As it turns out, Brett Favre’s position that the report he talked to the Lions before their Week Two game against the Packers is “total B.S.” is, well, total B.S.
OK, maybe not total B.S.  But B.S. nonetheless.
In press conference remarks that likely sounded a lot more innocuous to Brett as he was saying the words than they’ll appear when reduced to writing, Favre admits to talking with Lions CEO Matt Millen prior to the game.
And Favre admits that Millen asked him about the things the Packers have done in the past when playing the Lions.
And Favre admits that he responded to Millen’s question.
And Favre admits that he assumed others were in the room listening while he spoke to Millen.
That said, Favre took strong positions on some of the key points.  He emphasized, for example, that he didn’t have a “game plan” in his lap when talking to Millen.  Well, no one ever said that he did.  The report from FOX’s Jay Glazer was/is that Favre spent time talking to the Lions in an effort to help the Lions prepare to play Favre’s former team.
Favre also stressed that this happens all the time, pointing to communications with former Arizona defensive end Calvin Pace as his new team, the Jets, prepared to play his old team, the Cardinals.
But Favre overlooked the main point here.  He doesn’t play for the Lions.  And so while it’s fair game for former coaches and players to help their new teams get ready to play their old teams, the notion that Favre said anything other than “Matt, I’m really not comfortable with this, since the Packers paid me damn good money for 16 years and they’re eventually gonna retire my jersey and they still have a $30 million marketing deal on the table” is troubling to us, and it should be very troubling to every Packers fan.
Favre confirmed that the conversation was the result of efforts by Millen to get in touch with the Jets quarterback to invite him to go hunting on Matt’s property, which is roughly an hour from Favre’s new place of employment.  (Favre also said that Millen pointed out that he has bulldozers and tractors, in the event Favre needs to relieve some tension.  Maybe we need to drive a bulldozer or a tractor to appreciate the medicinal value of such endeavors, but we’ve yet to see a construction worker who seems mellow.) 
Coincidentally, the duo finally got connected in the days preceding the game between the Packers and the Lions.
Favre tried to downplay the import of his comments to Millen by suggesting that Favre didn’t remember much about what the Packers did when playing the Lions last year (but, naturally, Favre remembers vividly that he completed 22 straight passes), and by noting that he hasn’t been in the Packers’ offense for more than a year.
But here’s the truth.  Favre was a member of the organization for more than a decade and a half.  Though Mike McCarthy had been the head coach for only the last two years of Favre’s career there, the offense is the same. 
And Brett hasn’t been out of the offense for more than a year; he last played as a Packer less than nine months ago.
Have tweaks been made since Aaron Rodgers became the quarterback?  Sure.  Are the Packers still doing a lot of the stuff that they did when Favre was the quarterback?  Absolutely.
The question from Millen surely wasn’t confined, as Brett claims, to what the Packers have done in the past against the Lions.  The question undoubtedly was aimed at finding out what the Packers do generally.
As Brett observed out, the Lions can watch film in an effort to decipher strategies and tendencies.  But why spend all that time searching for something you might never find when the guy who was the quarterback of the team every single game for 16 straight seasons is willing to spill his guts?
Favre also claims that the conversation was shorter than reported.  He says that he talked with Millen (and whoever was in the room listening) for 15-to-20 minutes.  Favre also claims that half the time was spent talking about hunting and other non-football things (perhaps like throwing a dead turkey in a teammate’s locker), and that the rest of the time was spent talking football.
But if Favre is telling the truth about the duration of the call, Favre could have passed along plenty of useful nuggets in only 7-to-10 minutes of time.
Bottom line?   Favre’s initial comments to Peter King indicate strongly that no communications of any kind occurred.  It’s “total B.S.,” he said, “not true and pretty ridiculous.  I’m telling you it’s not true.  What the hell is [FOX’s] problem?”
Now, Favre is singing a far different tune as he tries to strike a balance between conceding portions of the story without (as King suggested) “irrevocably tarnish[ing]” his reputation in Wisconsin.
If anything, Favre’s words prove to us that Glazer was right.  And given that Favre initially tried to call the entire story “B.S.”, we choose to conclude that any portion of his dramatically revised version that conflicts with Glazer’s story is B.S., too.


