We alluded the other day to recent comments from Ravens linebacker/defensive end Terrell Suggs regarding the existence of a bounty on Steelers receiver Hines Ward.
Shaggy from 2 Live Stews has sent us the audio from Suggs’ appearance on the show and, indeed, Suggs declares that there’s a still-pending bounty on the MVP of Super Bowl XL.
Suggs said that the Ravens wanted to get Ward during the September 29 game between Baltimore and Pittsburgh, but that they couldn’t line him up during a live play.
The problem is Ward’s reputation for knocking the blocks off of unsuspecting defenders.  “He does a little cheap shot,” Suggs said.  “It’s legal but it be cheap.”
So what happens when the Steelers go to Baltimore?
“We’ve got something in store for him,” Suggs said.
Suggs also admitted during the radio segment that the Ravens had a bounty on rookie running back Rashard Mendenhall, whose season was ended via a broken shoulder sustained against Baltimore.
But bounties are against the rules.  So look for Suggs and the Ravens to hear from the league office about this one.  At a minimum, stern warnings will be issued before these teams get together for a little Christmas cheer on December 14.


  1. I have no problem with that… Titans play the Steelers the week after the Ravens. By all means, beat each other up!
    Also, Titans have only one game (I think) west of the Mississippi… Houston. Yeah, its a favorable schedule.

  2. Come on Steeler fans…..explain how what Ward is doing throughout the NFL is ok and how big of a punk Suggs is……I can hear it coming..
    As an avid Ravens fan I do wish Suggs would not feed the media this stuff.
    Like I have said, just a matter of time until Wards gets his.

  3. what was their beef with mendenhall? and the fact that they had a bounty on mendenhall and he ended up going on IR after that game should warrant some serious contributions to the human fund IMO.
    what is it with Suggs and all these “bounties” on people? why can’t they just play football like every other defender? If you’re going to play, you’re going to get hurt. it’s one of those things that comes with the territory. So Suggs can issue pain but can’t receive it? sounds like he needs to get out of the kitchen…

  4. As a die hard Steelers fan, I seriously hope they get Ward and get him good.
    Its going to be a blast to watch James Harrison kill one of them or their rookie QB.

  5. I’d probably be scared if a team including players such as Ray Lewis and Terrell Suggs placed a bounty on my head.
    Here’s to hoping that they come through on the threat!

  6. Suggs is a bitch. I hope to hear the Steelers have a bounty on a Raven. Hey you loser Ravens fan when Todd Heap got hurt a few years ago and Joey Porter threw him down the ground while Heap could barely stand, yeah that was a classic moment. The Ravens are your typical sore losers.

  7. Wow, bounties on a player because of a text message and because you get blocked and made to look silly! Not only should the NFL look into this but also the Baltimore orginization. What kind of thug message is Mr. Suggs sending to the fans? Ward has been playing like this since he came into the league, there is no secret that if he is on the field and doesn’t have the ball he is going to be looking for someone to block. A player, or for that matter a team stands up to the “mighty” Ravens D and they start putting hits out on the guys so they don’t show other teams that you can play physical with these guys and they start getting frustrated. All of Suggs’ rhetoric is getting old. He has been spouting this garbage for a couple of years now. Ward will just go about the business of helping his team win and shut some wind bags up while he is doing it!

  8. It’s a neverending cycle with Hines Ward and his opponents. He comes out, roughs somebody up, the opponent’s teammates vow to get revenge. Next game comes along.. Hines Ward comes out, roughs somebody up, the opponent’s teammates vow to get revenge.
    Yeah, if I were Hines, I’d be real scared.

  9. Amazing. Everyone talks about Polamalu and Ward being dirty and here we have proof of the Ravens taking it even further. It is one thing to get big hits on people, thats what football is about. It is not about hurting people and bountys on players heads. Makes me sick.

  10. no surprise from that group on the ravens def. and why go after mendenhall for talking, go after ward the guy that keeps you from talking. that ward hit on rivers is close to the one sapp had vs gb years back. they are both cheap

  11. There are bounties in every locker room at every level. Someone writes up the name of the player(s) usually impact players on the white board and everyone goes up and writes their name and how much they will put into the pot and if your the one that injuries the guy you get to collect $$

  12. Go Suggs. Hines does a great job when the person he hits isn’t looking and isn’t ready. Fortunately for him, all the rules help him out in this scenario.
    This is precisely why you see defensive players so excited to block on an INT return, because then the rules are finally in their favor. We all know the league isn’t just trying to be safe, they’re also promoting offense.
    But, I could see nothing come from this play. Shoot, the hit on Mendenhall was a clean tackle right up the gut. He just went shoulder to shoulder with Ray Lewis and got hurt. I seriously doubt Ray could have intentionally planned to break his shoulder on that tackle.

