When former Bucs and Broncos safety John Lynch was cut by the Patriots before the start of the season, the thinking in some circles was that the Pats would bring him back after Week One, so that his full salary would not be guaranteed.
But a funny thing happened after Week One.  The Patriots never re-signed him.
Now that safety Rodney Harrison is out for the year, speculation has commenced that Lynch could rejoin the Patriots.
We’ve already gotten an unconfirmed tip from a reader who claims that Lynch has been spotted at Logan Airport in Boston.
A reunion would make sense.  The Patriots likely didn’t pursue Lynch when he was released by the Bucs several years ago because of Harrison’s presence on the roster.  Most recently, Lynch was auditioning to serve as a complement to Harrison.
Now that Harrison is gone, Lynch could be the ideal replacement for him on the roster.
In a recent interview with USA Today (we couldn’t find the link before our ADD kicked in), Lynch made it clear that he misses the game, and that he left the sport not because he wanted to.

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  1. Right when Harrison went off on the cart last night, I had said it to my roommate, “Here comes John Lynch”

  2. Cant cover anymore but he can still tackle and play the run pretty good.
    Must be desperate in NE to bring in someone his age. Nobody on the roster good enough to replace Harrison? Find that hard to believe considering how much NFL insiders blow Pioli as a talent evaluator?

  3. I feel the starters will be FS Bradon Merryweather and SS James Sanders. If lynch is brought in, it will be for the sub packages.

  4. Why in Gods name would they have Lynch fly into Logan in Boston when TF Green in Providence is so much closer and easier to get to Foxboro from?

  5. Isn’t it eye-opening how well-coached and well-managed teams (e.g., the Patriots) are always looking for ways to better themselves while poorly-coached and poorly-managed teams (e.g., the Vikings) are content to stand pat (excuse the pun) while their players perform poorly? The Vikings’ secondary is a sieve and they’re in desperate need of anyone who can help there (such as Lynch), but Clueless turns a blind eye to them and blithely continues to drive the Viking bus off the cliff. FIRE CHILDRESS NOW, ZIGGY (PLEASE)!!!

  6. They can use Lynch in certain packages to help defend the run, but if he’s on the field, you can bet offenses are gonna try to isolate him in man coverage. I have a ton of respect for John Lynch, but I don’t think you can plug him spots where you think the offense is gonna run the football. If the Pats do sign him, I would expect to see him tested early and often down the field.

  7. Mike,
    The Pats did pursue Lynch and almost signed him when he was cut by the Bucs in 2004. Lynch just decided to play for the Broncos. I think it was a playing time issue.

  8. Was Lynch a good cover safety sometime in his career and I miss it? Lynch has always been an assistant LB type Safety, if he can still tackle he should be fine on most downs. After watching the safeties for the Broncos whiff on tackles all night I’m surprised the Mastermind wasn’t dialing Lynch too.

  9. “Lynch made it clear that he misses the game, and that he left the sport not because he wanted to.”
    It’s in the latest ESPN the magazine – One of the last pages, maybe a RR column.

  10. Rodney Harrison wasn’t exactly counted on as a lockdown cover safety either, if/when Lynch is brought in, his role would be almost identical and I doubt the play from the position would suffer either.
    It’s a good move from the Pats if they do it.

  11. At a minimum he brings a huge amount of veteran knowledge of the secondary. With Samuels gone, Harrison was the last veteran they had in the backfield IMO. Yes Sanders and O’Neil have been around awhile but cannot be compared to students of the game like Harrison and Lynch are/were. Do you think they Vinny T those few years because they thought he would start? When is Ed Reed up for free agency????

  12. Can he operate a video camera? If so, doesn’t matter if he can cover as long as he can cover up.

  13. All these people that think Lynch will go into man coverage are retarded. Lynch is a strong safety and will never have man to man coverage.

  14. Signing John Lynch will help the Patriots’ secondary whether he covers well or not (but he IS a Strong Safety, not a Free Safety). I think he’ll fill the void as a very experienced secondary player, which is what the Patriots now need with Rodney Harrison out for the season. The only downside is that Rodney knows the system much better than Lynch, but experience almost always plays a positive role on a football team (aka Junior Seau).

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