  1. From Brett’s story, it discounts a great deal of emphasis from the nature of the talks that you and Glazer seem to be screaming about. And from the quotes from Packer’s players that they are upset if Brett called the Lions to give them a gameplan? That completely discredits that viewpoint.

  2. Come on. Like the people of Green Bay would ever hate this guy. He’s like some kind of Green and Gold Jesus to them. He could take a crap in someone’s closet and no one would give a $hit. He could have a hot tub party with the babysitter and not one person would……. (insert clever thing here)

  3. I’m shocked. Totally shocked.
    Oh wait, I’m not. Glazer is a solid reporter and, unfortunately, everything that Brett Favre has said for the past year and a half has either been an outright lie or a half-truth. I’m tossing my autographed poster and helmet in the closet. Possibly for good.

  4. this whole thing really is a shame. i was a HUGE favre fan up until this offseason (didn’t like how he handled the whole retirement/non-retirement thing), and then this. as innocuous as it might have been, that is still a BIG no-no. If i was a packer fan, i’d be very upset at favre right now. he should be a packer forever in his heart, this was just straight up being a traitor.

  5. This whole story is absurd when you think about the fact that both the packers and lions are drastically different teams this year. I’m pretty sure the coaching staff didn’t just xerox last year’s game plan against them and give it to the players like a worksheet in middle school…

  6. Didn’t the Packers blow out the Lions? Maybe the Lions should wonder in Favre fed them a bunch of bull.
    Got mine in for the day.

  7. I guess ESPN still can’t confirm it was really Favre making those comments since they still have nothing about it on their site.

  8. I forgot, has anyone asked Millen about all this? He doesn’t really seem to be in a position where he might care one way or the other.

  9. Will ESPN cover the story now since their source who had denied the story, not admitted it? Apparently, they are. I just heard it on Sports Center.
    Favre has always been a me-first guy. This is just further evidence of it. The Packers should not retire his jersey now. Maybe someone with honor can wear it in the future.

  10. Favre is such a tool!!!!! Hope he gets an Packers player calls the Jests opponents this week and informs them of all Broken Down Brett’s tendencies of throwing INTs.

  11. Green Bay should have changed all of their plays after Favre left. If they didn’t it’s about as stupid as Calahan running Jon Grudens offense against the Bucs in the SB.

  12. Typical Favre…….
    Deny, deny, deny, until the story goes away, and then once information starts leaking out, admit to it; but downplay it. I’ve seen it a million times with Favre over the years. He says that Millen called him and they spoke for 15-20 minuts…..how about a follow up question like “after you spoke with Millen, did you talk with other Lions coaches”…he’s very media savy and relies upon th e act that many fans (and media alike)just give him a pass.

  13. I think this is a litlle overblown. Sure it’s slightly unethical to do what Favre did. In the grand scheme of things, with all the film that’s available on every team, there are very little if no “secrets” on every NFL team’s plays, signal-calling, and other related tendencies. It all boils down to your team’s talent level & how well they execute their game plan. Moreover, there’s no way that a team can react in-game to really take advantage of every single possible adjustment.
    I always think back to the Redskin teams of the early ’80s. Everyone knew that they were going to run the famous Counter-Trey with Riggins, but no one could stop them.

  14. I cannot believe that Favre is wrecking his image like this. Although, being a Vikings fan, I have to admit that I love to see it. Seriously, do you guys think that the Packers will still retire Favre’s jersey after all of this. The ceromony would be hard to watch when the Packer fans are booing Favre while he is trying to speak.
    By the way, I love the stroy Florio. To all you sons of bitches who are bashing Florio for talking about things that are not on the field issues, you can go read the nfl.com website.

  15. I wouuld like to note to you that ESPN has finally reported this story. Not officially, but the ticker at the bottom of the screen said something to the effect of:
    “Favre confirms talking with Lions ex-GM Matt Millen about the Packers”
    I don’t have it fresh in my mind. But they have reported it now.

  16. As a long time Packer fan I can only shake my head in disgust. Whether I agree with the handling of the whole Favre situation to this point, Favre’s current actions have now provided a tarnish to all that he brought me in 16 years. Disgusted.