  13. The game is actually on December 14-You can hire me as a fact checker if you like. The Ravens are cry babies just like usual. They act like they are the toughest defense around but the Steelers roll through them every year. It is going to be funny when Hines puts Suggs out of the game…

  14. “It’s legal but it be cheap.”
    When Hines blows out this big-gums douchebag, he can fill in for Emmitt with this marvelous command of the English language.
    But if you’re nothing but a mannequin that runs into things, why bother learning how to talk.

  15. Ironchitty,
    Steelers roll them every year???? So much for your fact checking….I guess they rolled the Ravens in 06 when the Steeleroids lost both games, 27 – 0 and 31 – 7. Who got rolled????

  16. The negative attention that Hines Ward has received lately is becoming rediculous. The man has overachieved his whole career and plays with the kind of intensity that Suggs and his cronies only wish that they had on their team. Since the Ravens have never beaten the Steelers in a meaningful game, I guess thuggery is all they have left.

  17. Oooooh I’m sure Hines is so scared. He’s been annihilating Ravens for years now and nobody has got him yet. He’s taken plenty of big hits himself too but he always bounces back up.
    And to the whiners, why should he let up on guys because they aren’t ready to take a hit? This is still football? You are running after a player to make a tackle, you are subject to be blocked. Are people supposed to let you go by because you aren’t looking at them?

  18. Right on the head, KayC.
    As a Steelers fan, I’m used to hearing this “Oh wait til we meet again, Ward!” business. It’s happened at least once a year, every single year, for his entire career. It’s only now getting into the national spotlight.
    Ask Earl Little what happened when he vowed to knock Ward’s head off a couple years back.

  19. Heinz Ward better expect some price on his head with the blocks he makes off people not paying attention.
    Knowing Goodell he’ll drop some stupid fine or suspension. It’s his answer to all the NFL’s problems

  20. People have been out for Ward for years…But, guess what? He’s still standing and defenders are still spending more time on their backs than Florio in a room with Brett Favre…

  21. If the Balto Ravens Organization/coach/president/owner let this go with no repercussion the NFL should step in. What a classless thing to say and horrible way to represent your team.

  22. Hines Ward gets a lot of crap, but he’s still quite possibly the greatest blocking wide receiver of all-time. At least he is trying to help his team out. While I do agree he has taken some cheap shots at players, he is still a hard-working player. I am a phins fan who doesn’t care about either team in this case just stating my opinion.

  23. Hines Ward has been bitch slapping opposing defenders for 10 seasons. For 10 seasons they’ve vowed revenge. For 10 seasons he meets them next time and beats someones ass again. Hell, if I were Ed Reed I’d have a restroning order put up against him. In the end, they’ll play, Hines will line one of them up, then knock them down, as he’s done every year for 10 years…

  24. Maybe Suggs better worry about Ward having a bounty on him. Ward’s more dangerous. Suggs looks like Sloth from “The Goonies” to me.

  25. Let me make sure I have this straight. The Ravens had a bounty on a Steelers player, Mendenhall. The Ravens then went and injured him. So the bounty is fulfilled. It’s difficult to say whether Ray Lewis was trying to hurt him or not. Ask him and of course he wasn’t. But Suggs can’t be very smart to announce to the public that they had a bounty on the guy they hurt. Lewis should be suspended and all the Ravens participating in the bounty hunt should be fined. Intentionally trying to hurt players is not part of the game. Where is Goodell when this all going on? Oh, that’s right, he’s busy dishing out fines for the refs getting critized.

  26. OOOOOHHHHHH Hines is soooooo scared. What I love is he gets these single digit IQ defensive players (Suggs, and others) foaming at the mouth how they are going to get even then these morons smack him and draw the 15 yard flag and Hines walks away laughing. Suggs if you are talking about Hines he has already win cause he is in your head!

  27. If you’ve got a bounty on someone, don’t announce it! You’re just going to get fined/suspended if you actually accomplish your objective. What a maroon.

