In another portion of his recent interview with 2 Live Stews, Ravens linebacker/defensive end Terrell Suggs was candid about the team’s rookie quarterback, Joe Flacco.
Suggs thinks Troy Smith should be the team’s starting quarterback, not Flacco.
At a minimum, Suggs wants to see packages for both quarterbacks.
“I think he should get some playing time, but I think Troy should be the starter,” Suggs said.
“[Flacco] started out hot, [but] I mean we played two teams [Cincinnati and Cleveland] at the bottom of the league in defense, so everybody was going all crazy about him.”
After those first two games, coach John Harbaugh named Flacco (whom Suggs calls “Shane Falco”) the starter for the rest of the season.


  1. If Harbaugh is anything like Andy Reid, he’ll deem this conduct detremental to the team and fine Suggs. Suggs should keep his mouth shut anyway. Russ the passer and shut up. Flacco is the future, douche.

  2. Good stuff here. The football genius, Suggs, thinks he knows more than the coaches. He needs to put a bounty on Flacco. What an idiot.

  3. Shane Falco makes for the funny in two ways.
    They both play like crap, (Falco and Flacco), and the movie in which Falco was used was filmed in Baltimore…

  4. And now for the real comment:
    Suggs is correct in his viewing of the situation. Everyone was and I quote “Wacco for Flacco” in Baltimore (I live here) when he beat to bad teams. But since then, has not lived up to the hype he was given. He’s played marginally better than Kyle Boller. Turns over the football, makes bad mistakes, etc. We’ll have to see if Flacco and grow out of that type of play, were Boller never did.
    Why not give Troy Smith a chance? Flacco played “ok” against Miami, but, it’s the Dolphins for crying outloud.
    2 TD’s and 7 Int’s does not make a good QB.

  5. Suggs is obviously not the sharpest tool in the shed, but why say something THIS idiotic? Nothing against Troy, but he’s not an NFL QB for several reasons….he’s got the will and desire though!!
    As for bringing Smith in on certain plays, it could work like Miami’s “Wildcat” does, by forcing the D to cover all 11 offensive players. If the goal is to wins games NOW, then having Smith come in is an option. If you are looking towards the future, you let Flacco take his lumps now, even if it costs you a win. Just my opinion though……

  6. A defensive player calling out an offensive player in favor of a 5’10” OSU running QB who couldn’t beat out Kyle Boller for the starting job last year.
    Shut the F up Terrell and learn from Ray Lewis how to be a professional. The guy never said a word about Trent Dil when their offense stunk and he is wearing a SB ring.

  7. The more Suggs speaks the more I think he may be borderline retarded.
    Hopefully he has a good money manager because I doubt he can do anything but play football.

  8. I was interested to see how Smith would do at the beginning of the season, and it’s not his fault that he got tonsillitis, but them’s the breaks. Flacco has played well for a rookie and I see no reason why he should lose the starting spot to Troy Smith.

  9. He has a pretty solid case… Flacco only throws down the right side of the field. When you bring pressure and make him roll out to the right he throws picks. They should have never started him so soon… didnt they learn from Boller?

  10. This is also why teams really don’t want to bring in pullpecker. Polarize the locker room…

  11. “[Flacco] started out hot, [but] I mean we played two teams [Cincinnati and Cleveland] at the bottom of the league in defense, so everybody was going all crazy about him.” …maybe he’s a little bit right. But Ravens fans went bonkers so they’d never admit it.

  12. Wow Suggs is a real idiot. Flacco hasn’t been great, but you don’t bench the QB of your future this early. If the Ravens really thought that Troy Smith could get the job done, they wouldn’t have used a first round pick on Flacco.

  13. Suggs knows that front office is incapable of selecting a franchise QB. He either wants to get paid or get the hell outta there so he can join a team with a real chance to contend.

  14. Suggs is an idiot and clearly trying to get out of Baltimore. He was also wearing a Yankees hat during the interview. Ozzie should have pursued trading him this past offseason. I hate to say it but certain defensive players have been calling for their “boy” Troy Smith from the beginning and it has nothing to do with talent. Troy Smith shouldn’t even be on an NFL roster. He’s a CFL caliber talent at best. Suggs could play the lead part in “Simple Jack” from the Tropic Thunder movie and all he would have to do is be himself.

  15. where did this dumb-f*ck go to school? did they let him graduate?
    my mom always used to say, “when you keep quiet, people may just assume you’re stupid, but when you open your mouth, you assure them of the fact”. i’m pretty sure that most surely applies here. unbelievable.

  16. Well it appears Frankenberry doesn’t know when to keep his mouth shut about players on his own team either. Maybe they should put a bounty on him in practice.

  17. Shut the F up Terrell and learn from Ray Lewis how to be a professional. The guy never said a word about Trent Dil when their offense stunk and he is wearing a SB ring.
    Riiiiiiight….if you believe that, i’ve got some beach from property in Idaho to sell you.
    Lewis went BONKERS when McNair got hurt/couldn’t play anymore, don’t think he didn’t do the same with Dilfer as QB.

  18. Actually Cleveland is in the TOP 10 in defense. No body realizes it though because their offense is crap. But I repeat, the Browns are actually really good on defense this year. If they had the same offense as last season, they should be 5-1 right now.

  19. Terrell Sluggs. What has he done lately. At least he’s stopped jumping off sides, or lining up off sides. Not that good at playing D. E. and now he thinks he knows offense. If he thinks he’s worth 70 million then go for it. Any team that gives him that contract will be sorely disappointed.

  20. great..suggs want’s someone shorter than a circus midget
    to carry the team to the promised land,great,f–ken great.

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