  17. Mike Golic from ESPN said this happens all the time….. but he compared it to a team signing a player just cut from a team they are playing the upcoming week…… huh? how does that compare? one is helping your current team against your old team….. the other is helping a team you never played for beat your old team….. so again how do the two compare? ESPN is going to white wash this…..

  18. I really wish there was such thing as a “no spin zone.” I don’t care about Favre or the Packers, and this story just tells me what I already thought – it’s a non-story. Somehow, though, Florio seems to find subjective gold in an objectively pointless piece.
    If what Favre says is true, the league needs to investigate every single player who’s ever joined or even contacted a team after leaving another to give them information abut his former team. That would probably entail investigating all 32 teams and hundreds if not thousands of players.
    The fact that this is Favre and the media no longer adores him is the only reason this is even being brought up.
    And please, Florio, get your “proud to be part of the alternative media” nose out of Glazer’s weasely brown eye.

  19. Does anyone/team in the league not cheat in some sort of way…….oh they all do. get over it, this happens all the time.
    By get over it I am of course talking to the posters who are such homers that they believe their team isn’t the only one that cheats. We all cheat, we are all cheaters and every team has at least one player who is on HGH.

  20. I’m still so confused about why this is a story. How naive do you have to be to believe that this kind of thing doesn’t happen all the time?

  21. “Millen asked him about the things the Packers have done in the past when playing the Lions.”
    So Millen finds out how Packers offense likes to play against Lions defense? And Packers still are able to score 48 points that day!
    Millen is even dumber than I thought he was!

  22. 1. I kind of feel badly for Brett. It seems like he’s getting caught in all these P.R. traps mainly because he’s just not very P.R. savvy. He was on a phone call with his buddy about hunting, who happens to run the Lions, and his buddy asked him for some advice against Green Bay. Brett is now a New York Jet and no longer a Packer, and–truth be told–probably doesn’t feel all that loyal to the Packers since he’d rather still be starting for them now and in his mind was “pushed out”, so he offered up some tidbits to Millen.
    Brett, who doesn’t think of future P.R. ramifications, probably didn’t think twice about it, thinking it was no big deal. He was no longer in Green Bay’s employ, and his buddy Millen was still in Detroit’s. Sure, it was a dumb move, but really, do you think someone like Brett would actually come up with the politically correct “I don’t feel right talking about this” answer to a hunting buddy?
    To be quite honest, I don’t know that many other players in his situation wouldn’t have done the same thing.
    2. I still think the media is making a mountain out of a molehill with this story.

  23. You people are missing the point. It’s not whether the Lions gained anything or whether he did or didn’t throw his old teammates under the bus……it’s that the fool can’t move on!!!!! Why not let it go and study the Jests playbook.

  24. What an absolute scumbag!! And Lord Favre is at risk of losing his credibility with what few allies he has when he outright lies to one of his biggest shills, Peter King, at the outset. I don’t think Brett has figured out this ‘worldwide web’ thing….and thinks his comments only go out to a few dozen nitwits or so!!

  25. Eh, after last night’s episode of The Sheild (omfg sh!t went down), Brett Favre could have been faxing the Packers playbook around the league and it still wouldn’t interest me.
    I really don’t think I’ll be able to follow a drama play out ever again . . .

  26. How much longer will it take before everyone realizes Favre is a glory-loving, 1000% self-absorbed hack.
    The more Brett Favre continues to play, the more it seems that all the great things he did in his career weren’t for his team or his family, but for him.
    Hopefully all that good stuff Butler was talking about will come out some day.

  27. Bucco Brewski-
    “Green Bay should have changed all of their plays after Favre left. If they didn’t it’s about as stupid as Calahan running Jon Grudens offense against the Bucs in the SB.”
    You cant be serious? Ok so we have a new Qb has spent the last 3 years learning this playbook and system to be able to take over for Favre and now in August you want them to scrap the entire offense and install a new one in a month? Again i hope you are joking, if not this goes down as the dumbest post in history.

  28. Where the hell has everyone been? Driving bulldozers and tractors can be a lot of fun, especially if you take 2 vicodins before you do it.