  28. I’m not going to come in here and say Suggs is a scumbag but I will say he is an idiot. Why would you admit to something like that on air? No wonder they suck more often than not, they aren’t very bright. Hines loves this stuff, like he said it means he is in their heads.

  29. Hey Mr. Mike,
    I can’t recall a good Bounty Rumor in the league
    since the Buddy Ryan era….. Makes you reminisce.

  30. the league can be a real pain in the yam bag sometimes. i’m sure players privately set “bounties” within locker rooms. these teams are tough division rivals, and i don’t have a rooting interest on either side. these guys probably talk all kinds of sh*t in those locker rooms, and plan to go after certain players. it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re gonna try to kill the guy, but instead expect to play a physical game in which there are no cheap shots, and if that whistle hasn’t blown, keep your head in the play. they just hit him with a small fine for going public with it, and obviously the refs have already been told to pay attention to it; they don’t live on the moon. if he gets hit with a monster fine, which probably won’t happen, that would be ridiculous. i’m definitely looking forward to watching this game; bounty or no bounty.

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    for demonstration of a partcularly well-timed
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  32. Suggs comments might have meant something a couple years ago, not so much now. The Steelers will likely have the division wrapped up early enough to be resting the big name players during the game against the Ravens.
    Suggs opened himself up to league by running his mouth. The Ravens have a real smart one in Suggs.

  33. Threating the Steelers with a bounty is a little like squirting a rattlesnake with water. Sooner or later it’s gonna bite you in the a$$. The Ravens don’t really believe that the guys in black and gold are afraid of them, do they? Maybe we’ll just send James Harrison and Lamarr Woodley across the line to give them a friendly “reminder.”
    To quote Jack Lambert: “Nobody intimidates the Pittsburgh Steelers.”

  34. Considering Ray Lewis was involved in a murder, or at the least knows who murdered someone (poor families), I would be afraid. Not on the field but perhaps on Super Bowl weekends.
    I think it is safe to say the Ravens will be on the streets the night before the Super Bowl for a long time.

  35. Suggs isn’t the brigtest bulb in the box, is he?
    They were supposedly going to get Ward in the last game and all that I saw happen was Ward put Reed on his back once again.
    Ward is most certainly in their heads.

  36. I am on the fence with this one. I think Suggs is an idiot for telling this to the media. I dont see Bob Sanders and Ed Reed, who are some of the harder hitters, injuring as many people as Ward does. I feel Sean Taylor always was the hardest tackler I saw in my lifetime (im only 28). He may have injured as many people as Ward, but he obviously didnt rack up the 100 tackles a year Taylor did. Ward may not be a weakling but something to me isnt right here. I am all for hard hits but is there any chance this guys going out of his way to hurt people?

  37. dlmcc0505, I think a big reason that people are getting hurt by Ward is that defensive players expect to be able to run around with tunnel vision on the ball carrier and don’t expect a wideout to block them that hard. Wideouts have always either tried to screen a defender or stood by and done nothing. Ward has taken WR blocking to another level.

  38. The following was written on the Jaguars website by Vic Ketchman:
    ……..Kevin from Orange Park, FL
    What’s your reaction to Hines Ward breaking rookie LB Keith Rivers’ jaw? I, for one, think Hines Ward is a dirty player. Seems to me most games he purposely stirs up trouble and takes cheap hits.
    ……….Vic: I’ve watched the hit up close and in slow motion several times. I’ve even stopped the action at the point of impact. The block is clearly made with his right shoulder and there are no signs of using the helmet as a weapon. Ward’s feet are on the ground and he is in no way guilty of launching. At first I thought the block might be unnecessary but, on further review, it clearly springs the ball-carrier around the corner and denies Rivers the ability to make the tackle. Dirty? What’s dirty about it? There was no flag thrown. Fine him? They should pin a medal on him. In my time covering this game, I have seen head-hunting defensive backs try to cripple defenseless receivers. I saw Jack Tatum and George Atkinson target Lynn Swann; head-shot him repeatedly and even attack him from behind and karate chop him in the back of the neck. I saw Tatum cripple Daryl Stingley for life in a preseason game. I saw Thom Darden hit a receiver over the middle so hard I thought the guy was dead. I remember seeing Jaguars cornerback Dave Thomas crush Jerry Rice in a preseason game and celebrate as though it was the play that won the Super Bowl. In the preseason? How about the launch job on Anquan Boldin a few weeks ago? Well, finally, a wide receiver has come along who has decided to hit back. Ward is striking a blow for all the defenseless receivers over the years who’ve been targeted by defensive players with an intent to punish. All of a sudden, the hunters have become the hunted. I think everyone in the league is waiting to see what the league does about the Rivers hit. It’s going to define what the game has become and where it’s going.

