Well, they’ve gone and done it.
ESPN has made FOX’s Jay Glazer mad.
Early in the day on Tuesday, Jay was relatively serene.  He appeared on The Dan Patrick Show, and he said that he’s “one million percent” sure that his story regarding Brett Favre’s impromptu coaching clinic for the Lions is accurate.
But then came our report regarding ESPN’s internal warning not to cite Glazer’s story.  ESPN advised its employees that Glazer’s item shouldn’t be mentioned because ESPN has determined that it’s not accurate.
Glazer was livid after seeing the language of the internal communication.  He said so in a couple of Tuesday afternoon radio appearances.
The best one came on WNDE in Indy, where Glazer visited with our pal JMV.  The audio of Glazer’s segment with JMV can be heard right here.
Among other things, Glazer called ESPN’s attempt to question the accuracy of his story “kind of garbage,” and he said that he has no problem putting his record against ESPN’s.
“Don’t make it personal with me,” Glazer said.  “I’ll make it personal with you.”
For starters, Glazer suggested that a score sheet should be kept between his reports and those from ESPN.
“I’ve got no problem going record for record,” Glazer said.  “In fact I’d like to do that.” 
And Glazer recognizes that he won’t break every compelling NFL story, and that ESPN and others will break their share.
“I’m not gonna have every one, but I’m gonna have every one right,” Glazer said.
Glazer also visited with part-time ESPN personality Dan LeBatard (via SportsByBrooks).  And LeBatard emerged from the discussion openly stating that he sides with Glazer.
The next chapter comes tomorrow, when Favre gets a chance to meet the media.  His best move would be to say he has nothing to add beyond what he told Peter King on Sunday.  But given Favre’s penchant for exercising his vocal cords, we have a feeling that Brett won’t be able to resist the temptation to elaborate.


  1. Does any one really care that Glazer and ESPN go toe to toe over this story? Just report about actual football facts. No one cares about unnamed sources, that just hurts credibility. As for Perez Florio, quit trying to make things bigger than they are with your overrated blog. Just report real football news and quit trying to make a name for yourself with tabloidesque news.

  2. Jay Glazer’s the man. And when he says something is true, it just is. ESPN cannot say the same as high a percentage of the time.

  3. I see that NOW Glazer is “one million percent” sure.
    Oh, well, “NOW” I believe him then. First he was 100% sure, then 1000% sure, and now one million % sure.
    Sounds like a little child trying to defend himself after getting his hand caught in the cookie jar.
    Sound like Glazer is trying to create some free pub for perhaps a newer and higher paying gig to anyone ??? I does to me.
    Where are all of his sources coming out of the woodwork to back him up ??? I heard the radio interview with Jim Rome – where he offered no concrete evidence whatsoever, and even backtracked on portions of the story.
    Actually, it sounded a LOT like someone trying to “justify” his actions. If this turns up to be some manufactured lie, Glazer’s next gig will be the graveyard shift at some cow country radio station in Fargo.

  4. I bet Favre leaked this so he could be the top story again. …hahaha, I don’t really think that, but it’s hilarious that we can’t put it past him.

  5. Wow after hearing that whole interview I’m convinced Glazer’s telling the truth. He brought up many many great points, too many to list but the key one IMO is when Marinelli was asked if the reports were false why not come out and say that they were, and he said no comment. In addition, Glazer said that he heard this from teams in the division (who had not played the packers) that heard the same thing before Glazer actually reported it. In other words, it seems that many people heard of this before it came out. Favre probably is lying again (see I am not returning to the NFL) and ESPN for some reason is not reporting this story. I can guarantee their reporters by now have heard much of what Glazer had heard and yet still no reports? Why is that ESPN? Favre isn’t doing anything against the rules so I guess you can’t get too mad at the guy, but it does seem a little bit classless. All I know as a lifelong Dolfan, if Marino had been traded and done this, I would no longer put “The Man” after his first name.

  6. I’m with Glazer. I don’t ever remember his being wrong on anything he reported as fact. EVER.
    ESPN? Not so much.

  7. It’s “1 million percent” now? lol
    Glazer couldn’t sound more desperate even if he tried. I think he knows that this story is going to make or break his career.

  8. Glazer’s story has been confirmed by multiple newspapers in Wisconsin. Favre’s “mouthpiece” (and close Florio friend) in Green Bay CHRIS HAVEL stated on his show he believes the story. (He’s trying to spin that it’s no big deal. Harry Sydney disagreed.)
    Favre’s teammates and ex-teammates believe the story.
    There’s just a small contingent of inbred rednecks in Wisconsin still holding out, trying to say it’s all some elaborate conspiracy by Ted Thompson to make Favre look bad. LOL.
    LeRoy Butler says this is just the tip of the iceberg.