  29. “I’m still so confused about why this is a story. How naive do you have to be to believe that this kind of thing doesn’t happen all the time?”
    This happens all the time?
    Let me get this straight. Player A is a hero to Team A for 16 seasons. He leaves to play for Team B. While with Team B, he calls up Team Z to give them advice about how to play Team A..
    And you think that happens all the time?
    This is not Brett Favre telling the JETS, his new team, how to beat the Packers. This is Brett Favre telling the LIONS how to beat the Packers. The LIONS. A team he never played for, has no allegiance to– in fact, a team that was his rival for 16 seasons.
    That happens all the time?

  30. Since Favre plays for the Jets, I think the Jets should be fined a 1st round draft pick, and Mangini should be fined $500K. After all, this is worse than videotaping some stupid defensive signals ala Belichick.

  31. I guess that I’m like a lot of football fans, and tired of hearing about the trials and tribulations of one Brett Farve…in my opinion, he should have stayed retired and waited to be elected to the HOF on the first ballot. But with the annual “trauma/drama” with him, and now this disclosure, I wouldn’t be surprised if he didn’t get elected the first year he’s eligible, and he went in in a Jet uniform instead of a Packer uniform…

  32. So Favre didn’t contact Millen and have a 60 minute to 90 minute conversation specifically on how the Lions can beat the Packers in week 2………….Not that Glazer’s original report implied such a thing. Spin,spin, spin! You either hate Favre and want it to be true or your on the outside and see it for what it really is.

  33. I never heard before that Favre and Millen were such good buddies. Wonder how many times they’ve been hunting together in the past? Maybe just a few times before the Lion’s games? Maybe Favre also goes hunting with the GMs, Coaches, Owners of the Bears and Vikings also?

  34. To get it on record, someone should ask Favre if he plans to do the same thing (you know, backstabbing his former team…) again in the future.

  35. In the final analysis what Brett did does not matter because Green Bay fans will still support him, the Packers will still retire his jersey, and the Packers will still give him the $30 million marketing deal. At present we can all watch Lord Favre put the Jets through his annual ‘retirement’ shindig just like he used to do to the Packers.

  36. Florio lets be frank about this. IT WAS THE LIONS !! Favre could have presented them with the Packer playbook and had them sit in on the Packer’s offensive meetings AND THEY WOULD STILL HAVE LOST !! Who cares.

  37. Why do have such a hard-on for dissing Favre F-Man? I mean, come on. Matt Millen wouldn’t know what to do with any information anyways.

  38. “Does anyone/team in the league not cheat in some sort of way”
    Pats fans, Packer fans… anybody got another P to throw in?

  39. Being a die hard Packer fan, even though I wanted this to be false, I am not surprised at all. That says a lot!
    They should retire his number, then unretire it, then retire, then unretire it…………………. until his massive ego is satisfied that the press has mentioned his name so many times which ended up creating a world record.

  40. Florio, big missed seinfeld reference opportunity. I hope he doesn’t get Ganaria (i’m not a doctor give me a break on that spelling) from riding that tractor!

  41. Again–this is just a big non- event in the minds of most people….but I guess the question has to be asked-why would this be released, if the packers have known about it all along, just before the bye week?? I smell teddy’s crap-covered hands in this one.
    And if it were indeed done with malice? So what. The packers did all they could to prevfent Brett from playing this year-including doing a fair amount of lie-telling from the administration’s side as well….maybe a bigger story could be about Coach Mikey M who is really excited about becoming a Dad–31 weeks after he got married. Think that means that Mikey has a bun in the oven before he married the Board of Directors ex-wife?????
    Just let it go mike-there is nothing here.

  42. This is PRECISELY what happens when you become a jet…that organization could turn a porterhouse into a turd without eating it.

  43. Upon hearing the news, the New York Jets purchased shoulder pads that have kevlar attachments covering the back to guard against the inevitable “BertFarve Backstab”. The ghost Benedict Arnold was seen shaking his head in disgust.

  44. favre = sponge for glory
    from now on instead of telling someone they are bee-essing, i will tell them they are bee-effing

  45. Just for the record, the Packers had 447 yards of offense against a Favre prepared Lion’s defense that day.
    Ok, no rules were broken, there will be no NFL fines or action, there is just a broken hearted QB who is too stupid to keep his mouth shut.
    There is yet to be proof of it, but would anybody be surprised is Favre did the same thing in Week 1 against the Vikings? After all, the score was closer than the difference in talent between the two teams.