  39. “I am on the fence with this one. I think Suggs is an idiot for telling this to the media. I dont see Bob Sanders and Ed Reed, who are some of the harder hitters, injuring as many people as Ward does. I feel Sean Taylor always was the hardest tackler I saw in my lifetime (im only 28). He may have injured as many people as Ward, but he obviously didnt rack up the 100 tackles a year Taylor did. Ward may not be a weakling but something to me isnt right here. I am all for hard hits but is there any chance this guys going out of his way to hurt people”
    THIS IS FOOTBALL PEOPLE! You keep your head on a swivel or you get it knocked off! Hines Ward is a Hardnose Old School Football Player,and i would have him on my team any day! Suggs is a B!#ch! You can lay out QBs all day,but you can’t handle getting blocked? What a pu$$!

  40. It’s pretty stupid to make something like this public and open your locker room to un-needed attention. Besides, shouldn’t the Ravens focus more on winning games than issuing bounties?

  41. BREAKING NEWS: HINES WARD RETIRED BECAUSE OF SUGGS EMPTY THREATS. Not. Ward will put Thuggs on his a$$. Why are we even talking about this with a bunch of losers. The ravens stink. Other than 2006(when Cowher knew he was retiring), we dominate that team in Baltimore.

  42. I’m sure Hines is real scared. LOL. Last time they played Baltimore they were supposedly gunning for him and he and Santonio went in there and laid out some more guys anyway. Don’t wanna get decleated by Hines? Then keep your head on a swivel and don’t lock onto the ball carrier like a bad QB who locks onto his receivers with his eyes. Anyone of you who says you wouldn’t want Hines Ward on your team are lying to yourselves out of spite for Hines laying out your boys. And for the record, Hines has gotten as good as he’s given in this league. And most of the time he takes it with a smile. He doesn’t hold childish grudges because his manhood’s been hurt unlike guys such as Bart Scott.

  43. Anyone saying anything about a defenseless defender not looking when Ward knocks his ass out is stupid. If you have ever played football the first thing your coach should teach you is…Keep your head on a swivel….I would if I was out there…ESPECIALLY if I were playing the Steelers and Hines Ward. Hines Ward is a physical FOOTBALL palyer and plays the game the way it was intended. Too bad some punk (Suggs)(RAY RAY) (Scott) and the rest of the crybaby Ravens seem to think that the bounty they place will keep Ward from playing the game…..My question is….How do we know Ward didnt put a bounty out on any “head not on a swivel” Raven? Keep doing what you’re doing Hines!!!

  44. Frankenberry speaks. If you asked Suggs to draw a picture of stupid he’d eat his crayon. Whether they had a bounty on Mendenhall or not Ray Lewis’ hit was clean on him so it negates that point.
    I guess when you have two of your ‘bad ass’ starters put on their bad asses in one game on national TV by a wide receiver you need to do something. They keep popping off and Hines keeps playing whack-a-mole. I know you Ravens fans hate Hines….. it’s okay you’re supposed to.

  45. The question is: Which one of those loud mouthed clowns will be Hines Ward’s Bitch the next time they play? If you’re that worried about a WR, you don’t deserve to be in the NFL.

  46. “It’s legal but it be cheap.”
    Cheryl Thuggs be quite the poet.

  47. I’m sure John Harbaugh isn’t very happy about these Raven thugs sounding well… like stupid thugs. He is trying to clean up the dirty image that the Ravens have come to bask in. The act is getting very old. I am all for the Ravens trying to get some good shots on Hines, as long as they are between the whistle and legal.

  48. You have to wonder as the fines on Ward start to mount if he starts to feel financially compelled to alter his approach and tone it down. He’s clearly under a microscope by the league. Sure he’s a millionaire, but $10K a week gets old fast!!!

