Haters everywhere! Favre haters! Glazer haters! Florio haters! Them woods is full of haters!!!

  56. All the conspiracy theories can just stop right now. TT and MM handled the whole Favre debacle like amateurs, but right now the last thing they want is Brett in the spotlight ginning up emotions in the Packers locker room.
    Those two guys care about one thing: Winning football games. And even you conspiracy nuts have to agree that it is far more important that the Packers with Rodgers at the helm succeed this year (and do better than the Jets) than it is to make Favre look like a douchebag through news stories. At the end of the day, fans will judge the move based on the win/loss column and postseason success or failure. Nothing else.
    Since this story can do no good for the Packers locker room, why would those evil genius/bastards/morons/whatevers (TT and MM) want a story like this out there? It hurts their end goal which is proving, through winning football games, that they were right about letting Brett go.
    Bottom line is that either it’s true or false, and most likely true since Favre has clearly become a pyscho-ex girlfriend prima donna with a diva complex, but the Packers organization has nothing to do with it. It wouldn’t make sense for them to be involved in any way.
    And now I can go back to rueing the day I asked my wife to get me an awesome autographed poster of Favre throwing his 420th touchdown for my birthday in April. Because she did. And recently, I’ve given thought to burning it.

  57. Mikie….hurry the F%%% up. This story is getting low on your front page…….Brett Favre sells.
    How about this one: ESPN Still Hasn’t Said A Word About Favre!!!

  58. I just realized something.
    Multiple Favre-obsessed posts… shrill, whiny hysterics… “De”Pack moniker…
    Is that you, Deanna?

    “Yesterday, FoxSports reported that Brett Favre spent 60 to 90 minutes before going to the washroom that he spoke to Norby about a sweet gig here at the WWL once this whole Jets crap is out of the way. WE HAVE BEEN TOLD BY RELIABLE SOURCES THIS REPORT IS NOT TRUE. We did NOT report it yesterday. Today, the Favre responded that he did not do this, as it would jeopardize his leverage with other media outlets. We are NOT reporting it today, because that would mean having to own up to whoring ourselves for former athletes. DO NOT REPORT IT.”
    Hey Florio — any word on those email with that Nazi vitriol in it yet?

  60. DePack says:
    I sure wish there was a way for me to get some more individual attention… are you guys noticing me yet?

  61. Wow, I didn’t know that “packfansinpackland” are still so far up Brett favres ass that they’d even let him slide for helping teams gameplan against the Packers.

  62. Favre is a POS, and like LeRoy Butler said, this is only the tip of the cheeseberg when it comes to the dirt on Favre. And I’m a Packer fan

  63. Fourth, what’s the problem with reporting that the story isn’t accurate? Doesn’t it make ESPN look good in comparison to a competitor?
    That’s real big of you. ESPN should cover YOUR story, Florio, and Glazer’s story, just because you both reported on it and “broke” it. Now you’re putting the emphasis on the fact that you wrote “a” story and not necessarily what the story’s about.
    both of you and the organizations you work for sicken my. did you ever think that perhaps ESPN’s sources are such that might make them question reporting on a story they believe to be false????

  64. This is the Rumor Mill. Not everything will pan out to being 100% true (Terry Bradshaw’s death, for one), but more often than not, PFT does a good job of releasing credible rumors to the public before the mainstream media gets to it. The Dallas acquisition of Roy Williams was reported on this site long before ESPN reported it. ESPN has to vet their sources a bit more thoroughly but they are still wrong with a much greater frequency than most people are comfortable with. Mortenson has had plenty of inaccurate preliminary reports and he has spent plenty of time on air shooting down reports that have unfolded as being true. I don’t keep a scorecard, but PFT does a good job relaying fans timely information in a quick and dirty format. If PFT did all the legwork to make sure every story was 100% true, it just wouldn’t have the same entertainment value.

  65. It could be that this is some sort of conspirational thing about not wanting to antagonize Favre…heck, nothing would surprise me about ESPN. I don’t think it’s anything all that complicated though. Jay Glazer works for Fox Sports. ESPNs competitor. Yes, ESPN rules the roost, yes they don’t have anything to fear from Fox, but still, it’s a Fox story, and ESPN isn’t going to promote a Fox scoop until it’s absolutely inescapable. For the last couple of days, this story has been building, but since they claim to have word that it’s not true from someone they trust, and it’s a scoop by one of their direct competititors, they just aren’t going to propagate it until it’s a HUGE story that’s all over the place and isn’t going away. Then you’ll see them get on board and work the angles. Maybe tomorrow, if it doesn’t fade into the winds by then.

  66. Wilso,
    You know this because … what? Because the Packers said? And what evidence backs up what they say? If the Packers planted the story, OF COURSE they would say they want the talk out of their locker room! Are you nuts? Until there is evidence, there is no basis in truth for any of this. Ted Thompson has lied before, and been caught at it by the Milwaukee paper. And he’s known to feed stories to Glazer, which Glazer himself admitted on the radio.
    “Unnamed” or “anonymous” sources are gutless wonders. If this person has got evidence, if his story is true, then he should stand behind it like a man. Otherwise, he’s got no credibility.
    No one should believe this until there is proof. Until then, it’s just another “Packer cell phone” ghost story. And Florio is using it to drive up hits and increase his own revenue. That’s why he reports it. Not because it’s true, because it brings in money! And that’s why Glazer reports it, too. It’s all about the revenue, baby, not about the truth.