  46. For all of you bashing Florio for covering the story…if you don’t like it, go read the “official” site of the NFL. If all Florio did was report the NFL company line, this site would be as boring as NFL.com.
    I come here to get inside news you don’t get anywhere else. If your hero is sullied in the midst of this, it’s not Florio’s fault, it’s the hero’s fault for being a dumbass.

  47. So not a big deal. The Lions suck. Millen was an incompetent boob. Favre is a bitter ex-employee who feels he got shafted. The NFL is a total old boys club and the GB fans will have forgotten about this 6-7 years from now at Brett’s HOF induction, especially since chances are they will have no Super Bowl wins between now and then (just the 1 in 32 chance statistic, not a comment on the Pack’s quality or chances in general) and Brett’s successes will be remembered more than these petty FU’s to McCarty and Thompsen.
    Hopefully something will come up soon for both Glazer and Florio so they can move on. It’s not like Favre is running a dog fighting ring or sabotaging his own team.

  48. Like Florio would never do anything to get back at a former employer…
    Oh wait! Maybe that explains his hard on for ESPN.
    Anyhow, who really cares. Most people whether they want to admit it or not, would have done the same thing.
    Get off your high horses.

  49. This story has really run its course only for ESPN to jump right in. At least they can help expose Favre as the petty egomaniac he is. Favre can kiss that good ol boy image goodbye now.

  50. Is anyone surprised that a member of the Jets organization, is screwing over his former organization? Seriously, if you are surprised, there is some great ocean front property in Nebraska that you have to buy.
    Bill Parcells-enough said
    Eric Mangini/Spygate-enough said
    Brett Favruh/talking to the Lions-enough said
    If any former players or coaches from your favorite team are members of the Snitch, err, I mean Jets family, be prepared

  51. In other news, John Madden has come forward and stated that it was he who called the Lions and not Favre, and had these comments:

  52. TClark… do you really think that the media, and 99% of the people on this site spell Favre incorrectly, but you in all your genius spell it correctly as Farve*
    Its FAVRE
    And florio, STFU already man. Beating a dead horse…

  53. I talked to a friend of mine from college that I occasionally go hunting with the other day. He still works for the company I left 2 years ago. And, naturally, after 10 minutes or so, the conversation turned to our common industry, with each one of us giving the other pointers. I guess a public flogging is in order for me as well.

  54. I’m so over Favre at this point that only one thing about this story jumped out at me. People actually use Bulldozers and Tractors to relieve tension?
    From San Diego, so I have no idea if that is a joke or not. I didn’t know people shot animals from helicopters before Palin, so this could be another eye opener.

  55. Basically, almost all of Glazer’s story has been discredited. From the fact that Brett actively seeked the Lions down to the 60-90 minute session with the coaches down stairs. Not sure why you feel vindicated Florio?

  56. If it is true that the Packers banned Favre from visiting the locker room on Family night (after asking him to come back and “compete” for the starting job), then I wouldn’t blame Brett at all for helping out the Lions. Favre is not totally blameless in this whole fiasco with the Pack, but banning him from the locker room that night was totally classless.

  57. And the man love for Favre continues!
    ESPN tried the cover up the story as long as they could because they love him.
    Commentators who call his game seem to be masturbating as they talk about him.
    I’m convinced the majority of male sports reporters and sports casters:
    a.) have had sexual relations with Favre
    b.) want to have sexual relations with Favre
    c.) have feelings of him that go much deeper than sexual relations
    It’s pathetic how in their simple infatuated minds how Brett Favre can do no wrong.
    Let me refresh everyone’s memory. Favre admitted he wanted to play for a NFC NORTH team so he could stick it to Green Bay…..well he couldn’t stick it to them that way so………….
    C’MON PEOPLE! Do the math!
    2+2 = Favre is a douche bag

  58. I’m a packer fan, and I really couldn’t care less. He’s not our problem anymore, and I’ve known for sometime that he doesn’t have a lot of class.
    What I don’t get is why there aren’t more Jets fans angry. If the starting QB for my team was so obsessed and vindictive against a former team, don’t you have any concern why that passion isn’t turned towards the team that his CURRENT team is preparing for?