  49. Wow….and people say the Ravens are a bunch of thugs and criminals!!! Way to give the division leaders motivation. Look…Hines Ward plays wide reciever with a linebacker mentality. I f that hit against the bungles happens on a punt or kickoff, everyone would be praising the hit as a “jacked up” block. The fact that Ward is voted as “dirty” by some players, (I suspect mostly defenders that arent used to getting DECLEATED by a wide reciver) is to me extremely LAME!! Suggs is a punk who knows that his aging defense is not as good as the Steelers. If he thinks he can scare Hines Ward, he is as stupid as he sounds!!! I am sure Pittsburgh will be ready when they come to Baltimore.

  50. The Ravens are just a bunch of thugs. They are going to put multiple “bounties” on people and then claim that the Steelers are dirty? Let’s not forget about two years ago when those crybabies couldn’t stand the fact that Reggie Bush was getting more attention than them, so Bart Scott intentionally twisted Reggie’s ankle, then had the audacity to go on the Dan Patrick Show and admit it! “The media darling, aka the golden boy of the NFL can do all those shakes he wants, but I wasn’t going anywhere. I put a little hot sauce on that ankle.” Of course he later tried to say he didn’t intentionally hurt Reggie, and that he has too much respect for the game to do that. What a bunch of losers!!

  51. Having healthy competition is one thing, proposing a “bounty” on someone is something entirely different. Especially when it could end someone’s season or even their life. Perhaps Suggs, being such an eloqent speaker, meant to say that they will be looking for a chance to get a clean hit on Ward, but putting money on someone’s well-being is unethical and inhumane. I hope this fuels the Steelers’ drive in this game and the Ravens realize that it takes more than threats to win a football game.
    As a side, I know that there are lists of people in locker rooms, I can recall a list Chad Johnson had in his locker of defenders he burned. This is not the same thing as a bounty. A bounty gives rewards for cruelty. No one should reward injury. I don’t care how happy you are that you don’t have to defend that person, their lack of health is no reason to celebrate.

  52. LOL – a bounty!! Thats like saying the all-female cast of The View is looking to kick your ass. Bizarre, but nothing to worry about.

  53. shaunypoo says:
    October 22nd, 2008 at 7:29 am
    Where can I send my contribution for the bounty?
    You should keep that money in your blow up doll fund.

  54. shaunypoo says:
    October 22nd, 2008 at 7:29 am
    Where can I send my contribution for the bounty?
    Not necessary. Youve already contributed plenty with all those rimjobs youve given their front 7.

  55. The Ravens should set a bounty on making the playoffs first. They have been “going to get him” along with the rest of the league for years. They better have their head on a swivel or Hines will knock out Reed or Suggs or Lewis.

  56. “But bouties are against the rules” said the biatchasslawyer.
    Suggs does have malice in the heart, and if he is the one who gets a chance to hit Hines between the teeth with a helmet, he will gladly do it with as much hot sauce as he can muster.
    Ward has blindsided so many defenders around the NFL, it is a miracle he has lasted this long going accross the middle. It is also hard to believe defensive players will run all the way accross the feild without looking around to see if Ward is trying to get a crackback knock out. Keep your head on a swivel or it may get knocked off.
    Suggs never actually said he was going to try to kill the guy like the Mad Backer did. This was more of a fair warning than an actuall bounty.
    Why do you always have to pansie up football talk with all your lawyer slime Florio? Why don’t you go chase an ambulance or something?

  57. “mrmagoo says:
    October 22nd, 2008 at 8:11 am
    shaunypoo says:
    October 22nd, 2008 at 7:29 am
    Where can I send my contribution for the bounty?
    You should keep that money in your blow up doll fund.”
    That fund was already finished, you can come up with something better than that. Let me know after you get done with study hall.
    “Mike D says:
    October 22nd, 2008 at 9:22 am
    shaunypoo says:
    October 22nd, 2008 at 7:29 am
    Where can I send my contribution for the bounty?
    Not necessary. Youve already contributed plenty with all those rimjobs youve given their front 7.”
    Don’t confuse my life with yours.