  67. One more thing: Why would the Lions leak this story? Why would Favre leak this story? Who else could possibly know about it, given that it was a private phone call? And why is it that the only ones talking are in Green Bay?
    Just a few questions to ask yourselves. ‘Cause this story makes no sense.

  68. NY Times, SI, Chicago Tribune, Yahoo Sports, etc., have all picked up on this story. For ESPN to not cover this story is complete nonsense. Sounds like Brett or Roger are pulling massive strings to get this story killed.
    This has nothing to do with whether or not the story is true. This has to do with ESPN dropping the ball and not covering a story. If I’m a journalism professor, I’m all over this like white on rice. Little to no integrity left among the editors. Too bad all the reporters will take the hit on this one.
    Time to drop a line to Le Anne Schreiber, our friendly neighborhood ESPN Ombudsman!

  69. Can anyone confirm if the alleged conversation took place within an NFL designated “telephone room” with at least 3 walls and a roof? I’m hearing also unconfirmed rumors that a former receptionist for the Lions who is now a Ping Pong professional in China has phone call records linking the Lions coaching staff with other over-the-hill veteran quarterbacks who have been snubbed by their former teams. I’m telling you, these Lions are TAINTED!!!!

  70. Favre Homers wouldn’t criticize Favre if gunned someone down on the playing field and they saw it live. They’d have a excuse for that also, just like they have for every interception he ever threw, including the ones he lost playoff games by throwing

  71. @ Sterling: if you’re going to post things like they are facts, you might want to have your facts straight.
    Where did Glazer ever say that he said Thompson give him anonymous inside scoops. He’s reported publicly that he’s asked for responses from TT, just like Mortenson of ESPN and a handful of other national media types. Big deal, that does that mean they are all TT’s puppets?
    As to the charter plane, the only thing Favre disputed was that it was scheduled for the sole purpose of coming to speak to Favre rather than a leg added to the itinerary to stop on the way down to league meetings.
    You might want to go to Jim Rome’s show and listen to the audio of his interview on his website with Glazer. He said it was something that was too big to only be 95% sure and he knew it had to be verifiable and accurate. You know darn well that nobody would come out and tell Glazer to freely mention who told him, and it was 2 people, not one. Glazer also said that the sources were not anyone in the Packers organization or people who really would care one way or the other about Favre and the Packers. Not to mention the fact that Jason Wilde ALSO verified with the sources. If you think anyone is not a man for not wanting their name dragged through the mud with Favre, you are crazy. Did you criticize the Favre camp when the drama was unfolding and ESPN only reported using “sources close to Favre say” when they referred to how they got the info? I doubt it.
    Bob McGinn broke the cell phone story, not Glazer.
    Of course they tailored the offense to match Rodgers strength. It doesn’t mean they wrote a new playbook. They still are based on the same concepts and most of it would have to do with what part of the huge playbook they did as part of their base install (ie. more pass/run, sprint roll out’s). Favre certainly knows the base concepts of how they shift formations, audibles and plays based on the defense they are playing.
    At the end of the day it’s not if what he did was illegal by league standards or not. There are players in the Green Bay locker room who would run through a brick wall for Favre, so the real issue is the lack of disrespect and ethics when it comes to the guys he used to go to battle with every Sunday. It’s pretty obvious he did it. Marinelli would have screamed “absolutely not” if it didn’t happen rather than “no comment because he knows that’s the only way to save himself from looking bad or being proven a liar.
    Take off your Favre jersey and be objective for a change, rather than a Favre nut slurper. This is coming from a Packer and a Favre fan.

  72. Sterling, you need to grow a brain! Pull your head out of your Childress! It wasn’t a private phone call you dumbsh*t! If you could read, you would see that the report said Millen then put him in touch with his COACHES. That is plural by the way, which I probably need to explain means more than one person!
    So if the coaches talk to Favre and then the coaches talk to the team and prepare the team, it should be pretty obvious that a lot of people would be privy to this information.

  73. ESPN needs to issue out a statement to their viewers, explaining why they didn’t report this Favre story. And don’t give us, “we thought Jay wasn’t a credible source”. Jay Glazer has been a credible source for NFL news for some years, now.
    As far as I’m concern, ESPN is longer a credible source for any sports news. They should be reporting the news not with-holding news just because they are worry about one individual’s feelings. Who knows what other information they keep from their viewers.
    I’m DONE with ESPN. This story makes me sick.
    I suggest everyone boycott ESPN, until they decide to report the news

  74. “Fourth, what’s the problem with reporting that the story isn’t accurate?”
    Are you serious? This is why reporters get a bad name.

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