  59. Or we could call it what it is:
    People using Brett Favre’s fame to further their own self-interest

  60. The most damning part is the part where Brett says he “doesn’t know” if other Lions coaches were listening to his call with Millen. If he was just talking about hunting why would Lions coaches be listening. AND… If Lions coaches were listening I find it improbable they asked no questions. If Millen thought he was capable he could’ve just relayed the info to them, but the coaches were listening because Millen was not capable.
    Anyone with a modicum of sense knows Favre did this.

  61. Typical ESPN and NFL to try and cover up these kinds of stories. ESPN covers the NFL’s butt because they’re scared of getting the Monday night games yanked and Goodell and the NFL don’t want to tarnish the image of their precious league.
    The SpyGate scandal was a joke how that was handled and FavreGate is as big of a joke. Favre should be fined.
    Karma is coming back on the Pats this year and it will come back on Favre too. Bunch of cheaters.

  62. “Let me get this straight. Player A is a hero to Team A for 16 seasons. He leaves to play for Team B. While with Team B, he calls up Team Z to give them advice about how to play Team A.”
    Wrong description!
    Player A is a hero to Team A for 16 seasons. He is forced to leave like a bum/kicked out by his ungrateful GM and goes to play for Team B.
    Only point you all miss, is the idiot Millen even if he did get GB’s tendencies on offense that he should have known anyway, Millen’s team still allowed Green Bay’s offense to score 48 points on them that day.
    If Favre had not helped Millen prepare for this game, maybe the Lions would have given up 65 or 70 points?

  63. I coulda told Millen the Packers game plan when Favrah was there: run straight, fake left, and then turn right toward the jungle gym and I’ll huck it to ya. Now giddy-up.

  64. As a lifelong and loyal Packer fan, I am disappointed in how this divorce has played out. I expect there to be some hard feelings, etc. – people forget that Ray Nitschke was essentially cut by Green Bay, Jim Taylor got pissed and left to play out his option year with the Saints, and that Paul Hornung was about ready to bolt Green Bay as well, until he decided to retire. Hell, the Packers even fired Bart Starr.
    But none of those players ever went out of their way to disparage the fan base or the organization as a whole. They had differences with some people, but not the organization.
    Brett’s let his differences with Ted Thompson spill out to the entire organization, and as a result, it’s also affecting the fan base.
    As a fan, it’s extremely disappointing to see that the image we had of Brett Favre, the every man, is simply a facade. He’s no different than T.O.

  65. “Let me get this straight. Player A is a hero to Team A for 16 seasons. He leaves to play for Team B. While with Team B, he calls up Team Z to give them advice about how to play Team A.”
    Bob S. says:
    Wrong description!
    Player A is a hero to Team A for 16 seasons. He is forced to leave like a bum/kicked out by his ungrateful GM and goes to play for Team B.
    I say that Brett Favre quit or retired. The only reason he came back was for some type of “Free Poor Brett” campaign cooked up by Bus Cook his agent and others. He demanded his “RELEASE” he wanted to be free go to any team without compensation. His choice was the Vikings this all seemed “pre-arranged” thus the tamporing charges. Brett said he had the “Itch to play again” and since his paperwork for retirement was in process he had to file for “Re-Instatement to the NFL”. He was still under contract with the Packers. Favre had played 16 seasons and has one superbowl win. It was time to let someone else have a chance (IMHO). When you look at his Brett’s dismal play-off record and compare it to someone like Bart Starr’s you will see what I mean. Please Brett, Just try to play football and keep your mouth shut.

  66. All of you who are saying it was the Lions so who cares seem to have a double standard. Does that mean if he had given info to a division leader or someone in a close race it would matter ? Either it matters or it doesn’t, and the team he gave the info to was immaterial.
    Lord Douche Bag should have been preparing for the Jet’s next opponent period. The Jets fans are the ones who should be pissed.

  67. Favre should just shut his mouth. But for the Lions to ask him questions on how to play the Pack just shows how idiotic and incompetent that organization is. What, they’ve only played the Pack twice a year for a gazillion years? You’d think they’d have a clue on what GB does by now…

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