  9. “Glazer’s story has been confirmed by multiple newspapers in Wisconsin. ”
    no it hasn’t, those newspapers are just reporting Glazers story. The is one columnist who claims he heard from the same sources as Glazer, but that columnist is a well known Favre hater in Wisconsin, so his word is not the best on the issue.

  10. Jay Glazer has come up with good scoops but on the Bret Favre
    story he may be left blowing in the wind. It is not enough to
    have on sports reporter back another. ESPN’s perspective is
    that even if the story is true Favre did nothing illegal. This
    story is starting to sound like the presidential political
    debate. Everyone knows what to say and how to say it but
    nothing can be substantiated. Until a source agrees to be
    quoted Glazer will be left blowing in the wind. I might add
    wind that he created. Marinelli of the Lions or some other
    source will have to agree to be quoted. Once again nothing
    that Favre did was illegal so Marinelli can not be forced to
    speak on the subject. Glazer should just let this die and not
    burn his relationship with ESPN. This is not about how often
    ESPN is wrong but weather this Favre story is credible.

    UPDATE: On the same radio station, former Packers safety LeRoy Butler said he doesn’t believe Favre initiated the conversation with the Lions.
    “Brett didn’t do a whole lot of calling around,” Butler told WSSP. “People called him, and he loves to talk and the phone was passed around.”
    Butler also said there are “other stories that are going to come out” about Favre.
    “This is just the beginning,” Butler said. “This is only the smallest one.”
    Butler did not elaborate.
    — Rob Demovsky,
    According to two team sources, the Packers had heard “whispers” about Favre giving out inside information to other teams but didn’t know the extent. The team is fairly irritated about it, but it was hardly a surprise. The only thing that caught them off guard was that it appears that Favre went out of his way to contact the Lions and possibly other teams to give them inside information;
    Mike Vandermause column: Sore from all that chatting, Brett?
    I’m detecting from locker room chatter that you violated an unwritten code of honor with your old teammates. In describing what you allegedly did, they are using phrases like “I don’t respect that” and “there’s no honor in that” and “it’s disappointing” and “that’s kind of messed up” and “he could at least show a little more class.”
    Reporter stands by Favre-Lions story “1,000%”
    By Greg A. Bedard
    On what the Jets’ reaction has been to this….
    “I talked to some players in there, players and coaches. I asked them a couple of weeks ago and they said, ‘It wouldn’t surprise us.’ I said, ‘No?’ They said, ‘No. He is so…he needs to let it go. He is still very upset about this.’ They were pretty adamant about his displeasure with the Green Bay Packers.”

  12. Oh yeah, Chris Havel’s show from Monday. You know, the dude who wrote a book with Favre and has his face so far up Favre’s posterior he can’t even see the light of day?
    Guess what. He believes the story. He’s just trying to say it’s “no big deal.” Co-host (and former player and coach) Harry Sydney (who has NOT written a book with Favre) disagrees (that it’s no big deal.)

  13. INTs Thrwown
    1. JT O’Sullivan – 10
    2. Brett Favre – 8
    T16. Aaron Rodgers – 4
    1. Philip Rivers – 16
    T3. Brett Favre – 13
    T5. Aaron Rodgers – 12
    1. Philip Rivers – 108.5
    T4. Aaron Rodgers – 98.8
    12. Brett Favre – 92.3

  14. Why trivialize PFT with this kind of he said she said over nothing? Who cares? PFT is obsessed with making Brett Farve and ESPN out to be the Great Satan and will get just as petty to prove a petty point.

  15. Farm – stop posting if you don’t like the site. Easy as that.
    People need to realize that Florio is doing the right thing – he’s reporting on how the story IS the story. The fact that he gets so many comments on these items reinforces the fact that people are interested in it and therefore he’ll continue to post more items in the future

  16. Florio has to learn when to punt on an unconfirmed rumor and malicious gossip.
    It is 4th and long and your not bluffing anyone.
    Glazer’s word against the world.
    Give it up.

  17. Since when does a story have to involve breaking the rules for it to be a story? Every time Favre’s wife takes a dump or if their pet hampster dies, there’s a 2 hour commemorative ESPN piece before the next Packer’s game.
    But you’ll have that. After all, Favre doesn’t know how to carry himself. He’s never been a part of a dynasty.
    As a matter of fact, Favre wouldn’t know a dynasty if it slapped him across his Vicodin-inhaling face

  18. Florio based on the comments and the comment ratings you definitely need to filter the ESPN IP addresses out from commenting on here (and Fox and SI). Its obvious that they are trying to cover their asses on this one any way they can.
    If someone from one of those organizations wants to post, make them disclose who they are with.