  58. I’m a Steelers fan, and I do have to admit that Ward will take the occasional “shot” at a guy away from the play. I don’t endorse it and I really hope he doesn’t hurt anyone on a play like that.
    That being said, when did defensive guys turn into QBs? Aren’t these the same guys who say the QB is way too protected? I actually agree with that considering the rules put in place over the last few years. But these are defensive players. They hit people as hard as they can and take free shots on offensive players all the time (esp. the Ravens). Then they get up and pump their chests and jump up and down about a tackle for a 4 yard gain.
    We keep hearing the same crap, but it’s true: Ward has changed the game. Defensive players are no longer running around and thinking they can get a free shot on a guy, now they have to look around to see if they’re going to get hit. This makes the offense that much more effective. If you look at the play where Ward broke the guy’s jaw, it was a good block that (probably) got the TE a few extra yards. That’s kind of the point of Ward’s style of play. I’d like to see him cut down on the cheap shots away from the play and see him concentrate more on helping the offense. If he can do that effectively, he’ll probably win a few games for the Steelers this year without ever catching a pass.
    As for the Ravens D? They’re good, have a few decent guys like Ed Reed and Ngata, but overall they’re a group of thugged out, dirty players. Bart Scott made a similar comment to Suggs’ earlier this year. He’s also admitted to twisting Reggie Bush’s leg in order to injure him. Ray Lewis? Great, great leader but he’s a criminal thug at heart. Suggs? Decent player, dumb as a rock. Who the hell is stupid enough to discuss “bounties” BEFORE the game? Would anyone really be surprised if a story broke that Suggs is borderline mentally-challenged?

  59. Pack a lunch horse-mouth. Since Elway retired, Mr. Suggs, you are the new “Mr. Ed” in the league. I’m sure Hines is REAL scared. This is the same Ravens that have Bart Scott and Ed Reed, right? The same Bart Scott that got lit up like a Christmas tree last year by Ward? And, poor Ed Reed. Two years in a row he’s been absolutely abused by Hines. Ask Reed if he remembers last year’s Monday Night game. I bet he doesn’t have any memory of getting knocked the f*%#-out.
    In fact, ask Earl Little what happens when you screw around with Hines. You wind up taking an unexpected and sudden nap. Remember Mr. Ed, well-done is always better than well-said.
    Mr. Hines Ward = the most complete, toughest and best blocking WR to ever play Sundays. A sure-fire Hall Of Famer.
    Got 5?
    We do.

  60. Ward is a coward. He never hits anyone straight up, and if he did we wouldn’t be talking about him. He walks around with that stupid grin because he knows retribution will not come because no player wants to lose 2-4 game checks, or cost his team with penalties. If any of you moron Steeler fans had money you’d understand that.
    Oh and in typical Squeeler fashion, the towell waiving crybabies are griping because their rookie RB can’t take a legal, straight on, in the hole.
    And the absolute most pathetic thing (so many to choose from) about a Steeler fan is how they always brag like “they” won 5 SB’s, but watch any home game when they get down by 10 points, HALF OF THE STADIUM LEAVES. What a joke.

  61. Ha ha, I have to laugh every time I hear this — the Big Bad Ravens D is popped and embarrassed by a freakin’ wide receiver! Wow what a bunch of tough guys. Maybe they need to start putting dresses on linebackers now.

  62. Listen to the Bawlimore fan. The city and fans that couldn’t keep the Colts. Shut your cake hole, kid.
    Real slow for ya this time: Got 5?
    We do.

  63. Notice though that they don’t quote the word “bounty” from Terrell Suggs. Because if Suggs would’ve said bounty it would’ve been in quotations…so they are interpreting his comments in their own fashion. Obviously they are putting words in his mouth to start trouble.
    They did not say they were putting a “bounty” on Mendenhall either, they were not trying to injure him, but they wanted to teach him for opening his mouth about running over Baltimore. Veterans aren’t gonna let rookies run their mouths about dominating them without a rebuttle.
    Another case of the media not getting their facts straight.

  64. Iam so tired of football being turned into a touch game. This is crazy, you want to make the big money you say you deserve, then suck it up and take the hits as they are dealt. Back in the 70’s football was tough, it was played to knock you on your backside and keep rolling over you without a penalty or fine. Toughin up, you wanted to be a pro didn’t you? Hines Ward is one if not the one hardest playing Wide Receiver in football. Not only does he play his role,but he can tackle and block with the best of them. He plays with heart, if some wimpy opponets can’t handle that, maybe they sould be in a different profession….maybe ballerina dancers. Suggs is a punk, but of course, revenge is how the RAvens play. I really don’t believe Hines is worried. Hmm, can you imagine Suggs being hit by
    Mean Joe Green, he’d lay on the ground crying like a baby.

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