  19. Apparently Fox’s mantra of releasing unconfirmed reports as fact is spreading to their sports reporters.

  20. You can bet your ass if this had ANYTHING to do with the Patriots, ESPN would have already had a TOWN HALL Style MEETING special on it and would have updates on the 8’s of EVERY hour.
    Bank it. ESPN is BAD.

  21. Why is this a “story” again?
    Just cuz it’s Favre? Players and coaches talk every week… I guess cuz The Pack will be giving Favre a deal in the future and Pack fans are supposed to turn on Favre and that makes it a story?
    YAWN…. Whatever. WAY too much press, wasted time and infighting over this garbage.

  22. So, Favre and the Packers get divorces, try to make each others lives horrible and everyone is surprised? Oh, man, did you hear what Brett said about his ex?!?!?!?! No way!
    Seeing as how nothing done was against league rules in the least bit, this is just a soap opera.

  23. Funny Glazer says that he reports the truth… Where was he when Tiki was ripping Coughlin in 06? Oh that’s right, I forgot, he is Tiki’s boy (according to Tiki’s book), and didn’t want to rip him, but he rips Favre?
    Guess that means Favre won’t take his brown-nosing, so he blasts him. Bottom line, Glazer’s a tool.

  24. “I’m not gonna have every one, but I’m gonna have every one right,” Glazer reports from a Packers issued cell phone.

  25. “LeRoy Butler says this is just the tip of the iceberg.”
    Gee… I wonder how LeRoy Butler knows that? There’s really only one way. He must be very famialiar with the “reliable sources”.

  26. jhitchins1,
    For the last time, the Packers issued cell phone story came from Bob McGinn of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinal. Stop saying this came from Glazer, because it didn’t.

  27. What a dooshy guy this Glazer is. He’s been wrong plenty of times, never seems to own up to those. But when he breaks a story he’s the Almighty.
    Again, fans are faced with glorified gossip columnists dualing over whose stories are “better”. Really? Does Florio see this as a news story? or just as a way to kiss Glazer’s ass a bit?
    Let’s just allow Mike Walker of the National Enquirer to do beat writing for the NFL. Believe me, we won’t notice much of a difference.

  28. hesawinner: it’s not Green Bay fans that think Glazer is wrong. It the Favre fans. Green Bay fans are smart enough to know that the Packers are headed in the right direction w/o Favre.

  29. You’re right, wilso, Glazer did not break that story, but he adamantly reported it as fact. I’m just trying to prove a point that Glazer has been known to jump the gun a bit in the Favre saga, not relying on journalistic integrity, rather on here hearsay and unconfirmed rumors. As I recall, Glazer is the one who confirmed that Favre was not coming out of retirement.

  30. Two Possible Scenarios as to why ESPN would go so far to bury the story:
    1. They have received alot of criticism for reporting way too much about Favre recently, and they are genuinely trying to shed “National Enquirer” type stories. Possible, but unlikely, ESPN is all about gossip & fluff.
    2. They already plan on adding Favre as a commentator (remember, he does like to talk) once he retires, and don’t want to report anything that could damage his legacy or reputation. The most likely scenario.

  31. Bottom line, someone willing to be quoted from inside the Lion’s organization needs to go on record with the facts. None of this BS “unnamed sources” or newspapers reporting on what other sources have said, it is either going to be independently verified or not.
    Given there is absolutely no incentive for a Lion’s player (or soon to be ex-Lion’s player in the form of Kitna) or coach or former GM (soon to be an announcer somewhere, perhaps ESPN?) to talk– you have a better chance with a dollar in a lotto line. It simply does them no good to do so although it would expose Brett Favre for the classless, vindictive baby that he is. For the most part, who cares but those who want Brett Favre to be exposed for what he really is, it is a big deal.

  32. Does anyone honestly think that Glazer is gonna give up his sources just so he can show that hes right? well the answer is no because they would no longer be sources. I believe Glazer over pretty much anyone because of his proven track record. As for the hate on Florio, I dont agree with everything he says but I still enjoy reading his articles. As for the ones that say hes a overrated blogger… why do you continue to come back and read his blogs? Stay the F out we dont need your sh*t around here.

  33. Glazer’s reports have been spot on the last couple of years and how often does ESPN either turle or come out inaccurate.
    Quality not quantity my friends…

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